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The historical account of the first president of the United States, Sir Aynaraes, highlights the importance of finding out who is truly knowledgeable about the Bible and not just finding out the results of research. The importance of finding out who is truly knowledgeable is emphasized, along with the need for human research to understand the world and the potential for infamy. The importance of finding out who is truly knowledgeable is also emphasized, and the transcript describes a group of speakers discussing various topics related to the Bible.

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Tina on Jamba

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shape on your rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim from a star Oh,

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stop Aruna hoonah Baba sadhak Allah who love him. That was verse number 97 that I just recited before you just to recap the concluding sentiments of 96. We discussed the construction of this wall and how amazing it was and the process that was put in, and how this nation physically assisted Ludo per name. towards the tail end there is a quick reflection for those who are into Arabic and Arabic grammar with regards to an example in the Quran of Turner's or O'Fallon. Now for the non Arab or the person who doesn't know basic elementary is very difficult for me to simplify this year. But for those who are into it will appreciate it here that the two verbs have argued or have fought mutually

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figuratively Of course uttanasana meaning mutually and then figuratively, because it's not literal. Our tuning one ting tetra as its rule, and offering also wanting to throw as it's my rule, right so those who appreciate it will know it doesn't mention in July late. Anyway, he concluded the process he concluded the process. Now have a look at verse number 97. For master row, a

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ruler hoonah Baba, they were unable to scale this wall, nor were they able to make a hole into it penetrate the wall.

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In the previous segment, I highlighted his selfless nature on many fronts that he didn't take any wealth from them. And he did it selflessly. He did it generously, etc. and another angle to consider here is that

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he did a thorough job. Generally, when you do something for free, and you don't charge anyone, then you feel well there's no obligation. Even if I have compromised on the quality, it's fine, it's fine. I'm gifting someone a meal. So even if the food was the mean was not heated, or the bread was not fresh, or I'm gifting someone a car so even if the tires have been worn out, and you know what there was no gas or petrol in the car, it's fine. It's okay I'm gifting No, no, no, no, my brother, gift gift nicely. You given someone my sister give it wholesomely give the car give it give it a valet, give it a clean wash, give it with a full tank, I promise you your rewards what your your

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rewards are with Allah your rewards are with Allah. This man did not take a dime in compensation. And the wall that he constructed was so solid was so solid, the defensive wall that he erected was of such a nature from a spa through a yerba Haru It was so high and elevated that they could not scale it. And because it was slippery the manner in which he made it What must a thorough webmaster ruler who nakaba they could not make a hole in it, they could not penetrate it. So rarely do we offer such type of professional skills when we take money also, we charge a fee and we take a handsome amount and yet we give you know what substandard

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quality in terms of whatever product we offer. And don't Carnegie teaches us a lesson that without charging he you know what gave the best of product and again, again I want to pay tribute to doctors I know of doctors personally and at this moment Alize my witness my heart makes to our for their My heart beats to our for them. And I'm just saying that but there are so many businessmen out there. There are so many businessmen out there that you can call them at any time. You can call them at any time. And with a smile, they respond to any goal. They respond. It gives them greater joy to fill the belly of someone else then to fill their own belly. I know of a good friend of mines May Allah

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reward him. He loves hosting people so he just wants to take you out and go and have fine dining and eat out. And you know what all he needs to do is to see people smile that for him is his his mission accomplished. Mission accomplished. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us with that. And there are people till this day, almost no matter the language and his dad was known as da da da da da da rocky provision for the traveler Walker, the Canada rock band law

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As the word either said that manna Zilla who also read FISA, but he it was known that if you going to visit him that was the father of Omar Selma, who of course becomes the consort of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Java don't mean Edward ihlara one of the great generous people of Arabia. If you go into visit him, you don't take food with you. You don't take provisions and if you traveling with him, you don't carry money with you. You leave your purse behind, because he would be offended. What are the Governator rockband law that there's a word in Arkansas that mana Zilla Oh sorry, but he

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and you will be a happier person, my brother, you'll be a happier person, my sister from a star through a Yahoo, they were unable to scale it. Right? One muster ruler who knocked the bar and not good they make a hole in it because it was so elevated, so they could not scale it. There's a quick question here. When this wall was being constructed, where was where was the audio module at that time? Did they not come in protest? Did they not object? Did they not come out barging so although there's no mention in the Quran, and there's no need for us to go into it because the Quran has not mentioned it. But it is obviously implied it is obviously implied that they were deep inside at that

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time and they were unaware and scholars have mentioned this year in the Tafseer I read it in biannual Quran amongst other tafazzin that they were deep in at that time, and they were not alerted by the process that was happening from through which they used to genuinely exit and cause the havoc and the chaos that they would usually do. Okay, so that was verse number 97 now look at the humanity of this just ruler look at the humanity of this just ruler

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meadowmere Robbie for Elijah Dora beija Allah who Dhaka What can I do? Robbie has such an amazing feat and an accomplishment, such a guide and a generous man such a profound skill and engineering abilities. When the war was concluded, and the construction was done and finalized, he looked at it and he credited this to the almighty exclusively. Not how great Am I how amazing am I? What do you have to say? Wow, can you come in any any remarks about this year? So what's your opinion? How did you enjoy the food? I cook I was my culinary skills. What's your take on this year? How are the Ramadan me Robbie, my brother, my sister. Let's get into the habit of praising Allah. He alone is

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worthy of praises Hamid Hamid means worthy of praise. You see, when a president is sworn in, then people do ratings and gradients of him. And this is how the population and the populace rate and grade him and then after two years in office, his numbers drop and fluctuate and it varies his cronies. He's adversaries, his allies, his enemies. These are just you know what superficial man superficial. Allah is worthy of praise. I'm not worthy of praise you're not worthy of praise Allah is worthy of praise. Allah is worthy of praise, credit everything to the almighty hard rock metal Milla be harder, Metro Manila Bay, Allah loves humanity inshallah the Allahu anhu used to say in the

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community for Luna and Ballina Riba, the people why do you abandon the noblest form of worship? And they would ask each other the Allah when and how what is the noblest form of worship? And she would say humility, heard are referred to metal metal a big credit it to the Almighty, in all your feet, in all your accomplishment in all your good directed to the Almighty. When sir a man alayhis salam observed that the entire Throne of bilities was physically lifted and transported and brought before him. He said hard mean for delay, Rob Bay, this is the grace of my Lord, the tongue of a believer is moist in glory, fine, He is Allah is, is moist in the glorification of his Lord. Again, look at his

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humility for a da da da da da, da da da. When the promise of my Lord comes when the promise of my Lord comes been in prior to Yama, when Allah has decreed the emergence of Yadu and my dude, Java Allah who dukkah My Lord will reduce this defensive wall to dust. mite the goo can madico can, it will be reduced to smithereens.

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as solid as fortified, as powerful as defensive as it is as high as it is. It will only stand till the time my ally has allowed it leave the wall of zoomcar name man

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Look at the sky above view that Allah tells you behind your home. I didn't marvel at it without Bella's mala Harmon foods, there's no gaps in it. And then there's no either methanol soup in it. There is no inconsistency in it. Then Allah says the NA be masabi lejana sama adonia be masabi we have decorated the sky with Landon's meaning the stars and the galaxy of stars and the constellation of stars. And then Allah says look at the sun journalism's abria Well, tomorrow Nora, and that same Allah tells us in the Quran, that at the Yama when Allah decides to dismantle the sky, then as amazing as unique as as brilliant as it is not only sama aka Lillian kutub nottoway sama

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Koto, we will wrap up the skies, like how you wrap up, scroll, how you wrap up paper for Yona, even why he, on that day, the skies will be weak and feeble because Allah has decided to dismantle it. So my wall is amazing. It's amazing. But when my lord decides and actually not mine is the mercy of my Lord. But when my lord decides it will be done, it will be dust, it will be over. Wow, why are we so arrogant? Why are we so arrogant and I'm not talking to you, my brother. I'm talking in the broadest form. I'm talking about myself, like so helpless, so feeble, so useless. You cannot even pass tool with your choice or stops tools when you have diarrhea or die, Sentry. Or if you're constipated, you

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cannot relieve yourself, leave alone stopping death or bringing death fellow law fellow law if our beloved little bow why not when the soul reaches the collarbone and you're so close to the dying person? Why didn't you stop that soul? Just stop it helpless, just helpless, completely helpless.

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Yet our arrogance and our obstinate nature knows no bounds, no limits, we bury people daily, but we do not reflect we do. Allah will destroy this himself. He's saying he, he, he constructs the word but the wall. He says, This is through the grace of my Lord. And one day this will be destroyed. One day this will be destroyed.

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put up a house, thank Allah subhanho wa Taala. And remind yourself and remind myself one day This will come to an end one day This will come to an end. Now, don't say this today. What are you trying? You can say no, don't say that. Now that's a bad omen. Of course, we pray for the best and we hope for the best but the reality is, I'm not going to last in that home and the home is not going to last either. For either the rugby when the promise of my Lord comes, Jai Allahu dukkah My Lord will reduce it to Deus. We're gonna do rugby Harper. And the promise of my lord is truthful. Right is ever through whatever Allah says, woman has documented ly Hadith a woman has document Allah

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He Tila, whatever Allah says is the absolute truth.

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Now, a quick question here, people are generally very intrigued into the mystery of Yadu, man, Jude, and people want to know the details and the intricacies and the mysteries and the time and the geographical location, etc, etc. So let's be clear, as I have been saying throughout my series, I'm going to seize it again and say it that we are duty ethically morally, religiously bound to believe in everything that Allah has mentioned in the Quran, because this is nuts. This is part of the text of the Quran. There is a wall that has been built behind which there is a nation or two nations yeah George and ma juge. This is our belief denine that is denying the verse of the Quran. denying the

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verse of the Quran takes a person out of the state of Eman. In fact, in the hadith of Sahih Bukhari on the strength of Xena or the Allah and her own remote meaning, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, we know Lin Ming Shan Lin 30 Katara 40 Hi Leo Min ruthenia do Java Jojo mithila Harvey Oh come I thought he said a lot in some said whoa B to the Arab for a trial that is approaching a portion of the wall of Yadu module has opened up some interpreters of the Hadith say literally there is an opening and others say it figurative, which is an indication of the weakness of this wall. So there is this wall behind which they are these nations

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And the Hadith tells us that prior to kiama, in the authentic hadith, they will come out on the earth and they will cause havoc on the earth. This will go inside what the error of reciting his Salatu was Salam.

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They will inhabit the earth, they will play the earth they will be like locusts on the earth. People will get frustrated by their presence, Risa alayhis salam will make dua to the Almighty, Allah subhanho wa Taala will cause their destruction divinely, then their bodies will decompose and will give off a stench which will cause a lot of discomfort to the occupants of the Earth is Ali salatu salam will then make dua to Allah again and the decaying bodies will then disappear miraculously. This is mentioned in the narrations, etc. Now people want to know geographically where does this occur? We've scanned the world we've discovered it and we don't know of this nation. The scholars

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tell us yeah Jude modules are of course from the descendants of new Holly his Salaam. What do I know though? reata Romani, Bharti that after the floods it was the progeny of new alayhis salam that prospered and many have even said it was the son in your fifth we know of your fifth we know one of the sons of new Holly his Salam from whom this progeny has prospered Yadu Jen module Jen also their numbers are huge. Their numbers are huge.

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So Allah Anwar Shah Kashmiri Rahim Allah under the title of his book RT the two E's are filled Islam right the belief regarding Isa Allah in salami Islam has given great explanation to this details, etc. I don't want to go into the details. But I want to say this much to you, my brother and my sister. That

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has been Jebel radi Allahu anhu was in the throes of death was bingeable. Because for me, Allah has said it so I'm at ease, I'm at peace, it is somewhere and I don't necessarily buy into the theory of infamy. It's not a compelling argument. It's not a compelling argument that the world has been explored and scanned and there is no such wall with this nation. So you know what it doesn't tie up or gel or reconcile with the findings and the research and the archaeologists and the scientists. Tough luck to you, my brother, and tough luck to you, my researcher, I am convinced without doubt with absolute conviction and certainty. I believe in the veracity of the Quran, ma Lucknow Jabara de

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Alon whose words are my motivation and my inspiration? And when I say Tough luck, I'm saying to the antagonists, I'm saying to the logical minded, who needs an explanation and who wants to challenge the veracity, because supposedly, science cannot prove and establish that there is a wall and how could people survive behind it? I don't need to answer those questions or those questions. Don't concern me. My Allah has told me that he is a wall, don't cullinane has erected this wall. The scholars of the fsid have taken it in its lateral form. behind it, they are these nations. The Hadith tells us that a portion of the wall has opened up the Hadith tells us before tiama this wall

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will collapse. They will be the emergence of Yadu Jamal George wahoo min Cooley had their BNC loon, and they will be slipping down from every slope because of the numbers and the scores and the droves and the multitudes in which they will be coming. So that's the reality and we believe in it. More as of now jabril is in the throes of death and people around him cry. So he says my yubikey come What makes you people cry. They say well, napkin either loving me lady and 39 domotic we are crying over the fact that you are going in with you goes a chunk of knowledge. He said I'm going in La ringmer well imana Makana Houma Illa yo mille tiama knowledge and eemaan and Quran will remain till the end

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of time. My name is Allahumma Jeddah, Houma search for the Quran and you will find it then he said for our redo for our redo, present every piece of information

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on you know analyze every piece of information through the text of the Quran, while at already Lu Allah shake him

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for redo Kunal Kalam present every piece of information in the text of the Quran in other words, any find in research, analyze it through the Quran, and don't analyze the Quran don't analyze the Quran through the findings of someone else. So if you tell me science has said this, and you tell me that astronomers have said this year, and you tell me archaeologists have said this year, then I will look at the Quran. And if the Quran is in harmony with it, I believe it and if the Quran is silent about it

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Then I have no reason to doubt it or argue it or or refute it. But if the Quran opposes it, then for me the Quran is final. So I will judge the information of others through the lenses of Quran and I will not subject the Quran through the lenses of any person. These are the words of mods of notable radi Allahu anhu. a columnist has written this, and a scientist has written this and a, you know what the psychologist has said this year great. I will analyze it through the Quran if the Quran approves it Alhamdulillah and if the Quran is silent about it, then I don't have any reason to refute it unnecessarily. So geographically where how what is in the knowledge of the Almighty, no

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particle of our faith is dependent on discovering the geographical location, if you didn't discover where it was, you will not be held accountable. But if you didn't believe in this ayat of the Quran, that a wall has been erected, and that there are nations that my friend that will compromise your Eman And that might mark the departure of your Imam because that is the verse of the Quran. So focus on what is essential and key and integral focus on what is key and and remember human research is changing is subject to error. It's this it's that when you look in the medical fraternity then so many things you know, once bad for your mouth and then the good You don't know if it's a marketing

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strategy or it's a new research or now you know what fluoride is good for your teeth and for your gums. And suddenly this cream is fine by your local dermatologist. And now this is not harsh to the skin and it is palatable and it is good. It's just changing and evolving subject to error. New finding new research new discovery today it is tomorrow that Allah's knowledge is absolute and final that he can Marbella home in LA This is the cutoff point, but it Dara Carol monville Arthur Yalla Muna VA Hera mineral hayati, dunya, human see undervalued and so by hiran there is this 10 we in right so then we in here is indefinite noun. So the scholars say that they haven't even understood

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the world properly leave alone Anything else? They haven't even mastered the world. It's a portion. It's a limited thing. So you know what, how can you How can you subject the text of the Quran to the findings of some article or some research etc. The Quran reigned supreme, and the words of ma Jebel radi Allahu anhu. Analyze every piece of information through the text of the Quran, and do not analyze the Quran through the findings of any person. Okay. That's verse number. 98 verse number 99. What are rockin ah ba ba boom Yo, ma Avi Mu jiofi Babu Javi. So reefer, JAMA, JAMA, what's the rock now on that day before tiama when the world will collapse, the world will collapse. And the

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emergence of Yadu modules will come. And because of their scores and their numbers and the multitudes and how they will come, you know, gushing forth, almost like a flood of water, where they will be on top of each other, they will be surging on top of each other, they will be flowing on top of each other surging on top of each other. What's not gonna bother him yo ma iamu jiofi back then, and this will be before the blowing of the first horn before the blowing of the first trumpet. What nothing half is soon. And now the Quran speaks about the blowing of the horn The second time for Jama and now home jamaah.

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For JAMA, Anna ujamaa. And we will then gather then we will gather them all we will gather them all for Jama. JAMA, verse number 99. Meaning the humans the Jenna Dr. George F. Every body will be assembled as Allah subhanho wa Taala says it is he who has spread you out on the earth. Well who are allied john marry him in a shower caddy and Allah has the absolute power and Allah has the absolute power to gather you and assemble you and resurrect you. And hence Allah subhanho wa Taala says in verse number 101 urbanite Johanna Yama in the Lil caffine robot, and we will present the fire to the disbelievers on that day verse number 100 Aradhana jahannam Hellfire will be presented war almajiri

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Moon and now the criminals will see the fire and they will realize that yeah, it's going to happen. And you know what Allah will say Allah Akbar, Allah Akbar. In the 27th josiane surah to Torah Allah subhanho wa Taala says that when they will be hurled into how May Allah protect us FSA or o na, FSA? Hello na

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So now that you can see this fire in this flames, is this witchcraft? Is this black magic? Are you assuming something has someone bewitched you as someone cast the spell on you? Because that's what you said in this world. You refer to it as witchcraft and sorcery and magic. In fact, in the 14 toes in Surah to the Hydra, Allah said that their hearts were so deviant while our Fatah him Baba Mina sama, if we were to open a door of the skies for Balu V, Urdu, and they were to ascend into the skies, and that Dubai day where it's bright and vivid why by day, because the word bundler incorporates the meaning of day, just like the word barter incorporates the meaning of night by

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yetta infer to mean Homer. Cool, right that the Mana 15 would sit in your company and then go back and then they would have another discussion. So but then you'll be debating whereby to the incorporates the meaning of night, while Muller has the meaning of day day in it. So even if they were to go up into the heavens and happen and that occurs by day in the in the brightness of the day, they would say luck Carlo in Namah, Sukira upasana. No, no, no, no. Someone has cast the spell. We cannot see this. This is magic on us. By nanoco Mama's road, we are a bewitched nation. Okay, you will be rich nation. Now the fire is in front of you, while Aradhana Johanna Yama in the middle

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Catherine Alba, verse number 100. Tucker do Tammy azumino it's on the verge of bursting with fury and rage. And what does Allah subhanho wa Taala say?

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In surah Allah Allah subhanho wa Taala says that what Jara Boca well mela ko softened Safa YG, Yama even be jahannam what g Yama even be Johanna and Hellfire will be brought and presented yo my girl insaan on that day every person will go into reflection mode or an NA LaHood they crawl. But alas, it is too late, stared at the grave when you just look as that person has been buried and you look, is it worth the fight? Is it worth the argument? Is it worth the discord? Is it worth the lies? Is it worth the pleasure if that's where I rest if that's what comes my way really, really good knowledge that in kulula that in every indulgence followed by Hell is not worth the pleasure sufian

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30 every indulgence which is followed by Hellfire is not worth the pleasure. Okay verse 101, aladeen again at Apple you know whom Filipa in and Vickery what canula yesterday rune SMR and levina those kind of our you know whom fee later in an victory whose vision was veiled from our remembrance What can you learn yesterday Iran has some and they were unable to hear our message unable meaning they did not want to hear and veiled meaning they did not want to see so in this world now that sounds remote Hey harder. Hey harder as my file as they would say in Arabic grammar right. Hey, harder. Hey, hard the Lima to I don't far fetched remote, a fantasy you dreaming in a la jolla tonight dunya

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Namo Anna Maria, we live in and we dine wama Johan de Guna in lead dar, and we die with the passage of time. There's nothing like resurrection. So in this world you couldn't see but on the day of the Yama FACA Schaffner and katha my word a verse of the 26 do surah call. Allah says Today we will raise the suppose that veil that had blurred and obscured your vision for Bizarro kalyana Hadid. Now you can see properly you tell a child do this too. Now I know you don't understand. No, I'm smart. I'm calculated. Okay, then he goes out and he burns his fingers and he comes back with his head lowered. My dad You're right. I'm so sorry. Lesson the harm is irreversible. I'm sorry. I cannot do

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anything. It is irreversible. what needed to happen. Tough luck. What can I do? But you learn the hard way you learn the hard way. In this world you couldn't see now you can see and I'll leave you with another verse. And that's chapter 19 Surah Maryam into 16 Allah subhanho wa Taala says, as Samir RB him who said those that are into Arabic grammar will know or fall to our job. In this world. You couldn't see hell. today. No one can see how better than you in this world. You could not hear it today. Nobody can hear it better than you. May Allah subhanho wa Taala save goddess from hell. Remember the words of Sophia and 30

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And that's the takeaway message. Every indulgence which is followed by Hellfire is not worth the pleasure. May Allah grant us the understanding. Amina Bella alameen wa sallahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad Ali he was happy adjumani while hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen