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Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the agenda of the bill and the potential for poverty and collapse in society. They also mention the use of language during a conversation with a customer. The speaker then talks about a man named AlFalah who is causing chaos in the area and is being pressured to buy petrol.
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Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim with inflation at 5.7 an unemployment at a staggering rate of 35.3% and petrol prices now reaching a record high. The mood out there naturally is one of somber gloom and depression. But allow me a moment to change your spectacles. And I asked you to look through a different lens and a different eye. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at also change. To start off. It has always been part of the devilish agenda to threaten us with poverty or shape. I know you're ready to come on. In fact, throughout American Bill fascia, the devil threatens poverty and advocates obscenity, one of the traits described in the Quran of the

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hypocrites is they are a nation living in constant fear, panic, stress and anxiety. They like in spasm. Yes, Abona Coolessay Hatena Alleyn him every cry every scream every shout, they feel it is an attack coming upon them. But that's not the condition of a believer. How does the believer respond whenever he is overwhelmed or he is overpowered or the odds are against him or his outnumbered husband Allah Allah is sufficient for us when they are male were killed and he surely is the best disposal of all affairs is alpha character who now that you've realized this for FRAC, then rejoice relax, be chilled Imam Shafi Ramadan Allah set for V au che in the hub enough so has certain look at

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the customer rough man or is AlFalah at Why are you fretting? Why are you complaining? Why are you whinging? Why are you moaning? Allah is giving you the wealth. We might argue that today the price of petrol is higher than previously 20 years ago, it was cheaper. But if you couldn't afford it 20 years ago, my brother and you can afford it today than honestly speaking in your context. It is cheaper today. In Rob Ben Catholica. Bill MC McGann is a freak of blood in my corner that Allah that has suffice for you tell today. Will he not suffice for you tomorrow?

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