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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah salam O Allah who was seldom were bad. So Allah subhanho wa Taala has created the human very unique and amazing he is surely the paragon of Allah's creation, from all the other creations that Allah has made the human kind, the human being stands out what are the carvana beneath them, one after the insanity accelerator dream. But this human in many ways, is a very complex creature as well. It's a very complex creature. He's a social creature. He has a social network, he interacts, he has a family, then he gets married his in laws, as Alex mentioned about it, in the 19, Jews in Surah, four upon Allah, Allah, Allah who

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has blessed him with a lineage with an ancestry and he's also blessed him with in laws, and at some point or the other, it is almost guaranteed and inevitable that in our interactions, we will have difference of opinion, we will have difference of opinion. And as long as we manage it, and we stay within the boundaries of respect and dignity, that is fine. There's no issue to defer, as long as the hearts are not just united, as long as we do not use foul or obscene language against anyone, as long as we don't sever relationships, because that is serious. The messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, layer hidden layer Hindu Muslim in a Yahoo focus a lot of focus a lot for metadata, not

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that it is not becoming the 13 not permissible for a Muslim to sever ties with his Muslim brother or sister for three days or beyond. And if you die in that state, then I'm afraid unfortunately, from an metadata not such a person will enter hell May Allah protect us. Now, there's always a situation in our family, close or extended relatives, neighbors, friends, siblings, or family or in laws that what some person or the other we had some difference of opinion. And unfortunately, it resulted in in breakdown of communication. And that's my message to you, my brother and my sister, that if you are in such a situation, I urge you and I implore you that reconcile today. Don't procrastinate.

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Don't procrastinate. The devil has no problem with our good intentions as long as it is for tomorrow. But when we make amends, and we atone, and we reconcile today, then that is a blow to the devil. When the devils get together and then they report back to the chief devil. The devil that gets the biggest acknowledgment is the one who reports back to the chief devil he believes and says that today I managed to create a rough and a, you know, ignite a spark of unpleasantness, hostility between a couple and it resulted in separation and ultimately in divorce, may Allah protect that that particular devil gets an acknowledgment from the chief devil. So obviously we want

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acknowledgement from Allah subhanho wa Taala and we want to give the devil a blue. Now there's an amazing incident captured in the books of Hades. Bizarre has made mention of it that Roger Ebner will be rushing over law says I was sitting in the sacred mystery of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam and amongst the others that were present was a

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man who and Abdullah Abraham or even answer the loved one. So they were, you know, a gathering with rich with with great Sahaba legends stalwarts and luminaries of the time noble companions of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, when suddenly hasn't even a little bit Allahumma came to visit, and he greeted and he said, Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. For all those that were present, they said walaikum salam wa rahmatullah they responded as the Quran teaches us what to

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do the accent Amina or do that when you are greeted, then reply respond with a similar greeting or something greater. It is invoked the mercy you invoke the mercy and the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon the person greeting however, Abdullah ignore Amara even answer the Allahumma did not reply immediately. And when has somebody Alana left the gathering? Then he gradually discreetly gently said, we're aleikum wa salam, wa Rahmatullahi wa barakato. And they after he looked at the at those that were present, and he said, Allah will not be happy early or the early summer, should I not inform you people have who is most beloved to Allah, from all those that inhabit the earth

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today, who is the most beloved servant in the eyes of Allah? We said, but please do tell us he said the way

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Every person has an employee who came and greeted and left is the most beloved to Allah subhanho wa Taala. However, unfortunately, due to difference of opinion between myself and him, Mark and lemony will are condemned to who mandola leaves the field since the Battle of Safin took place. Now, as a side remark, let me just set the record correctly. The Battle of sci fi is a battle in the annals of Islamic history. We cannot shy away from it, we cannot refute it, it is there It has occurred. It's documented. However, on both sides of the spectrum, were noble companions or other your loved one home. So it was a battle that was fought between Muslims against Muslim there was difference of

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opinion. And it resulted in in this battle. And there's a detailed breakdown to this, which is recorded in the books of history. Suffice to say, suffice to say, and this is the key thing, that the entire galaxy of Sahaba without exception, Allah has unequivocally mentioned in the Quran, that Allah has pardoned them and for them is Jenna and paradise. So I don't have the rights and need the audacity, it would be tantamount to and, you know, how can I ever defame or malign or attack the character of the noble companions? If ever person does this, then it will not drop their status. But surely the person who defends the Sahaba it will compromise his entry into gender. And that is our

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Athena. And we stand firm in this regard.

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But suffice to say that even the best of people could have difference of opinion. It happens. It's It's It's human.

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And if somebody just to continue with the discussion, so I've done that normally, if somebody could read concern for me, and have somebody olana, while for me, that's greater than chunks of gold equivalent amount offered. So when he said this, he said, Alan, and then let's go now and apologize.

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Wow. And that's my message. Do it now. So we discussed it. He said, You know what, myself and him have difference of opinion. We haven't been speaking for a long time. So I wish somebody can reconcile. So let's go now and reconcile. So they stand up and they go and then knock on the door of somebody allow one who's at the door. I send inquiries from within and reset. It's myself. And with me is American answer the alarm. Bell lead now I'm live now. So the alarm on Huma, so he consents, and both of them enter the house. Now they sit down, they sit down, and you can imagine how awkward and uncomfortable this moment is and how dense The atmosphere is because you haven't been speaking

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to someone and then probably you meet in a Masjid or at the janazah and you happen to stand next to each other or you are in a mall and you park next to each other. And eggs as you exit from the car, you make eye contact. So it's a bit of an uneasy moment. You know, in English, they say there's a very amazing

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saying that I came across that a smile confuses and approaching frown. So if somebody wants to frown and scowl at you, and he is very uncomfortable, and you smile, you almost confuse him. Should he go with a frown or should he convert that into a smile? Or like they say that a smile pours an icy stare? Someone is given an icy look a cold Luke is giving you a nasty Luke is giving you a malicious look. And you just smile and you fool and you have this luminous character. And you have this broad smile. You just melted you just melted and you just you know settle the

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the tense atmosphere. So now they sit in here has an idea of your loved one and Omar Abdullah. Both are legends both are great. Sahaba amorousness was far too handsome, right? He was the conqueror of Egypt and the Allahu anhu What can one say about the profile of Satan or the Allahu anhu being the leaf of Islam the son in law of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the father of hustling Allahumma Allahu anhu himself in Ebony has said, well Allah has

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a teeny, tiny mineral muslimeen this land of mines is a leader in the years to come, and he will allow will use him to unite two factions of the oma and those right in sila tell you that has some of the olana resemble the Prophet sallallahu some from his head to his belly button and her saying well the Allahu anhu resembled the Prophet sallallahu Sallam from the belly button going down. So almost the the personality of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was preserved in his two grandsons has an unforeseeable the alarm on Houma. So anyway, they enter and Abu Salah today now initiates the discussion. And he says that

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why don't you tell us had this napping lady had death tonight tomorrow well hasn't when hasn't villano passed by and he

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greet us. you pronounce some great comments and remarks about him and you pay tribute and homage to him. Why don't you repeat this? So he said, yeah, that's fine. I can repeat it. He said, basically, I said in

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the last summer, that he is the most beloved servant of Allah that occupies the earth today. So Hassan vilano said, then for the MacArthur, tena, Yama, sci fi, then why didn't you challenge myself and my father in the Battle of the field? Right, so he was on one side of the of the camp, and has some of the Allahu anhu and said it was on the other side. So he said, and this is where the contention had come about. And this is where the difference of opinion had come about. So Abdullah Amara Yolanda replied, and wow, I wish the youth are listening to me. Wow. He said, you know, the truth be told, oh, has somebody a loved one who, that my dad had lodged a complaint to the Prophet

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sallallahu wasallam about me. And what was the complaint? Like if today, a man tells a chef or a new mom or a new start that lesson I need to talk to you about my son? automatically? What do you think probably he's been rebellious at home. He's not being productive in school is not being skilled in his work. He's not been upright in his life or he's pursuing something unlawful non English, or he's perpetrated some crime. No, no, no. In Imran sacani. My dad lodged a complaint and he told the province of Milan he was a lump that Abdullah that is me, you assume una hora como lane he founds every day, and he spends a whole night in worship. So you need to speak to him Oh, Prophet

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sallallahu wasallam. So the Prophet of Allah told me some what after when, what suddenly, that you know what, sometimes you must pass, sometimes you must eat sometimes you must leave. Sometimes you must engage in vigil and nocturnal prayer, and run and run, but obey your father, and those words of the provinces and obey your father. They were edged in my ears, in my heart, in my body, in my anatomy, that in all matters of life, I just would remember one thing that prophets awesome told me about your father, when the Battle of suffering took place, my dad had mobilized and he had participated. And he told me to join him now, I was in a, you know, a rock and a hard place the

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catch 22 I knew that on that side, or had somebody Alon Who was your honorable self, your venerable dad, and many Sahaba but at the same time, my my dad, really a loved one who had a particular view and a perspective, and he had asked me to accompany him, and I had the words of the prophets allies. I mean, my ears obey. So I obliged to the fatherly sentiments and I appeased my dad by participating, but look at the maturity of this young men. I'm happy to tell you how somebody Allahu Allah Hema remains to be seen. I mean, wanna find to be room when I stood there because my dad told me to come, but I did not release an arrow. I did not pierce a spear. I did not withdraw my sword. I

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merely stood there but I did not engage in any battle. And when he said this, Hassan Ravi, Allah who accepted the apology, and can you imagine these two giants legends and stalwarts united, and they embrace each other, so I'm saying to you, my brother or my sister, whoever wherever you are, you have a difference of opinion with someone I urge you pick up the phone or knock the door but let it happen today. reconcile before it is too late.