Your Degree Is Just A Piece Of Paper, Your Education Is Seen In Your Behavior

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The pandemic has had a negative impact on the aviation industry, with lost jobs and reduced fare causing passengers to lose their minds. Representatives emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding inflation. A doctor emphasizes the need for adherence to Islam and avoiding arrogance. Representatives also stress the importance of taking advantage of success and securing an Abode in one's life.

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Bismillah salatu wa salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam well bad. I want to commence by sharing with you a reflection that are often shared with regards to aviation. So we all had flown at some time or the other and you will know better that you have the different cabins in a common flight. adagietto Ola, first class, derogatory, Julian amahl business class and the third regular economy class. Now, they could be different people born in the same plane and aircraft and occupying the same cabin, but everyone pays a different price. So what did what did this face cost you? Or what did this ticket cost you? It set me back heavily. It cost me an arm and a leg. I just decided

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last minute I to attend the conference I got online, and the only upper end Business Class seats were available and hence to pay so much. How about you? Well, my sister works for the airline. So you know what the entire family gets a reduced fare. All we had to pay was 25%. And you on the other hand, no, well, I had miles that were about to expire. So I put my miles in for redemption, and I only had to pay taxes. In essence 50 people in the same cabin. But everyone has a different story. In a like manner. I say to you, my young doctor, my young nurse, my young physician, and my newly graduate, professional individual. As believers we know that every person who will enter Jannah will

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only enter gender through the mercy of Allah. But every occupant of Jenna will have a different quality, which will be the catalyst to attract the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala. For some it will be their welfare work. For others, it will be their generosity. And for you Oh my doctor and oh, my nurse every day the patient presenting in your rooms is an opportunity for you to get yourself in Jenna. I cannot possibly forget this. I was a child. And I had lost a sibling in her very early years. Until today when my parents speak about it tears trickle down their eyes. She was only five years of age, in fact, only four years, and she had developed leukemia. And back in the

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years, it was not so treatable as it is today. And they visited two three doctors, certain doctors obviously scared them out. This is serious. This is life threatening her life is very short. And then they went to a very senior matured elderly doctor. Until today. My parents pray for him. And he says no, no hearty sob, you know, aren't Nothing to worry, there's just some impurity in the blood, just some dirt in the blood. inshallah this should be fine. Of course, no doctor can alter the decree of Allah what Allah had decreed that happened. And that was the lifespan of my sister. And she subsequently moved into the mercy of Allah. But a good 40 years has lamps, and my parents still

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pray for this doctor, that he was so euphemistic and gentle and accommodating. And that's what I'm saying to you, my young brother and my sister, the beauty of Islam is the avenues to reach Allah are many. And I can promise you and assure you that in the field in which you are, what the costs of medical being so exorbitant, someone said that a teacher is one who doesn't teach for the income, but rather for the outcome. And that's not only for a teacher, that's for everyone. My motive should not be I once met a doctor and that particular statement hurt me. And I share this only so that you know what, we do not make that same mistake. And he said to me, I'm a medical doctor by profession,

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but then I gave up my practice, and I went into business, and that's fine. It's your choice in your discretion. So as the discussion progresses, I asked him why he says, I could not maintain a life according to inflation being a doctor, but I've maintained it being a businessman, and my heart sank, my heart sank. Is that the reason to give up a practice? Because I need to maintain a life of inflation. No, not at all. That's not the eye or the vision of a believer. And I really want to pay tribute. I really my mum has a chronic condition. So I have dozens of doctors on speed dial, and I promise you when I see my mum making to offer them, I am envious of these doctors. I am envious. Dr.

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Ahmed, who actually requested me to, you know, conduct this program and he's a cardiologist. And I always say to him, and excuse the pun, being a cardiologist, I say to him, may you continue touching the hearts of people. May you continue touching the hearts because Mashallah, that's his demeanor. So my message to you my young doctor, sister, nurse,

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is warmer becoming Mighty infomine Allah whatever you achieved is from the Almighty. Remember the verse in the 20th Jews were Allah subhanho wa Taala addressing qarun Allah subhanho wa Taala said to him Latifah in Allah Allah you have Belfry hain you know we proud of you, my my son we proud of you, my daughter, you've added to new talent and you're going to come with new a new vision and a new approach and inshallah you're going to inject so much of your energy in it. And that's great and it makes us so proud as a community as your parents as your professors as your teachers etc.

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But let it not be that this moment of glory

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unfortunately takes us into arrogance and pride. So four things were said to qarun and I just want to reflect over a briefly Lata fre don't boast what's the definition of boasting mentioned by the experts of the exigencies of the Quran that Nancy Ben illa nfca were you direct your accomplishment to yourself my expertise my skill my know how my intelligence my academics my degrees how amazing No no, that that that is arrogance letter for in the law Hello Hi Bill, very name. Allah detest and dislikes those that are arrogant. What does a female attack Allahu darel Astra by virtue of what Allah gave you in the context of Tyrone, it was Tarawa and Rena, it was well it was fame it was

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poppy opulence. In your case. It's your skill. It's your expertise. It is your research. It is your know how. By virtue of this web it does a FEMA attack Allah who Darren after secure your abode in Accra. Let every patient leave your surgery praying for you. I gave you a perfect example 40 years but a profound indelible impression engraved in my parents hearts and to ask for that individual continue. What Thirdly, FEMA attack Allahu dhara after one attempts and a sliver come in and dunya the beauty of Islam according to one common tree, do not ignore your share in this world surely you need to generate revenue you need to climb the ladder you need to have a house etc. My Yak fieger

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where you snapper that which is necessary within your means you can earn and you can take from it. What I've seen come out of sun Allahu LA and as Allah has favored, you favor his creation. And I asked you I asked you my brother and my sister from today from the first day of your practice from the first day of your practice.

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Make it a habit and a practice in your practice if I can say so. At least daily, one patient bare minimum daily one patient I will not charge a dime and I will not charge a cent Subhanallah you will see the goodness the Baraka the blessings, how people will flock how people will give you and how fulfilled you will feel how fulfilling a feeling it is while at wl fossa Phil org. And Allah said to qarun do not spread mischief on the earth and they can be no greater mischief than arrogance and pride and haughtiness. Remember whatever skill you have, Allah reminds us in the Quran, it is His favor upon you. And he also tells us medical science talks of gerontology that as you age, nature

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starts reclaiming these faculties in installments. Lika Illa, Allah Berryman Shea, where Allah says, I can take you to a point that after giving you all the knowledge and the signs, I can deprive you of everything in Allah La Mancha de Allah has absolute knowledge and power. So we ask Allah to preserve the knowledge and the sciences that Allah has blessed you with. And as you have brought this day of joy to us, men, you continue to stand tall in society, and that we can see each one of you is flourishing and thriving in your respective spheres. And like I said to you, in my early comments, take this as an opportunity of securing an abode in Africa. Once again, my envy, my

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congratulations, and my best wishes to you and your family. May Allah grant you all goodness, I mean, your blood me