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AI: Summary © The video he recorded while on a tour of the sacred bus in Egypt describes the busy day of the century, including the completion of the Bible and the completion of the century. The importance of honoring the request of their mother to deliver a talk in the harem is emphasized. The event is a social event, with crowds attending, and the speakers discuss the importance of the culture in their lives. The segment also touches on the origins of the name " zoom" and its origins, including the origin of the word zoom and the origin of the word zoom.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim in my 25 odd years of public speaking, I have often been asked many questions pertaining to oratory. Many people ask the question, Do you recall the first lecture you gave in your life? And the answer is, Yes, I have a vivid recollection of the day and the date and the location. It was a Juma lecture. I was 17 years of age and I can never possibly forget that Dave, and others would ask you, do you have any count of how many lectures you have delivered in all these years? And frankly, speaking, I have no count. While the more objective reply to that would be, it all depends. If Allah accepts any of those lectures, it all depends. You know what, counting

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those lectures in enumerating them and if Allah doesn't accept anyone, then what? What's the benefit of it? Junaid? Baghdadi Rahim Allah when he passed away, someone seen him in a dream and asked him how did you fail before Allah and he was a sage of the age is a PA tell everybody we're funny at Isha rod, woman alpha, il rakata, Annie Raka Anna who Murphy jiofi, Lael, that all the acts of worship in which we exerted our self, etc, was not accepted in the court of Allah. But the two units of prayer that I would perform daily, in the late hours of the night, early hours of the morning was accepted. And that was the cause of my salvation. And then others would ask you, which was the

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longest lecture you gave. And I jokingly say that I have often spoke at these events on the New Year's Eve, where martial law programs are organized to keep our youth off the streets and of evil activities, etc. And I jokingly say to people, that was one of my longest lectures, because I started in the previous year, and ended the next year. And then people would ask you, what was the largest audience you address, etc. But the point I really want to get to is where they asked you the question, which was one of your most memorable talks and memorable speeches. And for me, surely, it was the lecture that Allah privileged me to deliver in masjidul episode, How can I forget that

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Islamic year 1434, just the backdrop and a context to it. And I've said this and shared this in many of my talks, and I have a crack in my voice and a tear in my eye. Because this is through the grace of Allah and the prayer of my mom, that she often would pray for me that my son, you would sit in, you would talk and Allah will inspire you, and you will, are two words that you yourself will be surprised, because it is something you did not research. But at that moment on the draw of your mom, Allah will inspire you. And I say amin, and I witness it, and I observe it. And on a particular instance, she said to me, today is soon my son, the day is soon where you will deliver a dog in the

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harem, you will deliver a dog in the harem. And I was put amin and in my heart, I thought to myself, well, how are the young kin? And is this possible? And is this possible for a non Arab to deliver a talk in the harem in Arabic?

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And I said amin, but again, this reminds us of the profound caliber of the draws of a parent and the draws of a man. And I urge and implore the youth out there and all those who have their parents seize the moment and earn the doors of your parents. So anyway, I had returned from Australia on a lecture tour, and it was the month of Ramadan and some friends of mine stone me that they traveling to Mr. Al Aqsa, would you like to accompany us and I said absolutely. The famous Hadith of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam led to shut down rehaul illa Illa Salah city masajid that traveled to three places, the sacred Masjid in Mecca, mocha Rama, the masjid of the messenger

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sallallahu alayhi wasallam in Madina, munawwara and Masjid Al Aqsa in Palestine, I obliged I responded happily to this proposal. And soon thereafter, towards the last 10 days of the month of Ramadan, we boarded the flight and off we went to masjidul AXA. Little did I know that this was part of the fruition of the prayer and supplication of my Mum, I don't want to go into the details of the journey. We flew to Egypt from the to Jordan, we cross the border, it was a long day, it was hot, we were fasting. And finally we crossed the border and we got in and we were excited that Alhamdulillah it go inside and this was the grace of the Almighty it go inside it with the 27th night of Ramadan.

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And this is the day that witnesses the most remarkable numbers of people converging and congregating at this third holiest place in Islam in this blessed sacred month of Ramadan, and new started filtering through that there is a group of people who have come from South Africa. And somehow news got through that I was part of the group as well, when finally we arrived in must

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relaxar accommodation was arranged etc. And there was just 10s of 1000s of people 10s of 1000s of people. And as I was requested by some of the people that they were many South Africans, British nationals and American citizens, etc, that will also observe in RT. gov. So just to meet the more active caffeine, and to give them some talk in English, and I said, by all means, it allowed for me to also have a little tour of AXA as well. And Subhanallah It was great connecting with the people seeing people setting in RT Gov. And then we were getting closer towards McCully. But the atmosphere was just electrifying. The atmosphere and the hospitality was phenomenal. And news reach the IMA of

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the harem, the Imams of the harem that there is a visiting scholar referring to this fallible model in this humble servant. And I was privileged to meet with the IMA who are very humble and simple in the private office. And I was even given the honor to make a star with them as well. The amount of Madrid was called out and the horn was buzzing, the horn was buzzing, it's completion of the Quran. It's the last 10 days of Ramadan and people had come from far and wide. And many people who in other times are not given access to the Haram are allowed and given access to the Haram weed as it may we you know what opened our fire sprayed our Muslim salah and I still remember it was more drinking

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than eating due to the intensity of the heat, which was then followed by the ratio salah and of course the completion of the Quran. And memory that would live with me a memory that would live with me is as the DA of the completion of the Quran took place. And the prayer for the liberation of Uppsala was reverberating from the member and the Maharaja of AXA. So you've heard this do I in the Haram in Makkah, Allahumma henryville masjidul, aka our grand deliverance and grant liberation, and you've heard it and you've made it and great and wonderful and amazing, but standing in the sacred Masjid of AXA, on the 27th, ninth of Ramadan, and listening to that, imagine making that dua trust

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me, my brother and my sister, my hair stood on ends, I had goosebumps, I cannot explain that moment. Anyway that follow through. And then there was this very emotional to her and cry and etc, which would happen commonly at the completion of the Quran. But you can imagine it was a long day you were fasting, it was hot you in the harem, it's just amazing. These are emotions you simply cannot explain. And after the tarawih, Salah was over, one of the Imams of the harem came to me and he came to meet me and he said, Sure, we had a meeting. And we have decided that today after tiamo lay akeeba tahajjud you will be delivering a talk from the front. We've decided this year and please,

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you need to honor this request of ours.

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And I just lost my balance. I lost my I lost my focus. am I listening? I'm literally listening to this request. I know what the grace of alive had the opportunity and I credit this to the Almighty and the daughters of my parents and my teachers. But I'm in the harem. It's the 27th night the Quran has been completed. There are 10s of hundreds of 1000s that have converged and then it would be followed by tiamo Lael after a little interval, and then after would be your talk. So I you know what acknowledge the Imam and I outright declined. I said no, this is not going to happen. Of course, we will converse in in Arabic, we will converse in in Arabic. And he says no chef, we've

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decided and you need to deliver the store. And then they spoke to my colleagues and they said please, you need to make sure that the chef is here at this time after tiamo Lael, and I kept on saying no, I don't have the courage, I don't have what it takes. And as time started moving on, I could actually see within myself the prayer of my mum taking shape, and I could hear those words of my mother echoing in my ears. My son the day is soon where Allah will enable you to deliver a talk in the harem. Now understand it was a long day I was tired, it was hard exhausted, we were traveling. Of course there is this you know what the spiritual ambiance is so much happening

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simultaneously in your body, and you can suddenly start hearing those whispers doors and prayers of a mum and I'm reiterating this year what did the Arabic poet say cool llama Allah to an active anime widget to enough see me that every time I want to like the greatness of my Mum, I find myself to be illiterate and unlimited.

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means mother and own can also mean illiterate. Like I can never speak about the greatness of my mum with a new nursery Yeoman Sayaka Dino Abby, Colin taqwa LA. And anyway, I decided to offer the Yamuna lane in a more remote place where I'm not so noticeable. And I'm not so visible where the Imam had met me during the tarawih time so that he doesn't support me. He doesn't support me. And I told my colleague, please listen, when they come here, don't mention that I'm standing here. And of course, the crowds were big. The numbers were huge. So where is he going to identify me? Anyway, I was sitting there and performing my salah and join my terrarium, enjoying the amillennial and it's

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just the recitation is melodious. The ambience is spiritual. The tears are just flowing and trickling, and your mind is running through so many things about the greatness of this place. Dr. Moon lane ends and you're the mom is walking through the crowds, and he's coming.

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And Subhanallah just recently, I received the post I recently I received the post on Facebook, where a young man sent me a message and he said, Chef helped us go Ronnie, do you recall me? And a Cheb bloody bijar deca one Masha beaker Illa Mahara bill Aqsa, I am the young man recently, not even a month or two months ago, I received the post from this brother, may Allah bless him, and probably this message would reach him as well.

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He said, I'm the young man who came to you and held you by your hand and escorted you through the murghab and the member of AXA on the 27th ninth of Ramadan 1434 Hijri where you delivered your dog and I said indeed my brother, how can I possibly forget you And I then you know, had a communication and responded to him.

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And Fifi if you

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were familiar janessa to who Allah Allah Makeba, deja

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vu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the human

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alive. He was a mystery.

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mystery for now Mustafa.

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Salah Sahaba jasola first silver baby

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mama mystery

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mean lemme your mood yesterday when Tammy Tanya? Tanya woman tikilive Tonia

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warrior corner. Allah subhanho wa Taala for ohan what do I have? To name for own worry?

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So for me, this is one of my most memorable talks in my life ever. And again, it reiterate the sentiments the importance, the significance of the draws of a mother, but moving forward, coupled within on that same note, do we think and realize and appreciate the richness and the sanctity of this place? Do we know that back in the times Allah subhanaw taala speaks about this in the third Jews in the third chapter in Surah. Al Imran in verse 35. That when Hannah that was the wife of Iran, the mother of Maria Malley has Salam when she conceived, she vowed to the Almighty is dilating muratorian maronna rabine Naruto like amavi Bethany Mohan Fattah Taco Bell Mini, remember the time

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when the wife of a Rembrandt said in in Naruto, laka, Murphy botany Allah I have vowed to you I have vowed to you that the child that is in my womb, I will hand it over to you mean into the service of AXA, so they would devote their children to the service of AXA, but the norm was that it would be male offspring that would be devoted and dedicated to the service of AXA fella what to her and when she gave birth to this child, Karla throb, beanie was back to her own thought, oh my lord, it is a girl and I was hopeful of a boy purely so that I could devote him to AXA.

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What Allahu Allah movie Ma and Allah says Of course Allah knows in advance what you are giving birth to Allahu Allah Mamata.

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Allah knows the agenda and all the details and the developments of the embryo in the womb of his or her mother. When you said that got Okello into a well I said that girl lady political lady will hibbity Wow. Oh, the mother of Maryam ohana. The weather you said that girl the sun you were hopeful of cannot match the female you've been blessed with. This is such a female that she is of a different caliber altogether. And that was Maria alayhi salatu was Salam

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And then she left her child up Mel foofy silpa wrapped her child up in a cloth Maria alayhis salam, and she came to AXA. Now the father of Maryam that was in Milan. He was the Imam of Masjid Al Aqsa. He was the Imam of Masjid Aqsa, and he passed away according to the narration of Romani. He passed away while he his daughter was in the womb of his wife, pretty much like our beloved Habib sallallahu alayhi wasallam that when he sallallahu alayhi wasallam was in the belly of Amina radi Allahu taala and ha, that is with the time nebulae salatu salam, venerable, honorable August father, Abdullah, the Allahu anhu had passed on. So a similar scenario in the sense that Remeron had passed

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away while Mariam alayhis salam was in the belly of, of Hannah, that was the mother what it means a maid to her Maria, when is a may two hi Maria. She said, I have named my child Maria and Abubakar just sauce has made mentioned in a camel Quran under this year, that Islam is quite open, whether the male or the female names it. Yes, it is the mother who named the child, Islam impresses upon us the importance of giving a good name, but it's flexible, whether the husband names the child or the mother name, the wife names the child, and she came with this child. And then she came and brought it to Mr. AXA. And she then offered it to those that were the custodians and those that were the

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majority in and those that were, you know, frequent in musty the Aqsa and this honor. And this privilege was then conferred to Zachary alayhis salam. And of course, as she grew up, she grew up and she was devoted and dedicated to the worship of Allah. And she had her exclusive chamber exclusive chamber. And while I was given the tour of AXA and many others who had visited AXA, would know and tell you about the Chamber of Maryam Allah Salatu was Salam.

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You know, my brother and you know, my sister, I was once in mocha, mocha Rama and May Allah bless us with Umrah and Hajj again soon and repeatedly, amin yorubaland amin, and it was the month of Ramadan. And it was the tarawih prayer and after taraweeh salaah, I made Salam and there was a brother sitting next to me and we greeted and that's the beauty right Islam you just connect with each other. I cannot forget once we visited

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Albania, and we went to a place called elbasan. And the entire community came out in our welcome. And they there was the sense of euphoria. And as we came in and the delegation came in, and I was to conduct a Juma lecture there, they stood up in excitement and in jubilation, and that was the day I seen the spirit of brotherhood, where I was excited to meet someone I didn't know. And someone was excited to meet me who didn't know me from above blue. So, but it was purely the connection of a man. And the brother was sitting next to me and I greeted him and we spoke in Arabic. And then I asked him where he is from and he said, I am from Palestine. And I said, How fortunate Have you? And

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as I asked him, and I said, are fortunate I just seen the tears trickling down, and I put my hand around him and I embraced him. I said, All is good. And he said, I live very close to the harem of AXA, but I perform more Salah in mocha, mocha Rama then I have access to the atom in Aqsa so it's easier for me to travel to mocha mocha Rama and perform Salah in mocha, mocha Rama or Medina and then to walk when the harem is that close to me. And I had nothing but to reply with tears. I had nothing but to reply with tears and masjidul episode Lana is still to do Shabana and masjidul a pasar Lana state a Lucia burn and na. O us to you know your heritage of youth. Do you know your

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history? Or youth? Do you know these blesseds sacred places was stamey A Yama Yuna de mana de mccannon party in the 26 Jews in chapter 15 verse 41, Allah subhanho wa Taala says was sturmey A Yama Yuna del mana day on that day when a caller will proclaim from a close place. And even though as i can say is that the caller refers to Seraphin alayhi salatu was Salam. And the location here refers to a Sahara, the Dome of the Rock, the Dome of the Rock, and this is where the proclamation will be made. And this is where harsher and resurrection will take place.

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We know that Allah has referred to this place as a lady Baraka, hola the precincts of which have been blessed. We know on the night of Mirage, the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam led the MBR, the hemos Salatu was Salam at this very blessed location. So my message to you my brother and my sister is pray to Allah for the liberation of AXA. How often do you pray

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To Allah Allahu marzocchi, Rafi Salatin Kabbalah Muhammad as we yearn and bind to perform Salah with the reward is multiplied in Mecca and Medina. How much do we yearn and bind to perform salah and perform at the Gulf in Masjid Al Aqsa, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make that possible to bring the liberation of Aqsa and to bless us with Salah repeatedly in all the three blessings and sacred harems. Amin era Bella alameen wa sallahu wa sallim ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edma as well hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen