Sulaiman Moola – Moderation Vs Extremism

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the rise and decline of Islam in the West and the use of "monkey" in English for political purposes. The speakers also touch on the importance of moderation in religion, citing the Prophet's statement that "there is noix" and that people should not see poverty or emergent behavior. The segment concludes with a brief advertisement for a program called "Bismualism" on alcohol and gambling and a brief advertisement for a book and song. The speakers emphasize the need for people to be mindful of their actions and not be extreme.
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From guerrilla Bella alameen wa Salatu was Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah alameen. Wa early he was happy he woman wala won't be turning in a yummy Deen we're back for the college Allah Allah Fie kita Hill Majid wa for Connie Hill Hamid.

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Ponyo Rajiv, Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem, when levena ADA and

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Waka anabaena Delica poema wakad. Allah is Salatu was Salam. ala Monica de salud, aka Macaulay, his salatu wa sallam honorable scholars respected brothers and elders amongst the blatant accusations and the derogatory remarks and the insulting comments that are leveled both against Islam and the Muslims. One is the accusation of extremism and the lack of moderation. From time to time we have the extremist Muslim and the moderate Muslim. at the onset. Let me say,

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if anybody has studied Islam passionately and objectively, then you will understand and realize that these comments are absurd, if not bizarre, we condemn extremism in the strongest possible words. However, we beg to differ on the definition of extremism in the present climate. If I may contextualize the word extremism, then it is don't be devout in your faith. Don't be diligent in your principles. Don't be religious in your worship, but then indulge in another form of extremism, and that is in merrymaking, that this form of extremism is accepted is welcomed, it's promoted, it's encouraged. So this is the contrast what we see and that Allah says in the Quran, regarding this oma

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there is no extreme Muslim and moderate Muslim. Allah refers to Islam as a moderate life and a moderate religion. So if things are put into perspective, Waka danika, jalna, come on.

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We've created you as a balanced nation, we've made you a moderate nation later kulu Shahada alumnus, and it is by virtue of this moderation, that you will be privileged with being someone in the nobleness of trials, and that is to give evidence in the favor of the profits on the day of Yama, when say you do not know who will stand up and say, oh, Allah, I conveyed my message. his nation will be like Him, then it is the ordinary people of the summer that will be brought forward and give evidence in favor of Satan annually. Salam did Yes, he did convey his message. It is through the Quran that we understand it. So this Omi has been created as a balanced nation as a moderate nation.

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In fact, Allah speaks about an incident that had happened in the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, that at the conquest of Makkah, now if you know basic Islamic history, you will understand that the conquest of Mecca there was this perception amongst the polytheists amongst the disbelievers that either you embrace the faith of Islam or you flee for safety, there is no third option. We see that at 94 at the fall of apartheid and the advent of democracy, embrace the new ruling party or then move elsewhere. If you whinging and whining and you unhappy, then move abroad or else embrace the new ruling party. So this was the perception amongst the polytheists amongst the

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disbelievers that if Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam governs and dominates over Arabia, then embrace his fate or else leave you and move elsewhere. Like Rama, the son of Abu Jamal, he said I was amongst those people who decided to flee from Makkah. And I said, I will not embrace this faith. So he boarded a boat and this is mentioned in that capacity. And as he was sailing in the water jar at Embry riddle, Allah sent a strong wind the wind came and surrounded and engulf them. And as is the nature of man when he's in a crisis, then he worships a light exclusively phenomena john

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Sweeney, Lucha de Allah says that when the storm gillip them like a cloud, and they were in a crisis, they were in the predicament that I will lie they worship Allah luckily serene Allah within negating the powers of others, exclusively focus on focusing on Allah. Typically, like you will find a person who's who has been hospitalized and who perhaps is in ICU, and medically The hope is looking bleak. At that time, in the words on his tongue is only a law firm manager who metal bar but when we take them to show when we take them to show or to land, and then firmino, who MacArthur said, Allah says majority of them that revert to the extremism of disbelief, while a few of them

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adopt Islam, but it is noteworthy at this juncture. Allah makes reference to Islam by giving the term moderation. Allah does not say they embrace Islam. Allah says they embrace moderation. Allah makes categorical reference to Islam by giving it the title of moderation. In other words, they

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Abandon the extremism of polytheism and they adopt the moderation of Islam the balance and amongst them was ultramar that when the storm gripped him, he said in Allah hoomin hada. If Allah grants me safety and shelter and rescues me, Allah, Allah Muhammad, I will return to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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De I will put my hand in his hand. So when when Allah brought him to land, he came and he accepted Islam.

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So, what I'm saying is, this is a clear explanation. This is the clear explanation, that the very definition of Islam is a modern religion. Furthermore, if you see then, you know, extremism has been condemned not only in Islam, extremism, but like I said, we differ on the definition of extremism. In present a climate the understanding of extremism is totally different. A letter speaks about the incident of Satan at reciting the Quran. Now Jesus peace be upon him has been revered like other prophets have in the Quran. And Allah spoke about the fact that he blessed him with the Injeel and it's important for healthy dialogue as well that we know our stance on the position of Jesus and

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other prophets peace be upon them. Allah said

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to him bureau Selena walk off a nabire 70. Miriam was in jail then we send prophets in succession and we followed it by Jesus the son of Mary peace be upon both of them

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in jail and we favor Jesus that is easily Salaam with the Bible with the in jail. What's your anatomy, punto de la Vina

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Fatah WA, then Allah praise the disciples of Isa in the Quran. I mean, this is important that we understand our faith, Allah praise the companions, the Sahaba, the disciples of Lisa peace be upon him. In fact, Allah used a very similar description, which he used in the praise of Sahaba. When Allah spoke of Sahaba, Allah said Ruhama obey you know whom they mutually have loved amongst themselves. Then Allah spoke of the companions of Isa and Allah azza wa jal nafi, pulumi levina Tabasco hora Fatah WA, we favored the hearts of the disciples of Isa with softness with tenderness with love and mercy. But as we know easily Sam was lifted to the heavens and after his ascension to

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the heavens, and even started becoming common and dominant in the community, it became difficult for the pious Muslim. As we find today The world is becoming hostile for the believer, regardless of his faith. The believer is under attack, whatever faith he belongs to, if he's devout in his religion, he is condemned, he's criticized and because because you know, people have shifted from the, from the line of moderation, and they have abandoned faith. So even liberal religious duties sound extreme and sound, you know, too devout for them.

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So anyway, Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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terbaru fatawa, we favored them with what softness and tenderness is these evil people came about, they kill these disciples of Isa Li Salaam, the second group from the disciples of Isa after his ascension, they stood up to resist the style and this evil power and, you know, these evil elements, again, they were then killed and they were martyred. The third group decided that now it has become very difficult for us to preserve our faith because of the opposition against us. So they decided to leave the social life, abandon a normal natural life and adopt an unnatural life of extremism, and monetarism. Now aleteia makes a reference to this in the Quran. One Bernie attorney but

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Allah praised their intention, but Allah frowned on their action. Allah praise their intention. Warren Bernie attorney Berta whoo ha monetarism which they innovated, which they initiated markets up and

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we never ordained it because it is unnatural. We never ordained monotheism or extremism, we find the amount of, you know, the sins that are happening and the evils that are happening and so many other related things that I happen in in the ministries and many other you know, crimes that have been committed.

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Bernie attorney beta whoo Ha. They innovated it, they initiated it market subpoena him, we never ordained it upon them. In Liberty law. It is one in law. The intention was noble to obey a lot from

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at heart, but they could not diligently honor the implications and the obligations of this year, simply because it was not in harmony with human nature. It was not in harmony.

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with human nature, that is why Elias never ordained it, nor could they own it. The scholars give the example in the following way. It is not compulsory or obligatory upon a person to fast in any month besides Ramadan. But if a man takes an oath upon himself, I will pass the whole of Raja well and good, that's a good intention. Once you've started the action, now you've got to own it. If you fail to honor it, after you've started, there are consequences. What are our medical, if a person decides to perform an optional to record excellent, he will be rewarded, if he doesn't perform, he will not be punished. But if he commences the Salah, and then he breaks it now to repeat that Salah is what

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you what because you're innovating something you initiate in something so on. So basically what I'm saying is they then went there, but they couldn't, they couldn't honor it. Why? Because it was contrary to human nature, in essence, extremism who was never ever advocated by Allah subhanho wa Taala. In fact, throughout the times, it was a balanced religion, it was a set of moderation.

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We take the incident, the famous Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, when he said, Whoever will discard any of my practices, whoever will shun my teachings, then he is not from amongst me, it is noteworthy to reflect over the background of this Hadith, so that we understand the circumstances that led to this Hadith, the Hadith says Manuel Riba and suniti whoever will shun my practices, abandon my teachings, he is not of me. Now, generally, we would associate this hadith with religious activities. But if you look at the background of this Hadith, this was said at the time, when those three Sahaba came to the house of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And they inquired about his

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happenings about his activities about his night about his day, and our honorable mother and his honorable console, I sort of your learner said, well, it's a very balanced life, he would attend sleep with us at times he would spend it in it, he would occasionally fast he would occasionally eat. So there was a balance in his life.

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They had a perception that been the enemy of Allah, we go into, you know, 24 hours of absolute worship, and the ease no social activity. So they, you know, trivialized it to a degree they felt that you know, what, we expected more. Anyway, they express their sentiments, and they pledged among themselves that I will fast for the rest of my life. The other said, I will not marry. The third said, I will spend the night in my budget, when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam return, and I showed her the olana narrated this year, what were the words of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He said, for what law here in the UK for the LIFO do the Ilana remember, nobody can feel a lot more than I.

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Nobody can feel a lot more than I. Hence My life is a reflection of fearing Allah. And both the moderation as well as that we bought it is a reflection of you're in Allah subhanho wa Taala. And whoever will abandon this moderation is not part of me. So what I'm saying these are terminologies that have been thrown out and splashed out and they create in a new section, a new division, that there is the devout Muslim there is the extreme Muslim. Unfortunately today there isn't the moderate Muslim, the moderate Muslim is a devout Muslim, but not devout with what evil connotations as it is said to the world. I mean, like I said, if I will show you through Quran and Hadith, that when

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Sahaba let me give you a few examples. Allah tala speaks about this year in the Quran, one Latina Eva and Falco Lem userinfo wollombi akuto, Rocha, anabaena, Danica Kawashima that those who when they spent, they are not extravagant nor do they mice, but they have more they have a moderate way. They are moderate in their expenses and they adopt this moderation. You know, someone said nothing is wrong. There is no good in excel in extravagance. So beautiful answer was given Well, there is no extravagance when it comes to good also, there is no extravagance when it comes to good. Take for example, the incident of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Allah tala gave and made this Deen

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complete. And it was part of the completion in the perfection of this faith that there was not the principles that were put in place. In fact, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has exhorted us to adopt moderation even in our expenses. He said my other monitor said, the one who's moderate in his expenses will never see poverty. Now now with the festive season in South Africans, you know, spend more than they earn and so much in in red and so much in deficit, really, if we take to heart the principle of moderation, as defined by the prophets of Allah. He was telling me he said, You will never see poverty. In fact, yesterday, I came across the rewired where the Prophet sallallahu

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wasallam was speaking to the Sahaba and then he spoke about the privileges of dowload and Sulayman.

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We know Allah had favored them with many favors. So they manually Salam Allah had made the wind subservient. What is Sulaymaniyah? gudo hahahahaha sure that in the morning he would cover the journey of a month in the afternoon he would cover the journey of a month. And you know how many hundreds of people we heard that the latest now a bus is out getting 550 passengers and I think it was doing its rounds here at our airport and you know, it's got an earpiece in sound. And while it's a spectacular view, and you know, onlookers were there and it made a big noise, hundreds 1000s of people would get on another unique thing of the windows today man. The Quran says Roja and hi to

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Assad. It was polite, it was gentle. So it would not disturb the atmosphere. It would not upset the birds it would not create any harm to the creation in any way. This was then Allah Allah says wamena Shea Athena wamena Dyneema Yama lubaina Arabic, Allah had made the gene not subservient to him. Yamato una la manga Xiaomi mahari bata Murthy And what he found they would make for him massive buildings they would make for him monuments they would make for a massive tinker's walk with massive, you know, pots.

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Then Allah goes on to say just speaking about the virtues that Allah gave a man what a certain Allahu categoric mentioned in the 22nd. Allah says we caused a spring of molten lead to flow from the earth, the distance of which was three days. This is how vast the spring was, it came out from sun in Yemen, according to the condition of the light now buzz, it was not too hot that it was difficult for him to use. Allah had given him all these privileges. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said Whoever has three qualities, Allah will favor him with all the virtues that he gave the family and the descendants of doubt. Sahaba said what do you say don't be over loving a man who has been

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favored so much. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam said the one who has balanced and moderation in his decisions, whether he is anger or happiness, he's got focus and his balance. Number two, the one who's got moderation in his expenses, whether he's poor or his wealthy, the one who can fear Allah openly or in secret. Those are the three qualities. So Islam encourages us moderation on every front,

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another incident from the Quran

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Sahaba calm. I mean, we are facing an extremism of indulgence. And I want to touch on that briefly. The irony for me is that when extremism is condemned in religion, and religion, per se, is noble and wonderful, and it will bring about noble citizens in society, can we imagine the need to condemn the extremism in indulgence, but yet that is not condemned? That is accepted? Why? Because it generates an income. So regardless of the consequences of alcohol, or abuse, or whatever it is, it generates a healthy income, so it will be promoted a letter that speaks about Sahaba. And this shows us how beautiful our faith is, amongst the Sahaba with those that had an extreme extreme level of modesty,

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the concluding verses of the level Jews of the Quran, that when they would go to relieve themselves, or they would have relation with their partner, and they would expose themselves in absolute seclusion, then at that time, also a guilt would grip their heart that you know what my private organs are exposed and my Allah is watching me. So because of the extreme level of consciousness of a law, they would then crouch and they would bend over their private organs to conceal it. Now, obviously, why the intention was noble, but this was now going over the mark. And this was making it difficult for people to follow that in seclusion out of necessity, for a limited time. At that

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moment also, Allah revealed the verse And Allah discipline them Allah said, No, this is going off the mark. Allah in Nevada is known as pseudo algo Leah stock for men, and Athena is shown at the bottom. Allah said, cover yourself from other people's view. But with regards to trying to block yourself from the view of Allah, then Allah answers by saying there is no time you can cover a lot because clothing doesn't block his view. Clothing doesn't block his view. But what I'm saying is look at the beauty of Islam. Look at the beauty immediately Allah came and rescued them. And Allah said, Why is the intention is noble, but this is the religion of moderation. This is the religion.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam spoke about other nations how they dealt with their wives during the period that they experienced their monthly cycle. They were those that indulged in religion despite that period, and they were those that shun their wives totally during the period. Islam said come close to her. The remains of Buhari, Abu Bakar Nana said I used to experience my monthly cycle and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam put his blessing ahead in my lap. So do not indulge in religion, but do not shun her either. The balances come close to her but have no physical relation. This is the moderation of Islam, another incident among the Sahaba there was this consciousness of a lot. So at

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They would sit together and eat the blind Sahabi felt it uncomfortable to eat what others are saying, you know what, I'm blind. I'll eat more. We'll wait for people later.

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The guy who comes late can eat well, all the better.

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On the other hand, the crippled Sahabi said, I cannot join them because I'll occupy the place of today you can do that consciousness of a law. Then the scientist Sahabi he views it from the other side. He said, No, I can eat with a blind man I'll eat more he'll eat less the normal able to have He said, No, no, I can eat with the cripple. The cripple will arrive late by the time half the food will be finished. So they started going and becoming very sensitive and petty and stringent laws. They started going into and this thing started complicating and tarnishing the image of moderation. Allah revealed the verses and Allah said no, no, no, no, no, this is a moderate religion. liaison

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Allah Maharaj

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Raja Raja

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bury the lead the blind and the sighted he led the abl in the cripple in these minor things, Allah has overlooked it let us not bother you and divide you. Then what would happen when they would go out in the path of a lot they would leave the keys with the six Sahaba You know, I'm going out in the battle you can take care of my house. So as a hobby by the name of Horace radi Allahu harinama. He left his his house keys to a Sahabi by the name of Malik bin Zayed Ravi Allahu anhu. And he said, Listen, this house is yours. You know, enjoy whatever you want to eat yours. today. Unfortunately, you know, you have to be cut off the phone line and tension in the house is yours, otherwise you'll

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run a bill you know what will happen? Anyway, he left the keys, he left the keys and he went away when he returned. He found that this man was thin, he was weak. He was lean. He had not used the house. He restricted himself to a corner. He was very particular he was very conscious. And then he asked him why he said no, no, I wasn't conscious. I wasn't aware. I didn't know if you consent. Allah said there is no need to become so finicky, so petty, so stringent, Allah has given you consent and Allah has made it permissible. The man has consented he's given you the keys. Allah has made this possible for you go and use it and enjoy it. So this is the type of this is the type of

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balance and moderation that Islam has encouraged, generally speaking. Now what I want to mention briefly is that unfortunately, we are guilty of the extremism of indulgence incense, but this is not been condemned. Look at the verse of the Quran alone aka hungry while we may see as the world you know, goes on to a party mode. And people literally go into you know, enjoying an indulgent, they come to your old Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and they asked you regarding alcohol and intoxicants. What is what is the opinion Is it lawful? It is forbidden, safe now Maria Lando make dua Allahumma bien, la fille hombre shafia. Allah you want to give us clarity on the matter of

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intoxicants? Is this lawful or forbidden. So the verse was revealed, Allah said Kulfi Hema, if money can be your own woman, enough, people will tell you and I mean, I've heard a lot of programs also that if if you know alcohol is taken in moderation in so much quantity per day, it will strengthen your IQ it will enhance this quality, it will better you on this front. These are the the benefits of it. People will tell you regarding the gambling. I mean, now, we just heard now that now the billing has officially been passed. And unfortunately, tragically, we know that now same * marriages can take place. Yesterday I was listening. It's in the process of debating of online

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gambling. online gambling is now becoming not regulating the online you know, because that is you barely landed in airport and the first thing to meet your site is a casino. So sin is becoming more and more common. So they asked you regarding alcohol and they asked you regarding gambling. They'll tell you that you know how many charitable organizations benefited from the lottery ticket the beauty of Islam confini Mr. Eastman Kabir tell them correct the ease benefit in alcohol and the ease benefit in gambling? What is mahoma kabara mean nothing but tell them the harm far more outweighs the benefits. You tell me how many charitable organizations benefited from the lottery and how many

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people suffered an ordinary man living below the breadline who took his money and bought bread and milk is now buying a time and joining the lottery. The lottery clear you know the skew. I mean, honestly how many times I tell that person and I look at this question, Are you not going to win go away? Really I'm telling you that this is the system that it has become. So Allah says there is benefit but the harms are worse, the harms are worse. Now categorically statistics tell us human logic tells us a man with half a brain will tell you the harms are more but yet the entire world in is this not extremism. Does this extremism. Doesn't this leave the strongest form of contamination?

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Someone asked a very Lima lotta shrubhub Why don't you

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drink alcohol. He said kafer problema yes Rockley How can I drink something that drinks my brains away? How can I consume something that consumes my logic away? Husband pastor he said low can Allah aku use Tara lotta Hall and Nan Sufi family he, if if human logic and human intellect if you could freeze a man's brain and you could sell him and you could market it, people would ask exorbitant amounts for intellectual humans. I mean if hypothetically It was like a chip and you could transfer it what money won't people attach? And what Won't they ask? He said but I am astonished I cannot conceive the the foolishness of man he uses his money to destroy his own logic to destroy his own

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brains for logical mimic yesterday be money he MMA UFC do complete. So Allah revealed the first verse. Allah said that there is benefit but the harms are worse but there was no categoric prohibition against Satan Omar said Allah Ilana, Phil Emery began and Phil humbly began and shafia Allah give us clarity on the matter what happened some Sahaba it was still permissible they had consumed alcohol. It was the time of Muslim Darius elliptica here he came to perform Salah now obviously the mind was not focused when you lead in salah and you are not you know, conscious and you are not sober. You are going to distort the words and they distorted the Quran. So then the

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second verse was revealed the second bringing it closer to prohibitionist. Yeah, Johan La Nina mano la sakurako sanata Anton sakara do this much that Don't come close to Salah when you're intoxicated. Again, there wasn't a clear cut overall total prohibition against Satan Omar said Allahumma

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shafia Allah give us clarity on the matter. Allah then revealed the concluding verse to wrap up the discussion. And Allah said in novel hombro lesson I came across polite I came across graduates first I told you there's some benefits and there's some harm then I told you avoid it when you pray. But now let me say it is it is let me tell you you know first I told you you know what, you had a flu Let me tell you, you got appetite this knocks? Yeah, you have levena Armando la zakharova salata, Allah said enamel hombre 01 unsolvable. Well as Lamu region soul lesson, this is extremism. This is sin of its highest kind, alcohol and gambling and look at the extent that this is becoming common,

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but this is not a problem. This is not being extreme people that are gambling everyday that's not being extreme. People that are drinking in large that squat there is not been extreme in the way you read to shake up avena kumala Dawa. Through this the devil wants to just unite you. He wants to cause evil and corruption amongst your eyes. For her and to monta Hoon, will you abandon alcoholism and drinking of intoxicants immediately Sahaba came out and immediately they had abandoned it.

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When a person loses his sanity when he loses his brains when he loses. I mean, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said it in that Hadith. And that Hadith is so unique. He said Allah to Shaka what the erba they are four signs of a wretched person. There are four signs of an evil person Nishan was Dino Bill Maher via the law he mahfouda to forget your past sins when they were recorded by Allah to forget your sins when they were documented by your law. You've canceled the debt but the manual only two he hasn't cancelled it. You said I don't owe it but he's got it in his records. He's got it in his record. So you losing your census totally number two, Vic roll Hashanah. Voila DeAndre

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to continuously speak about your good when you don't know if it's accepted or rejected. One natural element for COVID dunia to stretch and envious is to someone who owns a better world than you want another element of the woofie deal and to look at someone who is less biased than you that is the science of a wretched man. So really speaking brothers we need to understand the deen Allah has given us it is a model of religion. And again, motivation like every command has to be understood from the life of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam I am not at liberty to exercise my logic introduce in moderation. moderation for me will be you know, perform Salah one day don't perform one day gives

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a cat one year don't give the cat one year. That is my understanding of moderation. And we need to come out of this extremism of indulgence. Undoubtedly Islam says that you've got to eat kulu wash Rabo 1234 Eat Drink but don't be extreme. Don't indulge let this not lead you to sin. I mean you look at the social evils that are related. Allah tala condemned the co founder of MCI conclude with this, Allah condemned the co founder of Mecca of three of the evils. Number one Mr. kabiri. In some event on June, it was common amongst the Arabs. Then when it was a moonlit night, they would sit outside and they would check. There was some it was used for a moonlit night and they would wait for

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that occasion like we would do as you know the festive season Saturday Bri occasion, whatever it is

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Allah tala condemned this wrong. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam had put an end to this year, because sitting in the night entertaining these social discussions, when a person unfortunately gets involved in the crime of drinking or in drugs or other related lead, we see the network around him The Social Network, which at times is equally harmful, if not worse than the crime. So really, this is our stance and this is what the world needs, contamination against extremism in intelligence. And it's time we bring about a degree of moderation, meaning coming on to religion, you know, they say the either the pages of the book when you know, they talk of donkey ears, a donkey pages or

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whatever, when the pages have turned on to one side extremely, then to bring it about balance, you've got to turn it on the other extreme, then only it will level out. Unfortunately, we've gone on to extremism of intelligence, we've need to come on to the balance of Islam, the balance of worshiping Allah subhanho wa Taala, which was the common goal of sending all the prophets What? narrow suta Nabina Muhammad Kitab me Zanelli aku manasu bill, please. We send all the prophets we send divine scriptures and we privileged them with the scale meaning justice so that there is abundance in this life. Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us the true understanding of moderation as is

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desired by Allah that we live up to it and we honor it was through Danone.

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Texas, in Chile, let them

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surpass you know simtech three DS getting the best quality number one loss grill for bottom she's shining too much Cuckoo. Just try Indian pie serious I cannot no problem. If you are getting the complaint we are not going to por la luna just come for the Napa one. I will change it. There is a change I did give me that man. What you talking about? bolano you want to kill the customer? I pass I was just joking. Em, and if you Fernando Marley back is on Nick. No problem. He Oh yeah. We'll give you your money back. If this English for a long long time when you're ready. Cannot crash. Just come and tell my partner. Maybe we're going to help you okay. little frustrated but don't data

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Machado. Remember?

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Napa? 1.0 My goodness, I can't believe you

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know what, all right, take it out from here before I get one I syntek cd productions bringing the sound of Islam to you. Islamic CDs. South Africa's leading Islamic media and audio CD manufacturer

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