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The speaker discusses the practical and pragmatic nature of Islam, including the restriction of drinking alcohol and the pressure to have only one sex. They also address challenges faced by parents in achieving a healthy relationship with their children and the need for a balance in Islam. The speakers suggest individuals should be given a higher level of gender and discuss the cultural and political changes in Islam, including the birth of Islam as a whole and the development of a culture of individuality. They also mention the importance of the holy month and achieving spiritual spirituality.

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Bismillah Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam were banned. The more I recite the Quran and the more I try and unpack the beauty of the Quran it just continues to amaze me and baffled me. And this is the nature of the Quran it is mortgages. As believers we are told that the real world is the latter that is Arthur atellica Durrell,

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Aloha, Lila de nella Yuri Dona Lou when Phil LFSR the home the Abode the place are occupied dar Salam aleikum de mas sobre la ropa de May Allah make us amongst those who will receive these glad tidings that when they will be entered into Jannah. However, the beauty and the practical and pragmatic nature of Islam is that as much as it impresses upon us that this is not the absolute place. It doesn't deny us the basic level of moderate indulgence in this world. We are allowed to eat Of course, we limited to hell are we allowed to drink of course we restricted to the permissible, we are allowed to enjoy, of course with our own spouses and partners and not unlawful

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and illicit relationship. But today, I want to share with you an amazing deduction that I came across in biannual report on again speaking about how practical Islam is. So a backdrop of what I want to share with you to show the balance in Islam, that this is not the actual place, but it doesn't mean you cannot have laughter You cannot have banter, you cannot have humor, you cannot have you know, good quality moments. And the deduction is so amazing. So in the context of a verse that features in the 52nd chapter of the Quran in surah, two

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in the 27th juice of the Quran in which Allah subhanaw taala expounds and elucidates and elaborates on the boundaries of Paradise May Allah make us

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the occupants of Paradise, Armenia balada mean, so Allah says Vikki Hina, Bhima de hombre boom, they will be enjoying the bounties that the Lord has given them. And it would be said to them that eat and enjoy merrily. Now, there's one challenge that people would probably think about is that

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you could be on a higher level, because of virtue in Paradise, and your children could be on a lower level, and any parent would know your joy and happiness is incomplete until you're not paid up with your family. Now, gentlemen, promises to be a place of absolute justice. So how is this going to work? Let's picture a scenario the parent was more noble than the children. So Allah subhanho wa Taala will be fair to him. Now your household will remain when I have my law firm, Manuela has law that there will be no reduction there will be no exploitation. And they will be rewarded in full but will forget good known I've seen my family eat soul will be given in full. So the parents, the

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couple would be on a higher and an advanced level in general, but the children are on a lower level, or it could be vice versa, the children are on a higher level.

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How now gender is a place where you know what, it's the pinnacle of excitement and happiness. But hang on, your children are not with you. How do you enjoy this year, we see many people traveling, you know, they have an X amount of budget, the couple would sit in business class, the children will be in economy, every so often, they'll take a walk down the aisle to just keep tabs on the kids or they find all these, okay? They cannot sit in economy, they prefer that advanced level of comfort, they don't have adequate funds to buy a business class ticket for the children. There's two ways of resolving this crisis. Either drop those on the upper level to the lower level. So tell the parents

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you know what you want to meet your children come down to the lower level of gender and spend time with them and go back. That's one way. That would be like two people, one person has $400 and another person has $600. And you want to balance out the money. So either you going to say to the person who has 600 give him 100. And then both of us have 500 and it's equal, but then there's another way and that is the Shawn of Kareem that is the nature of the kind and the selfless individuals. And Allah subhanho wa Taala is the most Karim, he's educated. He is the most generous, he's the most selfless, so Subhana Allah in this verse in in Surah, two in the 52nd chapter of the

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Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala gives an amazing glad tidings. Well, Lavina Amano, those who bring him on, what about iTunes early in the morning and their children follow them in belief and so on. So that's the

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Pre requisite each child has to die as a believer he or she has to die as a believer. So what does Allah subhanaw taala say? I'll have the Nabi Hilary yetta, whom Allah Deena Amano, whatever items are near to him the man and I'll have to now, we will join the children what their parents on that advanced level of gender. So that is not taking 100 from the person who has 600 to give it but rather giving the one who is 400 200 without reducing the amount of that person, woman a Latina woman Amelie mean a woman, a woman Amelie MinJae we will not reduce their reward in any level. So from this we also deduce that sometimes a person in general would be given a higher level because of

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the nobility of his parents. He might be not being so noble or pious, but surely through the merit and the piety and the nobility of their parents. They will be elevated but the key requisite the prerequisite here is that each member has to die with their own strength of Eman, calamari in democracy but Rahim, this is the kindness and the mercy and the grace of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Then Allah goes on to discuss and describe Jana and Allah says the family will be sitting together and they will be extended friends and it would be happy and it would be merrymaking and it would be pleasure when a comfy hum attached he and fulsol gum, it is whatever you desire and part of this

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euphoric excitement in jubilation and ecstasy and enjoyment and indulgence and interaction and lightheartedness and humor. Allah describes in this verse of surah, to iatan as our own Effie.

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Yet another owner fee hike a loved one fee while at the theme, that while they will be drinking the wine of Paradise, let you sit down and have a phone, it will not give them a headache, they will not blurt any nonsense, hungry, letting the Sherry be it will be pure and palatable for those that drink it yet another own, they will snatch the goblet from each other. So it's just part of the Spirit. You play in you have in a light moment you, you you, you know you cheer for with each other. And then I snatch your goblet, you snatch my utensil, I take your glass, you take minds and I sip from here and use up from there. This is the kind of flavor of happiness it's just a day of excitement, a

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life of excitement unending.

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So under this in biannual Quran, it is written and this is what just fascinated me and that's the beauty of the Quran. Then Allah Allah anahola you the mu L MOBA Seta one moment Zaha bhaineann Julissa, as well as hub be shunted to her rose another will Callum Subhana Allah La can IBC Nell Kelly hanaa levena your owner has enough as of the World War car my word, this description of the occupants of Paradise merrymaking and snatching the vessel from each other leases a gentle hint that it is within accepted levels, that in social get togethers, if colleagues with each other are cheerful, and they are having some laughter and one takes the vessel from the other. It is not

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something that is that needs to be condemned provided. Now look at the qualifying statement because the Quran says yet Anna's Aruna v ha Casa La la la la one. So it's not a club in a pub, where you drunk and you're not sober and then you vulgar and you obscene and you abusive and you're insulting, and you molesting and you are, you know, attacking? No, no. I wouldn't feel her. It would be pure fun. It will be innocent fun. There will be no blurting of nonsense, no obscene talk, no vulgar, no sin. So in a social get together to have some, you know, light hearted moments like this provided beshara Rose, provided you stay clean and clear and you steer away from any obscene or vulgar

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language is totally acceptable. And that hint can be understood and it's implied from this verse of the Quran. Wow. Look at the beauty of our Deen. You know, one is to say your ultimate place is Arthur. So in this world, you've got nothing to enjoy. It's just total focus, rigid worship and structure yourself nothing. No, that's not that's that's not what Islam is. As much as the focus is on the letter within reason. It allows us meaningful moments in this world. And then democracy rights law can be seen al Qaeda

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Hainan levena Girona enough is over they will work hard, contrary to how many people who project themselves as pious would frown and object and this No, no, this is not correct. When you sit in, you know what this formal behavior and you must comply with a code of conduct, of course, different strokes for different folks, different occasions, different situations, but it's a chilled environment, you had to get together and people are talking, and you take in a little stuff from there and you you know, making a little comment, it's humorous, it's meaningful. So although the real place will be in general, but it releases a hint of permissibility. And it also releases a hint

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that Joe was the sort of female in labor in that corner and who be

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darwaza, several female higher, it releases the permissibility of accessing the property of someone else, the right of someone else, when you know that he or she will not take offense. We're in Zahava here, even if apparently they say no, no, no, it's my glass. But you know, that's just ingest that's just in human not I don't drink my, my drink, don't eat my chocolate, but you know, he wants you to eat it, and he wants you to enjoy. So we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make that a reality that inshallah we could be united with our family in general. And we enjoy that absolute unending permanent joy in that era in sha Allah, and imagine the privilege of being blessed with the

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countenance of Allah subhanho wa Taala. But at the same time, it also gives us some meaningful moments in this world. That's the beauty of Islam. Allah has given it to us here and they enjoy