Hamza Yusuf – In The Midst Of The Dajjal

Hamza Yusuf
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has yet another nazwa and dpdt

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that the end of time will not come.

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The pastor Christ would not come until people forget about him, meaning the oma, people forget about the fitness of the judge and the province on the line instead of accent and the human who stopped making mention of the job on the manager. And the jaw would come out at that time.

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And before I proceed, I want to just make one thing.

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I do not believe my understanding of Islam is that we are not a

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messianic teaching. In other words, the Muslims are not people who wait for somebody to come to solve their problem to fix

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their situation. So people that are supposed to do this and

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then they ask for

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it, but at the same time we recognize that this teaching has given us knew about what is to come. And it's important because the fruits of his policy, the fruits of his sincerity, but they're also given to us in order for us to be aware and to be concerned about these matters.

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Relating to food. And it really has what's called

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its first thing it does not

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raise it

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doesn't say

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it directly but the because there are unseen matters. It has what's called Pokemon before so is the same as if performance

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is reporting to a set of the lower

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the innovator

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Barnaby Habibi,

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asked me before you lose me, because between these two shoulders is great knowledge from what the former senator has given me.

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And so this man

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stood up and he said,

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meaning when does the job come out? And this is important, because he asked them to ask him about not as important. And this was the question that they asked. In other words, this indicates the concern of these people about showing you the most evil of all tribulations that is waited for. And so he said,

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sit down.

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Sit down, he told him and then he said that it has signs and he does things that we can't even mention, it has unmentionable aspects to this matter was Yeah, yes. No Ba ba ba ba and things follow one after another.

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Like the sandals fall of the SAML

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even in one year.

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So if you desire I'll tell you about the size of the proceed this matter. For

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me, this is what I'm asking about. Meaning and then he said either

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when people put the prayer to they kill off

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Either either American national scholar when people cheer off the prayer, now one of the things is about the harm of prayer because the farmer is in domestic. If you travel in the Muslim world, in many places, in the Muslim world, I lived in a place

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and was live in the machine next to the message in this machine, and it was surrounded by apartment buildings surrounded with literally 1000s of people in the vicinity. At father, there were maybe less than there is a Catherine street at further

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and surrounded by 1000s of Muslims living either America natural spot, America, and there's no more America, people are no longer trustworthy in their actions.

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And they think that lying is permissible.

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And people begin to eat usery to devour usury.

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And then there's bribery everywhere, was taken to Vienna and the buildings begin to be

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built, they begin to build these towering buildings.

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And people follow their passions with dunya. And people saw their game for beauty.

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And people consider shedding blood a might matter. People don't care about shedding blood anymore what it means, well, Canada

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and the person forgive people is gentle with people is considered weakness, which

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is something that people become proud of what Omar

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and the rulers are the worst people.

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And there are people around them, their trust, their people of trust, and their ministers are all treacherous and betrayed them.

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And the educated people that some say this means

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the mighty says for

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us, that is the time of the problem. For the people that knew how to read and write the literate people walk around. And the literate people become the

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wretched people.

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And oppression manifests everywhere.

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And divorce becomes pregnant.

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And this was something that was a rare thing. And the Muslim oma was not a big thing. And even in the world more so in the Christian world than the Muslim world. Because a lot has meant a lot for the Muslims. It used to be in the Christian world, you couldn't divorce a woman you were and a woman cannot divorce the man that they were stuck with each other until they die. I mean, that was the Catholic teaching that there was no divorce. So even in amongst the Christians now divorce is over 50% in United States. And if you just look at statistics, this was not the case. A short while ago, one one more than food Yeah, and sudden death. This is another thing this is a disease of our age

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that people die from heart attack. Suddenly, people did not die like that. People generally it was rare for somebody simply just to drop dead. People used to literally they get sick, and then they would there would be a time that people would come to the house and things like that. If you look at in the Hadith of the Prophet, you'll see people didn't die suddenly, except in battle or from an accident like falling off of a horse. Generally they got sick with a fever or with something in the stomach and they have time for Toba things like that now literally somebody just dropped dead right in front of you and people who've seen this I've seen it or they get a stroke and literally drop

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right in front of you Multan food, yeah, and some say also it means the minds and things like that sudden death from from those types a bombing.

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And then the most has become automated, which is part of the modern printing now that people can all these beautiful assignments that come from these different places, was those repetitive massages. And the massages are a beautiful what we like to do and the members are made high, well, fully better. And the hearts become barren and bereft.

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And people's transactions are just people break them. They make contracts and they break them without caring was stirring it up in my eyes, acid and musical instruments are used all over the place.

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This is another thing. Music used to be something that people that the musicians would come to town maybe every once in a while, like in the West Africa still, that there's no they don't have in the Sahara. They don't have radios and things like that. Music is rarely heard, but now it's heard everywhere in this country. A average American child by the time they

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Beat 18 has listened to more rock music than they've spent in the classroom.

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You see, I mean, this is the state everywhere music people go into the supermarket music they get in their car music everywhere is music.

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Well, surely better food and wine is

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not surely. But

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now you have all these different variations. You can go to the supermarket and hundreds of different types of wine or drinking, you can cherry wine or Apple wine, or this wine or that wine, or

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wine coolers, and just on and on and on.

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And Xena becomes permanent, means it's open.

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Open is no longer a hidden thing. And in every culture on the earth, with the exception of rare times in human history, like the Roman cultures were secular, no religious, Xena was, is anathema. People were sickened by, you know, high end, and wretched, treacherous people are trusted. Well, who we have any and the good people are considered treacherous was trying to cut them off.

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And the woman you help the husband in earning money

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the woman will share the husband's earning

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as our covetousness for doing it, they want it so bad, what they call dual income family.

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You see, I mean, when you didn't do this, when you didn't go out, they raised their children, they took care of their responsibilities within their limited field. But now a woman goes out and helps her

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out. She wants to have her own credit card to go to the thing or do and get her car and all that good. Yeah. And the husband he likes it he wants him to go out and work because he likes the the dounia as well. This is a Subala I mean, it was rare in the in the Muslim ummah. And he said 50 yards because women used to help.

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Women in many cases did as much work on the farm as the husband did.

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And more given the children at a job helping him in the job.

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And though the women

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would ride in seats,

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would ride in the seat, the women used to ride in the hope that they will cover they didn't actually write in the seats. And some of them say that this is also an indication of the layout

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of the cars and things like this was around America. And people bring each other only because they know that they don't greet each other because Muslims

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now in the Muslim world, people they don't say Salaam Alaikum unless they know the person they just walked by and don't greet people.

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Or they go in they don't they just say Messiah.

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This is a word that Allah gave us.

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And then he said whether we should do that.

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And people will wear sheep's clothing over the hearts of wolves. They come like they're nice, they love you all of these things and they are parts of wool.

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Their hearts are more bitter than patients which is an error profitable way of saying that this the most bitter type of heart.

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And they're more found than a carcass.

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So safety, safety, what what Ha, ha ha

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an Angela, Angela, Maria, these are signs Hermia before this all the tribulation comes, get moving will get

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and be serious about your life. Be serious about your life. Nevertheless, can Yama mark this, we're a good place to reside during those days is made out of

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paper mock this because this is where the gel is defeated in beta mock this. And so those people who are there in beta mock this one that the gel manifest. These are the people that Obama they get the reward of being with visa. And there's a tradition also that says 100 of this he said

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he did not come into people start saying there's no magic which is happening now. Now what I wanted to look at here is this is something written in 1962 by an American

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historian and sociologists are critical of American system.

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Egyptian theology the most singular organ of the Sun God raised with the eye. This is the eye that you see on the back of the dollar bill. This is the eye the difference on God right?

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For the eye of Ray had an independent existence and played a creative and directed part in all cosmic and human activities. The computer turns out to be the eye of the V instead of Sunda that is the eye of the mega machine serving as its private eye or detective. And we know the prophets a lifetime said with the doubt is something called an assassin. That just satisfied data which gets the news of all over the world. For the job without moving anywhere, he gets all the news and tells that the job and informed that the job what is happening all over the world. And he's called a disaster, as well as the omnipresent executive who exerts absolute conformity to his commands

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because no secret can be hidden from him. The principal means needed to operate the mega machine correctly and efficiently with a concentration of power, political and economic instantaneous communication, rapid transportation, and a system of information store is capable of keeping track of every event within the province of the Divine King, the Pharaoh said I own but here here's what he says. These accessories were not available. In pre scientific ages, transportation was slow communication over a distance remained erratic, confined to written messages carried by human messengers, a corporate tax records and books all of this was sporadic and subject to fire and

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military assault with each successive King essential parts would require restriction or replacement reconstruction. Only in heaven could there exist the all knowing, all seeing all powerful, omnipresent, who truly commands the system with nuclear energy, electric communication, and the computer all the necessary components of a modernized mega machine at last become available, Heaven has been brought near, theoretically, because he taught me in 62, when computer was still in the infancy stage, theoretically, at the present moment, and actually soon in the future God, that is the computer will be able to find locate and address instantly by voice and image via the

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priesthood. any individual on the planet, exercising control over every detail of the subject like commanding a dosia, which will include his parents, his birth, complete educational records, account of illnesses, mental breakdowns, his marriage, his sperm bank account, his income loans, security, payments, taxes, pension, and finally the disposition of such further organs, as may be surgically extracted from them, just prior to the moment of his official death. In the end, no action, no conversation, and possibly in time, no dream or thought would escape the wakeful and relentless, I have this deity, every manifestation of life would be processed into the computer and brought under

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it's all pervading system of control. This would mean not just the invasion of privacy, but the total destruction of autonomy, indeed, the disillusion of the human soul itself. Now, I am not saying that the computer that doubt, but the computer manifestation of the computer in our day and age is something unbelievable. And the province all the ladies that I've said that in the end of time, he said,

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the province said that towards the end of time, you would see great things, unbelievable things, and heavy wire nightowl hung up if you didn't see them before. And he said, and their schatten would become very overwhelming, you would be overwhelmed by the unphysical.

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Physical and then

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until you start asking one another, did our Prophet make mention of these things?

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And he said, and from the signs, what,

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in those days,

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the mountains would be moved in those days.

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And the Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran,

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that, that they will not do

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what he can and that

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they plot their plots is too far. And Allah knows what they're plotting. And even if their plot moves them up itself, a lot of nodes.

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And this is an age of literally, they have moved mountains. I mean, quite literally, with their machines. Now one of the things that focus on life and I'm sad about that the job is he said that the job would,

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he said

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he said he would ride a donkey

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And he said Man, this is a Muslim. He said it was an add on

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what was between the two ears is 42 bits

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of this donkey and in the hands of a man bola

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a new from iron

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and he would ride this donkey and he said for a young

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woman and he would enter into every place of human habitation in Mecca will Medina. These are the only two places that they cannot enter in the mecca will Medina Allah wa ha melodica

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on the case of Mecca, Medina or angels that protected from the job and the prophets then said they have

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much to

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already captured finding an old lady pattern. Funny, oh, Catherine already canceled, that they would read and see Kufa written between the two eyes of this the job. And it would be written in an alphabet.

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an alphabet it would be written in an alphabet that says Casio unbeliever. And they would be able to read it every moment, whether literate or illiterate, whether they can read or they can't read. Now one of the phenomenon of this age is what's known as the semiotics. In other words, in order to facilitate the people who can't read, things are literally written in semiotic alphabet, not in by pictures. So for instance, you see shell station, they don't write shell anymore, people notice that they don't write shell, they just have a shell, and everybody knows that chef. So you don't have to know how to reach out to know that it's the shell station. This is one of the phenomenon of our age,

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is that people can literally read things through semiotics without having to have this knowledge.

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And then in the other tradition, he says,

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children will become full of rage when mothers will favor. And then this the rain would be burning, it would be burning

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means to burn, what the feel good.

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And evil people would be prevalent everywhere, woman, it again, children would begin to own, they would become medical. So again, that they would have dominion children.

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And this is part of the system is to empower children over their parents. In other words, they give children rights, that they can literally take their parents to court, Sue their parents become divorced from their parents, they can do this in the jail system.

00:23:16 --> 00:23:34

I mean, this is happening right now in this country. And they want this to be all over the world. They want these rules to be implemented this system, they want it to be implemented all over the world, what they call the rights of the child. And we recognize that children have rights and shutdown. But we also recognize the limitations of those rights.

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and the conspiracy of the women, this is also a sign of industry Mahanama, this is a Barney over 1400 years ago, that there would be a conspiracy of women all over the world. And part of this conspiracy is literally to completely undermine the family system as it as it exists in every single religious culture. They want to completely undermine the authority of the Father, that the father should have authority in the household. No.

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And this is happening in our time. So this is all preparation for the final covering of this mistake,

00:24:15 --> 00:24:21

the imposter crisis. So the system is literally being formulated and if you don't think they do or like the

00:24:23 --> 00:24:45

national industry, until people are in complete heedlessness about, about what he is the Prophet clearly clarified, that the job is literally the antagonist, the pastor of Christ, he's the opposite of good. Now if you look at what that means, you see, the job means an imposter, somebody pretending to be something they're not. If you look at the

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tradition, unlike the the hamedan way,

00:24:52 --> 00:24:59

the province where there is a way in which the dunya is recognized and fulfill you know

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Our team is a team in which was made halau for us, the booty from jihad, these types of things, Prophet did not completely shun the dunya. He just wanted us to take over. He says, Why is literally a complete negation of doing if you studied the Hadith dealing with Lisa, he was an absolute Zeid. He was an absolute Zion, and it's in the only time when he comes and follows.

00:25:30 --> 00:26:13

Does he get married? And does he fulfill the world? Yeah, because he was dealing with a people that had entered into complete materialism. And so he has looked at a law. He's the spirit of a law was owned by a law, but the rule is the opposite of met that spirit is the opposite of material matter. And this is the nature of literally pure spirit. So he's teaching with pure spiritual, so that the teaching will be pure materialism. In other words, he will teach people that your salvation is through the dunya. He will tell people that if you acquire that, then you'll be saved, you'll be you'll feel good about yourself. So has he had success? do all these things in the gym and find the

00:26:13 --> 00:26:19

deal? And then when people feel guilty, which is human nature to feel remorse about bad thing, they go to the

00:26:20 --> 00:26:45

priests, like the psychiatrists and the social worker? They say, No, no, it's alright. It's okay to be homosexual. This is a lifestyle choice. Because teenagers feel great sickness, these people that enter into these disease relationship, and they feel guilt, many of them commit suicide. What did the delic system tell them? They say, No, this is socialization. This is this evil, Judeo Christian culture that is telling you these things are bad.

00:26:46 --> 00:27:24

Natural impulse is a natural choice. If the man drinking alcohol because of a weakness in his moral character, if he goes and he tells you know, alcohol is a disease, it's a disease, you have a disease, you can't help yourself. This is what they tell them. They go to the psychiatrist because it No, no, you're okay, I'm okay. You're okay, let's build your self esteem, feel good about yourself. It doesn't matter what you do accept yourself, you have to learn to forgive yourself. This is the type of thing that they preach in this system. They want to eliminate the whole sense that a human being has human responsibility,

00:27:25 --> 00:27:37

creation of a law, you have to own up to those responsibilities, or he has to make me fall short. And you have to feel remorse, because there is a condition or Toba if you both feel remorse you have.

00:27:40 --> 00:27:58

So this whole idea of getting out reward and protecting it from your system is that is it an imposter tradition, it has nothing to do with spiritual teaching. But this is what the Dow and the Dow system wants to tell people. The other thing, he said he would have mountains of wheat in hopes

00:27:59 --> 00:28:00


00:28:01 --> 00:28:23

he would have mountains of wheat and people are suffering except those who follow them. Now, if you look at the demarcation of the world today, those people in this disease system, they eat from the top but those who don't follow the system, they're not they're suffering, they have poverty, they have hunger, they have all these things. And so what is the share theme?

00:28:26 --> 00:28:36

There will be sent with the girl shouting, like speak to the people and they say, Okay, so we have this, your lower this your God,

00:28:37 --> 00:29:15

the Isn't he providing for you? You see, they want to take people's dependence away from Allah subhanho wa Taala and make them depend on the week that they provide. You see the mountains of wheat you can do what we say you enter into the five year plan that the IMF and the World Bank will give you me will help you get out of your suffering. They don't want people to be independent of them and dependent on Allah subhanho wa Taala. They want to create a dependency which is the nature of love. And this is the relationship between a man and his Lord is the relationship of a dependent on an independent allies.

00:29:17 --> 00:29:40

Allies independent of his creation, and we are dependent on him. But what the system which is performing itself for this final Manifestation of Evil in the Dow is to make people completely dependent on it and free from Allah. This is what they want to do. So you have health insurance, you don't worry about things. You don't worry, you have health insurance. We'll take care of you the ambulance will give you a call 911

00:29:42 --> 00:29:42

You see?

00:29:51 --> 00:29:59

What do you do call 911 this is what they want you to think that they'll always be there to help you and it's alive. It's alive. The system is alive.

00:30:00 --> 00:30:05

He's online cheat people out of their divine right to be safe,

00:30:07 --> 00:30:18

wants to make them slaves of the system itself and put people into a state of poverty and subjugation and humiliation. But the Prophet said booty button

00:30:22 --> 00:30:31

was that humiliation and subjugation would be written upon people who go against my command, my command.

00:30:32 --> 00:30:46

So we should think about this, we should think about all these, the seriousness of the map, and not be asleep. Because if we go to sleep, that this is when the gel takes off, when people go to sleep,

00:30:47 --> 00:30:59

and if they don't remember, they don't they lose awareness. So we must be really vigilant about this. And I mentioned in all of this, because I don't want to be from the people on remember.

00:31:02 --> 00:31:08

But I will say the province of Iceland said, if the end of time comes upon you, and you're planting a seed for Sierra

00:31:09 --> 00:31:27

will be ethical for Sierra for Russia. If the time comes upon you, and you're planting a seed finish fighting it get on with life. And our duty is to be people have to be people planting the seed of Islam wherever we go to be people that are worshipping our life, these are the seeds that we should be planting to harvest in the next world.

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00:31:49 --> 00:31:50

will make a lot of

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plays except for the learners one to one teaching, the one studying and those helping them to do that. So that there are people educated Muslims amongst us not doing your learning. This is talking about learning about D. And we have that educated Muslims amongst us to educate us and raise our standards up and our level of the oma has never, ever historically ever achieved Renaissance, except that you will see that there was a movement that was there to elevate the learning of the owner of the Prophet Mohammed and to elevate the remembrance of Allah Subhana Allah you can study all of the movements of Islam in this room or from the beginning of the show today. And those that were

00:32:35 --> 00:32:48

successful were based on re educating the people to what Islam is being examples of practicing that Deen until it spreads out they get a critical mass and then Islam becomes Paramount once again it will return and the

00:32:49 --> 00:32:51

promise is true allama

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Allah Allah,

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00:33:11 --> 00:33:13

Allah, Allah, Allah Allah

00:33:18 --> 00:33:21

Allah Maha mo Tana along Rotana along with

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00:33:39 --> 00:33:39

a long way.

00:33:57 --> 00:34:05

So can you make the ranking together put the shoulders together and become between the knights and the horse become dispersed

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around us.

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Nice to meet see.

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On me

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a law like

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a law firm.

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have enough

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a lot

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Look at

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the subject

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love with the man hamidah

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a lot

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a series of lectures tomorrow in this center between 10am and 4pm. There's going to be discussions about family and Islamic activism. That's for sisters only. The program will include lunch bizarre

00:38:15 --> 00:38:21

lecture at eight o'clock, the subject will be a reality. Again this

00:38:26 --> 00:38:33

is only a one day conference on Saturday November 4. In San Jose many farmers scholars are coming like brothers

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and sisters to be there. Please rescue outside

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your house we had yesterday. The sister passed away and we need more money to bear here. So please read your checks to MCA your committee

00:38:52 --> 00:39:15

and we want the operating expenses. We have shortage of reg expenses please there are buses outside collecting money for that reason. Please donate generously, and welcome the other on why not your copy of the newsletter information about the next week's activities and for the future inshallah get any flyers proposal dispute.

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will be squirrels at 630 tonight eight o'clock.

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Please pray for

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