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Bismillah salatu salam ala rasulillah salam wa alayhi wa sallam were bad. in different places of the Quran, Allah highlights the evil traits, qualities and attributes of the Mona 15. And it is quite scary to know that many times when we do an audit of ourselves, we actually embodies some of the traits of the minority. May Allah protect us from the fog, hypocrisy and disbelief. I mean, you're a blonde I mean, Allah says in the 10th Jews in Surah, Toba alumina Filippo Nova Mona Vito Babu Alia above that the Mona 15 male and female they are mutual Gaga guardians and helpers to each other. Yeah morona bill mon Gary and Daniel maroof. They advocate vice and they prohibit from virtue, you

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have to be Luna a demon and they withhold and their minds and they hold yet in the Jews in Surah Nisa, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about one of the evil traits of the minority in that they are jealous when they see victory come to the Muslims in an expedition in which they did not participate. Then instead of rejoicing on the accomplishment of others, they lament their non participation, and they lament their own deprivation. So they don't have the courage they don't have the courage to see the good of others. But today we speak about an evil trait of the Mona 15, which unfortunately has become very, very common live and prevalent in modern day society and more so in

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the current context that has gripped the world. And that is the evil trait of circulating rumors just to create panic, stress and anxiety. One more Rudy foon and Phil Medina. elemental Mona. Mona la Vina ficolo be him more Robin wasn't more Raji. foon effin Medina if the Mona 15 will not desist, and those in whose hearts the spiritual malady and those who spread rumors in Medina so this was one of the evil nasty traits of the hippo carrots that in the fourth chapter of the Quran, verse 83, Allah elaborates and expounds on it in much more detail. What is

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a moron? mainul amny I will hope what is a moron and if there was any new development, Emerald Emerald jado there was some new development, meaning m&e a min Mooji. Bottle Emily Erwin hovi Mooji battle Whoa. So if there was some new development happening, and be read the news of something good or something scary, of piece of difficulty. So in the context of the ayah, it was regarding victory of the Muslims or an apparent setback of the Muslims. So the nature of the Mona 15 were verbatim translation what either when john m Rahman Al m&e, they received any news or information regarding peace or fear, either obey, they would spread it, they would broadcast it, they will announce it.

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Now at that time the Quran speaks about this evil trade today we have technology and at the press of one button how often people carelessly release information which is not correct. Furthermore, the Quran expounds on the the evil of this. So one of the fool's harms of this evil quality of circulating a rumor was that often it was not accurate. You received information in fact, my Muslim Rahim Allah Muslim Rahim Allah, in under this is speaks about the tail, when the news leads say dinar, Amara de olana that the messenger sallallahu Sallam divorced his consoles, and the Sahaba had converged and it was a sad and a somber atmosphere that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam had divorced

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his consorts and honorable spouses. So remember the olana when he heard this, he said, Wait, let's investigate this. So he came to the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and he went and he said, only overland news is out that you will have divorced your spouse's. And he said eliassen refuted it he refuted it, which obviously brought happiness and joy that he sallallahu wasallam had not divorced his spouse's say not Roman immediately came back to the group of Sahaba and he said this is untrue. This is inaccurate. This is a rumor. You know what nip it in the bud and put an end to it. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam has not divorced his spouses. Today Unfortunately, the world is gripped

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in panic there is so much phobia, panic, anxiety and easiness

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It's just like forwarding this info forward in this article so many more people have been, you know what infected with the virus and so many more people have tested positive of the virus and you just create this alarm, you create this panic. So the first thing the Quran condemning this evil trade as our Ruby as our Ruby just quick to, to release it to publicize it to broadcast it.

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And many times people will just receive forward and in the end, they'll say please, BC, please broadcast, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Kapha Bill Maher, aka Ben, you had disobey Colima, semirara, it is sufficient to render a person a liar. If he merely or she merely broadcasts everything he heard or she heard, just whatever's coming, my inbox just broadcasted, you are guilty as the person who has also fabricated and invented this life. So other will be it was wrong for you to broadcast it because many times it was inaccurate. Secondly, even if it was correct, and that's the beauty of Islam, and we could the teachings and this was one of their major offenses in terms of

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endearment as I mentioned in the Quran, in terms of regulating and the social activities, that it was very irresponsible, very naive and uncalled for that you merely forward anything and everything will override Oh wow. Just look at the universal nature of the Quran. What are our dough ala rasulillah Allah only m remin. Home la Lima one leadin is tambien una hoomin. home. And Allah says if only they were to refer this news to the messenger sallallahu wasallam are in our only emri a, or to the people of authority O'Neill basura. behind the hill, those who had foresight and insight and wisdom, and were familiar and acquainted with these matters, learn Isley mahieu levena Yes, stumble

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Punahou minimum, then those who would investigate it, they would have known the depth of the matter. So is involved is a very common terminology that Judas used. But if you look at it linguistically, now Bhutan actually refers to water and Eastern Bharath refers to Raja nabta mineral bail, to take out water from the well. In other words, those who had the vision and the foresight to analyze the matter to understand the ins and the outs, they would then take it first and then advise people is this in the best interest to come up to be communicated or not. So in a way to irresponsibly broadcast is a trait of the Manasa T, simply because it could be inaccurate, and even if it's

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accurate, it's not always in the best interest to inform the public. It's not always in the best interest to inform the public on the occasion of Azov, right Allah speaks about it. There's a dedicated chapter in the Quran and marveled at the strategy of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam.

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Today, our technology, we are a nation blessed and cursed by our innovation. Wow, that one was the most brilliant articles I read a nation blessed and cursed our innovation has advanced our cause. And at the same time, it has caused us so much misery, that we fall with news which is not verified, which is not established. So in the campaign of the Amazon, which is the plural of the word husband, the groups and the armies that have gathered and converge, and they had come from Mecca, to attack the Muslims and the messengers Alliance and consulted with the Sahaba. And salamander, the olana said, Let's dig trenches. And this long white trench was dug, right, which was three and a half mile

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long, three and a half mile long. And remember, Sahaba didn't have all the technology that we have at their disposal, and they worked relentlessly indefatigably obliging and complying to the sentiments of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, and this trench was dug. And just before they came, and there was a crossfire, news leaked out, news leaked out that the balloon karela, who are residing in Medina, has also joined hands with the other groups and armies, and they have committed a breach in the trust. So there was a diplomatic understanding between the new curator and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Now this created enormous panic in the ranks of Sahaba because the

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three and a half minute trench that was dug was to grant them protection against an outside invasion. And they didn't have any measures to safeguard themselves against internal invasion simply because there was no threat. But in the 11th hour in the crucial time news had come out

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The backdrop of that was that her Yeah, even after he had come from Makkah, and he spoke to camp and I said, who was the leader of the binuclear eva and carbon asset initially dismissed it and said no back off. We have diplomatic ties, but then he influenced and ultimately he succumbed and he buckled under pressure. Now, this was creating panic amongst the Muslims. The point I said, even if the news is correct, it's not almost always in the interest of people to be informed about it. It's not always in the interest. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam sent sad bin Moran and Sabina Arvada, the alarm to the leaders of the O's and tribe respectively. And he said, you go to the blue gray bar and

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engage with garbin acid, and, you know, verify this information. Wow, look at these words of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. I'm just paraphrasing here, if there is truth to this, that they have defaulted, and they have committed a breach and they are joining the other groups against us, then come back and communicate the message in a vague manner, in a vague manner, leaves you create panic and you get the alarm bells activated. And if you realize it's untrue, and it's a rumor, and there's no truth to it, then you can loudly come in and say no owner be overloaded. This is a lie. It's a myth. It's incorrect. It's untrue, and they have not defaulted and our agreement stays in place. So

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the strategy of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam was that if they have defaulted, keep it vague so that you don't increase the panic and the anxiety. But if the news is good, then let it openly come and quell the uneasiness in the atmosphere. And that way, it will give added strength and courage to the companions. The reality is that unfortunately, the burner arriva had defaulted. So when South Bend morehart, and Southern Nevada law, no return, they communicated it very vaguely to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he internally realized that this had happened, but the general companions were unaware because the message was implicit and not explicit. So in essence, my message

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is verify before you amplify, verify before you amplify, may Allah make us amongst those who imbibe the qualities of the believers, and may He protect us from the evil traits of the minority. I mean, you're behind me.