Heart surgeon dies through heart attack!

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My brother my sister, you don't like darkness? I don't like loneliness. You don't like isolation? I don't like seclusion but the brutal truth is we rest in our graves alone in koloman fists summer whitey well are in Tierra de la casa

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de you will appear before Allah alone 10s of 1000s of mourners can attend your grave. Nobody takes the courage to hop in with you. You go yourself. I entered the grave myself coloman yo Carlo fee Mata Fulani Amata Fudan one while I put them in Yo man yo Carlos de matar Omar, everyday you heard he died he died they died. A day will come you will your amarapura hottub has died in therapy by Patrick B with the VA II law yesterday or defer

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malita BB mo to be in the political arena you Bri Misra who FEMA maba Hola, como de de da, de da da da da, da da da Tara. Oh, what did Shafi say? What's the matter in Tavi ba ba, ba, ba he, the doctor with his expertise and his skills, he cannot prolong the life of one patient. Molly, Toby moved to be De La Via today. Can you bring mithila who FEMA Mother, what happened to the doctor who founded the transplant of hearts dies with a heart attack.

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The man who came about with with innovating and finding this research mallet to be removed mood to be in katakana you Bri mithila houfy ma ma ma what has happened to the doctor he succumbs to the melody from which he gave deliverance to hundreds halakha muda we went to Moscow when levy Jalla de la our Bahu woman is Tara The doctor has fallen the patient has collapsed the manufacturer of the medication has equally succumbed to the illness.