Ending or mending a marriage!

Sulaiman Moola


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So Allah says lattre de la Allah, Allah, Allah, your death about the valleca umbra. If you compelled and you have to give a divorce, then let it be one and let it be revocable. I do a lot of marriage counseling. And I always say to the couples

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don't end till you have not exhausted every measure to mend, because by mending, hopefully you don't need to end. But by ending you forfeit in the options of mending

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so make sure you've exhausted all the options of mending before you end. And if you've exhausted it and you still need to end you can do it at a later stage. But by ending you lose the right to mend. Allah says letter three you don't know love Allah, Allah your desire Lika umbra, perhaps something positive will develop, meaning the hearts will connect again. And you could reconcile