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This episode talks about verse no.95 of Surah Maeedah, sixth juzz, which gives a solution to those on Hajj and in Ihraam for killing an animal. A story with golden advice given by Umar Ibn Khattab RA to Khabeesa Ibn Jaabir, a youngster whose friend killed an animal on their way to hajj.

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Salam Alaikum Welcome to Liberia cattle dear brothers and sisters Welcome back to our series people have put an end, where every night I share with you a story about how one of our pious predecessors interacted with the plan. So today inshallah Tada, we're going to go through a story that involves an eye also sort of neither, but later on and sort of getting into the seventh juice. And it's narrated by a young man by the name of kabisa, his new job, so kabisa new job, he's a temporary. He's from the second generation. He says that a group of us young men, we went out one year as her judge. So we went out to do hedge, we were in a harem. And on our way to hedge, you know, every

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night we'd sort of take our camels around, we'd you know, we'd walk and we talk. So you know, you can just imagine a group of young men that are just hanging out there in a home, they're on their way to heads and they just take their camels and they walk around, and they're talking. He says, One day, a deer appeared in front of us. And so one of our companions, one of our friends took a rock and he threw it at the deer. And he hit him right in the head, and he actually killed the deer. So he says, that alumna alley, you know, which really means we went off on like, all of us went off on him and told him, you know, what are you doing, you're in harm. You just killed the deer for no

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reason. You know, what are we going to do? And he said, we thought of what to do, he said, then we remembered, verse 95, the I and sort of not either, where Allah subhanho wa Taala says, particularly about a person who kills an animal in a home that they should sacrifice an animal similar to it, and a lost parents, I says, Yeah, can what we eat, though, are the income that they should seek out to just people amongst them to make that judgment to basically judge how that you know that sacrifice is going to be carried out, what type of animals should be sacrificed, and so on, so forth. So he said, you know, we, we decided to take our friend to Ahmed, we know how powerful the longtime Han

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who was the halifa at the time. So we went to Mecca, and we made our way to the tent of Pablo de la on home. And when we got to him, this is a very beautiful part of the story. Actually, it's sort of a side note, he said that we found him sitting next to a man whose face was like cold Wolfeboro, which means whose face was like shining silver. And that was after that not have been around for a long time. So he said, we found him sitting without the duck, not under the law. So it's perfect. We can we have to just witnesses right in front of us. So, you know, we told our friend to speak and he spoke, and he told him to help Bob and I don't know what happened. And under the law and who after

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you know him and I'm going to talk for a little bit he came back and he says, Did you do this on purpose? Or did you do this by accident? Was it intentional? Or not? And the young man says, Lakota I met two romea who were not allowed to kotla he said, Look, you know, I intentionally threw the rock at the deer but I didn't intend to kill it. I'm gonna topple the law and who said well, you know, that was irresponsible. So, you know, you had to have known that there was a possibility if you're throwing a rock that hard right at the face that there is a possibility of killing that deer. So Amaro the Lord Tyler and who says, you know that that would I think you should do is you should

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go and you should sacrifice a sheep. You know, it's the same size, if you will. So go sacrifice a sheep and give it to charity and the sheep is the least of the animals to sacrifice when you when there's an offense and how long so, you know, Elisa continues, and he said that we we went on in my friend, taking the judgment of Amato the law into animal and as we're walking, I said to him out of them sha Allah, this is the overzealous youth now. He says, you know, out of them sha Allah means don't take this lightly. Meaning I think Ahmad was a little easy on you. He says instead of sacrificing your sheep, you should sacrifice the camel that you wrote here. So the young man says

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Really? Are you sure? He says? Yeah, I think that's what you should do. Because you have to take this seriously. I'm either momineen when easy on you. So he goes and he sacrifices the camel that he wrote on. When I remember how Pablo de la and heard about that he was infuriated. So he came to he came to us and he was holding his daughter his stick and he poked him he poked my friend. And he said to him, you know a cultural haraam was affected hacker. He said first you killed while you were in a home. And then you disregarded the judgment of the judge. So what are you doing? You know, why is it that you that you that you did something that you were told not to do? So Amato the law of

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Thailand who then turn to the young man who's narrating this story? And he said to him, he said to kabisa he said to him, you know, why did you tell him to do that? And I said to him, yeah, I mean, I'm not minima or Hindu, luckily, oma Shea and yeah, I don't want a community meaning, you know, I don't make anything permissible of myself to you that Allah has forbidden meaning, you know, don't hit me with your stick. Don't, don't punish me or do anything of that sort. Then Omar gave him a golden advice. He said to him, listen to me. He says in the araca Shabbat Sunday, I see you as a young man

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First he has sadly, you have a big heart meaning you're someone that's very forbearing he says, Be an Elisa, you have an eloquent tongue. He says, What in shaba your corner fee? Just at two o'clock and Hashanah? Well, hello can see. There are some people, young people that have nine great traits, nine good characteristics, but then they have one flaw, you know one bad characteristic. He says the UFC don't holacracy

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Hasn't he says that one bad trait that one bad characteristic spoils the other nine for eoco I thought it he said you know, be careful of not falling into the pitfalls of young people. So pantalon that's a very powerful advice that almost all the time who gave that, you know, you might have nine great traits but that one bad trait will spoil all nine of them. And so it's important for us to watch those bad traits to not be overzealous to learn from our elders to learn from the wise to learn from those around us and try to better ourselves inshallah Tata so that we don't have bad characteristics that would spoil our good characteristics we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to

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allow all of us to have good character and to not allow bad character to spoil our good deeds and to spoil whatever we've been able to build and present to a loss of Hannah Montana, and Charlotte Tyler. I will see you all next time on our series people of color and design low hate on Western Mr. Egan