Crush It Before It Crushes You!

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AI: Summary © The transcript describes a group of people discussing the concept of "medical possession" and how it can be achieved through various methods. The speakers mention various examples such as cutting heads, burying someone's soul, and burying their emotions. They also mention the importance of "medical possession" in achieving this goal.
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Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim humans are known to be complex creatures. And part of the complexity is the internal battles we fight on a daily basis. For some it is sibling rivalry for others, eight is jealousy in the work environment and for many, it is a pie in the sky a fantasy over someone, which you know, logistically you simply cannot marry. And for many others it is a union that has been dissolved and one partner has moved on, and the other ones simply cannot make peace with this group in his or her sorrow. The auto poet says has Serato get Duffin Kasama and Horner cha here. The recipe to a meaningful and productive life is that you need to have the courage to bury some painful

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emotions and unlawful fantasies. In fact, he goes on to say do a codename a proper Astana cha here, you need a grave in the side of your heart. Revealing is healing. It can be cathartic offloaded, but drop it in the grave my brother, drop it in the grave, my sister close it in that grave of your heart and move on for your own sanity and stability, a smile he was a great grammarian and philologist of the second century. He said, I went to a tribe in Yemen by the name of bunu Rudra. In the search of enhancing my Arabic skills, I observed some graffiti on a wall in which it was written, advise a young man who is gripped in the fantasy of a woman. So I responded by saying, You

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that we have such a person should treat is Melody yocto masura who conceal his fantasy? Yes be rafiqul ohmori persevere in all matters. Yes. Learn to understand, accept and embrace the decree of destiny. The following day when I pass by, I seen a reply to my previous comments. Easier said than done. So I replied again. illa mutek sob Bron worker manly Sylvie Felice Allahu Shay en su well, Mo De Anza, you have one of two options. Either you crush your evil fantasy, or then allow it to crush you for the rest of your life. And that's my message my brother and my sister. Bury those toxic emotions and bury those enlisted fantasies or then it will bury you for the rest of your life.