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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah in

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the owner of the village in Sudan fusina woman, Dr. Marina Maria de la

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vida de la policia to Allah you know in Allahu Allah Shree kalon shadow nessa now mo Donna Mohammed Abu hora pseudo Amoeba protocol along with the Baraka with ohana

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for Korean Hamid, ministry partner with me Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem balaia mulata, whose belief at sea in negotiate one cola for October 2011 poco de la collina bu salam, ala alihi wa sallam, or full loja. okoma caladenia Salatu was salam, Salam O Allah, Allah Javi Masada para su una una Karim. Wanna know holla daddy camino shahidi you know, check it in 100 Robin I mean, honorable Allah microm respected brothers and elders. Amongst the many draws that may be occurring sallallahu Sallam used to make one was Allahu marinelle. haka Allah. Let always the truth look appealing to us. Let your obedience look correct to us. What is the penalty bar in favors with the ability of implementing it?

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We're in Albert Willa pappelina and let fullsuit in your disobedience look abnormal to us. Let us have the skills of differentiating what is the nature Tina ba and give us the ability to abstain from it. We find the ayat of the Quran. Allah Habib Elena Lehman was the unifi Kubina worker relational alpha sakalava Alabama a&m University, Allah make Emma beloved to us was the Yin woofie Kudo Bina and decorate it in our hearts. What can we heal in Elko for well for so and let evil advice Ensign be hated and disliked by US of A lot amongst the prophecies that nobody said Alanis and made before kuriyama one is either a tumor moon kurama rufa when maruf amankora. A time will

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come when people will frown it unless disobedience and people will embrace unless disobedience we find unfortunately this has become very common. When a woman dressed in hijab and veil, an embodiment of what of bashfulness then people will frown on her and people will look at her in strange ways. On the contrary, when a woman is a semi nude event, this is appealing to the high amongst the many things, brothers, among the many things that escaped focus among the many things where people are drowning today. One is the beloved beard of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When the curfew frowns I have no problem he never claimed to say Mohammed Sasson was his role model.

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But when the so called believer who enjoys the privilege of saying he was the greatest human, yet, yet is embarrassed in reflecting the image of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, what am I have written there are many sons brothers, there are many sons, but I will tell you why I want to highlight this in in particular,

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there is a Kitab written by chef Zakaria referred to Lani which has been authored and revised by none other than chef Abdulaziz bin Baz Rama Humala who was a world renowned scholar.

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Like someone said, What can you expect from that child born in a Muslim home, but adopted by non Muslim parents? What how faithful will this child be to Islam when he was adopted by non Muslim parents? Today, perhaps you and I live in Muslim homes. But what our thinking has been adopted by the West, what conforms to the west is what I embrace and what does not conform with them I shall even if it is the beloved of mine ob Salatu was Salam. Shakira Rahmatullah writes in this kita in Del Mar Sienna de de there are many types of sense because Xena was suitable for the likes of fornication, the likes of consuming intoxicants, but we find the difference between the sin and the

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shaving of the beer and I will explain. The Vla ceram sees in this sense luxuriousness zanni Athena yes Neva what I mean, when I

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mean, that when a person commits Zina is devoid of a man. When a person is guilty of theft, he is devoid of a man. When a person is consuming wine, he is devoid of a man. A commodity. Ilana says I asked him a bus How is a man snatched from him? He then showed me like this year worship Becca baneasa. He took the fingers of one hand engage it in the other and he says when he commits Zina when a man physically literally departs from him as you see me separate in my hands. So shares the carrier rights under the commentary of this Howdy. ferrata Hill mahasi. Anthony Binti, hi, Alina, we find this sin would end when a man has abandoned the wrong person is in Zina. He has been punished

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but when you stop Xena is out of this and he is a man returns to him.

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For him number one is non Muslim Iran frequently meaning but that person who shaves his beard, or cuts it less than a percent may hasten to add, my hasten to add Sharia has not differentiated in the penalty and the crime and the consequences of that person who keeps a little beard but doesn't allow me to grow the full length he sent in the sin of the one that shaves is equal in the eyes of Allah by saying so I'm not discouraging those that have a little beard, but rather what I am doing is exhorting them to get the desired beard

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Give you a practical example you went to purchase an article that costs 100 when you came with 100 when you will get the article a person came with no money clean shaven, he gets nothing and a man came within right he says but I have money 10 grand you have one 10th of the required amount. You are better than him you need 90 but until in landless, the What am I saying the person that shaves or the person that threatens his beard in less than a first length less than a first land, both of them for him number one is non Muslim Iran. He is in perpetual sin. He is in perpetual sun Lima and the big boy Khalid Mohammed because it is compulsory on the believer and the con la

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Sharia that is beard conforms with the teachings of Nabi sallallahu wasallam. For enough Allah farmer Shara when he has violated this injunction of Sharia, Ghana seamen frequently lava into more Roman Hayashi. He is a sinner every second that ticks away in his life. illa Anta to Allah Nieto until he lengthens, he has beard in accordance with the teachings of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam.

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Furthermore, he writes, he writes for Haleakala Jaco joia, we assume

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you will find this brother You will find this person that he will be performing high, he will be making camera one side earning reward for the good at the same time suffering perpetual sin. Why because he is in sin all the time. Hata Holly McElhaney one mesabi window me here while eating white sleeping in every aspect every moment of his life is guilty of the sin. Brothers. Let me go to a hobby for you and then I will leave it for you to decide. Well, I this is one of the greatest misconception that people have the creme de la silla mindray writer Muslim Sharif is the narrator of the Hari ashram minute, Petra. Graham says there are 10 things that form the human nature of every

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person. Cost so sorry to trim the mustache. This is another injunction. The VOA salat wa salam says in a riot of freedom easy Melania could mean shut up for a seminar. He who doesn't turn his mustache he is not from among us that he might have shed a little museum movie like nashoba is the narrator of the Libyan restaurant scene. Ilana had long mustache and a beard he said I'm calling him and then clipped his mustache.

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Sorry to trim the mustache. He offered to lengthen the beard, say want to apply the miswak Matata to mobile friendly Rob cleans it cleanses the mouth and earns the pleasure of Allah. Then the big Sam says is still shopping mall putting water into the nostrils the customer barrage and cleaning the joints of the body customer as far clipping the names of the of the hands and the feet. Halekulani shaving the pubic hair. And this is the beauty of Islam. This is the moderation of Islam. There are many other nationalities also with a lens and a beard. But you will find this no matter where they leave all the hair of the body to grow and you see them you travel we don't want to become personal

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in identifying the nationalities. They let all the hair grow. The beauty of Islam is Islam says clip your nails from your moustache, lengthen your beard, clean your pubic hair, not fully pluck the hair beneath your armpits. Likewise, Libyan a Salatu was Salam says cleanliness that he might have more time America, Libya recently sitting in the machine, one person walks in the Eros he will layer His hair was disheveled. His beard was untidy, we had some politely just motion him to go out. He went out combed his beard comb does it and came back Let me see sunset la Sahaja I mean,

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isn't this better that you be neat? And you look disciplined when you come to the house of Allah shefali document writes in bathroom, in bathroom, but what which is the commentary of Buddhahood that in this Hadith, nebulae Salam says fitrah what is Phaedra mean? Sunil MBR, the practice of 124,000 MBR in the salon. The beard is just not the subnet of one maybe I recall the first time when we went to the United States, when we landed in New York as we were clearing customs, the person made a comment. And one last breath is the time has come that you don't resist criticism, but you embrace it. Well, Allah will give you essentially I salute you. I salute you that walk in the campus

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environment in hostile environment, reviving the Sultanate of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. I was standing in, I think it was France. At the airport in Paris at the airport and one gentleman came to me. He tells me where are you traveling or where you're coming from? I said I'm coming from the States. Don't you feel shy to travel like this year? But what crime have I committed? Look at that boy with a spiked up? I think your electric shock? Don't you think that men should feel shy? Look at that man who looks half woman or half man I don't know. You will see people standing at robots dressing like rabbits to entertain children. While a human can drop themselves so much Muslim Have

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you become ashamed to revive the practice of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam The time has come that you embrace criticism. We were performing Salah in Rome at the airport and we were sitting and just then we started performing Salah immediately they came and quoted us off and when I when I travel, I wait for these opportunities. I am so passionate about this. I want someone to really get me into this. Ask me about my career. This is I become excited that it gives me a spiritual feeling. I told the brothers you relax. I

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To take this man on, he came on and then he started speaking to me. I left him out in such a way that in the end he says, You know what, if you have Islamic literature, please pass it on to me. Whatever it is, this is the time we have to we have to embrace this criticism. I was sitting in one Masjid in Chicago, and I had a program there and I had seen one brother coming into the masjid and using the masjid mirror to shave his beard. I couldn't I couldn't hold myself. I went to him I said, Brother, I don't know you. You don't know me. I'm from South Africa. But what law don't use the house of Allah to violate Daughters of Allah? He says I agree with you, but what can I do? I won't

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get a job with a beard. I said you think you'll get Genet without it?

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You won't get a job with a beard. You think you'll get gender without it? I will tell you Quran and Hadith. Then I'll leave it to you to decide for solfatara even Keisha falcoda a first

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timer when the dust will settle. You will realize when you mounted on a horse on a mule. I fail to comprehend you and I you will never ask me a medical question because you know how inadequate my medical knowledge is. But I fail to comprehend how you can put yourself at the mercy of people who don't know different shades of blue and who sell and are misleading DOMA. What can I say other than these people have become the statistics of the prophecies of the beauty salon. That said people will come that will mislead this Omar ashram in Africa. This is Sunil ambia Allah Nina Amina naka de beam. We have been commanded to follow them. Willa ecola Nina de la familia de humo Casa de Muslim

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Sharif the remains of the hobby now vlsm says lengthen the beard lengthen the beard? What am I trying to explain what is meant by a young what you have a war Excel over what Sophie Runa

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de Lune Well,

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it means lengthen it let it grow, let it grow nicely in such a way that maybe Allah salat wa salam himself. But he Malmo sallallahu wasallam petofi raha waka tofu minute Sahaba hi to lamb Yun Callaghan after the minimum of Doha one our Casa de la Salam in his Sahaba lengthen the beard in such a way that it cannot be proven in any authentic or an authentic hadith nowhere nowhere. Well Labradors if you will study Quran and Hadith passionately and you can convince me in Quran and Hadith that you can clip your beard I will get off the member and give you the member. I swear by Allah This is a matter of urgency. People are misleading people and I will tell you the consequences

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of it so what am I have made mentioned? How how polite in diplomacy Can you be in telling a man you have cancer? You have to be diplomatic, but it's a killer disease. Ha ha how polite how diplomacy Can I be when you have cancer my brother? Nevertheless, I go to the words of a Buddha woods, if I'm a Buddha would say is we only remember Buddha would a person by the name of a Buddha versus a kebab. We asked as a kebab radi Allahu acana Rasulullah

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did tend to be overlap of recite Quran in surah Nasir Salah. It was a silent namaz naturally you won't know if he was reciting Quran or not. He didn't be able to recite Quran we said Nam yes he did read Quran. Immediately. We asked him in a in a alimta, how do you know that the newbie of Allah recite the Quran? He said bill para Villa he navionics shrubs, beard used to move. We were standing in the forest sir. And we used to see the beard of Navy and he said I'm moving. Now those that say it was a pencil line, you can make your own conclusions a pencil line won't move that beard that is is that Bay line in we used to see the beard of Nebula moving devices in a Buddha with the next

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Muslim Sheriff and authority alone is the narrator of the Hadith. He says karasuno lights awesome Elijah whenever delivery of Allah would make buzu aka Captain NEMA. He would take water in his palm

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and then would enter the water from beneath his chin for calella V and then make Ceylon and say haka marani rugby This is what my Allah has commanded me to do. The third revive a player behala is generated three varieties intermedia Sharif, what kinda was soften and hold up rasulillah he described the feature of nabire ceram cannot cut the letter. He says then a viola had a dense beard, it may be ignored. Josie has made mention of it in his GitHub and refer back well Mustafa on the authority of Allah the Allahu Allah Rasool Allah is US and Canada. Viva La Jolla. The DNA of Allah had a thick beard, he had a dense beard and breathers it was something to be proud about and not

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apologetic about.

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Farsi just eat Farsi, what can injectable masala he used to recite the police to write the Quran, there was no printing press, of course, in that time, in the time of saving up there like now but he says I seen the big tsunami in a dream. So I came to be like now person has any right to nebia sallallahu wasallam. I see nobody saw him in a dream. So be like now hoppers told me a lie. It's a lie. It's uncanny a pole in a shape on Elijah Tisha who be from Allah and if you know me, Papa, and he is that shape and cannot take my appearance. Hence, if you seem to be over 93 you have seen him You don't have to be in doubt of the light now person is just to confirm, describe the man you've

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seen in the dream I have seen the number of Allah. So you see first he said, Let me describe to you an alternate cartoon and paying homage to a man of moderate height, the one you will work with around this face. Beautiful, of course in complexity, a colony who had a plan

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Sumatra is high hassle and it abroad smile workers to mean heavy Illa heavy and such a thick beard that he did covered he has the right side it had covered the left side worker.

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In fact I can see in the tree machine the beard had even covered the chest of aviary some of the lead numbers at paws lower at goofily aka Mr. Tata and tomato bajada Allah if you hit to see the number of Allah alive one on one you couldn't have add to this description you have seen the levy of Allah that is exactly the description of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam brothers Allah makes mentioned in the Quran regarding the devil. One of the points of the devil is when I was in London when a woman Mia Nomura, Miranda will follow you back kikuna

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that the devil says I will mislead men. I will fill his hearts in desires with a lot of baseless ambitions and aspirations to such an extent and I will command him to disobey Allah filler euro euro knuckle kala, they will change the appearance that Allah has given them. It's a serious money as well as by Unruh Quran. One of the pledge that the devil made I will mislead men that he will change his appearance in his favor. In the form of plastic surgery people are doing it on a big scale. But in these proceedings run into serious money if you threaten any person who shaves his beard or cuts his beard he has become a victim of the of the efforts of the devil and he is guilty of changing the

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appearance of a lie in his favor. If NASA kitty has made mentioned one Labradors need me to Lhasa and I won't stop, leave me terrassa and I will give you a heads up on how to Quran upon Quran Asakura has made mentioned over a while

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that amongst the many reasons why Allah destroyed the nation of lutherie Salatu was Salam 10 things. Of course, the greatest action was sodomy was horrible. They used to drink wine and intoxicants,

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Zina Of course. And another thing was that they used to cut the beards, and they used to lengthen their mustache. This was one of the reasons that led to the destruction of this nation. One of the reasons that led to the destruction of the nation of Luther is salatu salam, maybe a creme de la very seldom says

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Lana Rasulullah Salallahu Salam al Motta shahina MENA region Vinnitsa Wynonna Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam Alma Tasha pinata Amina Nisa irizar Alaska she's one of those males who imitate females and Alaska she's on those females who imitate males or am I right What are your

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What are your job or job none can deny no doubt and Natasha bow and cam will be Nyssa e x will be helping layer the total resemblance to a woman would be achieved when a person shaves his beard for the simple reason that

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he has

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a cover because the beard of a man is the greatest distinction and the major difference between male and female to such an extent that minor be said so behind them and say in our village, Allah will know how when Lisa with the ye All praise belongs to Allah who adorn the appearance of a man with a beard and adorn the appearance of woman was planted here. My sister has been told to cut her hair like a man and my brother has been told to shave his beard.

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Is there something ask yourself, What am I have said let me give you another

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one Neha has just rewired, the VOA salat wa salam wrote letters to the different kings. And amongst the different teams that deliver overrode letters to nebulae salatu salam wrote to the kisser of Persia, Libya, he said, I'm interested this letter to Abdullah Abdullah

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Abdullah de la de Mille Bahrain, he passed it on to the governor of Bahrain with the fahima demon illa kisara. And the governor of Bahrain passed this letter of Navy syllogism onto the Persian king, when the Persian king received this letter Shaka kita rasulillah. He told the letter of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, Salam said, Oh ALLAH is he told my letter you take his kingdom? Well Is he ruined my letter, you ruined his empire. Well, if he destroyed my lecture, you destroy his dominion. After he taught the lecture. He then wrote to one of his ministers in Yemen, what catchable Abaddon, who was in charge of Yemen and he said, You know what, this man has written me a letter and let people

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Hijaz this man by the name of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam sin, two of our well respectable people, you know, who are influential and very vigilant and vibrant, and we want to investigate this matter of Islam. So these two ministers then came into court of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. How did they come? What are the halaqa Neha Houma shabari bavuma, cleanly shaven with long mustaches, when they came in the presence of an aviary, salam, my interview, said whaler Kumar man, Mr. Akuma bajada won't be to you Who taught you this? Where did you learn this from? It's a coffee. Once one side Islam was so tolerant, when Satan alone have conquered Palestine. And then the Christian

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priests were taking him around to show him an inspect. So they were inspecting one church and it was the time of Salah. So the question please don't say that.

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You can observe your prayers in our church signalman said no, no, I respect this is sentimental

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to you if I will perform my Salah in your church Let it not be that your church becomes a matter of controversy the Muslims might claim access to this land that our Amir made nama Zia. So save now Omar respected the sentiments that may be overlooked also respected the sentiments of the Kufa Alhamdulillah boom Callaghan, Liliana well finzi una casa de la Atlanta for them, they can have pork it is for them like a we have sheep. And for them wine is like how we have vinegar yet you're gonna be over la takes on a coffee one to one. Where did you learn to shave your beard and lengthen your mustache? So they said amarena robina you know, our Lord our kisara told us so levier is Sam said

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Wallachian Amani rock BBA offer illiquidity and then turned his face. What am I saying? This like looking at the face of a coffee that was clean shaven? Oh my brother while you anticipate the intercession of univee when you come to Medina instantly Let it not be Let it not be when every day you get rid of a beard when you stand before Him He doesn't want to see you near a sunset but my Allah has commanded me to lengthen my beard and trim my mustache. And let me tell you in Arabi, palapa Kumar and Laila, you know my Allah has destroyed your Lord last night you left from the end came may Allah put the son of the king on top of him and destroyed him. This was the condition

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brothers go through the Maasai go through the form mazahub in which is authentic book of Sharpie, it is written the man says Rama Hallelujah, it's a mob NaVi en Abdulaziz bin bars do not even give permission to cut the beard after one first length, because this is not proven in many of the generation of ability to look into the future of marriage. If we look into the Shafi in Hanafi interior Mokhtar it is written it is totally forbidden. And to those young hoofers that have gathered here like I had one in all open the first year and look at the fatawa look at the fatawa I was accessing so many fatawa no way Could I come to for any concession to such an extent there is

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consensus in the scholars that if there is a person that is a non half is but has a shirt a beard and reads Quran correctly, and on the other hand, there is a man that shaves his beard or clumsy his beard it will just not be better, but rather it will be compulsory for you to read Quran in surah v behind the non Hafiz behind the non harpies who has preserved the appearance of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam then read in Quran behind a man who has mastered the Quran but has no regard well as such people who need the divine the sun that no have regard for the student that no I have regard for the sooner the 1am I have written a person that makes it appear that men and laughs at them and

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considers it is this grace lacunae Manu salema he must fear he's a man is not intaking was revived and renew he's a man in his nikka brothers medical perspective. They say I read an article recently under Rue Julia Walmart determined that if a person continuously shaves it will weaken his potency. This was in the article I seen it a few months ago. Of course we don't consider you know, scientific research. That's the last thing we consider. We look at the teachings of nivi occurring sallallahu wasallam and that makes the reason why we obey and comply to the brothers and sisters out there.

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Let us look at the wife of American a jumbo American a jumbo accepted Islam because of the effort of his son when his son took his idol and dropped it in the well and then he said Well, hello Quintanilla and lahmacun Anza Calhoun was

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a film in park a law student and a practitioner cancer in Gabon. He became a believer on the effort of his son and he became a martyr on the effort of his wife. He was named his wife told him I don't believe once upon a time the wife exhorted her husband to become a martyr. I challenge the woman of today and I implore the woman of today you put material demands before your husband and he complied. Let it see that you mutually help him and put a demand my husband I don't want to see you ever touching your beard. I love you with your beard. Once upon a time the woman of this woman was exhausting their husbands. So when we naturally when a man tells when a woman tells a man he feels a

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sense of obligation. So he comes to the VA Salaam he needs to record he says Allah let me not come back to my family. The woman exhausted the husband she became a matter Hansa de la Apotex in the time of Nabila salam, she calls for sons, she says, I second you so that you can make me the honorable Mother of formatters I nourish you that you bring the joy that you for our mothers. Once upon a time the mother of this old man told her children that go in and martyrdom today the woman of today and furthermore, my sister, if you are the means of telling your husband to to shave that beard and putting pressure on him, I feel your consequences will be grave on the day of the woman.

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Let me briefly run you down through some of the flimsy reasoning basic reasoning. Serbian logic Subhanallah the Pakistani cricketer may unlike him says I fail cricket no sports intrigues me much. But the men that came into the sports world and showed the Muslim sportsmen I can play sports without compromising my beard. We celebrate such a people like I like even better

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man like you say I mean brothers say Amina like him. He died in the 1000s get he died, he came into sports arena and said this is my baby. I do not compromise. Well I as I mentioned we went wrong when I told that men they say in Rome do as the Romans even in Rome we do as Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam said, We don't do like what others said, We are proud one of the deceptions let me run you down briefly through the deceptions of the beard that people say many people say nabire sam kept a beard because the Arabs had a beard. So this was customary in traditional denominate customs then the VA has abrogated What are you accusing me of a law following customs? Then have you ever lied

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explicitly emphatically said it's the command Miami a lot. It's got nothing to do with custom briefly. The second piece of this argument is that many people give up aloha aloha Vasa elafiti in us that they made the beer as a means of deceiving so you save in a way out of deception. deception is another thing and keeping a beard is another command of Allah what what is this absurdity is it bizarre What is it brothers? I don't know what logic people are applying the third thing that many people want brother told me no, no, this beard cannot be for us. Why? Because there are many nationalities they don't grow. So I said Subhanallah what logic is this? Do you call it shadow logic

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of tea helped me with vocabulary I don't know what to call it. Maybe a Salaam exhorts us to

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get married to a woman that can pay children and Allah makes woman better. So then what what are you saying then? Once again Have you ever like such a mix you know increase the woman and yet Allah is making woman parent so you say no no because then the other argument you are keeping the beard so then maybe some road cam and he was also right the camel Oh my brother make little sense if you can make a lot of sense make little sense. For heaven's sake make little sense when you are talking. I feel when such people have become the leaders oma we don't have to wait for the AMA it is the AMA it is the AMA when such people have come into the front line who has no concept of the as the man he

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doesn't know the purpose of who's who and who serves as the man in Arabic a phallic Alhamdulillah ask him the second sorry my brother I don't know more Arabic. You don't know where we can you want to access Quran and Hadith. You want to understand it and simplify it in deduce conclusions. What am I gave their lives and then they arrived at these conclusions misleading and beguiling the message. So what they say that novia is salatu salam wrote the camel you must also write the camel. The Quran says In surah nocal surah now i'm also wary of Allah tala moon Well, well coming up later

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on the moon, right the camel right the horse and I will introduce modes of transport in the years to come. Allah Himself said that he is going to make it the fourth thing that a lot of people say that no, no, my heart is clean. In my heart I fear Allah Subhana Sahaba revived everything of Nevis awesome. They never took the guts of making those claims you violate whenever you will openly for others I have still withheld many things. If you think it's coming across crude, this is gentle, this is pestle This is diplomatic. If I tell you what, what am I have said, well I can carry on in conclusion, I make birth to the Almighty Allah I feel there are so many people that are very closely

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related to me that have been so kind but my moral consciousness always freaks me that you have this man has been so guy and he has offered you his service. Have you given him your site have been? Have you given him with a license fee that you would have you told him also or not you will be answerable to Allah we may go to the Almighty Allah He gave us the true love of the student that is awesome. What better time to repent than Ramadan? So that is let me ask you one last question. I speak to you directly shift your logic and the influence of the West shift the adoption of the West. Let me ask you sincerely from the bottom of your heart. Do you wish to die without a beard? But deep down in

00:28:28--> 00:28:54

your heart? You know, this is wrong? Can I tell you your own action? Allah told a polytheist of Makkah, Allah told them I give you proof that I am one when you're sinking in the ocean there's no atheists on a sinking ship. Oh my god. When you sink in in the center of the ocean you say oh well ah. So you're turning to Allah in moments of desperation is proof that you believe in Allah. I asked you my brother while you say I don't need to read numbers with the trophy when you attend the journals or when you put it on?

00:28:55--> 00:29:18

When is the when is agendize indefinitely? Why do you lengthen your beard in Ramadan? Why do you lengthen it? In the heart of hearts you also know this is what I supposed to do. I beg you stop giving that flimsy reasons halia shadowfell book and Nikita enjoy Yama Yama behind the hill berahino La Silla, are you ready to speak before long the day of Tiamat with these trivial excuses when the viola says Your job will be vinyasa Yeoman Yama, con

00:29:19--> 00:29:52

men will appear in the court of the master Buddha was like one lamb one sheep before law may Allah tala clear our mind from the influence of the West May Allah let us embrace the sudden death of Libya is Salaam. I see in one boy whose hair was cut uneven actually my brother please do you get pleasure out of this monokuma originally la vaca fear Allah so much at least that you abandoned since they don't give you pleasure, progress embrace the sooner Allah I am saying this from my heart I don't have anything in my life that I can claim for. One thing I do deep down in my life I feel a lot but the day I will be law with the largest one beer I have never touched a law from the day you

00:29:52--> 00:29:59

took it out. I have kept it and I hope strongly in reviving this to nine This was tightline within traveling the world devil in the world at this time when Victor

00:30:00--> 00:30:08

organization is coming home from the mercy of Allah in the light of Quran and Hadith revived this and you will secure your abode in general lines for your soul.