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An engaging and thought-provoking talk about the barakah experienced during the time of Prophet SAW, post it and in today’s era. It also mentions
•Diverse means of barakah given by Allah SWT to HIS slaves and how HE punishes.
•Commendable example of a sahabi, Zubair Ibn Awam RA and his son on how debts were settled.
•Multiple authentic hadith regarding barakah.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala burrows hereafter methylene RLM in the BU now Muhammad Ali he was happy he would be happy to be so nutty. Yummy Dean Oban for the college Allah Allah fakie Tabby Hill Mojito for corniel Hamid Allah Billa humanists a pony rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. You are the Bumi Usha over your family, who were in a toccata boon sort of a lava lava him. Honorable scholars, respected brothers, elders and friends, if there is one word that can sum up the social decay of our society, it is surely the absence of Baraka. And it is the presence of ever greed and desire to accumulate and amass more

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Baraka in every form has become absent from our lives. When we look back to the glory days, it was an abundance of provisions, it was minimum output from minimum provisions, maximum output from minimum provisions. And that is the definition of Baraka and manassa or kaseya. vs. Babel calida. We Allah gives you a whole some great benefits, many fold out of little provisions, you're not necessarily doing the common multiplication of 10 becoming 100 and 100. Becoming 1001 evolve into two and two to 10. Its minimum, it's simple, but it's wholesome, it's meaningful, family structures were meaningful, there was quality there was there was there was value in it. The verse that I

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recited is a verse of the 20th choosing Sudan Kabuto Allah subhanho wa Taala says, You are as a woman, a

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woman, he or she Sha, surely Allah reserves the rights the authority the prerogative of punishing, inflicting or patching and having mercy on anyone. This verse is explored by the commentators of seed with a host of commentaries. The most common known commentary would be Allah punishes a person by deviation, but is a person by guidance, but amongst the many Tafseer that exists, there is also a view you as the booming Yeshua have been heresy, where you are harmonious show will bill

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that alarm punishes and inflicts upon a person a torment by filling his heart with greed. So this is a divine tome and from Allah. In the Quran, Allah speaks about the Mona fix. Allah says fella to hijack.

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Wanna do innama Yuri Lee de Belem Bina Phil hyah dunya Do not be impressed or obsessed or intrigued by the apparent growth and expansion. This is nothing more than applause from the almighty to keep them so and grace and occupied, there is no less a affliction and a torment upon them. You are at the moment here sha Allah punishes whomsoever He wishes by filling in the heart of that individual would grade warrior hammelmann Yeshua and Allah which is an individual by filling his bosom was divine contentment funds that Allahu sakeena tabula rasa, a verse of the 10 Jews, when the masters are allowed when he was seldom was in the cave and Abubakar was with him, and the enemies came to

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the mouth of the cave. To the extent that albatross around me over I can see their footsteps. Can you imagine anxiety, panic, phobia, uneasiness, restlessness. They want to attack you there is 100 camels out for your head. They want to ambush you and they have come that close any person even if he wants to keep it a secret he's going to he's going to spell it out is going to leak it out at some point he's going to divulge it. What does the Quran say? So anzahl alarm was Sakina Allison tranquility. And as soon as that tranquility came Abubakar and the Prophet of Allah Samson was calm. They will compose they will calculated. It's not like the pious, don't get diagnosed and only the

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son will get diagnosed. It's just that how the different people deal with the situation. If this is what Allah has ordained, if this is what Allah has decreed, then soapy, Allah gives that contentment in the heart.

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You aren't Romania, Romania, Sha, Allah Boone, even Buhari makes mention of an amazing incident when he speaks about the wholesome burger that are part of the perks of the obedience of Allah. So that's not the clinical. That's not the motivation. That's not the essence of a believer. His essence is to obey a lot, but part of the package is you'll be a happy man. You'll be a contented man. There'll be meaning in his weld. There'll be drawings

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relationship will be blessed in his house. And he highlights the amazing incident of Zubair Ruben illawarra, Maria Allahu anhu. And his son, it's a very amazing incident. Babu Baraka to the female he has a young woman Gita is the parature that Allah gives to a man who strives in his path who obeys him. His wealth only don't bring goodness wine is alive, but even post his demise and his death. And we learned from the teachings of Nabi sallallahu, wasallam, that when a person does what Allah told him to do, then Allah exempt him from the happenings of the world. Sometimes there might be a drought or a fair mind that might plague a country. There is a hadith in the authentic

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narrations where the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said, Mr. Raja lunians, a man was walking, suddenly heard a voice coming out from the clouds. And what does the cloud say is the Harry Potter food on that rain water on a particular garden and on a particular plantation and vegetation? So this person was like, Am I hearing right where the sounds come in? He was intrigued. He was curious, he followed. And as he followed, he seen the water coming direct to a specific location. Everywhere else was dried, there was no trace of rain. And the water specifically came in this garden and this orchard in this plantation. It just took his curiosity to another level. After he seen this man

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taking the water and hosting his garden and enjoying that exclusive shovel from the cloud. He said, Brother, if I'm not too inquisitive, can I ask you, how do you enjoy this? He said, I have made this vow with Allah that whenever I have as my crops, in addition to the revenue it brings, I also give a portion to the poor. Allah has taken the responsibility that have never been without rain. I've never been without rain. So this is the system of Alaska today, we lacked that burger. There is no meaning. Somebody said, you know, there is the app, you get this app and you get that app. There's also one app when somebody is in front of you, and that is called respect. And that is to shut the

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phone and address the man in front of you. There is nothing like that we will last Baraka in our times in our dealings in our communication. Thomas, his name is Elijah. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said the food of two will suffice for three savasana Our food is running short. Nobody says who said who's cooking Who's your chef, which de la la quinta de pool, I think you eat in individually. I think you eat in individually eat together, eat as a whole is eat as a family. Look at the consciousness of Sahaba when they used to have social gatherings, then the the blind Sahabi would find it difficult to eat. Because he says that I'm not sighted I might consume more than my

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allotted shave. The other hobbies precaution was so much that he is blind he'll be eating less. The Clippers hobby said no, no, I don't want to eat in a joint gathering because I'll occupy the seat off to the other side hobbies no use cripple Eli arrive late. You cannot imagine the internal level of consciousness. Allah said there's no need to go to that stringent measures. laser level.

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Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah Marie we heard it we say is blind all the better we put away you give him one easy no we got no variety brother you eat this year we all eating the same. These are the kind of things we will do a bit as it means is the incident of torture that Allah gives wholesome maximum of delight natural Flora Yolanda says it was the eve of the Battle of Jamal. My dad called me up. My dad called me up he summoned me says boy I need to talk to you.

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Come to work on Yom elgible

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for the Han is Zubair he said la uxcell Allium in lava demon oma Zulu. We're in Nila Hourani Elio mama gloom. I hate revealing this to you. But I doubt I will see the sunset is the eve of the battle and I need to talk to you I need to offload on you. I've got liabilities. I've got assets I've got a lot to deal with. And I'm making you the executive of my estate. Now when you talk of mental maturity when you talk of composure, when you talk to us, we're in such a level of leadership that a father could call his son on the eve of a battle. And in five minutes, pour his heart out with his fears and concerns, apprehensions and visions and sign with release that this son will take care of

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it and it's done. Your father is speaking to his children for decades for years. That's enough time gone. I want this year listen after I'm gone. I want this. But at the back of his mind, it haunts him. I don't know what's going to happen after I'm gone. That was the glory days when there was Baraka in time there was meaning in Union there was meaning in relation. My dad called me and he said I won't see the sunset in what in October he handed me the Dini. And the thing that haunts me the most are my liabilities and my deck. The thing that haunts me the most. Imagine the man making the supreme sacrifice and presenting himself in the court of law. Yet the thing that haunts him and

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leaves him uneasy and keeps him in Sonia is I'm only

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When people money, and today we can Oh people in the millions and we can say we can bleed the man with a broad smile and don't have a sense of guilt.

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There's nothing worse than when your inner self dies a death that you can commit to wrong or man money and just feel nothing about it.

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We're in the mean aquarium, Mila, Janey satara, Dean and iupati Marina a bit Marina, what's the daily Oh, my son after I pass away, you wrap up my body attend to the rituals of burial. And then you need to start dissolving my assets and clear in my desk will also be too loose. And I want to bequeath a third of my estate. Again, fundamental basic elementary knowledge of how we wind up our estate is unknown to us, just as people have this notion, and I don't know how many times I have to contend with this, the false notion and the myth that you have to dissolve a union through three catalogs. This has no basis. You can pronounce one clock and we're not condoning or promoting or

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advocating it. But we're saying if it comes to that and you have to dissolve, then one would suffice. People have the notion I have to give three people have the perception in the notion that I can bequeath my entire estate. That is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, you can murder who have doily money? Where is he? Which one of you loves your money more than your ears? Well on a viola that's a given adult does anybody ever like my money? I love my my inheritance and my his money. He said, what you've invested what Allah belongs to you, and what is in your pocket belongs to you as an inheritance. And he said, One tear him while you active inhale and healthy is

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far better than 1000 when the soul has reached your collarbone, and you say, you know, what can I reach out to this man and reach out to that charity organization, whether you distribute it or not Alliance distributed?

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ledger, Rona, you

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know, Allah says, If I had to hand over the distribution of your estate, you would have based it on the person who benefited you the most. He was good to me in my life. He assisted me he teached me he launched me. And Allah didn't base it on that Allah said, I based it on your relation on your blood, on your next of kin. They enjoy the greatest relation forever. If you have a choice and a desire that you want to bequeath, then the Sharia gives you recognition of one third, two thirds of your wealth don't belong to you. It doesn't belong to me that is the time now you got a discharge have it be it as it may dissolve my my my assets and clear my liabilities will also be pseudos. Every

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revelation is an explosion, but we'll get the capacity and the maturity of this boy that is digesting it. He's taking it in everything Okay, okay, that talk to me, talk to me. I'm hearing you. I'm hearing you. I'm getting you and he's moving and he knows we're not going to meet again. When the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was in Mena, he said who's Juan de Manasa cuckoo, cuckoo Annie manasi Cuckoo. It was only Sahaba who could bear this. Learn from me the actions of hjem the rituals of Hajj myself and you won't be performing hedge again.

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Who Swanee manasi cocoon when it just scratch marzipan legible. These were real people. They love the real world. When he dispatched Morales to Yemen he said mahalo the best when you come back visit my grave in my mustard you will find me not.

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lol Nikita mod Ruby must gt will be Capri. While you will find my grave you will find my mystery Pay your respects and visit me last year like a baby's and embraced him. He said you might be based at a distant location. But if you obey Allah and follow me, we are together in the old nsep and Mr. Poon. isokon over in a corner. Long story short.

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This is my dad passed away. And he had made this request that one third of the wealth must go to my children. That is his grandchildren. Wonder who Yama is in this article Benny in what is my dad left behind 19 children 18 children, nine sons, nine daughters and four wives. And he said to me his last words in adjuster and Shea Minh who first step in LA Hebei, Mo La Jolla. That is just the climax of this narration. Lesson my son I've impressed upon you I've exchanged I've told you a lot of things. Time is running short. If you have any issues, feel free to openly speak to my master at any time.

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What were his words? If you have any reservations, apprehensions, ambiguity, uncertainty, feel free to communicate with my master. He said my dad rattled it off so softly I'm still trying to take it in bits and pieces while learning in moderation tomorrow.

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You're up with a woman molar.

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My dad, you say in your master, you want to be explicit. You want to spread it out. So he said, My Allah Who else? I said, Okay, okay, okay, sorry, apologies. I just lost my train of thought for a moment. And my mind My mind was just wondering and I'm thinking, who are you talking? Not in the case of the legal team or the litigation process, or this member or that member, you deal with it and you have any issues. Imagine you die with such a bond with your Creator. You die with such a relation with your Allah, that you hand your children. That great scholar said, a believer dies hand in his family to a law, while a hypocrite dies hand in his family over to his assets.

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A believer dies I've left them in the case of a law and a hypocrite dies I've left behind adequate for them. I have empowered them sufficiently. Well, like he, whenever I had any issues I used to say yeah, moonless Zubair to the Buddha, you know who Oh, the Lord of Zubair deal with the liabilities of my dad, and instantly things would fit into puzzle and Allah would make the means and I would attend to everything will lie, he Matata Caterham, and voila, dinner. My dad left behind nothing in cash, but he left behind certain properties and assets. If Dasha Darren bill Medina, the rainy bill Basra, donburi kusa, Darren de mestral, my dad left behind this is the beauty of Islam. Islam is not

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averse to having things in this world, one attention asleep or come in adonia to not omit your worldly existence. That's not practical. That's how pragmatic our faith is. That is how relevant in our applicability is we have to live what Rabbani attorney ba ba, ba ba ba him, those who adopted monetarism and they isolated themselves by building a monastery marketable, allowing him we never ordained it, and they could never sustain it because it's not in harmony with human temperaments. So we never imposed upon anyone to to isolate and divorce yourself from the world market subpoena him was a Bernie attorney, but they innovated Islam never said that if there's anything with isolation,

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it's Africa. But even in Africa, it is a matter of reflection between you and your Creator, not isolation from this world. My dad left behind 11 houses Dasha Darren bill Medina in Medina, during the bill passed for two houses in Basra, Darby Kufa, one house in Kufa. So these were all the assets and then my father left behind the prime plot of Aruba. Robert was just a prime plot that my father had as an asset. Now, you might wonder, where did this wealth come from? He said, number one, I then did the calculations and I realized my dad's debts, were standing at 2,200,000 theorems. 2,000,200, perhaps up to makinalari. So we're just to say, elephant, one meter. And when I looked at the

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audits, I looked at the books, I looked at the records, I said, Okay, we got 2,200,000 Can you imagine the broadness of the shoulder of this boy, his dad is digesting and offloading in five minutes, and he can say with relief, my father passes away, we attend to the burial, I see to everything procedures take place, I look at the liabilities and say, okay, we need to sort out this. Then he goes on to say in the narration, why did my father sit with this debt? What was what was the motivating what, what resulted in this debt? Because that's a separate issue again, today that we just keep on incurring debt. There is that Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam that makes my

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hair stand and I've coated it locally and abroad in many of my talks, and I shade and exploit the moment and seize it again and say it with you. He sallallahu Sallam said, I foresee a bleak era where men will lose his faith because of his spouse and children. only be available How is this gonna happen the narration of Ronnie you are you know, Bill suck.

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You are you I often say to people, if you want to call someone to Islam today, one of the easiest ways is open the books of Hadith and show him the prophecies in the predictions of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and see how it is spelled out openly in World 1400 years ago. This is what the man says and look at what's happening. How could he arrive at this other than being inspired through divine revelation? Then have you ever lost anything his wife and children will 20 monies financial standing cannot provide any it's not adequate we need to upgrade we need to move forward we need to innovate we need to go up the ladder climate this will come to a blow make or break do or die. It

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will be either you remain in the marriage and deliver or you walk out and the union is dissolved. Then we have a loss at the pressure will reach such a level to sustain the relation he will resort to haram avenues to bring in that added money to appease his wife and children and faith will depart

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in its entirety, you are your owner who believe what you can lift up. That is why this is amazing narration the prophet SAW said, Oh Allah protect me from depths and disbelief. Now the scholars have to see May Allah preserve them and reward them. They deduce everything between the link if the Prophet of Allah is asking protection from poofer and deaths, what's the correlation between the two? It's apples with bananas by my eyes couvertures believe is debt, wealth monetary, I don't see the tie between the two. They say there's a definite tie. When you have overwhelming debts, then you resort to the actions of kuffaar to generate money to offset those liabilities so that that

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overwhelming debt creates a nice and it takes you know, no, Chef, you know, we have to gamble now. And then what can you do? You got to go with interest now. What can you do? You got to work through the backdoor system now in the you know, it's not a long term, but what can you do that what can you do? The faith leaves him totally. And we are the living statistics. May Allah protect us and guide us and give us wholesome Baraka? May Allah give us meaning May Allah give us family time with his mama and understanding. Anyway, I calculated it, I said it was 2,200,000. Look at the fabric of the society. He said my dad had incurred this debt, not because he borrowed the money. But people used

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to come and say, listen, where I've got some money, you'll keep it for me. So my dad out of his good world would say, I'm not going to keep it as a homeowner and a trust. Because the juristic rule in is if you put a trust in my case, and without negligence on my part, that wealth is stolen or it's burnt, I'm not liable. So my dad would take it a step further and say don't leave it as a trust. Let me take it as a loan. So your money is secured. Your money this is Islamic banking. This is Islamic definition of wealth, beyond your comprehension. So how does Islam believe I borrow your money? printed money is not making money for me. Okay, well, that money is bringing happiness in my home.

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That money is bringing pocket in my life. That money is protecting my children on the road, that money is making my child half is why because I gave you money. I'm not exploiting and milk in your desperation. But that's a different definition. today. I just met two days ago, a brother from UK and someone introduced me to him, he says in the conventional banking system, so someone presented to him the writings of Islamic banking by Mufti today, the man was blown away academically, he said on theory and academics. This is something else altogether. If only we presented, the men took the Shahada, meaning the Islamic principles of business business and banking, that is how my father

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incurred then you would keep the money and then you would discharge it and dispense it and give it to people. And it became a debt. Long story short, Hakeem hypnotism comes to meet me. And he says, Listen, I'm sorry, your dad passed away. What are we looking at the figures? So he said, I downplayed it. Look how beautiful that was. If I know somebody was to help me Say Hello, b2b in Asia, tell him all those other costs and liabilities we got. If it was 100. I'll make it a million if it was 200. I'll make it 500,000 because I can see the man is trying to be good. So he came, he said, What's the figures of your dad's liabilities? As we're looking about? Give and take 100,000 he

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says 100,000 mah Mojave, I doubt you've got the muscle to offset 100. I said, Yeah, but inshallah we'll we'll we'll manage it. So Abdullah, the son said, I then took it a step further. I said, you saying we don't have the muscle to offset 100,000? If I had to tell you, my dad is only 2,200,000. What would you say? I say, well, well, then you're in a real crisis in a big hole. But he said, Listen, I'm not trying to get into your affairs. All I'm saying is in adjust to Manisha in men who first step in ob if you have any issues come to me I will settle it and it's a gift from me.

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There was a society my brothers, this is unheard of. We are sitting high and dry with this. I said no, no, no. JazakAllah I want to pay you I want to pay you know we don't need anything and I told him if there's anything I'll give you a shout. Anyway. The loudness aware said I made an announcement I said mankind Allah Allah is very shaken for us in Erbil harbor. If anybody has a claim, just just bail me out with five minutes and I'll wrap up inshallah, if anybody has a claim on my father Meet me at the harbor. He's got this prime land, we'll talk to you and we will settle you. My father had purchased this land 470,000 Deer Hunter Hades is in Bukhari, Sharif, my pain my gripe,

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and it hurts me and kills me. We update ourselves with the latest bulletin. We update ourselves with every ball and every score. But we and we remain abreast with everything by the minute, how many of us will buy the latest phone knowing very well that the price will drop in three weeks, but just the price you say I'm the first one to flesh it. But we're not even the first nor the last one to understand the verses of the Quran. And we don't suffer a sense of guilt that I don't even know this. I never heard this info hurry my word. Really. I was reading so much on monitoring and figures and tests and the rest of it. Anybody has a claim? Come meet us as Robert. So they're like Nick

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Jaffer comes there. He says this in Europe.

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accounts, your late father owed me 400,000 theorems. But I promise you I've only come to tell you this so that you know the reality I'm ready to clear it up and wipe it out. I don't need to send from it 400,000 dirhams your father owed me and in turn to holla complete count it off. I don't need it. I just want to clear it up. You know your dad is over. we've cleared it up. This is no No, no, no, no, my father has given me a treasure to take from it never depleted. It's never depleted. So I want to pay you look at the either side your your I'm impressing on the creditor forgive. And they impressed that the creditor is impressing on the depths of pain is just the scenario has been

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reversed. The beggar comes to my door. I say Brother, don't you know you must beg. And he's like, don't you know you must refuse a beggar.

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That's the whole thing. The day my mother in law treats me like your daughter. And today my daughter in law treats me like your mother who's going to take the bold step, who's going to be the greater initiative? Who's going to be one crisis? And are they and rise beyond the beginnings of society and be one better than the other and create a new standard and a new model in society? No, no, I want to pay you gives him his four 400,000 theorems. He then comes to mahavihara villano seminar seminar is there. Then Horace Mann evening Moon Bay is there and I search hobbies there. Each one of them by a portion of it. Jara satana, mahavihara violante was also present. Mahavira jolanda said give me one

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portion out of this whole thing, which which turned out to be I'm just expediting it. Yeah, because time is against me. It was 150,000 Taylor homes Mahavira vilano, then purchases it. Now he purchases one portion one acre, whatever it was by the definitions. And then he asks of delight in his offer. He says up to lightness about this other land. Who does it belong to? He says now I've given it to him to live in is where my dad was owing him 400,000 dirhams. So to offset my dad's liability, we've balanced it out with a portion of land. He said call Abdullah

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Jaffer and tell him because I bought this land. I'm interested to buy it. You gave him 400 Tell him I'll give him 600,000

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The man was ready to excuse the amount. The man was ready to clear it out. He done a deal now and 10 minutes later Allah gives him that same land with a 200,000 return. You say but but but Myrna rose burka don't come to me? How can it ever come to me? Why will it ever come to me? I don't have that that that openness of chest in Busan to give and spend. When he reps up everything his children come to him. He says our grandfather said you owe us one third of the essay. He said my children yours your money. But I'm going to announce in four years of hygiene succession, that nobody has any claim on your grandfather on my father, when I'm satisfied because you only honor a person's bequest in

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one third if there aren't debts to swallow that assets. So if there are debts, then there is no decrease in there is no bequest. For four years. He announced after four years nobody made a claim he called his children. He said I'm sorry to hold back your dad has money, yours your money and I'm happy to give it to you. What was his estimate? His wife's came home four wives each one came home with 1,200,000 theorems. And what is the shape of a wife the Quran says in the fort Jews, one owner roborough mimma tarakan illa Mia Kula Kamala for Incandela come wallet fella fellow one as soon as the four wives collectively share one eighth. So the one eighth of one portion of that one eight for

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each one was 1 million. These assets was sitting on the hadith of Bokhari for Karina Jimmy O'Malley he comes soon alpha alpha, alpha when he died with 50,200,000 theorems. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to give us happiness in our lives, to give us Baraka in our lives, and to bless us with contentment, allowed to hurt ruin mathema wonderful Rob Dunn McKenna, a slave is a king as long as his content and the king is a slave as long as he has greed.