Taraweeh Truffles Day 14 Don’t Lose Hope

Muhammad Alshareef


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The speaker discusses the importance of having both fear and hope in the Mercy of Allah, as it is a common thread throughout the prophets' message. They explain that while some may not have had hope, they have had fear and are misguided. The speaker emphasizes the importance of not accepting the "shay inputs" of the prophets and the need to have both fear and hope in order to achieve their goals.

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truck rolls.

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When I was a little kid and my parents took me to visit my grandmother in Egypt, she used to make these delicious desserts of yogurt, on top of which would be jello. So it's like red and white. So if you're Egyptian or you know, Egyptians, they make this all the time, and it's really delicious. So as a little kid, I love to jello yogurt, jello yogurt, what a great combination. And my grandmother would put it in the fridge to cool. And I'd go and take one and eat it and so on. But one day it happened that somebody else went to the fridge and ate a couple of them. And then my grandmother went and said, Mohamed, you ate them? And then I said, in response, I didn't eat them.

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She's like, No, you ate them. I'm like, I didn't eat them. And she's like, tell the truth. Like, oh my god.

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What is this? I didn't eat them. So as a little kid, I said to myself, if I'm going to get blamed for eating the yogurts, then I'm going to eat them. There's a deep lesson in that but first let's look at the I bought me up on auto mill raw material, Iran me long on.

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In this verse, the angels came to Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam, and they were saying respectfully to him, don't lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. Now, Ibrahim alayhis salam respectfully also says to them in response, what may have not only Rama Tierra de la Lune, he said, Who loses hope in the Mercy of Allah except those who are misguided. And if you work it backwards, only misguided people are the ones who lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. What's really interesting is that this is a very similar statement to what Prophet Dr. Kuba Alayhis Salam said to his sons, it had been many years and they have lost their brother usif many years ago. And when their father sent them back to Egypt,

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he said, go to Egypt, and look for your brother use of after all these years, and then he said to them, wala Tae Asuma Rohilla. And he said, and don't lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. So we see this as a recurring theme amongst the prophets, teaching us that no one should lose hope in the Mercy of Allah and in fact, only misguided people will lose hope in the Mercy of Allah. So two things fear and hope, right? Should you fear Allah subhanaw taala so you fear like I'm gonna go to hellfire if I do this? Or should you have hope in the Mercy of Allah? Well, the reality is that you should have both of course, right? You fear Allah Spano Tata as punishment, you hope for his reward. But what's

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really interesting is that you cannot only have fear. You cannot only have fear, because if you only have fear and you have no hope in the Mercy of Allah, then you will be misguided and you'll go to hellfire. It's back to the yogurt and jello thing. Remember, I said that if I'm going to get blamed for this, or if I'm going to go to hellfire anyway, then what's the point of doing good deeds? And so similarly, you should never accept the whispers of shaytaan in your ear telling you to lose hope and the mercy of Allah telling you that you've done so many sins, there's no hope for you. You're gonna go to hellfire. So you might as well just, you know, eat all the yogurt and eat all the jell

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O's. Don't accept that from Shaytaan always realize that there is hope for you. There is hope for me. We should never lose hope in the Mercy of Allah.