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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Hillandale Allah, Allah, Allah Papa so we're one lady who had a shadow on the hoonah illa Illa who level usma SNA

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Mohammedan Abu rasuluh saw Ebola Camila

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rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. You read Allahu be kumal use so are you ready to be qumola Russell? We're calling Wu sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and tomb 30 Moon Sabina oma. And Tomohiro ha ha karamu ha ha de la Rosa who tell me the honorable aroma respected brothers listeners. Ramadan has come and gone. Many Ramadan's in our life has come and gone. If Allah gives us life, many more Ramadan's will come and go. The question that I want to address on this blessed day is how can we make this Ramadan difference? How can we make our lives our attitude, our approach our perspective, our mindset, post this Ramadan different? One of the objectives of Ramadan is to recalibrate us to

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restore spiritual equilibrium, so that we can reconnect with the true purpose of our life. Ramadan, has given us the platform to once again remind ourselves as to who we are,

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to understand what is our role on earth, and to inject a renewed sense of purpose into our lives. So Ramadan has given us this platform to understand who we are, what is our role on earth, and to inject a sense of purpose back into our lives to revitalize it. Now, in the midst of individual difficulty and the collective pain of the oma in the myths of depression and oppression. It is vital, it is pivotal, it is critical, it is important, that we remind ourselves, who we are, how special we are, how special we are, how much Allah loves us, how much Allah has blessed us how much Allah has privileged us how much Allah has favored us. Let me start with a very famous verse of the

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Quran. Allah says Quinto, mahaya, Rama, these are dynamic words these are profound words. These are words that are so laden with meaning will love. Allah says you are the best of nations, you are the best. Today we have to remind ourselves that we are the best. Because if we don't remind ourselves that we are the best, we won't be able to play the role that has been reserved for the best. in a way that's best our effort will not be our best shot. We'll get to overwhelmed by individual difficulty and by the collective pain of the oma it's time for us on a positive note to remind ourselves who we are. This Hadith which are recited in my introduction Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam tells us and that the moon is Sabrina Omar, you have completed 70 mutton nations you have completed 70 omitted nations and tumhari ruhakana Mohan Allah from all 70 you are the best and the most honored in the sight of Allah. O Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam from 17 nations You are the most honored and the most favored in the sight of Allah. You need to know all Muslim you need to know that you are the best so that you can live as the best so that you can aim and achieve for that which is the best. And so the Allah Juan says and eration of Muslim that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us not only will you be the best in this dunya but he said on the day of tiama

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my followers will be larger in number than the followers of any other nebby.

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My followers will be larger in number than the followers of any other nebby and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said I will be the first to knock on the doors of Jelena.

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On the night of marriage, Allah praise the love by saying Alhamdulillah hillarie Jaya Allah Almighty whom will only know whom Allah all praises due to that Allah who sent my oma as the last

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nation to earth but the first nation to enter Paradise, the last nation on Earth, but the first nation to enter Paradise. Not only that brothers, it gets even better. We are the best in this world. We are the best in the era. But it's one step more. This generation of telomere a little Jelena I schroon. Our mia sufen in Jelena the inhabitants of Jelena will make up 120 subs. 120 Rose summer new and immingham in her the hill oma from those 126 in Jelena at will be from the followers of Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, let this fact let this fact settle on your heart. Two thirds of the inhabitants of Jelena will be from this oma

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two thirds of the inhabitants of Jelena will be from this oma, know your worth, oh Muslim, know your worth all Muslim, not only so that you can take pride or that you can feel special, but when you know your worth, it must motivate you to lead a life of purpose. You know, my message to you today I have summarized it in two sentences. Nowadays, it's all about bite size. It's about speaking in sound bites, everything must be short and sweet. Otherwise, people don't have time. So I summarize my entire talk for you in two sentences. And I will be repeating these sentences every so often in my discourse. The two sentences are no your worth, oh Muslim, live a life of purpose. Know your

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worth, oh, Muslim, live a life of purpose. Today, we live in a modern society. modern society has driven this oma to two extremes. On the one extreme, you have those Muslims who are lethargic, who are mediocre, who go with the flow, who are passive, the world has left them behind. They have made themselves irrelevant. They are on one extreme. On the other extreme, you have those Muslims who are working hard, who are striving, who pushed themselves, but with no greater purpose, very materialistic in the intention and approach very consumerist, in their mindset. They are working hard, but only for dunya. So they are the ones that are caught in the rat race of life, the

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consequences of which is the health suffers, you've got stress, your relationships are taking a knock and you're feeling hollow inside. It's not happiness, there's no contentment. The majority of Muslims are between these two extremes, or either one of these two extremes, either lethargic and passive. The world is passing them by are they working very hard, but only for dunya only to accumulate material things of this very finite and very limited world. And the solution to bring ourselves back into the middle path is for us to rediscover our sense of purpose. Why is Allah put us on earth? You see this consumerist society that we live in this materialistic environment that

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has prevailed over the planet. It focuses only on the functions of the body, the physical needs, but Islam says you have physical needs, but you also have spiritual needs. There's the needs of the body and these the need of the soul, and the needs of the soul are more important than the needs of the body. Islam say be productive, but not in a consumerist way soul guided productivity. Your soul is more important in your approach. Your spiritual needs is your foundation and your spiritual needs guide your materialistic endeavors. That is what Islam says. So what is our purpose in life? Our Deen in one verse has encapsulated it. It has given us a clear a succinct purpose that drives our

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every intention and that motivates our every action. There are so many intellectuals in the world today. There are so many professionals in the world today. Not withstanding the academic excellence or their material progress. They are lost in life because they don't have a sense of purpose. They don't know why they have been created. They don't know why they are here. They don't know where they are heading. In one verse, Allah says mama Gina will ensue in lolly abu allah says I've created you to worship me. The word ABD the word is linked to this word Yahoo tune in. In English we translated as slave. The scholars have written that there's a difference between a casual worshiper and a slave

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occasion worshiper. He wants to go to church on Sundays he goes to church on Sundays and that's it. But a slave is obliged to worship all the time. every second of your life you must be in the obedience of Allah. Now when we use this word slave in the English language, it generally has a bit of a negative connotation. When you use the word slave, you think of you know Africans in chains on a ship bound for the Americans, being ill treated, being oppressed, but no in Arabic the word

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it denotes a beautiful slate.

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Every a beautiful slavery, you know what slavery denotes. It denotes that slavery that when you truly become the slave of Allah, you liberate yourself from the slavery of everything and everyone else. When you truly become the,

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the slave of Allah, you liberate yourself from the slavery of everything and everyone else. One right is so aptly wrote and he said, if you are not going to be the slave of Allah, then you will be you end up being the slave of something or someone else. So are the acts being the slave of Allah, Allah shackles you and liberate you from slavery to everything and everyone else. It's a beautiful slavery. When you become the slave of a law, then you have a greater purpose, then you are intrinsically motivated, then you live your life according to the values of the Quran, not according to the swaying and the fluctuating values of mankind. When you become the true slave of Allah, then

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there is balance in your life between your private life and your public life between your relationships and your business. When you become the true slave of Allah, you are constantly connected to Allah. So every intention of yours every action of yours is weighed on the scale of is displeasing to my Allah nots, you hold yourself to a higher moral purpose to a different set of standards, they self accountability, because you know, one day I have to stand an account before law, so know your worth, oh, Muslim, know your worth of Muslim, live a life of purpose, live a life of purpose. Islam offers us this balanced system, between feeding the soul and feeding the body, the

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needs of the soul and the needs of the body. And the whole the whole year, we tend to incline more to servicing the needs of the body. And Ramadan then comes and for those 30 days, Allah put so much of spirituality, and we feed the soul, and some sort of balance is restored. So soul guided productivity is the foundation of living a life of purpose. And that's what I'm saying to you this morning that know your worth or Muslim, know your worth or Muslim. But after knowing your worth, live a life of purpose, you cannot just float in life. You cannot just be an oxygen thief existing on the planet occupying space for doing nothing constructive. Okay, so I've made my point. What do

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we need to live a life of purpose? Let's get into the details. We need three things primarily. The first thing you need to live a purposeful life, his spiritual energy, spiritual energy, and spiritual energies that energy that you get when you're close to Allah. And Ramadan gave us that closeness to Allah. So right now this morning, we are brimming with spiritual energy, but we need to maintain it. Today even the corporate world have understood the importance of spiritual energy. They will tell you in the corporate setting, that IQ your intellectual capacity is important. But more important than IQ is EQ, your emotional intelligence your ability to deal with people, but most

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important is Eskew your sense of spiritual well being. Today, the modern world is telling us what our neighbor told us 1400 years ago, the same message that other money stolen came with. If Allah is happy with you, they'll be Baraka in everything that you do spiritual energy, and the primary sources for energy. Step one. If there's one action point, after Ramadan, just stay away from sin. When you stay away from sin, it gives you that spiritual energy and that spiritual energy puts impetus in everything or anything that you do. So if you live a life in accordance to the obedience of a lion is messenger, you will be in harmony with the purpose of your creation. You will find the

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energy you will find the focus you will find the time to reach your ultimate potential otherwise, Allah sounds out a very important warning in the Quran, woman araba and victory for him Nana Houma. Isha can banca that whoever lives a life in the disobedience of Allah, He will lead a very depressed life, that even your good intentions and your great work will be devoid of blessings. Spiritual energy is the first requirements to live a life of purpose. The second requirement have a positive attitude. Your inside world creates your outside world how you thinking on the inside has an impact on the outside. When you have a positive outlook you see opportunities rather than seeing problems

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when they are problems you see solutions and negative attitude wastes energy a positive attitude creates energy is one very important point brothers. One very important point that we need to focus on many

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All of us are negative when it comes to dunya. Many of us are negative when it comes to this material world. We think that dunya stands condemned, we are wrong. The Quran whenever it speaks about dunya it speaks about it in a positive way. Yes, when it speaks about higher to then leaves a negative connotation. In other words, do not let this worldly life become your ultimate objective. Do not let the pleasures of this world detract you from the pleasure of Allah. Otherwise dunya is very positive at dunya Muslim, Akira this dunya is the farmland of the Akira dunya and akhira is intrinsically connected. That's why we need to unleash Listen to these words of mines. We need to

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unleash a generation of young Muslims who will have the confidence to pursue dunya for the sake of afra we need to have a generation of young Muslims who will have the confidence to pursue dunya for the sake of Allah, know your worth all Muslim, know your worth all Muslim, live a life of purpose. The third thing that we require is social energy. So spiritual energy a positive attitude. The third thing you require to live a life of purpose is social energy, what the social energy mean? It simply means that when Allah says come to higher Alma, you are the best of nations. Allah gives you the reason or creature, nurse, you have been taken out to serve humanity. You cannot live for yourself.

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You cannot be individualistic, you cannot be isolated. You are the best when you are service minded, you are the best when you are community centric, we should not confine the righteousness to a certain acts of either only to be a righteous slave of Allah, you need to be a productive slave of Allah, not just spiritually, but physically and socially as well. This is one important verse of the Quran, where Allah says in the urethra Hi, buddy asylee hoon, that this earth will be inherited

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by my fire servants, and the fire is similar to that of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. So what does it mean? What does it mean for us to inherit the earth? What does it mean for us to inherit the earth? It means that we are trustees of this Khalifa to LA when we are the vice chairman of this earth, and being a vice president of Allah is not a passive responsibility, it is an active role. Let me share with you a description from the Quran, a verse where Allah describes to us his Nepalese approach towards servicing humanity. And let's say it's Kumar Solomon and forsaken NLP has come from your ranks is the human disease on Allah Hema, and the difficulties that afflict you are distressing to

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The difficulties that afflict you are distressing to him as he is in a hurry to hurry sunako he's anxious for you. And you is not only Muslims, because at the end of the verse, Allah talks about Nabi sallallahu Sallam is worried for the Muslims. Yeah, it's for Muslims and non Muslims. Let me sell Melissa lambs approach was the difficulty of any human was distressing to him. He was anxious over the condition of every human, we claim to love Him, we claim to follow him. Do we have this mindset of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, to the difficulties of others distress us to the anxieties of others consequence could result in anxiety for us. And when it comes to the believers will move

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meaning in our Oh for him. He's most forgiving, Most Merciful in order to exist as believers you need to be merciful and forgiving to one another. Is this beautiful Hadith. Voila. And so the Allah Han says, Listen to this brothers. And so the law says that Nabi sallallahu Sallam said, if you are about to plant a tree, and the announcement is made, that tiama is going to take place, complete planting your tree, then embrace gamma. What's the message here? The message is make the earth a better place, even if it is one three, on the verge of gamma.

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There have to be our mindset and our approach is Muslims. We cannot live for ourselves. Not only must we do for humanity, but we must do with excellence in perfection. In the Mahabharata, Allah your Hippo either Amina had to come and au Tila. Allah says, Allah loves that when you do anything, you do it with perfection and you do it with excellence. So to recap, we need three things to live a life of purpose. The first is you need spiritual energy. The second is you need a positive attitude. And the third is unique social energy. Let me share with you a coach. They say to love is the rarest thing in the world. To Love is the rarest thing in the world. Most people

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Just exists. Most people just exist. Brothers, we need to live Islam. For too long we've only been talking Islam. We've been writing Islam, we need to start living Islam. The Quran talks about that man who takes the knew of Islam and works within amongst mankind. Nor am she belief in us. We need to take the note of our Eman and spread it to our surroundings. We need to radiate the world with the light of Iman, our life, our conduct, our actions and our character need to spread the light of Islam. Let me share with you from higher to Sahaba the incident of Omar Marathi Allahu Allah what a profound incidence. This Sahabi had a Christian slave girl. He loved charity so much he loved

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charity so much that he used to save money to give it in charity is to save money to give it to charity. And one day he had only three coins left. One beggar comes he gives the next beggar comes against the third beggar comes he gives his slave girl rebukes him. You left nothing for us. He goes to the mustard for Salah he's fasting. She takes a loan to prepare his if

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then when she's making his bed she says April this Queen's year 300 coins. This is only one day he was so charitable because he knows he's got quite a bit. When he came back. She told him Why didn't you tell me about those coins. You left them lying around, I would have put them in a safe place. He said what coins. He was so startled. That's when she realized that this man literally thought he was giving away his last three coins. She was so affected by his sense of reliance in Allah but his charitable nature on the spot she broke the cross from her neck. She became such a devout Muslim that years later they found her in the masjid in Damascus, not only worshiping Allah, but teaching

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the women of the locality about the intricacies of the Messiah L of Dean. This is when you live Islam. This is when you love Islam. So Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us this opportunity for others that as I said, we need to know our worth, know your worth or Muslim live a life of purpose. And Allah has not made it difficult for us to live a life of purpose. The first feature is cited in my introduction, unless you read there will also be kumal use Ravana URI to become a nurse. So Allah wants you to lead an easy life not a difficult life. When you're the one home Islam Allah Allah Allah, Allah him compared to the previous nations, Allah says I've taken away a lot of the shackles

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and a lot of the burdens we have Allah. No one can harm us except if Allah wants them to harm us. No one can benefit us accepting these Allah wants them to benefit us. We have the on our foundational connection with Allah which is totally preserved in his pristine purity. We have the Sunnah, the purest and the most comprehensive lifestyle. We are almost balanced in our beliefs in our actions in our rituals. Allah has made it so easy for us to attain Jenna simple actions get you great reward. This woman makes less effort they get greater reward in Makkah multiplied by 100,000 in Ramadan multiplied in llena. to Qatar multiplied, you read surah if last ones we would have one third of the

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Quran, you read through 10 rewards 10 sins are forgiven your status elevated by 10 you read Alhamdulillah once the scales of the heavens and earth are filled, allow us to succeed. Allah wants us to succeed. Allah wants to make it easy for us to attain Jelena Islam has given us the tools to deal with the ups and downs of life. I Japan Lee Emeril McMahon, how amazing is the affair of a believer, anything good happens you show gratitude, anything bad happens you persevere and both times you get reward both ways you get rewarded, you know Islam is made life simple. Life is not complicated. If the Quran Muharram the coonabarabran nurse, stay away from haram you will be the

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greatest worship and Allah will love you was her female nurse you hate brokenness. Don't be greedy for that which other people have and people will love you. Stay away from sin Allah will love you. Don't stare at that which Allah has blessed us with and they will love you know your worth almost slim. Know your worth all Muslim, live a life of purpose. I know that we don't live in the best of times, humanity has stooped to its lowest level half of the world is in depression. The other half is in operation. But even in this environment, it is possible to be a good Muslim, to lead a life of purpose to excel as a Muslim Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, method o Matic. methylene

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mataro. My oma is like rain. You don't know whether the initial rains have greater goodness or the letter rains. We can never reach the rank of Sahaba but what this means is that they will always be goodness in this Omar until the end of time, we need to find the goodness we need to be the goodness this is an Omar

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Hi and goodness zanaco Amata matambi umbrella Nabi sallallahu Sallam said in every era, no matter how bad the times are, they will always be those who will uphold the commands of Allah. Every field will have its best people. We need to seek them. We need to be the best of them. Yes, we live in the worst of times. But there's a hadith in Mischka, the gist of which is that if you practice the commands of Allah during the times of fitna during the times of evil and anarchy, you get 50 times more reward than those who practice at times when it was more conducive to practice. It is still easy to practice Islam. Actually, it is more rewarding to practice Islam know your worth, oh,

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Muslim, live the life of purpose. My time is almost up. Let's just summarize. I mentioned in summary that the Ramadan has given us a platform to rediscover the purpose of our existence. Firstly, we need to become the true slaves of Allah. Once again, because when you enslave yourself to Allah, you liberate yourself from the slavery of everything and everyone else, we need to know our worth. That's the first half of my message. The second half is live a life of purpose, how by spiritual energy, that is, when you abstain from sin, it brings you closer to Allah a positive attitude, we need to have the confidence to pursue dunya for the sake of Akira, and do so with excellence. The

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third thing social energy by being a true student of all on earth by making the earth a better place by not living for ourselves only. And all of this is possible even in the worst of times, if we can just truly live Islam. I know times are bad brothers, but times were bad after heard. And what was the last message well,

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alone I mean, to not become a week after Sahaba were physically shattered, and emotionally scarred. But Allah said, Don't grieve, don't worry, you will prevail. If you can become true Muslims, it's time for us to become true Muslims. I'll say two or three things and conclude How do you become true Muslims again, the same thing know your worth. One day he sadly Salaam said. He said you know what? The scale of good deeds of the home of Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam will weigh the heaviest. Why? Because their tongues are more accustomed to the recitation of that kalama which the previous nations found difficult. What is that kalama La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasulullah but others

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brothers, we read it. We teach that kalama to our children, notwithstanding our individual and collective weakness, we still read the kalama we still teach our children, it's still burning in our prisons, we live for it, we are prepared to die for it. And that makes us special in the eyes of Allah. It makes us special in the eyes of Allah in the eyes of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam. Allah said I wish I can meet my brothers. I wish I can meet my brothers Sahaba said Who are we not your brother's your asuna Allah He said no unto us how be You are my companions? My brothers are those alladhina amanu be well I'm your only those who will believe in the Karima even though they did not

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see me. That's you and i, you and I and all of us today we are weak but we are special in the eyes of Allah. We are special in the eyes of Nabi sallallahu sallam, we have worth brothers, we have value brothers, Muslims realize your worth, realize your worth and let that realization motivate you to lead a life of purpose. I will end with the two sentences I've been repeating throughout this is the crux of my message this morning know your worth Oh Muslim know your worth Oh Muslim live a life of purpose. May Allah grant me and grant all of us the two feet was said Allahu wa salam o Ababa God and Amina Mohammed worker that one and in hamdulillah

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