Common Errors in Salaah – Cover the Aurah

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In terms of common errors in Surah yesterday we mentioned that when you are coming in and the Salah has already commenced and the congregation is already up, do not run in the masjid it's contrary to the etiquette of the masjid. Yes, do not walk as if you go all the time in the world. When someone sees you, you must be walking briskly if you are late for Sella, so that you don't miss the congregation in the JAMA, but do not run in the mysterious and dignified today I want to discuss a very important masala it is a condition for Salah to be valid for your our to be covered that part of your body which is compulsory, right, so from the navel to and including the knees when it comes

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to males. Now that is the compulsory portion. It doesn't mean that you read you come to the masjid dressed like how you would be dressed when you go to the beach. We've had incidents here once twice, people came with bermudas and short sleeves and they say what's wrong my aura is covered. One is that which is necessary for you to cover and the other is the respect and the etiquette of the masjid if you go meet the President will you go into criminals and short sleeves. So you come to the house of a lion telling Well, you know what my private party is covered what you make a nice robot, you know, every place has its its attire, there's a decadent, that's relevant to every place. So one

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is you must be dressed neatly in Salah, but even the hour it needs to be covered for the full duration of Salah many of us we wear these tight jeans, or we wear these tight tops. And then when you go into records such that your back becomes exposed, the upper part of your buttocks become exposed and that's part of the outer the area between the navel and the knees. And if one quarter of the of the portion of the body remains exposed for longer than three Subhanallah invalidate the Salah. You know sometimes when you walk in late, it's like using bicycle because people are going into such dire and you're seeing people's you know buttocks and it's inappropriate to come to them

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as did nobody does it intentionally. But we need to be also conscious about how we dress when we come to the house of Allah. And if if the upper part of your buttocks is exposed for longer than three sub handleless then you have invalidated your Salah without even realizing it because you have exposed your aura. So this is another common error in Salah. Firstly, we don't dress appropriate to the occasion. When you come to the house of Allah you don't come dressed cheveley because you are standing in front of Allah and secondly that our arm has remained covered for the full duration of PSA. And lastly, some of us our bodies are covered in Salah, but we buy such thin material that you

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can actually see the color of the skin right through the material. That also is problematic because it means now your aura is exposed. So you may be wearing a nice long white kurta. But you use such material, it's so thin and so fine that if somebody's sitting behind you they can actually see the color of your skin through that material. So it means you technically have not actually covered your whole meal after Barack Obama granted the understanding. So Panama