Getting to Know Allah Through Fasting

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In alhumdulillah, nothing to do honestly known as takfeer or not we know behavior network rollei will not be lamb asurion fusina Mr. Molina de la for llamo de la familia for the hottie Allah is the other one. La la la hula hula shell ecola shadow Anna Mohammed Donato hora solo Yeah, you already know me no taco. Taco taco De La Tomatina Illa moon.

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Beloved brothers and sisters we praise Allah the Almighty.

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We believe in Him, we trust in Him. And we bear witness that whatever whomever Allah guides is guided to right

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and whomever Allah leads to err no one can guide them.

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We ask Allah to bless His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam bless his family and his companions all of them me.

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Brothers and sisters in today's goodbye

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I want to just say what Allah said we're anta su Haru Lancome in control kalamoon

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and that you fast is better for you if you got no

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Ramadan is almost halfway over.

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x the Imam

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mm Hamad said me as an Imam, how many people come to Juma prayer? He said it depends.

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So what do you mean? He said do you mean during Ramadan?

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Or do you mean other than Ramadan?

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And what he said reminded me of my Masjid and every Masjid that I know.

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Every year during the month of Ramadan.

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There are people that we only see in Ramadan.

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You look for the halau for Ramadan. I look for certain brothers.

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In certain brothers come to my Masjid. It must be Ramadan.

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But I want to, I want to, I want you to know who it is.

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That is ordering us this month to fast.

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But I want you first to just understand something, I'm going to give you some information I want you to I want you to think about it.

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If you ask the people in France,

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what is your religion?

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64% of them

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a population of 66,000,041 point something million will say I'm Roman Catholic. What's your religion? Roman Catholic 64%.

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But only 4.5% actually practice.

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So some 1,900,000 people are friends actually practice.

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They claim to be Roman Catholic. But how many practice? So therefore, when you read in the almanacs, and you read country by country, you ask the question, what is the religion? What percentage is religion? That figure is misleading? Because the reality is how many practice?

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Islam is growing and spreading? No doubt. There's no question. Even in Moscow, they're building a new Masjid that will accommodate 60,000 worshippers every way you go you see the rise of Islam and the Muslims but the question is how many of them practice

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so you ask them what is your religion you're quick to say I'm a Muslim.

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But do you fast in Ramadan

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and to su hydro lagoon in conjunct the moon that you fast is better for you if you bought into it. Amen. A desert Arab came to the Prophet Alayhi Salaam. He want to know about Islam. What color is Rasulullah? sallallahu wasallam camsell Salawat five prayers a day. And the man next this question hallelujah hoonah

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is there more than these five prayers Kala left?

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No, except what is extra. You have to do the five but the extra you don't it's it's not mandatory. So no extra extra

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You know, you know think about this for a moment as you know, better than me that when the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam was given the commandment for prayer. Allah gave him the commandment of 50 prayers a day. Now listen to what the prophet said a laser that was, in his words, for a job to be valleca had tomorrow to Alamosa.

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And I returned with those 50 prayers. I went back, ready to leave the congregation 50 prayers today. He just stopped for a moment and think about what 50 prayers today is I returned with Allah gave him the commandment 50 prayers a day 50 prayers it is until I ran into Moosa and Mussolini salat wa salam said what the law commands you. He said 50 prayers a day.

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Carla 5g in the oma taka danika go back and actual law to reduce it because your old man will not be able to do it. So the Prophet peace and blessings be upon them listening to the prophet who came before him. He goes back to law and Alavi doses and you know, it goes back and forth until there's five now and he confronts Moosa and musar says, four to 11 obika in the oma Taka had to

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go back and actually Lord to reduce it. Your own man won't be able to do it, huh?

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You mean to tell me they can't even do five prayers a day was musar right?

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I'll let you figure that out. You asked the Muslims do you do you? Do you make a lot? No, I don't make a lot but I am a Muslim.

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What percentage of the Muslims actually practice now I want you to I want you to think about this for a moment and then I'm going to try I have a lot to say I'm watching the clock. And I know I'm supposed to stop at a certain time you forgive me if I go a minute pass? I give me no guarantees, which are my best

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you know, so that sort of desert Arab wants to know about a lot so the Prophet said five and then the Prophet says see I'm Asha Ramadan fast in the month of Ramadan Allah hallelujah guru who is anything more Kala

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we fast in the month of Ramadan. Do you know that there's some Muslims who fast every Monday and Thursday they used to

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there's some Muslims who fast see the fast route.

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Karla Rasulullah he Salah Sanam. Hubbell cm Illa Allah See, I'm the most beloved first two allies the fast of their own, He fasted every other day.

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The first best prayer to Allah the prayer.

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So the Prophet said,

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No, no, no, just this Ramadan. Just do that.

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And then the Prophet Alayhi so that was the max Allah wa salatu wa sallam said, is a can Allah, Allah you guide who has anything more than call Allah?

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No, no sir What is extra?

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So the man turned around and said, will lie he laughed as you do. Allah has the wallet and cusu Minho. I swear by Allah. I will neither increase nor decrease from that caller. Elisa that was an F Lucha and Sadako

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he will be successful if he's telling the truth.

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What I want to say today,

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maybe some of you here, then fast yet, not one day yet Ramadan. Ramadan is almost halfway over. Maybe some of you didn't fast I want to consider this. Those who haven't fasted yet, I want to encourage you to fast. But I want you to think about this. When I was in elementary school back to third grade. They taught us a song. And I don't even remember the name of the song but I remember a couple of the words of the song It went something like this.

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Getting to know you

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getting to know all about you.

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Getting to like you getting to hope you like me.

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And really, as a human being, you know what it's all about. It's all about getting to know Allah,

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getting to know Allah.

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And he does not benefit at all. If every human being fasted,

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he wouldn't benefit.

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We benefit

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You want a sumo karula come in quantum Talamo think about this

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align so great he says for men can I mean Kumar Eden Allah suffering for that Oh man, I am in our luggages you to commandment to fast but if you sit on a journey, make it up.

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Do you know that I travel the whole month of Ramadan, at least half of the month of Ramadan I'm traveling.

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I could technically make my fat stuff I can eat right now.

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But I decided to keep my fast for me it's easier to do it now than to make it up. So I am the law even though Allah give me a choice. I have never ever heard one scholar ever even hint that those who cannot dance in Ramadan for one reason or the other. And they make it up first of all, a lot. I'll tell you when you have to make it up. You don't have to make it up and show out. You don't have you make it up when you can. So you can make it up in December in December the short days and the days cool. So it's not like fashion in June and July or August. But yet and never heard one scholar say that if you make up this day with a legitimate excuse that Allah somehow diminishes it. I never

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heard that.

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However, what about you decided to wake up one day? I don't feel like faster. You ain't got no excuse. You're not traveling. You're not sick.

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What happens there?

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The Prophet peace and blessings be upon him said who ever misses a day of Ramadan with no legitimate excuse? No travel and no sickness. He said, even if you fasted every day for the rest of your life, you cannot make up that one day that you missed.

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Don't Don't, don't make sure you understand. Your fara atonement. You have to make the day up you owe it to Allah. There's a price to pay if you don't pay it back you owe Allah. So therefore, to make it up, you have to miss fast the day you missed, you make it up. It's an atonement. Yes, but you don't. You don't get what you would have gotten from that day that you missed. I give another example. He was clear. He had the Muslim had

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a man came to the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam hallak to I have been destroying them ruin. The Prophet said Why? He said I slept with my wife during Ramadan in the daylight hours. Okay, now you missed it. You messed up the slot. You messed up the fast because of you know, doing what Allah said don't do. So the Prophet axioma they said, Can you free a slave? He said no. Listen to the next one. Can you fast 60 consecutive days. Meaning because you missed that one day now, to make atonement. You have to fast 60 consecutive days for that one day that you miss. And the man said no. He said can you feed 60 people? The man said no. So the Prophet remain silent.

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Soon after that someone came with a large date some large pile of dates. He said where's that man? He told the man take these dates and feed 60 people listen to the man's response. The Prophet said Mr. Day, now you got to feed 60 people you ain't got no money, nonprofit give you something to pay 60 people 60 people right? survivors are taking the feed 60 people know the man said yeah, to sue the law should I give this food to someone poor than my family

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and nobody poor in all of Medina than me.

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So the Prophet Alayhi salat wa salam gave him the dates and said feed your family with

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the school Pharaoh. But you still can make up the day meaning get all of the rewards from Allah subhanho wa Taala Al Hamdulillah

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Al Hamdulillah Rob alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Safi ijma in America.

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All right now let me move away for a moment and talk about getting to know you getting to know Allah subhanho wa Taala. I want to as you think about fasting and continuing to fast and do good deeds because this is a special month and especially only because Allah made it special.

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Consider this.

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I'm in my Masjid one day and I'm reading the Quran and I come across this various

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Man, Tesco Toulmin, worker Illa. Yeah.

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There is not a leaf that falls. except Allah knows it

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is think about this for a moment.

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So I leave my office

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and I go down walking eastward along the street to get my newspapers. And as I'm walking down the street, I'm thinking about this idea. Walmart, Tesco, tuna, waterco, Illa, Yamaha not a tree, not a leaf falls, except Allah knows it. And one I'm reading it, I'm looking on the ground. And I see hundreds if not 1000s of leaves on the ground. And I'm reading this ayat. And then I do some research.

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I want to know how many trees on this earth

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how many trees? According to the scientists, over 3 trillion trees, some trees have as many as 200,000 leaves.

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And you mean to tell me

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not one leaf was except Allah knows.

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Are you kidding me?

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Ah, the skeptic may say, all right, sir. But how do you verify it?

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How you verify that Allah knows every leaf that falls?

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I'll answer you can't accept the law said in his core and we believe in

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Allah speaks the truth.

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Another skeptic may say this is trivial knowledge. So what he knows me leaves the fall. So what?

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Ah, you missed the point.

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It shows you the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. I give you an example. How many people on this earth

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7,500,000,000 people on this earth?

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You have witnessed this before two people talking to you arguing in each one of them arguing their point talking to you. You said wait a minute, wait a minute, one at a time. One at a time. I can't. I can't I can't hear you one at a time. So it's something about Allah subhanho wa Taala. You know how many languages on this earth

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some 6500 languages.

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I want you to imagine

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five 7,500,000,000 people all praying to Allah at the same time, in their own language. And Allah hears all of them at the same time.

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This is the one that's asking you or ordering you to fast and the month of Ramadan.

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Anyone more than I then I conclude. So far, I'm doing pretty good.

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I was at the airport in Atlanta, Georgia. Recently.

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And as I'm coming through security, I noticed that there's a security man with the dog and the dog was smelling everybody

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smelled me.

00:18:21--> 00:18:28

And I was just fascinated, you know, nasm going around security. I'm looking at this, this security guy with a dog and all of a sudden

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he started smelling a man. And he started you know, making noise and barking and sitting down. He got somebody.

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Now I'm gonna be honest with you don't don't get mad at me. I just so happened that the security man was a white man.

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And the man that the dog had smelled was a black man.

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So I got nervous. This is I'm from the United States and not from Canada.

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So I got my

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social media.

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I want to I want to see what happens. And I expected like 6070 security guards to come up with their sticks, and they're gonna beat that man down. So I'm getting ready.

00:19:16--> 00:19:17

I want to witness it.

00:19:18--> 00:19:20

But something interesting happened.

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That man when the dog had smelled, started laughing, he was laughing. And then he walked out a line and he went somewhere. And I realize what happened.

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Every once in a while to make sure that these dogs are on it. They'll slip somebody in, who have some kind of whatever they looking for, to see if they're, you know, doing what they're supposed to do. Why I say this?

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I want to just take a second to show you the greatness of Allah as a creator. You have a look at yourself.

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7,500,000,000 people, every one of them have a different fingerprint.

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This is the creator, your individuality.

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Not only that you may not know that that your voice is distinctive from everybody else's voice. I was in Australia recently met a man sod from Medina has a very unique talent. He is able to

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100 of the greatest reciters in the world right now he can sound just like them. But those who know can distinguish the difference even try though you try to imitate somebody, you have your own unique voice. handwriting is different. It's unique. Let me give you one more in case you didn't know.

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Every one of us have a unique smell.

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Your smell is not unlike anyone else.

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This is why dogs who some dogs have a sense of smell help millions of times stronger than human beings. This is why when someone is looking for someone, they give the dog the shirt and they smell the shirt and they go find the person because your smell is unique. If you differ with this, if you have doubts about it, go to suit your use of

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aku alayhi salatu wa sallam he said I smell the scent of use of

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this is the greatness you see when last Angkor Olam Torah and Allah subhanaw taala

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Matthew long Don't you see Allah has subjected for you everything in the heavens and earth, everything in the heavens on Earth, Allah subjected for us to human beings. So now he tells you the fast you got to say what?

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You know right now they're training dogs

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to smell the breath of a man to determine if they have prostate cancer.

00:22:05--> 00:22:13

I was shocked five days ago I learned in Cambodia I didn't notice and Cambodia. You know, they have a lot of landmines and unexploded.

00:22:14--> 00:22:40

They are training rats to find these landmark mines and dig them up. Gentlemen, this is Allah subhanho wa Taala The Lord of the worlds so you know, listen, the fasting. man says don't miss it. Even those who you know provide food for those who break the fast Allah gives them the reward of those who fasted tomorrow

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man sama Ramadan man what is having

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them be one faster month of Ramadan ALLAH forgive their sins. I mean, come on, there's too much. Even those who fast one day one day, Allah keeps them a distance from the Hellfire, the distance of seven years travel, come on, those who fast will go inshallah, in general, in a certain gate, or Brianne just for those who fast and only those who fast go to that gate. And after everyone who fast go to that gate, they close the gate nobody else can get in. Why would you not fast?

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Why? Why would you not pray? Why? I remember I drove from New York to Atlanta, Georgia, we stopped at North Carolina to rest and to make Salah. I went now, me and my two daughters we went now we're gonna make salad. So we make salla Allahu Akbar. And when I finished a lot, I turned around in a whole long line of people had joined us. strangers, we don't know them. They don't know me,

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ma'am Suraj No, they didn't know me.

00:23:54--> 00:24:04

But they're praying for Allah subhanho wa Taala I travel and first thing I do. When I get to my location, extra brothers, I always ask the question, which is the direction of the Qibla

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What time is the prayer

00:24:08--> 00:24:21

with the servants of Allah subhanho wa Taala so brothers and sisters, please, please, please, please, those who are fasting, do more. read the Quran, stand in Salah.

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All of that inshallah you'll be successful We ask Allah the Almighty to accept our fast for him. We ask Allah the Almighty to help us to be slaves of his to obey Him. We ask Allah the Almighty to tie the hearts of the believers together We ask Allah the Almighty to help those Muslims around the world help the Muslims in Yemen, help the Muslims in Iraq, help the Muslims in Somalia help the Muslims in Palestine help the Muslims in every part of the globe. robinair Taka Ballymena inaka antamina lien Robin Allah to Nana Sina tada Robin Allah May Allah Allah Islam Camilla

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I'm not Tortola denim and Catalina Robin Allah tsamina Mela toccata Linda for an boxelder. Now what happened the wind tunnel Nfn Sana la cama Catherine will come the La Villa alameen.