Farrakhan And The Nation Of Islam

Siraj Wahhaj


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Siraj Wahhaj – Farrakhan And The Nation Of Islam


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The first speaker describes her brother's "the movement" movement and how he was the head of the movement. The second speaker discusses her desire to become a Muslim and mentions a discussion between two speakers about the nation's.

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Yes, ma'am.

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And I'd like to know your opinion about current members.

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Oh, boy, what a question.

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She said they had a conversation earlier about the members of the Nation of Islam, how many heard about the Nation of Islam? So what is your opinion about calling them my brother?

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Good question. Let me give you the technical answer first.

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in the mail manana.

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The believers are brothers, no.

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Black people who are not Muslims are not my brothers. They're my county. They're my people.

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Black people, white people, male and female. Who are Muslims? Are my brothers and Muslim are called Muslim.

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A Muslim is a brother to Muslim side time. If a person is not a Muslim, or they are brother.

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You act like you're not sure?

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There's no doubt within the not brothers. A loss upon water has given us a new definition. This definition is based on the

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L Muslim or Muslim, a Muslim as a brother, this is what the prophecy, a Muslim as a brother to a Muslim in America.

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Only the only the believers are brothers. So the real question is, are they Muslim? Ask the question.

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And brothers sisters, by the way.

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I'm an expert on the Nation of Islam.

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asked me why.

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I was a minister in the Nation of Islam.

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And there was a very famous minister, a Nation of Islam. Many of you may know jeffie 12 x. And if you hear from Jeff minister, Jeff Ito, that was me.

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Like my brother there in the nation, he wasn't there from 1970 Minister Imam, from youth minister, Minister, and a nation from 70 to 75. And I came in 1969. And let me tell you something, can I share this personal a personal story with you?

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But we got to keep it here.

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Be careful with that camera.

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I'll let you film about Be careful.

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There was about

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three or four years ago

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in New York City, one of the big ministers of the Nation of Islam over one of the temples

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and invited them to my house.

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Him and one of his lieutenants.

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And we spoke and spoke and spoke. At three o'clock in the morning, I gave them both Shahada.

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This was a minister in the Nation of Islam in Brooklyn over a temple took Shahada, him and his lieutenant.

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And the brother was explicit. Oh, man, a man. I'm telling the truth. And I said, Look, Calm down, man.

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You gotta calm down, man, you gotta be wise now.

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He went back. His first sermon was, tell heed the oneness of Allah.

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The people were so upset they called Minister Farrakhan.

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I don't want to say his name because I don't want to get anybody in trouble.

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There's something wrong with the minister thinks Raj did something.

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And then the tenant left and became Muslim.

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This minister, the Minister Farrakhan brought him back to Chicago.

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And he stayed there for a long time to re indoctrinated.

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He came back, call me on the phone, ma'am. Suraj I want to speak to you. I was at the masjid. He came to visit us.

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What happened is that he was reorientate it into the doctrine of the Nation of Islam. And he was kind of like debating with me.

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And we will talk and he bought two of his people from his temple.

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And it came time for a lot to Asia. I never forget this.

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called the oven. And as a brother we have to start with makes a lot easier. I know.

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And he got in the ranks.

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He just finished telling me

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that God came in the person

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of mass, the frog, Muhammad

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Telling me, Elijah Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.

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I went to him said, Minister, please come.

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Before I made this a lot, I invited I said, Minister, please come. And the two brothers, please come. As a minister, I'm gonna ask you a question.

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Do you consider me your brother? He said, Yes, Ma'am, I do.

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So now you asked me the same question. He said, don't you consider me your brother? And I said, No. But let me tell you why.

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The same thing that I'm telling you, it hurt me

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to have to do that. I cannot have people standing in the rings, who when they pray, they pray to a man and not to loss upon the Macondo. And even though my heart felt like I wanted to embrace Him, hope to bring him I couldn't violate our principle by breaking the rings. And let such a person let such a person pray with us. To answer your question, honestly, truthfully, let's be straight up, straight up. No, we cannot. And let me tell you why. Let me tell you why.

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By the way, brothers, this is my opinion, and Alon knows best. And I was speaking to Brother earlier

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that most of the members of the Nation of Islam, in my opinion, will become Muslim.

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Let me tell you why I believe them.

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Anytime an organization is headed by the charisma of a leader, usually when that leader dies, the movement dies. In 1975, when Elijah Muhammad died, the Nation of Islam effectively was dead.

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Minister Farrakhan himself,

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and most of the people in the Nation of Islam, including Muhammad Ali,

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in many, many left the teachings in the doctrines of Elijah Muhammad and became Muslim many of them, including myself.

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And, and so with his death, then the movement had died. Three years later, farrakhan decided to raise up the Nation of Islam, again, a couple of things.

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Minister Farrakhan calls himself Muslim.

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I can't take that away from him, if he calls himself Muslim.

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But we have to be honest with each other.

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Some of the Muslims around the country became disappointed in me, because Minister Farrakhan invited me to speak at the main man March.

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And I refuse to go, he said publicly, that he wouldn't even go unless I went with him.

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Why didn't I go? Because if I go in went to the main memory, you can say, ma'am, sometimes you have an opportunity to speak to millions of people, perhaps. But what would happen is that I would often have them

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authenticate him and his movement, because he will say Siemens Raj was there. So I couldn't do that. In the same way, he invited me to speak in the UN recently, same reason, I didn't go Now listen to this, and then we tried to make us to understand why it's important inshallah.

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You know, one day I was with Minister Farrakhan. We had breakfast together, and we'll close. He comes to New York, he calls me I go to Chicago. I go to South, I see him. Every time I see him alumnos. I invite him to Islam. Because I think by the way, that of this man became a Muslim.

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I think Islam will grow rapidly in this country. alone. He skillful to such a degree. A couple of years ago, a World Series baseball game in Atlanta, Georgia.

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The same night that the Braves played World Series. farrakhan spoke in Atlanta, Georgia and out Drew, the Atlanta Braves. 90,000 people came to hear him speak. Who else do you know what Muslim you know, who can attract the kinds of crowds as Minister Farrakhan You don't know?

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So even as a loss upon waffleh guidence, Omar, Al Khattab and Islam became strong as a result of Omar Al Khattab perhaps, if Minister Farrakhan becomes a Muslim, that he can do all of that for a loss upon Well, this is my daughter, by the way. So Minister Farrakhan called me went to breakfast together in New York City as a Minister Farrakhan I got actually question

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Listen to the Quran. Yeah, you're Latina. Amina katiba Allah como si m k makuti, Valentina macabre, Li como la la contacta Khun Sha Ramadan Philippine Quran the month

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Ramadan is the month in which a lot of Muslims passed

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when the Muslim fans month of Ramadan as a Minister Farrakhan Please tell me if Allah says that we should fast in the month of Ramadan. Why are you fasting in December?

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Good question.

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Can I tell you what he told me?

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Are you ready?

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He says mm Suraj

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he says in the end it says

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those who are sick on a journey can make up days later. My people are on a spiritual journey.

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was my witness.

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Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Sal Luca Mara to Mooney who sadly prayers you see me pray? How do Muslims pray? Allahu Akbar

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Allahu Akbar. harbor Muslims pray suddenly.

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Suddenly, prayers. You see me pray, make sense. Pray. They don't pray like that in the Nation of Islam in the Nation of Islam. They turn to the east and they go like this.

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I can tell you 1001 things brother can tell it to the differences between the Nation of Islam and Islam. Do you know in Islam, only Allah subhanho wa Taala makes halal and haram.

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Now brother tell he will he will stop me from lying in the Nation of Islam. It was haram to eat peanuts.

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How many of you eat peanuts? Oh, and you couldn't eat peanuts? No, it's derivatives peanut butter. Now when I was a young boy, I used to love peanut butter and jelly.

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When I left the Nation of Islam, the first thing I did made me a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

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So Bronte sisters.

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Yes, they're my people.

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But they're not brothers. And we have to be honest. And you don't mean you have to be hostile to them? No, not. I talk to them straight up. And I try to be honest with them. And hamdulillah we've given a number of them Shahada, even the same minister, the same minister in Brooklyn recently told me Eman we like to be the ministers in New York, on the in the Nation of Islam would like to be a part of the Magister shore of New York, the lead the the Imams, I said minister come, we will meet and we will discuss the criteria to become a member of the majesty show. Well, we can't stop giving Dawa. And we should not be in my opinion. We have different styles of Tao. But don't be hostile to

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them. Invite them in a nice way. And you'll see inshallah maybe many of them will become Muslim. I don't know, maybe Minister Farrakhan himself, you know, he's 60 something years old. I think 66 years old. He's gonna die one day, and what's gonna happen to his followers, many of them will come by you. Be prepared to meet them when they come. Treat them good. inshallah, when they come and shut out, they will be coming. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You gotta come. I know. Yes, ma'am.

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Actually, it's a good question. I actually saw the question here. You wrote the question. Okay. You really want to get that question, huh?

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Actually, I wanted to finish this Nation of Islam. I'll come right back to that. Anyone else? point on that? I think she wanted to make a follow up on that point. Anyone? Yes, I thought so.

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And he was sounding like,

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if you heard, like, he said the Shahada.

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I was surprised.

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The problem is two problems. We have several problems we have one is that, that when they say they say the Shahada, I showed in the last show the under Mohammed or sola. But when they say they bear witness that there's no God, but a lot they mean father Mohammed. There's a difference. In number two, when I say Muhammad Rasulullah they mean Elijah Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. You see, and that's the difference. And then the other thing is that we also bears witness, a prophet Mohammed Al Islam, Islam being a Muslim, being the messenger. So they sometimes they go back and forth, even in the eyes.

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Why Allah Allah Dena Aminu call em Illa Allah Elijah tealium call in

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When they meet those who believe they say we believe, but when they are long with the evil ones, they say, we are really with you we will only mocking. So sometimes we have to be careful

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to say one thing in front of people, and another thing another one, so I want them to become Muslim inshallah, type type. You want to follow up on this?

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You didn't want

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because you don't know

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if I didn't know how you think I know No, let me say this. I don't know. I think we just finished having a two hour argument, our argument about his theology, he went back to the theology of Elijah Muhammad. So that is why I didn't let him pray with him with us.

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Nobody thought you were right. I can't just go out and say I think you don't believe right so come out. No, I can't do that. But I just finished speaking with him one hour, we argue in his positions, that shirt if you know that someone is belief is shirk, you can't let them join your ranks. I just believe Take it from me. If there was a way system for me to lead them to pray, I would have done it. I would. I would. I would have searched for a way to do it. But I couldn't in good consciousness. I think the last one was I would not have been pleased with.

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Okay, if you know someone is worshiping other than Allah subhanho wa Taala you know, that can't be your brother. And they can't pray with the Muslims. Bow down with those about him. Yes, ma'am. This would be the last question or point. This would be the last two inshallah you have.

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123123 Yes.

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