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The importance of real brotherhood in Islam is highlighted, including a woman who found out of a man's "butts" and lost their life. The speakers also discuss the monog crashed and lost their life of a woman who found out of a man's "butts" and lost their life. The speakers emphasize the need for shayification in protecting reputation and bringing peace to people, especially in the face of "the father of a child named Gosselin."

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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al hamdu Lillah

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Allahu Allahu

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Allah shodhana Mohammedan of Dora solo. So Hanukkah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah Allah. In the Quran Salim al Hakim,

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brothers and sisters,

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May Allah bless your

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brothers and sisters

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who represent a minority in this country.

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Those of you struggling

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to keep your Islamic identity

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May Allah bless you

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when sisters

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you want to know real brotherhood.

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If you want to know real brotherhood go back

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to the time of the Prophet and his noble companions

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Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam

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bainer Suleman who did not die.

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The Prophet May the bond of brotherhood between soundman, and Abu Dhabi day

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in Salmond went to visit his brother,

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his Muslim brother

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and when he went to see him,

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he saw the wife of Abu Dhabi.

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And according to the translation, she was looking shabby.

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He said,

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What happened? What happened to you?

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Why are you looking like that?

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She said your brother abou Dada.

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He doesn't have any interest in the dunya

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Salman didn't say anything.

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And when Abu Dhabi he came Abu Dhabi he made some food for Solomon his brother

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and then said, eat and fasten

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on a sign

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and summon says, I'm not going to eat unless you eat.

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So I thought that he broke his fast, voluntary fast and they ate together.

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Their brotherhood was so great that not only did they visit each other, not only did they eat with each other,

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but even they spent the night in each other's house.

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And after they had slept a while ago, daughter daddy got up to make prayer.

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And Solomon said Nam sleep and Fernanda and Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi

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is slept for a while and then he got up again to pray and Solomon said sleep and he slept again. And then finally, in the last hour of the night.

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Salman said

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al and now pray

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and they prayed together.

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He has a real brother

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Solomon said to Abu Dhabi daddy

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in the Li or beaker alayka Hakan

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Verily Allah has a right over you.

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But your body has a right over you and your family have a right over you give everybody the doom.

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And these companions were so great, but they do whenever they have something they want to check it they check it with the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam. So he went to the prophet and mentioned all of that and the Prophet said subaqua Solomon.

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Salman has spoken the truth.

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This afternoon for few moments.

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I want to talk about where it begins and where it ends.

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It begins with online.

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Everything is about

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his rights.

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I was jogging around a lake

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in Atlanta

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and you know brothers and sisters if you will pay attention

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Allah will teach you in so many different ways you can learn from the Quran Of course you can learn from hadith of course, you can learn from the scholars, no doubt.

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The viewer open up your eyes and look at the last creation, I'm telling you, every day Allah will teach you something.

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And when I was wandering around the lake,

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I noticed that there were a lot of geese.

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Beautiful geese, they call them Canadian geese.

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And what was remarkable,

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I saw the mother and the father and the baby geese called Gosselin's.

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And I noticed that every where they went, they went as a family.

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They went into the water together, they got out of water together, they ate together, they went everywhere walking together, one would be in the front and one would be in the in the back end in the Gosling's would be in the middle.

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And I was amazed that that. So I've come back the next day. And there they are, again, I go back every day. And notice in these young gasolines begin to get bigger and bigger.

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And then I noticed something that the older the Gosling's got, the father would move away a little bit.

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Then one day,

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I saw a Gosling by itself.

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And I asked myself the question, what happened to you

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somehow got away from the mother and the father.

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And then I did some research about these geese.

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You know, what I found out

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that these gas these girls, these geese, are monogamous. That male geese, goose for the rest of his life, it stays with that female.

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And they always do things as a family. And also found out that these geese are very friendly. You can go next to them, and you can feed them. And you can, you know.

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if you try to get near the Gosselin's

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I'm telling you, I didn't know till I did the experiment.

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So Oh, and that mother geese said,

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Well, I sound like a dog. No, I'm serious. And I found out that they will attack you. They're nice.

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But when their children are around when the Gosselin's around, nobody can get near them. And you know, the beautiful thing about that, how did they get it? They didn't learn it from the college, didn't read the Koran. They didn't read from the Syrah. They didn't go to the conference. You know how they got it? A lot, put it in them. instinct. This way, you and I have to study Allah stration alum turn on the last soccer Allah. Come

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on, don't you see, Allah has subjected for you everything in the heavens and earth. And every time we open up our highs, and we look at the last creation, and we study a lot of creation, and we learned something, but you know something about them. You know how to get it, instinct.

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God put it in them. This is the very nature of them. They can't help themselves. And then when animals do something, they do it because a lot put it in them. But we are different. Allah has honored the children of Adam. How has he honored us he has allowed us to use our own mind to do what we're supposed to do by him.

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wants you to think about this. And then I let you go.

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Our Prophet peace and blessings be upon them said, Holly food machinery King. Holly fool. mushrikeen

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be opposite.

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Be opposite of the pagans.

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Why should you be opposite? You who go to junior high school? You go to high school, you young mothers and sisters who go to college? Why should you be opposite? Why should you be opposite? the pagans and those who associate Gods with online? You know what? It is because of our promise that shaytaan me.

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And if you look at America, look at North America, look at Asia, look at Africa, looking even the Muslim world.

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Every time Allah give a commandment Thou shalt not do. People do the opposite.

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God gave man a beautiful woman

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and he looks elsewhere. I ain't saying we're

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How dare you disrespect a Muslim woman, a Muslim girl who cover herself make her look like she's other than what she's supposed to be like us some misfit some wrong with you because you have the audacity to cover up in the summertime you have the audacity to put on a headpiece.

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Why? Because shaytan He knows everything that Allah says do he get us to do the opposite? Now look at the arms of men and women, all these

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All of this craziness.

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Why? Because of a promise of shaytaan

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brothers and sisters give a law his right. What is this right?

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is all about along.

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I saw Jehovah Witness I was at a gas station.

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And they offered me one of those watchtowers. Now I'm gonna take it. Hurry, some young lady said, Nah, I got my own religion. I don't want that. But I took it. And I took it because I'm gonna read it. So when I got home, I started reading it.

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In To my amazement, it said that the first thing that God created was Jesus.

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And then Jesus created everything else.

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He's serious.

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Are you crazy?

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I'm telling you, brothers and sisters, you have no idea who you are.

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And the responsibility and the burden on your backs.

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What we're supposed to be doing.

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It's all about Allah. It's not even about Jesus, peace and blessings be upon them. It's not about Moses, peace and blessings be upon them. And it's not even about Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon all of them. It's about alarm. I give you one example to think about. One of the smartest prophets ever was Prophet Moses peace and blessings be upon the musar.

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Why smart? He gave a sermon. This is from the the Al Bukhari Hadith, the fourth volume on the key table and MBR under the chapter of the profits. And you read what the prophet said about Moses.

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Moses gave a sermon to the children of Israel, and a man stood up and said, Yeah, Musa Moses, is there anyone on earth more knowledgeable than you? He said, land No.

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Another narration said that someone asked him who was the smartest person on the earth? He said, I was. And the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him said that Allah admonished Moses because he didn't attribute all the knowledge to Allah.

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And therefore law revealed to him on serving and Hitler, he knows more than you.

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And to the credit of Moses. He said, Show me I want to go there so I can learn from him. I want to learn more. So he followed al Qaeda.

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And you know, the first lesson he learned him nl kids are walking near the seashore.

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And they saw a boat.

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In on the edge of the boat was a little bird.

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And the bird put its beak in the water

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and put a little water in his beak.

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And I'll give it a set to Moosa yeah Moosa

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the similar tude of my knowledge and your knowledge combined compared to that water in the beak of that bird compared to a lot. My knowledge and your knowledge together compared to a lot is like that water in the beak of that bird.

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And then I've kids that have said,

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yo Musa

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in Mila

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Alemany who law that Talamo Oh, Moses, I have a knowledge from Allah. Allah taught me and you don't know what in Naka, la, la, la La, La La, la, la, la, Mo. And you have a knowledge to a lot to you, and I don't know it.

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What does it mean? It's all about the law.

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You know, young brothers and sisters. It ain't about your mother, your father. We love them. We respect

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Pack number sobre la

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arenabowl Shaykh Muhammad Ali Khan We love you, brother. Too much. I mean, really, man, I love you, man.

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I really, I can't stop loving you, man.

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I can't even look at the audience. I look at you.

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That's what it's all about.

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My young sister.

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You go to college 60,000 students,

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and you don't only Muslim

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60,000 students, and you're the only Muslim in your school?

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Do you have the courage

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to dress as your Lord asks you to dress?

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Or will you say I don't want to be like everybody else. I don't want to be different. I don't want to be special. I don't want people to look at me.

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You know what?

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If it's the bottom line,

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and you love all along, you do it. Because I want you to do it.

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You're not doing it because your husband wants you to do it or your mother and father wants you to do it.

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Or the man wants you to do it or the Allah wants you to do it. You're doing it because of a law and your love for law. And if you put a law First

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you'll be arrived. wherever you are.

00:16:30--> 00:16:32

Be nonconformist,

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and you know something? The people in this society, the people in your college and campuses and high schools, they will respect you when you stand up and be yourself. Hollywood machinery can be opposite the disbelievers is all about Allah. Put along first. mela bless you and bless you at this conference and take home something and be better Muslims I mean as salaam alaikum