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Is your hygiene base you also need

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to proceed

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before I start just like

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anyone who has any back problems please like feel comfortable feel

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very comfortable sitting on the seat don't feel ashamed at all if you have back problems or knee problems or anything there are seats here

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today inshallah we'll go over how these numbers

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fill in the gaps in between us like and men the gaps between our hearts

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will say that yeah

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let's fill the gaps between our bodies so that I can like and mend the gaps between our hearts.

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The Sahaba enemy would never spread out and cheap for them to save on except they would actually

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be able to would be sufficient for because they sat next to each other this concept of personal space

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we have this concept to some extent

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but certainly in the Salah in the master it's a kind of variation on the act of worship, and we want to be together and we want to stand up in my hand

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next to each other you know, the purpose was sort of like I said, so a lot of 34 to 35 kulu buco do not miss align your bodies, less the loud misaligned your hearts.

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So as long as we align our bodies as as long as we're united

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in love them in the gaps in between our hearts, because physical proximity and emotional proximity are interdependent. physical proximity and emotional proximity are infinite and interdependent. Do you know why Ayesha told us that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to pray and she'll be across from the prophet of Southern and whenever he wanted to prostrate, he would actually tap her on the leg to pull her legs so that he can prostrate. This was not because the room of the prophet SAW Saddam was that pioneer that's more It was really not.

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You know, it wasn't tidy. To the extent that he would, it would be no room for him to pray anywhere except this close by a shell where he actually needed to tap her on the leg to pull her leg so that he could prostrate. And Ayesha was not telling us this just to entertain us. She was actually teaching us it's certainly these issues were not easy for her to tell, but she felt an obligation. She felt like that she would betray the trust if she did not let us know how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to act at home and he is active with his wives. So because of this obligation, she conveyed this to us so that we can make benefit of this knowledge and so that we can be like this

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with our spouses with our children. This physical proximity is important for this like touch, you know, kind touch is important to bring about love and to promote the love between us

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these number three of the year

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This comes after two hobbies that were reported by Omar Baba who remember now we started his first you know arbaeen are the series of the for the ladies which are actually for the to buy these reports from home or the Korean Muslim related from home or the law and rule the second is also related from Omar. The first one is the famous Hadees. In the mme Albania really needs a BA but by their intentions for very Leeds will be

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measured by or according to their intentions. And the second Hadees is the famous hadith of gibreel when Julian came and asked the Prophet

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Sometimes the three questions in front of the Sahaba and the Prophet gave him the answers to those the questions he asked him about Islam can imagine having an exam. And the fourth question was about

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what amount to sell and the signs of a sale or the hour of the day of judgment and the signs of the judgment. Now, Heidi's number three is reported by a party and Muslim as well. So it is called the multifocal lie, colony or agreed upon means what that Buhari and Muslim agreed that this is an authentic hadith and the report that are the in there, sorry, for in the

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authentic collections, and because of Korea and Muslim are the most authentic of the collections of our hobbies. When a Korean Muslim agreed on a hadith This was extremely highly regarded by Muslim scholars irrespective to their ideological orientation or background or orientation, extremely highly regarded by the Muslim scholars. So this is one of those hobbies that are agreed upon or frequently reported by both Liberal Party and Muslim and it is reported that from our talk this time but from the son of apart from of the lack of normal evidence laptop and his Cooney, our episode used to be Abdullah Abu Abdullah, you know, he used to be called the father of the rock man.

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And that Canyon really has,

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has like, some beauty to it, because in

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even though Someone may say they used to have this quinean Islam before, they used to have this kuhnian Arabia before it's now the concept of calling someone by the name of his son or even if he does not have a son, he would make a name for him Abu such and such father have such and such and such

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and the benefit of of this concept is that in Islam, either really people did not use the kilometer

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miromar or sometimes they would call them Amira momineen but in conversation they did not always give them a title. So there was no such and such doctor such and such and if you don't tell me you know, see if such and such were doctors themselves, I get offended if you want to respect someone give someone a little bit more respect. It's fine to call people by the first name we used to call him a puppy oma and he would not get offended so if you want to give someone a little bit more respect then you tell them yeah about half that's the coding

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or after love nama his son Yeah.

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normal man, I say even now have a child the MC wanted to have a good year so the prophet SAW the loss I'm given a cornea after her nephew of the Lebanese of a sociate cornea was Omar Abdullah for the mother of Abdullah.

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It is it's about the egalitarian ism of Islam it's about the equality of Islam and a gala terian ism of Islam so you don't have to be busy. You know, figuring out people's titles, this is upstairs such and such and this is Jake such and such. This is after up man or you could call him by the name of his son there's something

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so I'm the man of the lab and the other one related from the Prophet sallallahu Sallam that he said bonyen Islam Allah Trump's Boolean Islam, Allah Trump's Islam was founded on five

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which means five pillars, he said just comes but it is understood to mean five pillars because what, you know the building he gets founded or built on pillars. So Islam was founded on Islam Allah, Islam was built on or founded on five pillars, se habla de la ilaha illAllah Muhammadan Rasulullah, the testimony that there is no law and that Muhammad is His Messenger, that testimony that there is no God but Allah, and Muhammad is His Messenger. When it comes to Allah and the establishment of prayers, what he is again in the given as a cat were hot Albania and pilgrimage to the house of Allah. When some Ramadan and fasting in Ramadan,

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one of the inheritors, what the narrative that's related this from Abdullah Homer because of Hades gibreel Cm King before had right and he's a professor

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of law at masala tea and Sokka

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is the prophet and he is a villain. So in the hadith of gibreel, the Prophet sallahu wa sallam made Seon before trapped. So the narrator from one of the narrative

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Is that related this dilemma? Homer says? No Homer when he said we had to bait with some Ramadan he said to him was homearama 100. So Abdullah Homer said to him, no 100 bait or some Ramadan tomorrow so la sala, thus haven't heard that from the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam. So they were extremely meticulous, precise, in their narration from the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he would not even change the order of his words. So how could it be ever expected that they will change his religion, or that they would corrupt is religion if they were this precise, and this meticulous in conveying the words of the prophets of Salaam in the same order that he spoke of.

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So this is basically tells us about our candidate snap. And this is something that we all know.

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This is not something new, and I need to explain

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when it comes to law, but we'll just try to glean some benefits from from this beautiful cubbies.

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One of the benefits, the obvious benefit is the importance of those five pillars, the great importance of those five pillars, because it's not most founded on them. And if you don't have a foundation, you don't have the building. Islam was likened by the prophet sallallahu Sallam to a building. This building has foundations and it has walls and doors and windows, and so on and so forth. But without the foundation's, you don't have the building.

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Which meant that some of the scholars, although this is not the position of the majority, the majority of the scholars do not consider the abandonment of any of these to be

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like a negation of Islam, except the one super Foundation, what's the super foundation

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that's not just the foundation, it's a super foundation.

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Because that's the foundation for all the foundations. This is the this is the foundation that sets the compass for you. It gives you the basic requirements

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and the conditions of acceptance by law so that you will not be accepted and none of your needs will be accepted. Until you set in the eyes of your heart. That destination law you don't have a law there is no law, no deity by the law, no one worthy of worship law. No one worthy of total love was total submission and human immorality. But Allah subhana wa Tada. So Shabbat Allah Allah is a super foundation without which the agreement of the scholars is that you are not a Muslim. You know, if you don't have an lm Allah, the Kadima, you don't have a man, you don't have this. Can this is outright Cofer disbelief. The other four, the other four, because the prophet SAW some of them said

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Islam was founded on them. It created some controversy, this has caused some controversy amongst the scholars because of this concept of foundation. So many of the scholars, many of the scholars, in fact that the man has happened earlier. This

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was a contemporary of Mr. McDermott said that this is by agreement, which is not really a real agreement, but basically,

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the people that he saw the people that he got to talk to and read that, you know, the abandonment of any one of those four foundations is considered an act of disbelief. This is a position within the company method can position within the Maliki method from Edna Habib, the Maliki production Amata. The abandonment of any one of those pillars, Saba zeca car had what amounted to total disability. And there have actually been reports from the governor bass of the lab and so on and so on. That would support this to some extent, I'm going to

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use the sentence agents into different ansara different countries, or states that were under his authority to collect the GCF from the people who failed to make hut

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collect the jizya and the implication the inference here is quite obvious. The meaning of collecting dizzier this application is quite obvious, collecting GCF for people who fail to make house

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however, the majority of the scholars and that seems to be the stronger position said that the one super foundation is available on Apollo solar. If you leave any one of the other foundations behind, your Islam is extremely defective and you are in danger.

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of leaving Islam, you're in danger and your Islam is extremely defective, but you still have the super foundation. As long as you have that super Foundation, you're still a Muslim. Given, you're not rejecting to the other ones, you're saying, you know, I wish I could pray, you're not like rejecting or you're not showing, like pride. You're not too proud to pray or something like this, because that would be an activist belief, by consensus, no disagreement over this. But if it is just a matter of weakness, more weakness, weakness of willpower, weakness of faith, any type of weakness that is keeping you from committing to those four pillars, and you're leaving out one of those four

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pillars, because of this weakness, then the majority of the scholars will say that you're still Muslim, mature Islam is very defective, and you're in great danger. Because these are the foundations of the so that is why we really have to pay attention to those four pillars, in addition to the super Foundation, which is a shadow

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talks about setting your compass, basically, the destination and the route,

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the destination to Allah, you know, the the you said, the eyes of your hearts, you fixate them on the destination, the pleasure of Allah, you know, seeking the pleasure of Allah subhanaw taala. And then the definition is there. And you may be confused concerning there are a lot told you that all the routes are invalid, all the routes will lead you astray, except the path that was shown to you by Mohammed Salah lives, that is closer to Allah Mohammedan Rasool Allah, no other route to that destination, except to the route that was described to us by the prophets, Allah love Adios.

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The destination means what? To accept the loss of panatela is the only deity here to the opposite allows origin means ultimate,

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ultimate love and adoration mixed with ultimate humility and subjugation, ultimate humbleness, humility, submission, surrender to Allah subhanaw taala. That is basically the the meaning of our media, the meaning of our videos to show Allah, your ultimate love for him. Your ultimate coloration, your ultimate Love is the total instrument to be enslaved to the beloved. You show this to Allah with complete humility, complete submission and surrender to his Well, that is our body. If you show this to anyone else, that is sure. If you show this only to allow you are

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the highest station ever that you could reach. That's why Allah describes the prophets Allah says in Surah Surah by Brd is apparently the answer via email even understood the car. So the

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Exalted is He who took his servant slave on a night journey from investor to investor kalocsa.

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So she has an LLM Ilana powers of law and then the four other pillars those are the super foreign nations. The beauty of this hadith is that it combined the between it combine the between actions of the heart and actions of the body. It combined the between action and abstention. It combine between an event and Melia financial in betania body and can be partly combined between an event other than done in public and in congregation and that are done individually. All of this because to be

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to fulfill the rights of Islam,

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the rights of Islam to fulfill the rights of Allah subhanaw taala upon us, then we have to submit in prostrate not only with our bodies, but without hearts. This is not submission only of the body into submission also of the heart. So where is the action and where is the abstention in this or whether

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she has realized that action? Because not only that you have to believe in your heart but you also have to speak the Kadima. Salah is an action zeca is an action

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packed is an action Seong is abstention

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Right. So basically, there are two different types of web powers, the willpower to do, and the willpower to refrain, the willpower to hack.

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Or, you know,

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to move and to stay still

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refrain or act. And you're showing both web powers, you're showing a last minute that you're using your positive energy for his sake, that is a law that is a car that is hard. That is work. And you're showing us that you're also refraining from all your desires and cravings for his sake, you're refraining from your cell app, your desires and cravings for his sake. So not only that, I work for you. But I also give up all of my cravings and desires for your See, she has it like Emma, she

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gets an act of the heart before, before it being the act of the body. Before it is a statement.

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It's a statement of the heart. That's why it's a testimony. So it is first, the first the second column here is the conviction of the heart, the absolute conviction of the heart, and then certainly, the statement of the fund would be added to the habit, but this habit is an act of the heart. Therefore, these pillars, combine the between action and inaction, combined between the act of the body and the act of the heart, and also financial worship, which is a gap and to some extent, heart. They combine the between acts of worship that are done individually and acts of worship that are done collectively in group or congregation, such as heart and

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soul Sala to some extent also, there, there is an obligation at least by the agreement of the scholars to pray a lot of drama in in congregation and some scholars and all of our but at least the point of consensus here is that setup in Java has to be prayed in congregations. CRM is an individual act, they can also as an individual act. So those pillars of Islam combined between the accident coverage and those that are individually, action and inaction and those are gone by the body and done by the heart. So, basically, it is submission, it is total submission. It is total submission. Photo facility, calf, oil believe, enter into a slam calf means what cafe here,

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wholly, entirely, but it has to the two different meanings.

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It might either means enter into Islam in its entirety, the entirety of Islam, or by your entirety.

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And as the scholars said, both are applicable, and both are needed. So you need to accept Islam and live according to Islam.

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entirely in its entirety, by your entirety, your body, your heart, your thumb, everything needs to conform to the will of the Creator.

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And once everything conform to the will of the Creator, then you will reach your point of equilibrium holism you'll you'll be together this this is the meaning of togetherness, togetherness. Before you speak of togetherness and holism and peace of mind, serenity, you have to bring all of these

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dimensions of who you are

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into harmony and who are you Who are we?

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Who are we?

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Why do we meet up? What are the dimensions

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the body, the heart the mind.

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Right? We have a spiritual dimension and the intellectual dimension and above any dimension. All of these have to be in harmony.

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So that

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you may feel that inner peace

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as long as your body, your mind your

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Hard, are not in agreement are not aligned, you will never find peace. No matter how much you enjoy this life around around you,

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you will never have peace inside, unless these are all aligned. So basically, if you're acting righteousness with your body, but your heart is void of righteousness, you will not be aligned, you will not feel whole, you will not feel this togetherness. But if you are spiritually and mentally and externally in agreement, then that is when you will have accepted Islam, by your entirety, your entire being. And that is one thing that we really need to work on. as Muslims, we need to just get into it. You know, don't

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don't resist the die.

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Don't resist the Kohler term, Allah subhanaw taala. But just submit completely surrender completely. And once you have surrendered to the your entirety, surrender your hearts and minds of your body, surrender the surrender to your mind, then you will find that beauty. So that is work that we need to do. Make sure that you're spiritually and mentally you're at the same level. Some people are quite advanced mentally, they have much knowledge and they can talk about arguments and they can convince anyone of the superiority of Islam, but they are spirit spiritually behind.

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They can talk he can persuade anyone of the supremacy of is not superiority of Islam does not use supremacy because it has like some negative connotations. But superiority of Islam, we can persuade anybody of this, but they are spiritually behind

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that they will, they will be misaligned, they will not be, you know, they will not experience this beauty of entering into Islam in their entirety. So when we enter into Islam with our entirety, we need to establish those four pillars with our entirety. You know, we need to perfect those four pillars because that is the foundation. And that's another lesson we get from this hobby. Each and every thing about Islam is beautiful. Each and everything about Islam is beautiful. And each and everything about Islam is important. So Muslims should never say this is so trivial. If it does, if it actually comes from the profits of our salon, we should always say it's so beautiful, and it's so

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But despite that, there is there are things that are more important than others, because this hobbies teaches us that there are things that are more important than others. So one should not be busy with the less important when he has not really fulfilled the more important one should not be busy with the windows, you know, and the, you know, ornaments on the outside of the building, when he has not really finished the foundational work. That is why when Abdullah Omar was approached by some people from Iraq, and this is not to pick on people from Iraq or anything, but it just so happened that the war from Iraq and Lebanon or was approached by them and they asked him about the

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blood of the mosquito if it causes majestic, the blood of the mosquito.

00:28:46--> 00:28:53

So Abdullah Ahmed said to them, You killed the grandson of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam

00:28:55--> 00:29:07

Robbie Alomar, Ron, you kill the grandson of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu Sallam and you come and ask me about the blood of the mosquito. So there is some imbalance here when

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Mr. Hunt was once asked about a man who goes to the market, you know when when the when you bought vegetables from the market, they used to buy the visibles for you was like a threat. Yeah, so so remember I was approached by his students, they said to him, a man goes to the market.

00:29:28--> 00:29:55

And when he buys vegetables, like a bunch of abundance of vegetables, he actually stipulates in the contract, that the rope is included. Because otherwise he would feel guilty. Taking the rope if he only bought the bundle, that bundle of vegetables. He will take that fro and take bring it back to him unless he stipulated that the rope is actually included. So remember if Matt said why he

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said What is this may have been the

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said what are these issues that people come up with? It's frivolous.

00:30:04--> 00:30:12

And when he said to them, but who's doing this? And they said to him, oh, no, Hi, everyone, I'm as long as on this.

00:30:13--> 00:30:15

And he said, Have I used to do that?

00:30:16--> 00:31:10

Now, now it matches. So now it is. It's commendable. from Akron, Ohio. It's commendable napkin, dimmable, commendable, it's a, it's a good thing. Because yes, it matches, because Abu knime is at that level of water is at that level of aura. But from someone else, who would do like, you know, would naturally be observant of the clear cut arm and extremely clear wedges. And when he gets like too frivolous with the little details, then it would be it would be ostentatious, it would be undefeated. But if it is someone who did everything, right, until he got to that point, and now he's doing this, I would not consider it frivolous for my boy. That's what Mr. Freeman said, Remember

00:31:10--> 00:31:13

himself used to take the impact

00:31:14--> 00:31:39

is in what used to think with him to class, and he would not use any ones in Cuba. But the students amongst each other. They felt it was it was okay to use each other's input. So some of the students said that even mathematics, could I use your GPA? And he said to him, yeah, it's fine. Then another student thereafter, came and said that he

00:31:41--> 00:31:48

could not use your equal. And he remember he had said, my water and your water. What is what

00:31:50--> 00:31:57

is the caution, pious caution? It's the pious caution, my water and your water

00:31:58--> 00:31:59

is now at that level.

00:32:00--> 00:32:51

Don't pretend, you know, don't act because he felt that that second person is not at that level is not at that level to be very careful about you know, using his neighbor's ink. But use it don't ask because you're not at that level of water. Which which is extremely important for us to to build our practice, from the top from the bottom up. In some people get busy, you know, with the ornaments on the top of the building, without paying attention to the foundation. That is not really Islamic. And that does not really show sincerity. But sincerity is the mind the foundation first and then the basic structure of the building. And then to work on the doors and the windows have been to work on

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the ornaments outside and the furniture inside. That is how you go about, you know the understanding and practice of this beautiful religion and make sure that this religion is Mateen This is a strong religion and commitment is hard. So take it stepwise and take it from the bottom up so that you can be successful in building the structure of your Islam. inside your heart can also experiment