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A snippet from ‘Purification of the Soul’ lecture that was presented at Ra’s Alkhaimah 3 Day Ramadan Retreat in United Arab Emirates.

Sheikh Sajid shares advice with the youth -our today and tomorrow- to grow and purify our nafs.
Not to speak too much, not to eat too much, not to have bad friends and not to have unrestrained evil, glances.  And elaborates on each advice mentioned.

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I see some young people in the audience. I'm going to end just with some advice to our youngsters here. And I'm sure your parents tell you as well. Because you are our today and tomorrow.

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The scholars teach us about purification of the soul. And they tell us from the best ways of purifying the soul is not to speak too much.

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Not to eat too much.

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And not to have bad friends.

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And not to have evil glances. why I'm saying it to the young people because uncle's glances now our philosophy

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and uncles are staying away from all these foods sugar this that, you know, pipelines, high blood pressure, cholesterol, we have to be not eating too much anyway. Well, like give us all Shiva. I mean, and protect us. I mean,

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for things to my young brothers and sisters. Don't speak too much. Speaking too much hardens the heart. Don't eat too much. Eating too much hardens the heart. When you bloated and you can't breathe and eating and restaurants and unhealthy food and all we all day is about where we eating next. Right? Don't

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eating is a means of survival. We eat to live. We don't live to eat.

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Have you heard that like we eat to live we don't live to eat. Don't eat too much. Don't have bad company bad friends. Bad friends

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will destroy you enough and destroy your heart. Friends who don't remind you about a lion is Rasulullah in the hereafter. They are dangerous friends. Don't spend time with them. I'm not saying they're bad and you should judge them as bad. But I'm saying for your own development stay away from them. Remember the topic is test key and this key refers to development as well of the knifes stay away from them. And you know the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about the good friend and the bad friend. A good friend is like the one who sells perfume. And the backfill is like the one who smells if he works in near the blast furnace. You heard about this

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when you when you go visit the perfume selling friend

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it's either he's so generous and give you a whole bottle of return. So you benefited Masha Allah whole portion of it.

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And if he's not so generous, then he will take out a bottle from under the counter and tell you to try some. Right? You tried some it'll say did you benefit? Yes, you benefited. And if he's even not that generous, in addition to being in his shop, with all these nice sense, it will rub onto your clothes when you leave that shop Did you benefit you benefit it's

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good for the company always benefits

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always. But that same company is like the friend who smells iron. But the wisdom of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam teaching us so simply, he says when you visit the friend who works at the blast furnace, if you get too close to the blast furnace, the spark will come out and burn your clothes. That's where the action is. That's the action when you in the mixer.

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And if you say you know what, I am going to be careful. Like my parents told me these people are not good friends should stay away from them. Okay, no problem. I still will be their friends, but I'll be careful.

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And you say I'll stand far away from the blast furnace. Then the black smoke in the room

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will blacken your clothes.

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And if you say oh no, no, I want to be super careful. I want to stand right at the door, one foot out the door one foot in the door

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then the carbon monoxides of that environment you have to be

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so when you leave that environment

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Do you win or lose gasmask Masha Allah

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this is the this is the use of is a lie. This is this is a you know, you know I was, you know, a long, long time ago, a long time ago. And when I had an IT business in the afternoon, I would go and volunteer at the madrasa and there was this little kid so one kid was I was I was talking to somebody and I said you must sit and cry over spilt milk. So the little kid said Why?

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I said because it's built, it's helped us get more milk. Because no.

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We can click that. Look, I said it's dead. How are you going to drink it? He says no, no, these vacuums can suck up the look and be very clean and you can pour it into a glass and you can drink it.

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So I said why shall I you know, I'm not that old, you know, but to heilala when I hear these things, so you can wear gas masks. Okay, so you wear a gas mask, but don't you have to take out the gas mask contacts.

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How ugly is you look with a gas mask on. It's not fashionable, right? You clever whatever.

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So don't have bad friend company

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and don't have unrestrained classes. When I say unrestrained classes, I mean two things. Number one, don't look at the cuts.

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Lower your gaze. Even for the sisters don't look at the boys. Lower your gaze. A moment you have an unrestricted class.

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No by default, you have polluted your knifes and your heart. You have opened a big door for Sherpa

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number one, number two, when I say don't have unrestricted glances, don't look at the blink of this dunya these two Lamborghinis and all these amazing things you know, kids were born into, you know, into all this fast cars and Lamborghini and the latest mobile phone and all this. Don't look at these things without remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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Don't say Wow, look at that car. Say how amazing is my Allah who inspired insan to create that car that is better for you to say.

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You get what I'm saying? You see what I'm saying? That will grow you and it won't burn you and us