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Episode Notes

This 3 week Youtube Live Series taking place during Covid-19 Lockdown by Sh. Sajid Umar esoecially for children aged 6-12, covering the following the themes:

1. You’re never too small to do great things.
2. Salah – You are never too small to open the gates of Jannah or build palaces there!
3. Ramadan & Fasting- Because Ramadaan is just days away.

The idea behind this series is to ensure that children never feel forgotten during waht will be the most difficult period of the 21st Century.

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah le wasabi educating my back as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everyone.

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Welcome to episode three of our series The young learners have and yet another chance for us to build the agenda together. Remember, it's all about building gentlemen. We all want to be genma builders, right? So if someone speaks to you and says what type of a builder you don't see on Bob the Builder, but you're gonna say I'ma check the builder. All right, so welcome everyone it's really really lovely being with you all. Everyday I'm going to be with you all from Monday to Friday, every Monday to Friday then on Saturday we'll have a break and on Sunday we will have a break and then we will resume on Monday again all the way till close to Ramadan inshallah and I will be extremely

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honest with you. Spending time with you all is the highlight of my day so May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept from us oil and gas in general as he has gathered us in our series to get over the internet. I mean, let me know once again hamdulillah we had attendees yesterday from all over the world, some standout countries, we have Germany we have Holland we have Wales and we have turkey Russia lots of articles so please continue letting us know where are you joining in from so from the law we can log in those countries within the history and also I really loved receiving your homework. Some of the discussions you had with your parents the videos and pictures that your

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parents sent to me via email and via Instagram It was really heartwarming and I'm really grateful to Allah Allahu Allah for blessing me with wonderful students like you all Masha Allah Masha Allah May Allah bless you all say I mean we all love Bless you all it's it was heartwarming receiving all your work Masha Allah I pray you benefited greatly from it. And today I want to give a special mention to our young lingerie who's 12 years old Mashallah beautiful name I think I know where you got that name from. I think that name is from a mom of the heroine picturing right What do you think?

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So shuraim 12 years old and it's Marielle who's 10 boustead sure a mighty smile it from keathley Masha Allah, and I really love that you wrote three whole pages of notes.

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As you learned yesterday's lesson was amazing. Also, we have already had Ibrahim who's seven and yameen Ibrahim Masha Allah who's five from Leicester and I really loved your creative lab books. Excellent work boys. Then we have Samia Hartman Mashallah from London, Masha Allah, I really loved the notes that you made. Yeah, Samia and Dr. Abdullah live in Harun one of our youngest attendees all the way from Malaysia. He's three years old, and he said me I love cute voice message on Instagram, telling me that I learned that we shouldn't worship idols and we shouldn't worship the sun and we shouldn't worship the moon. It was beautiful, natural light of our color. And also,

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most of us are from India, who's 10 years old, amazing notes center. Keep it up. Mashallah. And we have Ayesha and Anya. What beautiful drawings you made from both our lessons on Ibrahim Alayhi Salam and new alayhis salam, excellent work. Keep it up. Make a lot of headway. Tell me all your work heavy on your scales of good deeds. And I also would like to welcome Yusuf and USIA from Wales I hope you still watch tuning in with Mohammed and Hamden from Zambia, Masha Allah Who knows where Zambia is, anyone you know, is is in Africa, which part of Africa

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near Zimbabwe, so the southern part of Africa right? So we have Masha Allah Muhammad in Hamden from Zambia. We have a crumb and ml from the Netherlands. We have REME and Fatima from Oman, and I also welcome Heidegger's little friend. And a lot of us have been asking about little Khadija, my little daughter Maria was three years old Khadija has a little friend who tunes in everyday as well from all the way down the road,

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all the way down the road from where we are, and her name is Aisha Allie. So welcome to you all and once again for joining us also, I would like to send a special welcome to all our viewers viewing our broadcast via Eman channel Mashallah channel is also broadcasting this so to all our viewers via my channel, a special greeting to and a special welcome to you all. Now represent sisters in Islam once again, please don't forget young boys and girls please don't forget to make sure you download the worksheets. Okay, if you look at the bottom of the screen

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You'll see a description box and in that description box I have important information for your parents. So be sure to ask your parents to look at that description box everyday and take note of the links that are there because in those links We have wonderful resources for you all some resources that some of the parents Mashallah sending into me to assist our program and also resources from our wonderful brothers and sisters from into ama. I spoke to you about them yesterday, Mashallah. Every day they are producing for us some wonderful worksheets to come to help consolidate the knowledge that you get from our episodes. Remember, with regards to the worksheets,

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you have to register, but the worksheet is absolutely free for all our viewers, on our young learners have program now, the first day we studied life lessons, lessons that we can

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from the life of Ibrahim Elisa, and then we learned about lessons from New Zealand when we spoke about the UK. We spoke about the ark remember the ark Khadija we spoke about the ark and Mashallah, yesterday you guys send some amazing pictures of your arcs and some people actually built some oxen Khadija also Mashallah, this morning after the fetcher she built an ark and she shared it with us well, I want to just show you Oh, this is Khadija actually made it out of Lego Mashallah let's try to turn it around. Masha Allah very nice big Ark. And in the UK, she put some of her favorite animals and most favorite animal is a horse and she definitely has the horse over there, Mashallah

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amongst other animals, so does that color hair, or only honing the creativity and desire

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for your wonderful creativity? Excellent. Mashallah, today inshallah we want to learn about sweet A man and a salad. But before we learn about Solomon, he said, I promised you yesterday that I was going to teach you all about the difference between a prophet and the messenger, a prophet and messenger. Do you remember that? I said, tomorrow we're going to learn the difference between what a prophet is and what a messenger is. But I want to hear from you first. Now you're going to see me looking a little bit up because I have a screen in front of me so I can read your answers more clearly. Okay. I want you all to tell me what you think, is the difference between a prophet and a

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messenger? Or maybe you don't think there's a difference? Maybe you think a prophet, and a messenger is the same. But if you think that there's a difference between a prophet and a messenger, I want you to quickly type it out for me, or get your parents to type it out for me. And we will also ask our students here. Our live students are in class students what they think what do you think? Is there a difference between a prophet and a messenger or is it one of the same thing?

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There's a difference. What's the difference between a prophet and a messenger?

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You don't know what the difference is. But you know, there's a difference Why do you think there's a difference?

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Mashallah, so Ashwin here, he's saying that, I know there's a difference between a prophet and the messenger. Okay. But I don't know what the difference is. So I asked him, Why do you think there's a difference? He says, because if because one is called the prophet and one is called the messenger. So there must be a difference. That's a very clever point. Good thinking, what do you think of the law?

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Okay, you have to speak loud to everyone over they can hear you.

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So you say like, I'm gonna copy and paste.

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The law says the same thing. There's a difference between the Prophet and the messenger. And, but he doesn't know the difference. I see some of his writing Mashallah, but the chat is moving so fast. Some people say a messenger is a person who attend to a community. All right, that went away, but it's okay. It's going to be saved in the live chat. Khadija, do you think there's a difference? You have to speak louder? Yeah. What's the difference?

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My answer is same. Like my big brother Abdullah. Big Brother, Ahmed. That's a very good idea. That's no problem. All right, I'm explaining you very simply. A prophet is someone who Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed to or spoke to, but Allah didn't send him to any people. Okay? Allah didn't send him to any people. That's number one. A prophet is also someone who Allah revealed to or spoke to. And Allah sent them people who are already good people. They already only worshipped Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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I hope you guys got that. Pay attention. A prophet is one of two. One of two things a prophet is either someone who Allah sent a book to review to, Alma spoke to, right but Allah didn't tell them to go teach anybody. Anything.

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And is also and this is the second thing that a prophet is. A prophet is also a second person if we could say that because all prophets are persons are males, right? The second person that a prophet is, is someone who Allah speaks to, or reveals to, and tells them to go to teach people who are already believing in one plus Anahata Allah and worshipping one Allah, they not doing bad things. All right, so give me an example of a prophet who would be a prophet based on this example.

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Adam Adam Smith, five, excellent Adam, Adam. Why Adam alayhis salam he was first the only man, Allah spoke to him. So he was a prophet. And he was a prophet before anyone else was created. Right? Even before Allah created, however, his wife, our mother, he was already a prophet. But we can also see that Adam alayhis salam was a prophet because he also taught our about Allah, but was, however a Muslim or a Muslim. She was a Muslim to the largest creator. And whenever Allah create someone they created to worship one Allah right? So however, was a Muslim and Adam Allah, he said, I'm spoke to her, but she was already a good person. Right? So that's what a prophet is. Now, this is a prophet

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and what is a messenger of who is a messenger?

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A messenger is someone who Allah reveals to, or speaks to, and sends them to people who are doing bad things, sends them to people who are not listening, sends them to people who are worshipping idols, like who, like Ibrahim alayhis salam, like no Halloween ceramics, and

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Luke was telling his people to listen Yes, Khadija. So were the people good or bad. They were bad. They were not listening. So was he a prophet or messenger? The Messenger, isn't it? A messenger? prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he was a messenger Musa alayhis salam. He was a messenger, anyone who went to people who are not doing good things. They were messengers, and anyone who didn't go to anyone, or went to good people. They were prophets. I hope you got that point. Young boys and young girls. All right, let's start with Sulayman alayhis salam, that's today's question a man and his Salah. Now the story of Solomon alayhis salam can be found in many cases.

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It can be found in Surah ambia it can be found in Surah squad and it can be found in Swat never been one of the the sutras that we find the story of a man in his in surah and nemen story of the ant and we're going to talk about the ends just now the light ends halogen. little small busy and it's right, we're going to talk about about the acts. So these are three suitors that I want you to remember might be in the quiz. Whenever no remember of the week we're gonna have a quiz. So sudo to nambia and sudo to side and SWAT number. There are other places but we don't confuse you for now I think these three suffice right? These three students suffice for you. Now to the binary Salam was a

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special prophet of Allah. Why was he special?

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He was special because not only was he a prophet, but he was also a king.

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He was the only prophet who was also a king Subhan Allah. And when we say you're a king, what does that mean?

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appraisers to a level made him the king, right? If he's the king, it means he's in control, isn't it? Ibrahim Alayhi Salam Was he a king? You couldn't make his people listen? No alayhis salam Was he a king? No, he couldn't make his people listen to the man was a king. Solomon could make you listen, he could make you worship one law. And that's what that's what makes him special. Now Allah tells us in the Quran,

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so they run it Salah, he made a dua to Allah. And he asked the loss of Hannah who is added to give him such a nice present, that no one else after Sulaiman alayhis salaam will ever get this present. And this gift is only for today. mycorrhiza. So Allah subhanho wa Taala answered is Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him knowledge of the language of the birds. When the birds go to equilibrium, Solomon could understand them. He could speak to the birds, and the birds could speak to him. How amazing would that be? If you could speak to the birds? Would that be nice and amazing? We'd like to speak to the birds or allow me to name and speak to the birds no one else can speak to the birds because

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allow me to them and speak to the bird remember, so they managed to give me a present that you will give to anyone else. Right? So he could speak to the birds.

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Also, Allah gave him control over mankind, Gene kind and the birds, he could control the birds. He could make them fly places. He controlled everybody. He also control the gene. Now many people don't know what it what gene or do you know what gene is? What a gene, what gene is idea?

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We have human beings, like you, you're a human being, isn't it? You're a person. Right? It's a person. The Love is a person. Right? So we have, we have human beings, we all humans, and we have angels, isn't it? Can you see the angels? You can't see the angels, the angels, Allah also created them. But Allah created them from light. And we can.

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If you want to hold the baby have a special tool. Yeah, that's for those people who catch the big birds, the eagles and the Falcons. Right? We want to talk about angels and Jim then we have Jin right. Jen allowed to create the gym, you can't see the gym, and our last panel where they're either made them from smokeless fire.

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We can't see them but exists. Allah gives to a man the ability to control the gym, they had to listen to him. Okay. And also Allah gave to the man a solemn control of the wind to handle the wind. He could make the wind blow wherever he wanted it to blow for the wind to blow that way you make the wind blow that way for the wind to blow upwards, he makes the wind blow upwards. That way yesterday also, he can make the wind blow. He had control of the wind. So panela and Allah gives a man a wind that could carry things, the distance of one month

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in just one morning.

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Right? If you needed to if you wanted to travel somewhere, and it took you one month to get

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a lot is when a man the winds that could get you there in just one morning. In one morning, you finish what people do in a month. In a lagging city man in the wind in the afternoon. If it blew you in the afternoon, you go one month away.

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Right? So Allah and then Allah tells us in the Quran, he gave Sulaiman also a river made out of copper, flowing copper, we know copper is a mineral, right? Is it a mineral gamble? He thinks, oh, it's on the table of elements on the table of elements. Right? Right. So copper is a type of metal Sorry, it's a type of metal. Allah subhanahu Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala gave to a man even though it's a metal, a river of flowing copper, can you imagine?

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Allah gave all these amazing things to silly man led Salah. And one day, a man was walking with his army with all the people and all the gene and all the birds. And they were walking on the ground. And there was a group of ants, little ants, they were walking. And one of the ants he saw the army of sitting. So he shouted out to all the other hands, write the answer to the other hands as and go inside the old go inside yours Quickly, quickly. Why? Because the army of Sullivan is coming and they might not see you and they'll step on you and squash you. So go inside your holes. Now Sulaiman heard what the onset of law gives the layman the power to even understand the answers to a man and

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he said I'm smiles. He was smiling.

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Because his Auntie saying and he felt so blessed and he felt so humble. Right? And he realized that Allah Subhana Allah has given you all the presence to test you. Right? to test me to see if I'm going to be humbled and grateful to Allah if I'm going to say thank you. Yeah, Allah Thank you. Yeah, Allah, thank you. Yeah, Allah or if I'm going to be ungrateful. We I think, look at me. I'm the man. Look at me. I have all the gene and all the wind and all the birds. I'm the best. I was testing him. And what are you going to do? Salima? Are you going to think you clever? Are you going to say thank you Allah for making me clever? Are you going to say I'm the fastest runner? Are you

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going to say thank you for making me run fast? Right? Are you going to say I came first in class? Are you going to say thank you Allah for making me come first in class? I only came first in class because Allah made me come first in class, isn't it? That's so silly man is teaching us how to speak and how to act. And whenever Allah gives us a present, he makes us It gives us a gift. It gives us a skill. Maybe you the

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fastest runner, maybe the cleverest person in your class, maybe the strongest person at home whenever Allah gives you a present, you should not say Me, me me. I'm clever, I'm strong. I beat you, right? No, you should say Alhamdulillah Thank you Allah for making this strong. Thank you Allah for making me come first. Thank you Allah for making me win the race. Thank you Allah for giving me strength, right. So they might is teaching us that this is how we have to be now. So whenever he said when he heard the end, speak, he made a tour. And he said that he Allah please always helped me Remember to thank

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right? Please help me always remember to thank and help me do good deeds and your shower your mercy upon me. Yes, the law for three days. Right? And I want you guys to learn these three things. So every time when you make when you raise your hands to Allah, what are you going to say? You're going to see Allah please always make me remember to thank you Allah and Allah please always

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make me good deeds.

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Do actions that you like. And yeah, Allah, please all shower your messy appointment. Okay, so these are three things that Solomon adding Salam asked Allah for. And I want you all to learn these three things, okay? And learn them as

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Khadija saying we should also ask Allah to save us from shavon that don't make you can make us do bad things. That's a very nice to offer to shake my head, Masha Allah, may Allah protect you from shape and say, I mean, you and all the children out there say I mean, I mean, all right now so never adding salam, he was in charge of everything. And every day he used to count everybody and count everything. Count birds, count. The people count the gin. And when he was counting, one day he saw there was a bird that was missing. It was a bird called a Goodwood in Arabic, it's called the Hood Hood.

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Khadija is a hoopoe or hupo. they pronounce it in two ways. In English, we say a hoopoe or a Hoopa. And so when I was looking for this bird, I actually saw a bird that I used to see when I was a small boy growing up in Zimbabwe, every June, July and August, this brown bird used to come with a long beak. And it just looks so pretty and nice to sit in watching from the window from the sitting room, right? Let's look through the glass. And I used to watch its panel that was a hoopoe or a hupo. So there was this bird and he wasn't there. And that made Sulaiman so angry. He said, Where is this bird? This bird parrot come back with a good twist, or he's going to be afraid, but

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we're going to punish the bed. Right? So the bird came and saw a man said, Where were you over? The bird got distracted? Why did the bird get distracted? The bird flew far away to a land known as Sabbath. In Arabic, the land is called Saba, or Shiva. Shiva, okay? In English decoded Shiva. In Arabic, it's called sever. Now Subbu. I mean, when we look at what the scholars of Islamic history teachers, this is, a man at that time was in a land called Palestine. Okay. And Shiva is in eastern Yemen, in the East parts of Yemen. So you can imagine this is about 2200 2300 kilometres away by car, if you travel for the whole day, you might still not get

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that's how far this place was. This bird was far away. And this bird forgot about the time Why? Because the bird saw people worshipping the sun. He says these people are not worshipping Allah, the worshipping the sun. So the bird came back and told to lay man, this is what happened. So soon a man said, Okay, I'm gonna check on it and see if you telling the truth, Mr. Bird, right. So so a man told the bird go back to them with a letter from me and give them

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so the bird went all the way back and he carried the letter in his mouth on his feet, I don't know, could be in his mouth. It could be in his feet. And he went there. And the scholars of Islamic history say that the bird flew over the Shiva had a queen. So she had a palace, and she had a big throne, a massive stage with a massive chair. It was built on the ground. It was stuck. It was so heavy.

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So big and the bird flew over her place and through the letter down and the letter came all the way down and she got the letter. When she picked up the letter. It said, this is from Sulaiman. And this letter begins with Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Remember I told you in our first episode that we will always begin our lessons asking Allah to bless us. And we asked the Lord to bless us by saying Bismillah Ar Rahman AR Rahim. So the letter said displeasure Rahmani Raheem, and the letter and said, You all should come to me worshiping one Allah not worshiping the sun.

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Now this lady's name was beauties, as some of our teachers tell us, her name was he locates scholars of Islamic history say her name was Bill case. So she called all the senior people, the big army people, the big ministers, the wise people, she called them together. They said, What's wrong? Your Majesty? She said, we have I have this letter. And this letter is saying, you better be a Muslim.

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You better stop worshipping the sun and you better worship. Why not? What do you think we should do? So the army people said, we are strong. Don't worry about the letter. Let them do what they want to do. We can fight. We can fight. But they said no, you know, whenever wars happen, whenever there's a fight, and two people are fighting or two armies are fighting, everything gets broken, the buildings get broken, the roads get broken, the bridges get broken. It's always messy. Right. When you fight it gets messy, right? Sometimes brothers and sisters fight at home brothers and brothers fight and then someone gets hurt, isn't it? Someone's that's great. It gets messy, isn't it? You mustn't

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fight. So she said, You know what I'll do, I'll send to the man presence. So she got some nice presence. And she sent it to a man. And when the presence came to him and said, What is this? I don't need this presence. Allah has given me better prisons. I don't want any presence. You can bribe me. You can cheat me. Right? You have to be listening. Social a man said to his people and to the gin. So the man said, Who can go and fetch her throne?

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throne, I told you is this big like stage. And she had a big one that was boots on the ground. No one could carry it. And on top of it is a big chair, such a big chair that's so heavy, and no one can carry it. And she used to sit on it.

00:27:39--> 00:27:52

So Solomon said, Who can bring me that throne? And a strong gene said, I can get you the throne from over 2000 kilometers away before you stand up.

00:27:53--> 00:27:56

How big is that? How strong is this gym? He said?

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Oh, what a big Genie was. So cinnamon said Okay. All right. Someone else? Allah doesn't tell us who he was. But um, that tells us that he had knowledge. He had knowledge about Allah. And he had knowledge about the revelation of Allah.

00:28:16--> 00:29:03

He said, I can get you the throne. Before you blink, you know, when you blink before you open your eyes when you blink. How fast is it? That's blink. It's quick, right? He said when you blink before you open your eyes, I can have the throne there. And Subhanallah pan just like that the throne was there. And when Bill case came built, these are before that's when a man said to his helpers covered the throne make it look a little bit different. And when bilities came when a man said to her, do you recognize this throne? He says it looks like my throne. It seems like my throat obviously, they change it a little bit. So Sulaiman was showing her who is the strongest person and who is the king.

00:29:03--> 00:29:45

He is the King and he is the king because Allah made him the King Solomon said to come into the palace. When she came into the palace. The palace was made out of the floor of the palace had glass floors, right glass floors, and when she came into the palace, she thought it was water. So she lifted up her dress. She thought my dress is gonna get wet. She thought she was walking on water, but she wasn't walking on water. She was walking on glass, but it was so amazing that she thought it was water. So she picked up a skirt. And you could see her shins, the bottom of her feet, right the bottom of her legs. And she said Subhanallah Subhanallah I am a Muslim. I announced that I'm a

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Muslim, and I worship a love of Allah that Sulaiman worships that Allah that gave Sulaiman all these things and she became a Muslim supernova. Now there's so many other parts of the story of Solomon, but our time has come to her

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And did you like the story of cinema? Or an amazing prophet? He was right. He was an amazing, unique prophet. And one thing I didn't tell you which you all should know that today man's father was dead who died his Salah, and wood and insulin was also a prophet, to suit a man when there would be a prophet who was the son of a prophet. All right now every day, we have lessons that we take hamdulillah with many lessons over the past two days. I know you have many more lessons from today's lesson, but I just wanted to share with you some lessons that I have jotted down for you here number one, remember we said this is a week of learning that you will never too small and you're never too

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weak to do great things to do big things. Small, you're not small, because you bigger than the hoopoe, but isn't it overbed is this small, but if a hoopoe bed can make a whole nation worship Allah, all those people worshipping the sun, and because of the hoopoe bed, what happened?

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They changed the hoopoe but came to cinema and said let's do something. If a bird can do something so amazing. Imagine what you can do young boys and young girls, right.

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The Coronavirus is so small but it's doing the things right. All right. We don't want that example. It's not maybe the best example but you are right this Coronavirus is small but it's doing big things. Right But scary things. The hoopoe blood is small, but he did an amazing thing, right? He did a happy thing. He made everyone. Muslim. Right. So Hooper did an amazing thing. So you can do the same thing. You should go to your mommy and daddy and get help tell your mommy and daddy that I want to do something amazing, right? There's such and such person who doesn't have so much money. For example, I wanted to make some money but Mommy and Daddy, I don't have money, but you have

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money. Let's go help them. For example. Maybe you're watching TV and they show you some orphans in some country. And you think supanova they eating? They not eating, I'm eating. I want to help them but I can't. I'm small. But let me go to someone who can and prove them. You can do an amazing thing. The hoopoe bird did an amazing thing. So a Mac, you can do amazing things through your mother's your father's your grandparents, your teachers, your events, you can go to them and tell them that look, we need to do this or we need to do that. Right. So that's number one. You bigger than hoopoe, but you can do amazing things. Number two, was to lay my rich or poor. He was rich,

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it's not a bad thing to be rich. Okay? It doesn't mean to be a good Muslim, that you have to be poor. Now, you can be very reflexively man as a seller. However, you must always keep all your things in your hand, not in your heart. only keep a light in your heart. Okay, what does this mean? It means you can have a lot of money, but if someone needs help help them Don't say no, it's my money. This is my car if someone needs a ride, let them sit in your car, right? Help them tomorrow when you big you can have a Bentley you can have the latest Mercedes Benz you can have the latest BMW it's not a bad thing. But make sure it's in your hands don't let it go in your heart. only keep

00:33:22--> 00:34:04

light in your heart that everyday you thank Allah. Allah thank you for my nice car Yama. Thank you for my nice house Yala thanking me for my nice bank balance right because a lot of money inside Yala, please help me spend my money, help the people, Yala. Please make me use my car to drive people around you. Please make me use my house to thank you and host people keep your money. Keep your things in your hand and only keep Allah subhanho wa Taala in your heart. Number three, make sure you thank Allah subhanho wa Taala for all your blessings, right? Your eyes, your ears, you have a heart. You have hands you have feet. How many of us thank Allah Yama, thank you for my ears and my

00:34:04--> 00:34:13

eyes. I can see properly I can hear properly. How many of us thank Allah, we thank Allah the presence that Allah has given us, right? Do we thank Allah for our toys?

00:34:15--> 00:34:52

We thank Allah. Very good Casa teacher, that's excellent. Also, we also learn last but not least, that we should make do and we've said it but you can ask Allah for anything that you want. As long as it's something that Allah said he won't give you. In Islam. We can ask Allah for anything that we want. As long as it is something that Allah said he can give us and it's not something that he said he won't give us. Like for example, Allah didn't tell us that we can fly. No one can make dua to Allah please make me fly in the sky. With my hands. Come you're not gonna fly. That's too hard to make.

00:34:54--> 00:34:59

Right? You're gonna walk right? You can't see. Please make me live forever without eating or drinking.

00:35:00--> 00:35:09

No, Allah made us as human beings we have to eat and we have to drink. So you must ask Allah for anything as long as Allah

00:35:11--> 00:35:50

didn't say that he's not going to give you that thing, right? Because we get to a Mac, so they must give me a present that you gave nobody. Or give me a prison that you won't give anybody. So he asked Allah for something big. So we also learned from Solomon that we can alright brothers and sisters in Islam, young boys, young girls, this brings us to the end of today's episode, I had a lot of fun with you all. And for homework, please download the worksheets. Please complete the worksheets with your parents. And I also want you to sit with your parents and I want you to ask your parents to teach you how to make Alright, to teach you how to make to add and discuss things with your parents

00:35:50--> 00:36:28

of things that you can actually make do our for now. Okay? All right. And I want you to also tell your parents that you want to do some amazing things and you want your mommy and daddy to help you so other than that as well right as action points from today's episode. I love you all for the sake of Allah. All right, and I love building agenda with you all once again Don't forget to like today's episode, Subscribe to the Channel And Also Share It With your cousins share it with your friends so more people can build genda together and I'll see you tomorrow inshallah at the same time until then. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh