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We've got to ask ourselves now

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there are wisdoms that our scholars have shared with us, when calamity before the oma, one of the greatest wisdom to clear the loop remove enough since removal of since

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removal of since there is no harm that you go through even if a thorn pricks you except that the pain that you feel Allah uses it as a means to remove your your sins.

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Now I asked you getting pricked by a thorn, good or bad.

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I'm not saying Go get yourself prick now.

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But if it happens,

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if it happens, that pain you feel a wise removing your sins will lie ie the people the greater the pain, the greater your sins are being removed and the greater rewards people are getting.

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If they only knew we also feel and we must feel

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Allah will reward us for it. And we must act as well allow will reward us for it.

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Right brothers and sisters. So the first benefit, or the first wisdom, let's call it these are divine wisdoms. Allah subhanho wa Taala could have averted this from Abubakar and Rasulullah sallallahu, Alayhi, wasallam and the Sahaba. But no, made them go through it. What are the wisdoms one removal of sins to

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to teach us how to react to harm and not doubt our Eman and Islam because of harm.

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Because when you and I get harmed today, we don't deny allow Why? Because we say the best person to have walked the face of this earth. The man who came with this message he to experience difficulty.

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That so we have we have a place of solace. When we're going through difficulty we say Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went through difficulty. This doesn't mean we should give up. He said Did he give up Islam? No. The Sahaba give up Islam? No, this is where we stick on. This is where we had gone.

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It gives us willpower. It gives us strength to carry on and continue. This is the lesson Divine Wisdom our scholars have cited behind why Allah cause this difficulty to before Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his people Allah could have averted it. I'm gonna repeat this many times because we have a situation in the Middle East. So

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Tom came to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his companion. So you and I can look back study history and say, You know what? This is not a reason to leave Islam. People suffered worse than us and they remained Muslims. And they became great Muslims, the greatest Muslims that walked the face of this earth. Number three, what's the third lesson?

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Is it the third or the fourth? fourth lesson? The fourth lesson, it instigates thought it instigates thought amongst the neutrals, especially when neutrals are witnessing one group punishing another group what happens? It instigates thought so hold on a second here, you know, especially people of principle, people of principle will stand up for justice. When they see one group of pressing the other.

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It's good for the hour as well. It instigates thought amongst the neutrals. I'll give you an example. Hamza Ravi, Allah who and who is he, the uncle of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, how did he become a Muslim? How

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do you know how?

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Because of the persecution that the Muslims got?

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He went to defend Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam from the harm of Abuja. He was told that he was getting into the city by a person by a female that look what he's doing to your nephew. Immediately Hamza was a mighty man immediately went to him and said, What is this?

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Not knowing the situation he's coming in?

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He says, No, this is what he's calling to and so on and so forth and so on and so forth. What did I say to him? Leave him for I'm on his way also, la casa.

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De meet Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam yet? No, but look, the neutral who has principles? Listen to what's going on? said no, I'm upon his way you leave him alone, you don't touch him. And then he went to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and completed his entry into Islam.

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She man of principle. So look, this is wisdom. The the data will not grow from this. This is but this is benefit. So the harm they were getting was down. In fact, Allahu Akbar. were lacking the extra layer.

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What most people do not know? Right? Again? Remember the hillstone there's always good Yes, yes, what's happening in the huzar is bad there's a lot of bad but there's a good side to it that you and I used to we don't know there and some that we know from this since being removed from the our being spread

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right we saw the Jews in Tel Aviv protesting against the strikes, right support coming up this this this positives that come about these positives as we see the negative also see the positive, they are positives and there's greater positives that we will know on the day of the year we know this, we know this, this greater positives we will know on the day of gamma.

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We know many a hadith about a person who will come in front of Allah and see genessee Allah from where Allah will say remember these do as you did, I saved it for you. You did this I say cuz you're out of excitement. You know what, you know, insana says, we see um, I really I wish you didn't give me anything in the dunya and saved it for me here. Now you can say it because now we they right? But this is happiness we get Allah has it for us. You have to have good hope in Allah. I was telling you the other day has seen a one have good open Allah you prayed your Salah have good hope Allah is accepted Did you mean do I have good hope Allah is accepted it not that you ask Allah for

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forgiveness, and then you doubt me and maybe inshallah Allah forgive me you know? I don't know. I'm not inshallah for Baraka inshallah doubt, you know, there's many types of inshallah nowadays. There's insha Allah Yes, there's inshallah No, there's inshallah maybe

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you know, this, isn't it? So now when you tell someone Listen, are you coming soon inshallah say yes or no, which one?

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Just make clear, because it's Mutasa. behala. It is become with a Chevy has many meanings. Insha Allah, right.

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We say you know, in sha Allah, Allah is accepted as if we doubting, no brothers and sisters. No, you make the iron you know, Allah is accepted. You have good open Allah.

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Allah loves to forgive you have good open Allah.

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Allah loves to accept my dua you have good hope in Allah. What are you going to lose having good open Allah will you lose anything? Would you lose anything? No.

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You won't

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have good open Allah. Allah Hey, I know some nights we've read the Salah, we've had a headache.

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Right? We felt weak. Right? we human beings. So maybe perhaps we didn't feel that sweetness, the concentration wasn't there. Then we start doubting. No Allah He the night No, have grew up in Omaha last y'all I tried. We're in North America in the nomina.

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Your mercy is is is we have greater hope in your mercy that we have in our actions. Yeah, Allah. Have good open Allah. We must have good open Allah. Okay. So there's always good even if we cannot see it, whatever Allah does, he does good.

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Write this in Goethe. Tweet it as well. Whatever Allah does, he does good. Whatever Allah does, he does good make it your habit. calamity strikes you in Allah he were in La miraggio. Indeed we are from a lion to Allah, we will return the lahemaa

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Aqua, Aqua Lucia in India who Allah Allah, for Allah is what he took, as was for Allah what he gave, and everything Allah causes to exist, comes into existence with an expiry date. This is the pseudonym of Allah. Everything that comes to exist has an expiry date.

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And we say whatever Allah does, Allah does good. We Allah subhanho wa Taala. grant us the understanding. I mean, so these were some of the lessons we learned. And as usual, brothers and sisters, what we've learned is far less than what we could have left, and was that we come to another incident in this era. And that is the incident related to the gathering of the Muslims in a house, a house known as Dar Al are now a famous house

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because it became a school and a place of worship,

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and a place of unity, and a safe haven, a safe house. This house is reported to be or to have been on Mount sofa, and it had a back door which you could enter without anybody noticing. So it was a perfect place for the Muslims, remember, wasn't announced by name who and who are Muslims for the Muslims to go and worship Allah subhanho wa Taala and learn from the Quran and learn from the teachings of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and be united and so on and so forth. I had to share this short incident with you

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Because the lessons are mighty, especially in the 21st century,

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this house or the occurrences of this house came about in which here, the the 50 after lubu when we study the history of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. We have two dates

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we have before hegira or better after Prophethood and then we have after Hitler, right. The Islamic calendar we have is after hegira calendar after Hitler calendar meaning 13 years after Islam, or the start of that calendar is 13 years after Islam although it didn't come about at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam the hegira calendar that we have was brought about by who, by Omar, Barbara, the Allah one, the history calendar that we have, you know, we say so many after hegira after hegira this calendar came about by Allah subhanho wa Taala inspired regu

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but the calendar starts

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from the time the Muslims migrated from Mecca to Medina when the from the hijra from the Hydra. Okay, what lessons do we lead from

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the house known as Dar Al are confessedly brothers and sisters, the importance of Salah in congregation Salah to Gemma

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we learned this because they gathered here to worship Allah together. Together, we learn the importance of collateral gemera. And what will make us understand the importance of Serato Gemma,

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I'm not talking about the difference of opinion between the Hanafi madhhab and the other mazahub and so on and so forth. The difference of opinion between the mazahub with regards to whether it's compulsory and so on and so forth. But no doubt all of the scholars agree that it's it has a mighty placement in the religion and it's definitely better than your individual for Salah to Gemma what will make us understand brothers and sisters. So important is Salah together that even at the time of war

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at the time of war the other night we were at the Hyatt

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where you could interview him for our cantilever masala falta compa if avoiding the art of how Salah should happen during war during war when the enemy is in front of you how you should observe the Salah so you can observe it in JAMA lavaca

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look at that

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the enemy is in front of you

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but the shediac came with a Salah that it gets to be done in JAMA and at the same time someone will keep watching the enemy

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the actuality of the Salah is beyond the scope of this class. But it teaches us how important so lateral Gemma is that even in the time of war Subhan Allah point number one point number two look at the Muslims so early on when they were allowed to keep it silent. They were still told let's find a place to gather to observe the Salah together so allatra Gemma and brothers and sisters look you know now you frequenting the masjid Ramadan and we Salah together How does it feel

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when you pray select home How does it feel? Is the sweetness the same as when you with your brothers and sisters now even in the massages that read short Salah we say you know what go pray with the Gemma.

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were telling me Melbourne is a massage Mashallah

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it's like a stretching program aerobics very it's quick Mashallah. Right? So he says should I read at home looking in the most half or should I read at the gym I said Well, there's other massages but if you can only go to this mission is to go there. That's the pious predecessors used to say it's more beloved to me to stand and listen to a few is in the JAMA than to read the to read the surah by myself at home panela

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unity being together. So not to jump it just as unity for Allah brings us together five times a day. You know if you look at the Pillars of Islam, it teaches us unity look at Sala unity five times a day. Look at fasting unity during one month of the year. Look at zakka unity with the impoverished look at hedge unity of the oma in Makkah Allahu Akbar, right? Look at the Shahada, the greatest form of unity, a unity which is greater than a bond, a unity that creates a bond which is far greater than the bond of blood.

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So let's jump. We learned this brothers and sisters. Secondly, we learned the importance of having schools. We need schools, good schools. We need good schools.

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The right schools, progressive schools, schools that are upon the ethos of looking

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at what education can be and not what it is good schools that will orocommerce a school needed to come together in a school. The teacher, the best teacher ever, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the students, the earliest Muslims.

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That's why we have to discuss that ullamco

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this house of this amazing man

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have come even abhi allarakha

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we learned the importance of education. We discussed it, but for this particular point, we learned the importance of schools and having good schools brothers and sisters,

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Masha Allah, there's been a revival in terms of Islamic schools, but to be honest, the Islamic schools I need of Islam to a certain degree.

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In terms of some of the

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practices, yes, when I say Islam, I mean excellence. Remember, the other day I said, excellence is the minimum required, but I call this Islam. Because JSON is, is in the circle of Islam. Islam means excellence also, technically.

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That Islamic school is in need of Islam meaning excellence, where the product is amazing. The Muslim that graduates from it is a confident Muslim, and Abell Muslim, a well rounded Muslim, a holistic Muslim, a nurtured Muslim.

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We need this. We need these schools.

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Look at the role of the Muslim early Muslims realize we need a school they took a house as a school a premises. We need this brothers and sisters.

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As a community, we should not feel we do not need the school. There's enough schools, the public schools are enough and so on and so forth. No. Ask yourself what can education be, don't ask yourself what it is, and strive to make it and if you need a school to do it, go and get the school. And if you able to influence an existing school that's better because we don't have to reinvent the wheel. It takes a lot of money and effort right to build another school. But sometimes you can't sometimes the school blocks you out they're not interested. So you have no choice but to go and instigate the the the the establishment of another school.

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Schools are important, and I wish I had such a long time to discuss with you education. But what else do we learn? What do we learn from this brothers and sisters, we learn from this the importance of having good company, good company good friends.

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Remember who the majority were, they're Muslims or non Muslims, non Muslims. So a person who's recited the Shahada, and is hiding the fact that he's a Muslim who is hanging around with Muslims or non Muslims, non Muslims. So the Muslims is a place where they could come together and be Muslims.

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We need good company. We learned this from this. This is when you want the weak we want to extract let's take from this era in the 21st century. We need good company. And you know what this lesson of good company is not a lesson of the 21st century. So lesson from that time, as we've seen here, and it's a lesson throughout the ages of Islam. It's something that Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam taught us it's something that the Quran taught us, you know, the Quran teaches us that we should have good friends and good company, friends that remember the grave and remember that he after this is what I mean when I say good friends to the characters in check when you with them.

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They're not only discussing the latest phone and the latest games. They also discuss a bed and salah and the punishment of the grave and the standing in front of Allah and that they have to do you know the Quran teaches us this. He does where Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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Yeah, Lady

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worku mass for dt. O you who believe be people of taqwa. This is the month of taqwa. We're looking for the means of taqwa. What is the means of the court, having a righteous friend circle

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having good friends, and Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to test the effect of bad friends and good friends upon us and our children. For a Sunni lesson, Allahu Allah, he was telling them said

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that the example of a person who has a good companion is like the example of a person who has a friend that sells

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you know,

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perfume, you know perfume? Yes, he sells perfume. You have a friend who has a perfume shop. When you go visit this friend, Masha, Allah, he's so happy to see you. Allahu Akbar. He pulls out a bottle of wine.

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And it gives you La ilaha illAllah Cambodia but worship Allah

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it's expensive is given you expensive per view. whole bottle is so generous.

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Did you benefit you did alright, he's not that generous Yanni he's not that generous. But when you visited him

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he took out the bottle of fluid and said try some

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jewelry. Try some right.

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Did you benefit?

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Yes Not. Not like the first guy who got a bottle, but you still benefited, okay?

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He's even less generous than this. You go visit him. He doesn't take out a bottle. He doesn't offer you anything. But he

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allows you to be in his scented perfume shop. The smells are nice. So the smells rub off on your rub onto your clothes. When you leave the shop and people see you in on the street. What will they say? They say? Did you cover up their shop? Will they not say that? Did you benefit or not?

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You benefited. When you have a good friend you always benefit maybe a big benefit like a bottle of perfume.

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immediate benefit that you are allowed to try some perfume

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or small benefit but still benefit because you were in this good environment.

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win win situation. Okay, what about if you have a bad friend Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says that the one who has a bad friend or the example of a person who has a bad friend is like the example of a person who has a friend that smells iron. He's an iron manga. He smells iron. When you visit this friend,

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you might get too close and not be careful. And a spark will come out of the blast furnace and burn your clouds.

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Did you win or lose?

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Lost in a big way? Okay, you say no, he's a bad friend. Okay, I'm going to be careful. You know what?

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I am going to stand

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between the door and the blast furnace, not by the blast furnace, but between the door and the blast furnace. Okay, so you stood between the door and the blast furnace. The black smoke of the room went onto your white thobe and blackened it as well.

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He didn't burn yourself but your thought became black. Winner lose.

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Lost maybe you didn't lose your job. But now your focus got black on it. You can't even wash it off.

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Okay, you see no No, no, my parents told me this guy's Bad Company. I'm going to stay away from him. You know what, I'm not going to stay away from you. I want to be extra extra careful. I'm going to stand by the door and I could in the bath. Magical. Come on you Colville.

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There's a lot of Arabs here brothers and sisters, for those in the audience. So

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name is need an RV.

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Alright, so you stood at the door, when you at the door It was your nose, inside the room out of the room inside. So you had to breathe the monoxides in the air

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win or lose your Sophie's clean Alhamdulillah but you still got have not so

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you can never ever win from bad company just that you can never ever lose from good company.

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We learned from Darren ericom the importance of LGBT Society of having a good friend circle.

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And you need to do this but parents you need to do this you need to check even the virtual friends, the Facebook friends that what you have, you have to check what type of friends that we have. Because remember, we discussed in the earlier episodes how the child is imitative by nature.

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If you didn't watch it, go and watch that episode.

00:24:04--> 00:24:16

Your child is going to get influenced your wife is going to get influenced your husband is going to get influenced. You keep sending your wife to people who live an extravagant life. It's going to wrap slowly but surely, it's going to rub on to her.

00:24:19--> 00:24:55

I'm not saying stop them from going if the person is a good company, but advise your family that look you know they have a different life to us the life they live is not our life. Important. You have to have that discussion. What I'm saying brothers and sisters message from yesterday. Do not be naive. Do not be naive. Don't take things for granted that everything will just be it won't be there's a system in play. And the system works. The system works. You know Michelle as I said the brothers and sisters they put me up in the 45th floor here in central Melbourne I see the whole of Melbourne, the whole of Melbourne I see people leaving the city in the evening and morning time for

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jobs and they're coming to work and I'm so high this concept a little ads. But you know what?

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Saturday, I don't see that nobody's coming into the city six o'clock

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any other day

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one after the other one I'm like little ends what law II every street every system. And you know from on top, you can see the the the code, the driving code in play, how cars just go all of a sudden stop in the middle then cars are passing, then they stop this car drives in? Well, I mean, I'll tell you what, I've been dragging my feet. And

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I'm sitting and pondering, I'm looking at the sensing. So Pamela, brother Raymond visited me the other day, I said, Come to the gym and look at this.

00:25:37--> 00:25:38

I said the system is working.

00:25:39--> 00:26:14

It's working. There's a system in play, and it works. It works. You hang around long company, don't be naive, you will be patient. You have good company, it will happen. It will have any effect on you. Why you just react. There was a there was a family they had a daughter was getting out of control. So Pamela, and then after some time, I inquired how we She said she's back to normal, she's become well, I said, What happened? What did you do? What books did you because nothing, all we did was this other family came from the UK. And she prevented this family, his daughter, and she changed. She started praying, she started not wearing the makeup and so on so forth.

00:26:16--> 00:26:19

Meaning makeup and leaving the house and you know, in an Islamic manner.

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Friends play a part in our life. So we learned the importance of having good company. We also learned brothers and sisters, and this is why we're that we're brothers, I always have to have something for my, for my organizational heads in the audience, right? We learned the importance of having a premises for your demo project. Even if it's a room at your house.

00:26:41--> 00:26:46

Even if it's a room at your house, you need to have a premises you can't be meeting online all the time, Skype,

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and so on and so forth. Everything is remote blackberry emails, no, you need the human touch. You need to have a premises where you come together. You need to have that brothers and sisters, right? You need to have that we learned this from that outcome. They had to come together that to have the human touch be together.

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We learned this importance of having a premises for our organization. Now what happens if we live in the age of technology? We have organizations that are virtual, virtual. So on the internet, you open a website, right? Every the website takes care of everything. Some people can work remotely, right? But it works better. If you have a place that you can meet up at regularly. It works better. We learned this