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Said Rageah
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history and success of Islam, including his journey to Canada and his interview with Hope. They also discuss their experiences traveling to India and their belief in Islam. They talk about their experiences with Islam and how it relates to their personal experiences. They also mention the use of animals as carriers for political gain and the importance of practicing Islam to achieve spiritual health and blessings.
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Saeed ruggie was born in Somalia, raised in Saudi Arabia, and in the late 80s found his way to North America. He holds a bachelor's in Islamic Studies, as well as a master's in Sharia from the Institute of Islamic and Arabic sciences in Fairfax, Virginia. He has had several posts over the years, including, but not limited to, founder of Masjid in Montreal, founder of Masjid in Maryland, founder and advisor of Muslim youth magazine, founder and member of the AXA Association.

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Furthermore, he was a chaplain at both the University of Calgary and the southern Alberta Institute of Technology, and is the chairman for the journey of faith conference Canada.

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In Alhamdulillah,

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Nakamoto who wanna say you know who was the

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winner of the villa he mysuru Leon fusina woman see Tia Medina

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Miyajima who for who was the woman who fell in love with Woody and murshida

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Why should you under

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the hula Sherry Cara

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Why should you know Mohammed Abu hora sudo

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Yeah, yo holla Deena mana tapa la haka to potty water Tomatina illa Anta Muslim moon

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yeah yohanna su Takara Baku, Lady Hanako, communists in WA ADA.

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Amin Hazara, ha, we're back the men who marry john and Catherine one is

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what's up aloha lady Tessa Luna v Wareham in more Hakuna Annie Kumara Pima

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Johan Latina Amira tarpon la punto de la cama Kamala come when your fellow kumanovo como como hawara Sula, who for the further fosun alima

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eva, the law

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number and the halal Academy kurama la Hayden, Hayden hodja hodja Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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we shall know more

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about the law.

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Why Islam?

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And perhaps I may ask ourselves, why not Islam?

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Why not Islam?

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Why would I choose any other religion other than Islam?

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The person who is talking to you

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is a person who left Muslim country

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with a certain perception in life and in other religions.

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And then,

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part of my life, I was in a stage

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where I had to question Islam.

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And I asked myself, why Islam.

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I went to Catholic school.

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And they were taught, they taught us everything about that religion that we needed to know because we had to pray they had everybody have to pray every morning.

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And it made me question Islam.

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And I said, Why Islam?

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And I had to come back. Because I remember when the priest asked me and he said, Who told you Islam is the right religion?

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Who told you

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and I reflected on that as a young boy, who's sitting in a school where he is the only Muslim kid.

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And everyone else in the morning, they have to pray. And everybody else they have to stand up during the prayers, and every other day, so we have to go to the to data tour electroneum, and we have to have the mass and pray.

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And then the priests who told you Islam is the right religion.

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And I reflected on

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and I say my father, my parents said that

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the teachers his school said is that that?

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mice my teachers, they said is some is the best religion but I doubt it.

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Because he told me, my faith is the best faith.

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And it was only the mercy of a lot that have to rethink.

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And I say, Okay, let me compare religions. Let me see what Islam is offering me. Remember, a young kid who has all the freedom I didn't have to pray in the other religions.

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I didn't have to pray five times a day there was no drama in the other religions. I didn't have to read the Bible or any other scripture because they told me that someone who died for your sake and someone else is going to take the sins

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It was a beautiful idea.

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It was presented to me that I can do whatever I want to do a song I believe that at the end of the day, I will really I will receive salvation.

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It was tempting, I must say

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I could party

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I could have a girlfriend.

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I could smoke weed like my classmates.

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I can take beautiful girl to the prom.

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You know I can do you know

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you know relation intimacy before marriage, where my Dean was saying haram haram Haram. You can smoke weed, you can drink alcohol, you can have a girlfriend, you can even touch a little long being with her in bed, you know? And guess what? Whatever you do, it is on your back. And no one else is going to take us in what our 10 zero was hidden wisdom, where I have the option to be someone else or who can enjoy himself

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and someone else would pay for the sins.

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So I said why is

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why is

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so I travel for my little village Welland, Ontario to the big city of Toronto, Ontario.

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And I remember sitting in a message called Jamia MSG,

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Jamia and moss

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and I sent him that message.

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And I asked myself, why Islam?

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And then I went to the library and I bought a book. I still remember I bought a book. Because when I was in the middle of an FDA facility, when I was in Saudi, they taught us to he taught hidden to hidden to hidden asthma, it was referred to him you know, we we were just taking in not analyzing so when they asked me the question, why Islam?

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I had no answer.

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And I say yeah, Allah.

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Why Islam?

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And then I opened the Koran. And then Allah subhana wa Taala opened the Quran essay in Edina in the law in Islam.

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So canon law

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in the DNA in the law woman Yep, the real Islam, Idina.

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I read

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and I cried.

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And I said, I need to study my religion.

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I need to study my Deen, why Islam.

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And then, instead of just taking in I realized Islam is so beautiful. And I asked myself and as I went to the priests, and I say, why not Islam?

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Why not?

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And I say look,

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Islam gave us gave us everything that we need.

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Islam came

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to us to the Arab

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when no one else had right but Arabs.

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And then Islam said in a Chroma come in the car come

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in a Chroma come in.

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Islam King,

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whenever lahab

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Allah said about him, Tibet yada.

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So yes, but at the same time, it also lies in the long run. He was setting them said to me that habashi

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I hear your footsteps in general. What do you do?

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Now when

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I said why not why not Islam?

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Islam came

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when no one else had right? But Arabs

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and Islam gay right everyone

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he was asked

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what the best of all Karla a talk from Linda Carmen acraman nasira sobre la Nina calm and Manama and hardiness adoke Carla even use as a winner No, no no not also that he's an even

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Islam came when women had no rights.

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No rights

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when I lost and were eaten more water to suit

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when they used to very daughter's life, and Allah said on the day of Yeoman Fiamma, she would be a question. Why did they kill you? For what sin Have you committed to deserve that?

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And Islam said, Well, he said vacarro can

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and Islam said, and

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Chicago religion

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they are compatible. This is no different between male and female except a tequila

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winery. snam

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when Islam taught me and told me, You

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from Somalia, brother save you from Somalia, but your brother

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is also from Iran.

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Your sister is also for Romania.

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Your other sister is also from China. That brother of yours from Japan. He's your brother's

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sister said why not? Islam?

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Why not Islam when Islam made us oma, I'm not talking about Muslims. Please do not misunderstand me because we know what is taught us to us to be when I'm talking about Islam.

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We talk about Islam. Islam said You are my brother and I am your brother.

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That's what Islam taught us. So why not?

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I just gave a brother from Philippines. I hope he's here. I just gave him Shahada.

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I gave him a Shahada. And that brother from the moment that he said, I showed you an la ilaha illallah wa shadow under Muhammad Rasul Allah, He is my brother.

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He just became my brother.

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When my

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when one of the unsolved was tying down, tying up one of the you know, machete kin of Makkah, who came to fight against the Muslim and then Mossad bin Omar was passing by him and then he stopped and he looked at the Ansari and he said to the Ansari, tie him well, Indian, his mother is wealthy

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and the mushrik

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and that man, he turned to me for calling in Nima and I say I am the son of your mother.

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I am your blood.

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I am your brother.

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I'm sorry, not the smell from from my from Medina. I am your blood. And then he says no, you're not my blood. He you know my brother he is

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now that is Islam

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Dino Akana, Huma commonweal at the accom nakoma family, you know, you we may be from a different tribes from different you know, background from different colors. However, Allah said I made here that

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you Hannah's

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in the HELOC una comunidad de

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la commercial Roman Wakanda

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not to disrespect to one another Mike Dean Teach me that you know better than I and I am not better than you.

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My Dean teaches me

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As a Navy is something Allahu alayhi wa sallam said in the law younger So what? What are you asking?

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Allah does not care about your shave about your sizes, what I can younger in America, but Allah looks into your hearts and sees your action. That was mad. That's what matters.

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It is my religion that taught us that we are brothers in this Deen.

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Why not Islam?

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It is Islam who taught us how to respect others.

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How to respect others.

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I don't there are some countries right now. Some countries who would not respect any other religion except verse who will not respect any other race. But there's there are certain nations on the face of the earth that a Muslim cannot fast.

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A Muslim or cannot wear hijab.

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on the plane, I was reading that a sister, a Muslim, was in prison for 18 months, because she took an old lady to the washroom in that particular country. And then the old lady she could not haul her urine and she peed on herself. And this sister who is not wearing hijab, who is not praying because she's not allowed to pray, He who is not doing any of the rituals of Islam, she washed their feet under under under

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the toes of that old lady from urine, and they said you were washing her feet so she can pray. So she was imprisoned. But Islam taught me

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Let the people worship what they want. let it grow. Javi Dean, the summer pollens snom taught me

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Let the people worship.

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You cannot enforce your faith over anybody but you can present

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why not Islam? give me any other religion who would give me that freedom?

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Islam said like a coffee Dean.

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You can't force anybody. Why not Islam? When Islam taught me that I should respect animals.

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I should respect animals. Do you know before we in the West, came up with an haiwan at the rights of animals. Do you know Amina meaning Roma. Abdul Aziz Rahim Allah. Do you know he had a whole department designated for blind cats?

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Do you know that?

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He said there are a whole department. Your job is to cater for the blind cats.

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We had another department at the time of urban Abdelaziz designated for retired animals

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you know what we do in the West? If the animals is all we put it down? What does mean? We kill the animal.

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But I'm not gonna Abdul Aziz is a no no, no, no, no. This camel. It serve you until it became all this cow and serve you until it became all you can put it put it down. You gotta let her die with dignity. That is my Islam. Why not Islam, Islam?

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Why not is

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it compresses everything.

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So why not Islam?

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The question that I asked myself on the Muslims is

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why are you not practicing Islam?

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Why are you and I are not practicing Islam.

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Islam is not the rituals that we do five times a day, or the tawaf around the Kaaba alone. Or just reading certain cap on the day of Gemma Juma or attending Salatu tarawih for Ramadan. That is not the whole Islam.

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Islam, it goes from the root. It goes starts from basics. So my question is, why are we not practicing Islam?

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My question is to you, why are we not presenting Islam?

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My questions to you why we now

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Proud of I

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know you think you're proud,

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but not the people that I know

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about the law. If anybody asks you why Islam, you should tell, because Islam is a complete religion.

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And Islam is a religion that leads you to worship, Allah alone does not deviate from that does not allow you to worship Allah su or any other prophet does not allow you to convert the city to someone else to tell someone else your sins. It does not allow you to pray to someone else to transmit your data. So it can go to God does not allow you, you know, for because you're rich to pray in the front and you're poor, and you donate less pray in the back. That is not Islam.

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That's not Islam.

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You have the best blessing from Allah.

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All of you, you should say Alhamdulillah

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hamdulillah because it is indeed from the blessings of Allah for the near term of Allah, that he chose us as Muslims, that he chose you to be a Muslim and that he gave you this he Daya

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and us Allah. Those who strive his way as a loss of Hannah with Donna said when Lady nyjah hadn't seen than the Hadean sabudana and Allah would lead us to the ultimate success and that is paradise asked a lot to protect us and to protect our Deen to protect our offspring, which is our como la credo Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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