Said Rageah – Parents Are You Raising Your Kids According To Islam

Said Rageah
AI: Summary © A group of individuals are trying to encourage their viewers to stay calm during the dean's presence. They discuss the importance of bringing young people to the " Probably Me" movement and rewinding parents' actions to become models. They emphasize the need for parents to be models and pray for the birth of their children. They also discuss the importance of finding a healthy environment for one's spiritual health and finding a partner for help during school sessions.
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Allah Al Hamdulillah a salaam aleikum, which is a greeting of peace, peace be unto you and people from all around the globe tune into the deen show calm where we're here trying to help you understand Islam and Muslims. And when I come back

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we're gonna be talking to my good friend, Imam Shaikh, Sade. And we're gonna be talking about the youth trying to understand the youth why some of them have drifted off and got involved in gangs and drugs and shootings and colors and Crips and this and that when we come back here on the dean shall be right back. He

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is His Messenger.

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did that maybe maybe it's just to break the ice

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a little bit so they can see this beautiful smile of yours.

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How are you handling that? We had you here with us before? Right and people can go to the deen show calm and they can see your biography they can read a little bit about you and we're glad that you are here with us again on the dean show you are doing a wonderful job thank you i love the show didn't show him the land every time I want you to something I said okay, let me see what's on the show. Use so sometimes these others share that share. Beautiful work, beautiful work. inshallah we encourage you to continue getting better and better and improving and work my show. Thank you. Hello acceptance from from all of us. We be in the higher levels of Paradise mean. Yes. So you're still

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playing ball? I'm still trying. Yeah, I was trying. Nice. One of the guy he said I, I was told. And they said no, no, no. I think you believe you're a good basketball player. Honestly, let us rewind that. Take the belief part. And let us go to the court and let the ball speak for I heard Shaquille O'Neal. He accepted Islam. Is this true? Or just a rumor?

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I can tell you what I know. Yeah. I'm a thing was way back when Hakeem Olajuwon was playing with the Raptors and also Mamadou and Jai was also playing for the Raptors here. And when

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the game between Raptors and the Lakers at that time, and the game finish, of course, a friend of Mamadou was also with them. And his wife was wearing hijab. Yeah. And of course, this is what it is and some hammerlock in that environment. Shaquille O'Neal came, you know, Vince Carter with us. I was like, you know, he put his guy and he said when she comes, let me know. Yeah, so everybody all the rafters players were excited to see shake even though they just finished game with him. But they want a personal you know, handshake a personal greeting. So, when shaky was about to come, the boy or the man reported to Vince Carter that he's here. So Meanwhile, Shaquille nor his sister and her

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husband was wearing hijab. She's there. So he stopped going to them and he went to them. Yeah. And he gives them the greeting of a snap.

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headpiece, he's a Solomonic Yeah. And then some of the guys like your Muslim and he turn you know how big is it? Of course I am a Muslim Wow. So that's what the guy reported but he said he was there and handed it there. So Muslim is simply for non Muslim get someone who's chosen freely consciously to surrender and submit to the creator that have is an absolute absolute no one else but that unique one god the same God of Jesus Moses, Abraham know all the prophets of God. And the last and final messenger how much of the law it was that people can actually get to know from the last show that we did? Absolutely, yes. Now you hit I mean, you know what's going on in basketball, you know, what's

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going on, you know, out there with the youth and unfortunately, there are a lot of youth that are getting caught up into some of the vices out there in games, yeah, drunk. All these other things that are going on, and we want to help encourage them to come back to the correct way. Why do you think this is actually happening to somebody you've let's start off with that.

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Well, you have to understand when you're young, especially start you know when you a baby on your young boy under you know, 1415 you still under influence of your parents? Yeah. So you listen to them you in they ask you to pray you pray, but most of the time is like now what do I have to pray? You know, God doesn't need my prayers. A lot of times, some of them say I know you know, I have to pray but it's too much or

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I don't want to pray I'm too lazy, but and as they grow, they gain their independence. Yeah. So they think they now I'm a man, you know, I'm an independent person, I'm an adult, I will do what I want to what I feel like doing. And then those guys who were raised in Islamic environment, they may go a little bit off track, then come back. Now, those people are not the problem. The problem is, those actual ones that who their parents were too busy to educate them about Islam. Or the parents would think, by bringing the child to Sunday school for two hours, and then picking up the daughters without hijab. And we asked the daughter to roll the girl to wear hijab school, and the mother, you

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know, shame because she comes to the message, she puts hijab on, she gets into her car, she takes over her job. And this young lady, she sees this. And so what her job is not that important, my mother's nowhere, and why do I have to wear it? And both parents are working most of the time. And what happened this kid is that you know, develop his own personality, which later on will come something that is issued for the family.

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These guys are difficult to bring them back. Yeah, they are difficult because they don't know anything about Islam. Yeah. I remember in Ottawa, this father, he walks into the Imams house, after midnight, and he's a shift, you have to talk to my daughter. She wants to move in with her boyfriend. And the question that the Imam asked was all the Egyptian men, he said, How old is your daughter? She said, 25. And they say, you, you know, left your responsibility for 25 years. And now when you realize the problem you coming running to me, I cannot help you to say, Wow, so what is what is the problem with the youth there is all this temptation around them. But at the same time

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not having that role model to funnel or the environment that was meaningful to communities to create for them. We're not doing our job. And I don't blame this case, for bet. But our advice them, Listen, we have new Muslims already being there. They saw everything. They felt everything. They felt the pain of ignorance of jell o COVID. They can tell you about you don't have to go and experience yourself. Just listen to their stories, read about them, sit with them. Ask what happened? Why they become a Muslim? And why are you going away from snom? You know, you go into Russian where they just came back from. So minus Yeah, what these guys will be, listen, chill,

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relax, and cool down. Come back to Islam. And you will see some a lot of also misconceptions about Islam. Islam, the thing is on going to the masjid, and I'm going to just read, and I'm just not going to do anything. That is the wrong impression. It's nice. Having fun. Yeah, we play ball play soccer in 100. Now we have second League, we have a basketball league we have, you know, hockey, hockey, everything. Is there. Anything that is hella for entertainment? Is there? Yeah. So you made a very important point. Now the parents. So it looks like we first need to rewind a little bit and give some advice to the parents. Prevention. Islam is all about prevention. So let's talk about the

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preventive measures that parents could take so they don't end up with something dangerous like this on their hands where the youth is totally gone. And maybe in droves. It was too late. Let's talk about this. Now. See some Hara Allah when Allah subhana wa Tada, set in the unaka, Canada confy rasulillah, he was watching Hassan India in rasulillah an excellent example

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is true. Everything that in your life, you know, dealing with media, you know, dealing with the politicians dealing with, you know, you know, drug dealers or you know, alcohol, everything is there you can find. So, I remember one of the insert from the center of the long run, he was send them a mother who wants to call her child, she said, sweetie, take this, take this, and the puppets on the wall. And he was and he looked at her hand, and he said, I hope you have something for them.

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Because if you don't they you lying to that child. And it would be sin on your book. You know, what does that show? It shows that as a parent, you got to be role model. You know, you don't have to lecture these children. But just live Islam.

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Pray and they will see sighs import, go to the masjid as often as hard as these try going to your job and the child will see mastery is important. The Honors and they will be honest. I have my daughter she is you know, a year and a half. As soon as her mother start pray, she runs she grabs a little yo and she prays right next so Damien Yeah. How because the she saw her mother doing this. So

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As a parent, we have to be a role model we have to understand number one, the children observing us rely in realizing that, you know, everything that we do the learning from, remember the story of Imam Shafi. When a man came with excitement, and he has a son sitting next to him as a chef, I want my son to be exactly like you. Yeah. And the Father and the Father. So excited. Mm hmm. How old is he? He said, it's just a baby's only two years old. I brought him early. He said, it's too late.

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It's too late. And that is true. Two years too late American brothers in Egyptian Bravo in Houston. And he's, I saw a little funny, you know, CD player, or, you know, I said, What is this? It looks like a belt. And he said, that's what my wife said, What is that for? He says, she's pregnant. SubhanAllah. So why does she have to wear this? He said, The doctors say, Take this, play, slow music. And the Chow will come when he's born will be a common, easy to manage. So I took that method, he said, and I put today's in the pot on and now hamdulillah. See, they start covering the child from that age. Yeah. You know, if we only use those methods and say, Okay, well, the mother's

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How is their Deen? And what are you doing to make sure that the child is going to be born is right here in the barn righteous. And from there, it's Pamela, as a father, don't bring anything head on to the house. You know, make sure everything is headed. As a father, as a mother, make sure the child knows that you have gone to the bathroom. As a father, make sure the father the child knows the way to the mystery. As a father, make sure that your house is located close enough to the message that when the time of the time of Salah comes on, you're still at work, and is six, seven years old, he can walk through the message itself. As a father, you make sure you are perfect role

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model. When a man said to one of the women of the past he said to his son, could you can we who is your role model? And who are you going to be like you? The child is nothing but a loser boy. He's a why you pray to him and then he will call on you go to Juma Did he say no? I wanted to be like an even avatar. Look what happened to me. I'm just a regular man. Now, you know, so if you want your child to be perfect Muslim, aim high. And then from there, you always, always try to raise them more than by the time they 15. And you some experience some difficulties, he would be less more difficulties than any other any other inner child. So obviously, it doesn't work. If you are

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lighting up tomorrow, if you're not establishing the second pillar of Islam praying, right, and you might be more adamant about following some cultural practices. Absolutely. Then this is not something that's going to work now. No, you you sending mixed messages. Yeah. You know, some of the parents all over the phone, you say, when the little baby pick up the phone, he says, you know, can I speak to your father?

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Oh, my father is not here. That's what he said, We are lying. So we taught him from the first day how to lie now tomorrow when he lies to us.

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So we should not blame anyone but ourselves. So again, we have to be role models of the library, our buses and body.

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You know, he saw those sort of lines on the lawn. He was everything in the masjid, he prays he's never leave for then, you know, unless it's something serious. You know, he gives a hug, but he teaches the perfect role models on the law audience and he and he's only seven years old. And then he said I want to see a sort of lie, how he is at home. So he went his morning, and I say can I spend the night with you? She said sure. So he's pretending that he's asleep. But he's not asleep. So he said, I stood a lot walk through the door. He gave his family beautiful greeting. How are you? He asked about them? How was your day and and then he songs it is the voice sleep? And my monitors

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that are the alarm? Yes, he is. And then you start talking to his wife. Even this is a lesson for husbands. You know, just don't come on, you know, go to the bathroom and take a bath and then in sleep, spend some time with your wife and asked her how was her day. And then Abdullah said, then a sort of lifestyle along with a soft finish after he finished talking with his wife. He stood up for salah and I said now this is my time. So he's I joined him some the law on he was sort of in the salon. See, he wants to see what a sort of like is doing as a child.

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He the child wants to see what his father's going to do. Now the parents are off at work, and they might have a babysitter or the public school is raising them meaning that they're spending most of the time 5678 hours in the public school. They come home they got a babysitter and the

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TVs actually educating the kids and the music and the hip hop and the gangster rap? Is this something that you seeing also a lot? And what is your comments and advice on this?

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Let us Let me address the issue of TV, in my views.

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When shavon walks into your house, or into my house, and he sees TV, Shannon was saying, Man, this thing is doing more damage that I can do. Let me just, you know, sit back, I got this, I got this, you know, I hired TV that said, this little black box is destroyed will destroy the whole family. And you won't need shavon because you already purchase your own shaver. And not only that, some of the family, you know, when the the kids and the parents like she'll say, you know, this isn't unlisted. Can you talk to them? So I said, How many of you have TVs at home? And everybody raised their hand? And they said, How many of you have two TVs at home? And they say, I say how many of you

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have TV in the room and almost half of the little amateur was six, seven years old. They raise their Yeah, so having that thing in your room, that monitoring not knowing what the child is watching is a dangerous thing to do. Very serious issue. I'm not saying you should not have TV period. If you have TV, get a DVD DVD player. But some, you know, kids show Islamic kids show, but some lectures based on the child or the age of the children. You know, there are a lot of things for Muslim children, but didn't show, you know, get some of the episodes and put them together. I'm playing so that people can understand because obviously, on the normal TV 94% of 95% of the things promiscuity, you

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have men kissing woman nakedness. You have all sorts of violence, things that obviously are going to have a detrimental effect on the child. He's recording everything isn't easy recording every single thing smile on my son, three years old. He just saw him. You know, when I'm doing something, he won't even blink. He just looked at me like this. Yeah. And I know, he's that little eyes, and nothing but two cameras, you know, just recording and reporting everything? And what if I do anything wrong? He would do exactly. And I can tell you, every time he says something wrong is something that he's seen in a home, or must you disagree? It's not it was not on his own things. But

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you know, TV and what the children watch. It's very serious. One of the kids he said, you know, to her daddy's Why don't you love Mom, I love your mom. But you don't kiss her like like the kiss each other.

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You know. So to them love is you got to do you know, kiss in front of the children to show affection and love because it's kissing all over the doesn't even have a cartoon, everything, everything. So I would say Muslim parents to Fiala because this child is a man is a trust. And Allah subhanaw taala gave you a gift to maintain it. And to bring it back as a righteous individual. And that gift unless you maintain it, and protect it and give it back as a like give you pure, you will be held accountable. And that's when they do yomo PM, we will come like this. Our hands would be chained or neck. Our children will say yeah, Allah He did not teach him upon. Yeah, Allah He did. And unless

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they feel you know, going anywhere, so this would be something if you take away one thing, we can replace it with good permissible things, good programs that have a positive message message to the youth and to the adult and to their dogs themselves. What are some of the other practical advices? Okay, we, we talked about the TV, replace it, not with the Britney Spears in the hip hop and all the gangster stuff, take that out, but we can put into Islamic programs. And also now, I mean, if the parents are out there busy, they're working. And now the children are out in school, they come home, and they don't have the mother or father babysitters there and, you know, how do they deal with this

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and they're busy work, work Money, money, but what good is this money if you're not gonna enjoy it, or you won't, you won't enjoy the presence of your family, I will say, take certain time out of your ticks certain days off, just for the family. Yeah, take them outdoors and make them busy, let them run, take them to the park, spend some quality time here Rasulullah sallallahu with with his all his busy schedule, he used to spend some quality times with his wife and his children. So not only TV that if you keep them busy with good things, sports, you know, outdoor activities, you know, visiting good righteous families, you know, taking them to the mercy for lecture for Islamic event.

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He can their schedule can be really packed. You can make them busy, if you only really mindful of what you can do for them for them. Now those youth who are listening and you know what, they're doing this eternal struggle. They feel what we're saying is right, that goodness wants to come out, but they're around other friends.

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Who are calling them to the weekend night at the party? to places that they shouldn't be? What advice do we have for them? Imagine yourself standing in the middle of a pool that is full of urine.

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and you want to perform salah

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and you'd lift your foot and say I'm gonna wash my foot, you know? And then you put it back again in that urine, would you ever be pure? No. So what do you need to do is take yourself out of that filthy environment, find righteous, good environment, good friends, you know, and you can well can you find good friends not in nightclubs or you can only find that as a licensed in the Quran, in the massage

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in Islamic you know, Muslim organized event, this is where you can find them. So take yourself on that. Stay pure. Now you can Moodle outside and stay that, that situation by being with others will remind you, if you if you look at lady was passing was it? Fear Allah and Allah is watching you, you know, if you you know, if you're not mindful of yourself as an escort, pray, if they see you doing the wrong thing, they will correct you. If you're not doing well with your widow, they will correct your widow. So this is what we need. They need to change the environment. And I will also say to all the new Muslims who accept Islam, don't try to go back and bring you know Muslim friends before you

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learn enough of your deen. If you don't know how to walk, imagine this you don't know how to swim, and you want to dive unsafe someone was drowning? Both of you gonna drown. Yeah, so stay dry until you learn what to do, and then go and help them out. A couple more points. We're almost out of time.

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There's brothers and sisters who are Mashallah all praises to the creator that he's guided them and they're coming along. But it's a great challenge nowadays.

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Because there's a lot of trials and tests with the opposite genders. And now, the person he obviously has this desire to want to be with a woman woman want to be with the man. But we know what Islam says about the boyfriend girlfriend thing, which nowadays is kind of odd. That if a person a boy doesn't have a girlfriend, the girl doesn't have a boyfriend, something's wrong with them. Something's wrong with them, but they want to preserve their chastity really want to preserve this morality, what advice for them to stay steadfast and some things that can help them out? Number one, the one that can help is Allah subhana wa tada put your trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala but with

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sincerity, look and say Allah, this is who I am. And you know what I used to be gala Kimi on this path and guide me as to number one. Number two, you know, do what sort of lights on the low and he will send them said number one try to fast as much as you can. If you're single number two, what do you do is avoid places of fit you know you can't say you know I'm you know I'm struggle with myself but at the same time, you being with all these almost unjust women, and at the same time, you know, watching all these videos or movies and the what, but nothing but drive you crazy. And then so when I'm struggling well you put yourself in this position situation, get out of that environment. And

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number three, always stay in the mustard.

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Mustard environments. Beautiful. Why? Because there's always more like and because of the melodica you will feel that presence in your in your behavior and in your heart and I want to thank you again. May God Almighty the creator Allah rewards you for being with us. Man alertly warrior, shallow Hope to see you third annual of journey of faith inshallah. Next Thursday evening, less ohana time. Thank you.

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And I'd like to thank you again for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. We look forward to having you again next time I hope you got to benefit this beautiful way of life, the way of life of all the messengers in front of us in the front long piece of your time, that if we follow it sincerely seeking the pleasure of our Lord, there's nothing left less than paradise. And there's nothing worse with these cars, these women and all these things that are temporary, take a time off from the rat race of life and really connect with your Creator and ask him for the guidance. And you know it'd be fair if you get it you can come back here every week to learn some more good stuff here

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on the deen show. We'll see you next time God Willing inshallah. So I'm looking peace be unto you.

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Allahu la isla

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lahoma is

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the lady

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AD mana

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see what everyone's talking about.

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You find one contradiction it can't be from God.

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But the rational idea the rational explanation is you do your best to give up worshiping God. I will never give up spreading this hope that you take the unnecessary step you don't know if you're gonna live till tomorrow.

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So you got to find that urgency to do the right thing right now.

00:26:07 --> 00:26:14

The reality of life usually doesn't sink in. Until tragedy comes.

00:26:17 --> 00:26:22

You get a few bad people. The media grabs ahold of that and spends it the way they want to

00:26:24 --> 00:26:29

be if you say that you do not believe in Jesus, you have stepped outside of Islam you cannot be a Muslim ended at 10 in our faith.

00:26:35 --> 00:26:40

eats comb eats lay everybody sleep.

00:26:42 --> 00:27:02

I arise and ask a lot of thinking me only Nah, you see. Oh la you know all the scenes I do. A turn to you to begin. Cinema.

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Yo man

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runs away. Ola guide me

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