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The importance of learning the Prophet's teachings and respecting their teachings is emphasized in Islam. The surah in Islam is addressed to Islam, not individuals, and proper behavior and etiquette is crucial. The pandemic's negative impact on the economy and political events, including a potential recession, is discussed. The potential for a vaccine to be effective is also discussed, but the speaker acknowledges that the virus is not immune to drugs and people should be aware of symptoms before becoming infected.

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spelar Hinata Hinata hamdulillah Nakamoto Hamden get here on Taiwan mobile config, la la la la, la, la la vida de se Aegina Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman kathira and my bad

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will come brothers and sisters

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for this a new series of Tafseer in which we will be in sha Allah dealing with the Tafseer of Seurat, I'll hold your art

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inshallah we will finish it in five classes or five sessions Sharla

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We ask Allah Allah Allah to accept it from us.

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And we ask Allah Allah Allah to make it sincere for him and we ask Allah Allah Allah to make it

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for us at the Day of Resurrection not against us.

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I mean,

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okay, we want someone to read please

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the whole surah first

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we want different people to read

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antenna martial law

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to have

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the mic

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this one or this one?

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This one

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yeah, read the whole store. Oh, yeah.

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Mina shame on me. Miss Miller. Manny Morphe Yeah, you're living in

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Chicago the movie in a day in

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LA. In a more of a semi nanny. Yeah. You're

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focus on maybe one

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two letters.

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In Elina

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naggy now

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he can

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to add your own army in the Navy

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in the Xm

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101 more roughing Yeah,

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man Oh.

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Been a bit fatter.

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To see more.

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Photos me from

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me, Martin nemu nephin from rasuna law, loyalty

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Kathie Lee mean and Miller I need to

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be in a poor mood and email was a Jenna houfy pulumi can walk up to her in a zoo for one

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Amina ma Mehta Maharani moon Hakeem

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or if at any meenie, miny, Nakata,

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Romania Houma for

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the humor and an offer Patino Let

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for you.

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Also near Rubina who Mab in the Oppo sample in laws are you

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Meaning that if one is near roomy enough away from what

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Yeah, you heard levena man Moon is

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booming NASA a coup

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wanna nissa

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nissa interesa a

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flu Stephen wanna

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be sunny smooth

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he man he

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yeah let

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me know

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law Are you

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a coolala Murthy he may

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need to work

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in Manhattan

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can you

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read Nothing short

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the morning at all in any hobby Hobie

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on it in

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full numb to

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a sled

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pulling a man movie movie from what a lot una una

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min many food

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in our food

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me up

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forcing him he said he

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saw the moon Full Moon Mohammed Dini calm what law

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one law for me Courtney Shea in any

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maximum battery life we

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up in a more higher number

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one law

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be mad men

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which was lesson

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number seven.

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This midlaner was manual or he

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or more you who have believed, do not put yourself before Allah and His Messenger, but fear Allah. Indeed Allah is hearing and knowing. So you who have believed to not raise your voices about the voice of the Prophet, or be loud to him in speech, like the loudness of some of you to others, lest your deeds become worthless, while you perceive not.

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Indeed, those who lower their voices before the Messenger of Allah, they are the ones who whose hearts Allah has tested for righteousness. For them his forgiveness and great reward. Indeed, those who call you all Mohammed from behind the chambers, most of them do not use reason

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and if they had been patient until you could come out to them you

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would have been better for them. But Allah is Forgiving and Merciful.

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All you who have believed if they're comes to you a disobedient one with information

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and get it on paper

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Do you want to sell metal in our in our affiliate

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setting? Maybe you know Muhammad Sallallahu it or somebody was cinema, Sleeman kathira.

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best thing to do is to be engaged in the book of Allah. Allah Allah Allah with the book of Allah Allah Allah, studying the book of Allah Allah Allah learning the book of Allah Allah Allah, teaching the book of Allah Allah. In Sahih al Bukhari, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Hadith model the Allah data and how eurocon men tell them and Anna, who Allah, the best of you, is the one who learns the Quran and the one who teaches the Quran. We ask Allah Allah Allah to make us among those who learn the Quran, and those who teach the Quran I mean,

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we studied previously tools, rulers kurata Barak and Seurat will follow. Both sutras are murky souls. And we have mentioned that the murky Sutras, those sources that have been revealed in Makkah, and mocha Rama, have certain natures among the natures among the nature of those Sutras, is the fact that those sewers are focusing on building a man building a man in a legend Nevada, building a man in the hereafter mainly,

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building a man in a lodge Allah Allah, Allah means glorifying the legend of Allah and exalting him, exalting him and showing humanity the greatness of Allah Allah, the magnificence of a lighter levada then introducing Allah Allah, Allah to humanity by his names and attributes, so affirming His Lordship, then commanding people to worship Him alone. Then introducing His names and attributes. So they the people, humanity will know who allegedly each other is how or what are the names and attributes of Allah, Allah Allah.

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We said also that mosquitoes are live are rarely talk about rulings,

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the Salah rulings, the details of the Salah rulings were revealed in a very latest stage in Makkah, and

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the details of the Salah ruling were revealed in Medina does occur, which is the third pillar of Islam was commanded or made obligatory upon believers in the second year of algebra. So it is in the Madani period and so on. We also find that the Maquis period does not talk about

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Hadoop punishments, while Hadoop and punishments have been revealed. in Medina, we also

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notice that the maquiladoras do not speak about hypocrites, because as you've been Ambassador there a lot of data and who said that

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the people in Mecca were either believers or this believers,

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believers who believe

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outwardly and inwardly and this believers who this belief outwardly and inwardly, in Medina, people started to claim that they believe outwardly, but they do not believe inwardly and these are the three types of people.

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And we also notice that they This is from as they say, a mobile a sewer, any the what is being discussed in the sewer, the contents of the mucky sewers, however, from the CLR perspective or from the language perspective, we notice that the mosquitoes are normally show have short verses

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normally have short verses, we have seen no one will tell me when is romantic when a material became known and so on. I made this alone and he never allowed him and let the home feed him of telephone off or put on in Madrid and so on.

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So Dr. Barak has relatively little bit long yet.

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On the other hand, the madonie surahs are focusing

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solely on the madonie sutras are given giving a full picture of the Islamic life. So it talks about matters of al Qaeda. It talks about matters of fact, it talks a matter, it talks about Sharia. It talks about al Qaeda, it talks about the rights of the Creator. And also it talks about the rights of the creation. It details it details many, or democracy eras detail many of the rulings, if not all of them.

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And we also notice that demand dinosaurs have long tours, relatively sorry, long versus long verses, such as the surah in hand, relatively speaking.

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As Khaled Said also that whenever you see a young lady in our manual, then this surah is a Madani surah

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a during the Macan period, Allah Allah, Allah is addressing the whole of humanity.

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And a larger Nevada wants people to believe.

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Then those who believed, and they have established the Islamic State, they need to be addressed.

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We also say that the Mr. Dennis Ross, talk about the Mona 14 while the monkey so let's not talk about that when I think

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there are some other features of the meta disorders, but they are, these are the main features of them and dinosaurs as well as the main features of the Maki turas.

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Now, this surah in hand, is Sora tell her to rot

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is rotten Hurrah is a very is a short, relatively very short surah In fact, 18 ayah. Yet, it is a very condensed tura. It includes many gum,

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it includes martyrs of al Qaeda.

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It includes matter of a flap and in fact, it focuses on a flap.

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It also

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different aspects of the social life.

00:17:52--> 00:17:56

The what is known as sociology

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and Palestina. It also talks about politics.

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It talks about the international law, the Islamic international law,

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it talks about

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the purpose of creation of the end.

00:18:19--> 00:18:27

Result also talks about different possible tests that many of us more may go through.

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It includes a number of fundamental principles, fundamental principles, methodology, in kurama coonan de la here at Polycom.

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the most honorable person by Allah Allah Allah is the one with that taqwa. Or is the most righteous person

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and so on.

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So it is really a very great and rich surah this surah

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includes five calls. Yeah, you had an ad in a minute.

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And one call Yeah, uh, Johan suit

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and relatively to have five calls Yeah. Are you are letting me know in this store, Chula? It means that Allah Allah Allah wants us to listen. If we mess around the Allah tada and who said if you hear in the Quran, yeah you Allah Dena Amano. Then listen carefully. Allah Allah, Allah wants to address you.

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And we have seen that there are five calls. Yeah, are you holla Deena Amano LA to demo a de la hora su de de la la la semana de the second one. Yeah. Are you

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Allah Dena Amano what the turbo swatter confer kasatkina v

00:20:08--> 00:20:32

one two litre Sharon the third one what yeah are you on so yeah you already know Amano India a confessor for me number in fact obiano and to see what common legality in photos we have not altum demean the fourth one is yeah are you are Latina Ana La Palma, Mankato, Minnesota and yaku no Hiram in home wallonie South Minnesota.

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And the fifth one is, yeah, you have Latina Amano, egg attorney Bukit here, Amina one in the abomination. So these are five coins. That

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six call is Yeah, I yohanna so in

00:20:55--> 00:21:01

the town of who in Toronto komenda Lafayette Park in the LA and the Mojave.

00:21:03--> 00:21:14

So these calls to be included in this very short surah it means that Allah Allah wants us to listen, be careful.

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as we said, that

00:21:47--> 00:22:13

don't include five calls, and the six Kalia yohannes to the whole human humanity in this short surah shows that this surah wants us to listen to be careful. By the way, yeah, you already know Iman was mentioned in the Quran very frequently or yohannes has been mentioned in the Quran less than your Latina men are far less than your Latina Amina.

00:22:14--> 00:22:28

And among the surah of the Quran that include your Latina I'm gonna show frequently I think it is the surah that has the most number of these calls yada yada Dena Amano is Surah

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Allah Ada

00:22:31--> 00:22:47

anyway, this surah if you look at it, you will see that it is a complete unit that talks about building the Muslim community

00:22:48--> 00:22:58

building the Muslim community or building the Muslim society or you can say building what the Muslim Ummah

00:23:00--> 00:23:18

say you can apply it on different levels, the Muslim community, the Muslim society in a country or the Muslim Ummah, the Muslim Ummah, Allah Allah Allah address the Muslim Ummah, Empire if at any minute Minato facilely hooba Houma

00:23:19--> 00:23:27

if there are two groups of the believers, two groups, either a small group versus another group or a country versus another country.

00:23:29--> 00:23:38

Yeah, then facilely who by now may try to curry consult between them. This is the Islamic view with regards to the international law

00:23:40--> 00:23:51

and how Muslims should deal with each other and they must be united Allah Allah Allah affirmed this by saying what it means.

00:23:53--> 00:24:07

Allah Allah, Allah affirmed the small in kurama komenda Llahi a taco. So this is a very fundamental principle that builds the unity of the whole Muslim ummah.

00:24:09--> 00:24:29

It is a very amazing surah although in this surah Allah Allahu Allah spoke about what so called as the international law and how Muslim Omar can be built, Allah, Allah Allah did not ignore minor things that may take place between individuals.

00:24:30--> 00:24:39

And he mentioned it in a very amazing way that it can be also applied as we save communities, societies, countries.

00:24:40--> 00:24:45

Yeah, are you alladhina amanu la is her power woman comin

00:24:46--> 00:24:48

home means what

00:24:49--> 00:24:54

means what nation you can say, nation or a group.

00:24:56--> 00:24:59

Of course, this includes individuals how

00:25:00--> 00:25:10

Allah Allah Allah mentioned. Now I asked her, I don't mean ahead, it will include what individuals also and it will not include societies.

00:25:11--> 00:25:33

Okay? Yet normally we see individuals mocking each other, Allah Jalla Allah looked after this as well. Because if people are not respecting each other, mocking each other, the whole society will collapse. There will be no unity within the Muslim Ummah there will be no oma.

00:25:34--> 00:25:36

And not only that, yeah I Latina

00:25:38--> 00:26:34

woman call me Natalia coonawarra Minh home, what? Well Anissa omnicell. Although La Jolla is addressing the major concepts, he said, Oh women in particular, be careful. So I'd like to know Allah, neglecting his small things or minor things. While annisa armeniaca ASSA coonawarra main home, of course, minor things I don't mean minor in terms of the punishment on terms of the size of the sin, but this is to address in particular women, while you are talking about body fat, while you are talking about fighting, while you are talking about reconciling, is a relatively minor. But this minor thing builds those major things. This minor thing has its role in establishing the what the

00:26:34--> 00:26:38

whole oma amazing tapanuli allowed in

00:26:39--> 00:26:54

this surah if we look at it, in the beginning, this surah is focusing on the foundation of Allah is very structured way in addressing the Muslim

00:26:55--> 00:26:59

individuals or your oma.

00:27:01--> 00:27:12

The structured way is to speak about the very fundamental principle of Islam, which is what to submit to Allah and His messenger.

00:27:14--> 00:27:28

So that is what the beginning you go to Islam by what submitting to Allah and His Messenger, if this submit is not there, then there is no point to talk about other things.

00:27:29--> 00:27:42

So Alexander, Allah laid down the foundation first, what is the foundation? Yeah, you already know that to put the Mumbai in a de la hora de la in Allah has me.

00:27:43--> 00:28:02

This is the foundation. And you know, we deliver this course known as managerless state law. And we said the methodology of understanding Islam is based on getting first of all the sources of Allah Islam, what are those sources of fat Islam?

00:28:03--> 00:28:11

You need to get the authentic sources of Fantasyland getting the authentic sources of Islam is built on believing in Islam itself.

00:28:13--> 00:28:45

And what are those sources of Islam? We said that the sources of FileZilla are or an sooner Yeah, you know, not to obey the law. He was really he was a law in the law seminary. So it talks about submitting to Allah and His messenger and he talks about what that your sources for legislation for thoughts for ideology for everything is what or an answer

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and then Alexander Allah said yeah, are you are alladhina amanu India a confessor Amina inflatable you know be careful that those sources have to be a qualified carefully because you cannot rely on what

00:29:03--> 00:29:30

on non authentic sources make sure that those sources are authentic? Definitely and cannot be a question. Now the Sunnah of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam we need to verify whether whether this is an authentic so not or not. So you need to verify then Allah Allah Allah started to speak other aspects. Amazing. So this surah includes VEDA

00:29:31--> 00:29:39

includes a clock as well. And also it includes some Arkham as we will see,

00:29:41--> 00:29:42


00:29:44--> 00:29:49

Allah Allah, Allah says in the beginning of the surah Yeah, are you Hello, Dina Manu,

00:29:51--> 00:29:54

LA to add the MOBA in a de la yasui.

00:29:55--> 00:30:00

As we said that even our bus event master there'll be a lockdown and who said when you hit

00:30:00--> 00:30:06

Yeah you already nominal in the Quran then be careful listen carefully Allah wants to address you.

00:30:08--> 00:30:15

Yeah. Allah Jalla Allah says in the Quran was only under can be woman Bella

00:30:17--> 00:30:25

this Quran was revealed to me in order to warn you and whoever this or an reached

00:30:26--> 00:30:30

to or whoever received this or on

00:30:31--> 00:30:34

they said that whoever hears it up or on

00:30:35--> 00:30:57

has he received it as he has received it directly from Allah Nevada. However he is this urn, as he has received it directly from Allah, Allah Allah because Allah Allah Allah says, Allah Deena you are one of them. Or are you Hannah's you are one of them should Hannah law

00:30:59--> 00:31:01

so yeah, you have the Dena Amano.

00:31:03--> 00:31:10

No need to discuss what is the meaning of a Latina manual yada yada it is known okay

00:31:13--> 00:31:20

yeah you under the and I'm and what led to the move a de la hora de de la

00:31:22--> 00:31:35

don't suggest something in terms of the rulings of Islam before you here it's ruling from Allah and His Messenger

00:31:36--> 00:31:37

don't offer

00:31:39--> 00:31:43

a suggestion regarding the account of Sharia

00:31:44--> 00:31:50

don't suggest a calm before you know what Allah Allah Allah has said

00:31:52--> 00:32:08

that the mobile una de la hora su de This is the meaning of it. Okay, yeah. Are you Hallelujah? Amen. Oh, all you who believe do not make a decision or even suggest a decision

00:32:10--> 00:32:16

or a ruling in advance before Allah, Allah Allah and His messenger.

00:32:17--> 00:32:22

They mentioned that this ayah was revealed.

00:32:24--> 00:32:26

Or they mentioned in fact, for

00:32:27--> 00:32:37

reasons of revelation for this is one of them is the story of Abu Bakr and Omar probably a lot of data on who and whom are in Sahih al Bukhari.

00:32:39--> 00:32:41

That Abubakar, that

00:32:43--> 00:32:48

group of delegates came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam from the tribe of Danny Tamim

00:32:50--> 00:33:10

and the prophets of Allah Allah what he was trying to sell them received this group of delegates and abubaker said yeah, Rasul Allah appoint Elektra habits to be there, Amir Romero, said Dr. rasulillah, I think another person will be an Emir Ababa Casa de la de la tada and who said to him are

00:33:11--> 00:33:43

in fact you did want just to oppose my opinion, nada de la philosophie. You did not you did not want anything except to go against my opinion or not have not said you, you did not want except to reject my opinion. So their voices became a little bit loud. In the presence of the prophets, Allah is Allah. Then Allah Allah Allah revealed this, this is one revelation. The other revelation is the other reason for revelation

00:33:44--> 00:33:48

is the opinion of Allah has an anniversary, he said that

00:33:49--> 00:34:14

a during the day of an Abba, during the day of Allah, some Muslims, they said that we can be slaughtered any time so they slaughtered before what before the Salah? As you know that in a Abha, the first thing as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said is what we go for salah and then we slaughter over here.

00:34:15--> 00:34:23

Then we slaughter over here. Then the Prophet alayhi wa sallam commanded those people who slaughter before the Salah, to

00:34:24--> 00:34:24

do it again

00:34:26--> 00:34:28

to slaughter another cattle.

00:34:29--> 00:34:33

This is another opinion, a third opinion.

00:34:35--> 00:34:56

They said that it was revealed regarding certain people who said, oh how the Lord Allah Allah revealed this, how the Lord Allah Allah revealed that that would be better. So Allah, Allah said don't suggest before Allah and His messenger. They also mentioned another opinion regarding

00:34:57--> 00:34:59

a buddy who killed two people from Daniel

00:35:00--> 00:35:16

lame before it was before he knew that Allah, Allah Allah and His Messenger considered them that before he knows that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam considered them as people have added people of Covenant, so he should not kill them.

00:35:18--> 00:35:56

These are the reasons mentioned. Now, you know, brothers and sisters that when the scholars say, nessa tear the hill, if de cada it means two, it has two possible meanings. When the scholars say this ayah was revealed in this it takes two possibilities. The first possibility is this idea was revealed after this particular incident, to treat this incident to deal with this incident.

00:35:57--> 00:36:01

Yeah, and this is the specific meaning of suburban newzoo

00:36:03--> 00:36:11

the other meaning of suburban noozle reason for revelation Yeah. Is that this

00:36:12--> 00:36:18

was it revealed before, but this is applied on this case.

00:36:21--> 00:37:06

Is it clear? So, it was not revealed because of this case? No, it was revealed because of another particular case, but this can be applied on this particular case. And we will see an example. So, here some scholar said maybe it was revealed regarding certain people who used to say that how the Lord Allah Allah revealed that this how the Lord Allah Allah revealed that that would be better. So Allah Allah Allah revealed it, and when other scholars said that this ayah was revealed in regarding our opener, omega Bumblebee, when he killed two people from benissa, they they mean that

00:37:08--> 00:37:23

this incident, the incident of amyloid omega MRI is included in this area or can be applied or this can be applied on that particular incident. I hope that it is clear. Yeah.

00:37:24--> 00:37:44

And this understanding helps to reconcile between different narrations regarding about unusual and they said that this this surah sorry, is among the very late tools, it was revealed and known nine year of La Jolla.

00:37:46--> 00:37:50

Okay, and then I'm here of La Jolla, however, saying that this,

00:37:51--> 00:38:03

this surah was revealed in the ninth year of La Jolla, it doesn't mean that we cannot implement the rulings mentioned in this ayah except in a very latest stage.

00:38:04--> 00:38:04


00:38:05--> 00:38:13

Yeah. And this is a very important ruling in terms of understanding how to implement the Maki and the Madani are on.

00:38:14--> 00:38:21

Yes, for example, this surah includes Yeah, you already know Manjula, is her calming calm.

00:38:23--> 00:38:47

No group of people should mock here or should take mockery of the other group. Now, even in the beginning of the hour, we should tell people don't mock others. Allah Allah Allah prohibited this. We cannot say that no, no, no, no, wait until people become really strong believers. And then tell them not to mock each other. Yeah.

00:38:49--> 00:38:50

Is it clear?

00:38:52--> 00:38:54

But Allah, Allah, Allah

00:38:55--> 00:39:18

revealed it in a very latest state. It doesn't mean that Allah Allah Allah did not reveal all these accounts in the beginning. No, but maybe Allah Allah, Allah wants to put everything into perspective everything into its place, and bring everything together in one surah

00:39:19--> 00:39:27

I hope that this point is clear. So Allah Allah, Allah says, Yeah, you already know Amanullah tapa de MOBA, una de la hora su de

00:39:29--> 00:39:34

okay don't suggest before, you know what is the ruling of Sharia.

00:39:35--> 00:39:36


00:39:37--> 00:39:44

as the scholar said in particularly when Kathy said this confirms the well known established principles in Islam, which is what

00:39:46--> 00:39:59

woman x and Medina minnemann assalamo lillahi wa Marcin on who is better in his name, rather than the person who is what sub meeting to Allah, Allah Allah. Yes.

00:40:00--> 00:40:07

And the whole deal is based on what? submitting to Allah Allah Allah submission to Allah, Allah Allah.

00:40:08--> 00:40:13

And Allah Allah Allah commanded us

00:40:14--> 00:40:22

by saying Juana can a woman in one minute in Da Hua Zhu amaranth and yakun Allah homolka

00:40:24--> 00:40:40

it is not befitting for a believing man or a believing woman. Once Allah Allah Allah decided on something decided something to what to choose, against what Allah Allah Allah has already decided.

00:40:42--> 00:40:49

And alight Allah Allah said, lt Allah wa atira soon submit to Allah and submit to His Messenger.

00:40:52--> 00:41:18

And as they said, min Allah He rissalah Allah, Allah Rasool Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah reveals, the prophet conveys and what we do, we submit, we submit, and the scholars mentioned a number of history regarding submitting to Allah and His Messenger

00:41:19--> 00:41:21

in oma when

00:41:25--> 00:41:38

he said that the prophets Allah Allah, Allah is Allah said latter. Minoru messaggi de la he let him know Emma Allahumma salli de la don't prevent women from going to massage it.

00:41:39--> 00:41:43

So his son said, No, we should prevent to them.

00:41:44--> 00:41:56

He said Subhana Allah Subhana Allah. I said to you that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying this, and you say, No, we should prevent them, we should prevent them.

00:41:57--> 00:42:03

While la de la Kelley mukava. By Allah I will never speak to you.

00:42:04--> 00:42:09

One of the scholars was mentioning the story of the

00:42:10--> 00:42:16

discussion that took place between Adam and Moosa. Allah he set up

00:42:17--> 00:42:25

and he was narrating this story in the presence of Harun al Rashid. Rashid is from the Abbasid Caliphate, he was a scholar.

00:42:27--> 00:42:29

And the man said, How come

00:42:30--> 00:42:40

there is huge or long time between the time of Adam and the time of Musa How come they had this discussion?

00:42:41--> 00:43:21

So Harun al Rashid, the halifa became angry. And he says to him, he is telling you that are them and moods are met and discussed and you are telling him how come Subhanallah Go away, go away. And he wanted even to smack him or to do something. There are many stories like this. Once Allah, Allah Allah, once his messenger decide on something, then we should say what send me an hour Aparna a nema canacona meaning Ito Illa la hora de la Kuma beno yaku. What semi now what are

00:43:24--> 00:43:36

the matter of the believers when they hear a lot Allah and His Messenger deciding on something? Yes. They should say what? semi No, Aparna? Yeah. Are you Allah? Deena no laptop?

00:43:48--> 00:43:49

No laptop. All right.

00:43:51--> 00:43:53

Yeah, Oh Allah give us

00:43:56--> 00:43:59

Oh Allah give us a leeway.

00:44:02--> 00:44:03

Oh, Allah give us anyway.

00:44:04--> 00:44:07

Then Elijah, lo, Allah commanded them to say what

00:44:10--> 00:44:24

to say, semi now panna we heard and we listen. Okay. And there are as I said, there are many stories about this just because of time, we need to maybe

00:44:26--> 00:44:40

move to the second point. And there are many verses in the Quran that confirmed my dear respected brothers and sisters, that the whole of Islam the whole of Iran is built on what

00:44:42--> 00:44:43

sent me an hour upon

00:44:45--> 00:44:50

Allah decided, His Messenger decided, then we need to what

00:44:51--> 00:44:54

woman ever Sunil Bella. Elena, what?

00:44:55--> 00:44:59

At the city, we should submit and listen to what Allah

00:45:00--> 00:45:01

Anna, okay.

00:45:04--> 00:45:24

What Allah, Allah, Allah and His Messenger decided, and you know Allah Jalla wa ala condemned those who say, Oh Allah give us anyway. Or whom Allah Allah, Allah commanded them to say hit ba, ba ba ba, HIPAA, HIPAA, they changed it and they said what hindpaw

00:45:26--> 00:45:33

Allah, Allah Allah condemned them condemned them harshly. So we should not do this.

00:45:35--> 00:45:36

As we are talking about this,

00:45:38--> 00:45:41

we need to say that it

00:45:42--> 00:45:56

I think many Muslims are most of the Muslims were hurted when they heard that our so called Muslim MPs voted for the same sex marriage for the gay marriage.

00:45:57--> 00:46:01

And some of them had certain excuses.

00:46:02--> 00:46:57

And unfortunately, some of them said that, well, we have nothing to do with the people on what they do and their bedrooms. Or some of them use the same language that is used by non Muslims. Two people loving each other. They want to spend their time together, they want to have commitment to towards each other. They want to spend their whole life together, they love each other. So what is your problem with them? Yeah, Subhana Allah, I love him. This is exactly rejecting what Allah Allah Allah, and His messenger is saying, exactly, in fact, they're not rejecting it. But even opposing it. Start with federal law as if they are saying, Yeah, a law, you say something, and we say the

00:46:57--> 00:46:58


00:47:00--> 00:48:00

Which is something very, very dangerous. I, as I'm writing, I have received so many emails, the questions from different people who say that are those people, those MPs is still considered as Muslims? Do we still consider them as Muslims, because they clearly rejected a confirmed established ruling that established that is established in the Koran. And in the sooner all the Muslims agreed upon that, if they reject it openly, clearly, willingly. And they even they are supporting their views, and they are even defending their positions. Yeah, they don't feel ashamed of it. It means that they are clearly rejecting what Allah, Allah Allah has revealed. So if they rejected like this,

00:48:00--> 00:48:09

do we still consider them as Muslim or not? And some of them? I don't know whether you know, or not, some of them already rejected Islam.

00:48:10--> 00:48:13

Yeah, they're already they already said that.

00:48:15--> 00:48:31

Well, Islam or non Islam is same, is almost the same. So this is a clear rejection of Islam, to say that Islam or non Islam, they are the same. This is clearly a clear rejection of Islam.

00:48:32--> 00:48:33


00:48:35--> 00:48:53

those people, they should be really advised that they should think about the matter again, because if they are insisting on this, it means that they have rejected Islam, rejection, Islam, rejecting Islam in this way. It means go for

00:48:55--> 00:49:46

it and they should see, and I advise them, or I advise them to go on to sit before a reputable buddy, to judge whether there are still Muslims or not. This is a serious matter. And if they have left the fall to fall Islam, then they need to repent to Allah, Allah, Allah and they need to enter Listen again. If they are insisting on whatever they have decided, and then proper Islamic body should decide whether they are still Muslims or not. If they have rejected al Islam, it is up to them. Yeah, Allah Jalla Allah says in and Edina tomahto tomato tomahto somos De Luca from landok, Manitoba to whom

00:49:47--> 00:49:48


00:49:49--> 00:49:59

the Hellfire is waiting for anyone who is rejecting Allah and His messenger is up to them. We can't do anything about it. mode over

00:50:00--> 00:50:34

Their families will be held on for them. If it has been established that they have left the fold of Islam, they cannot be considered as Muslims, their families, if their families are considering them as Muslims, if their spouses are considering themselves sorry as Muslims, then they should not continue having any kind of relationship with them. Because it is haram to have a relationship with a person who denounced his Deen his religion denounce Islam. Moreover,

00:50:36--> 00:50:41

they should clarify to us because if one of them died

00:50:42--> 00:51:04

on this, and he rejected that Islam, he should not be buried in the graveyard of Muslims, he should be buried somewhere else. And no one should say Oh ALLAH forgive so and so. Because Allah Allah, Allah says to Mohammed salatu salam, what? Well, I hadn't mean home.

00:51:06--> 00:51:21

Yeah, well, I don't even take forgiveness for them, don't pray on them. So we should not pray janazah on them, we should not make history out of them on them if it was confirmed that they have rejected and Islam

00:51:23--> 00:51:39

The matter is serious, because no one should, from now on, we should really take a stance and know you show no one claims that he is a Muslim and proud to have the name of Mohammed or whatever name

00:51:41--> 00:52:09

and attribute himself to Al Islam and then he messes around with Elisha. He rejects le Salaam, he marks Allah and His messenger. He rejects certain Islamic well Islamic established principles and so on. No one can do this. Yeah. And it is not in my hand to announce conferred upon them. Allah, Allah Allah is the one who designs

00:52:11--> 00:52:23

and he gave the judges the proper judges or the proper scholars or scholars of authority, he gave them the authority to announce what he decided

00:52:25--> 00:52:28

this is the matter, okay. It is not that

00:52:29--> 00:52:41

I decided that this person is a coward or this person is going after or this person is so on. So, no, no one has this right to decide. Okay.

00:52:42--> 00:53:44

But a proper buddy is authorized by Allah to give rulings. And these are the people of knowledge. Allah authorized them first. Hello, what? Hello, victory. So they have what? authority? So it can't no one can say no one can take me out of the folder. felisha. Yeah, no, that is not true. This is not true. This is a deception. My dear respected brothers and sisters. If a person omit commit something, reject something from Allah, Allah, he should be checked with a proper Islamic body and that body has the right to what to announce confer upon him or her. So the matter is serious. And no one can say no, no, no one can. Okay. Judge on me? Yeah. No, no, this is a deception. Islamic bodies

00:53:44--> 00:53:50

can judge on certain cases, Islamic authorities, or Islamic

00:53:51--> 00:54:01

scholars can decide on something can judge on certain people. Okay. So anyway, I wanted to mention this.

00:54:02--> 00:54:10

Because the whole surah is based on this, the whole of Islam is based on this to say,

00:54:12--> 00:54:50

yes, there are certain exceptions, but those exceptions are very limited exceptions, and you cannot deny or reject Islam willingly, openly. And not only that, but to be proud of it, to hand a lot to be proud of it. Not to be even ashamed. Or not to put excuses or not to say No, I meant to this or that, or I was I was called Earth or so. And so No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I took this decision and I'm supporting it, I believe in it. So Hannah, this is even worse. So,

00:54:51--> 00:54:59

as you can see that this opposes the intrinsic nature of an insula which is what which is built

00:55:00--> 00:55:38

On Sunday Anna wattana Okay, yeah you're Latina Luda to Fatima obey the law. You're a foodie. What up a law in the translation that we read but fear Allah I don't know why it says but fear a lot because it says until Allah, this is the better translation, what the law and fear Allah in the law sent me on a limb and you can say that Allah Allah Allah concluded this verse by saying, by saying what is translated as Verily Allah is all hearing and Allah, Allah, Allah is all knowing Allah, Allah, Allah knows everything Allah Allah Allah hears everything. So be careful.

00:55:40--> 00:55:52

Some scholars said that can we take you from this that the person internally should say, Oh, this ruling? I wish if that if that was not there?

00:55:53--> 00:56:39

Yeah, you are not suggesting it openly. But internally, you say that or are you Shiva Islam allowed us to stop for a lot of them drink alcohol or commit Zina or to deal with it or you wish internally even that you should not say it internally. What is the meaning of that? This is not an issue but if you are really and truly a believer of Allah, Allah Allah, you should not suggest something before Allah and His messenger. Then Allah Allah Allah says, Allah Dena Amendola, swatter. khumba, salty Nabi all you believe. Don't raise your voice is above the voice of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam.

00:56:41--> 00:56:44

The, again, the scholars mentioned a number of

00:56:45--> 00:57:30

reasons for the revelation of this area. The main two reasons are the story of Abu Bakr and Omar that we have mentioned, which is in Sahih al Bukhari, when a group of delegates came to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, and then Abu Bakr also did not a lot and who said Dr. rasulillah, appoint a doctor and have his autonomy to be their leader. And Mr. hottub said, you did want to oppose me. And then abubaker said, No, you did want to reject what I suggested. Okay? And then their voices were a little bit loud before the presence of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam so I'm not going to reveal this, then immediately tomorrow, bla bla bla bla, and who started to address the profits or

00:57:30--> 00:57:32

loss and I'm in a very soft and gentle

00:57:35--> 00:58:01

and quiet voice, in a way that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam more than hear from him until he says to him, what did you say What did you say Subhana Allah and this shows that the foundation that we have just mentioned was implemented immediately because semia now Adana, Allah Allah Allah says this and we need to implement it immediately.

00:58:03--> 00:58:49

Okay, this is one reason was mentioned by a number of scholars. Another reason was mentioned by a number of scholars, which is the story of Sabbath ignore pious evolution mass Sabbath signifies you know, that Tabitha pious, he was married to a lady called Jimmy Robin to Abdullah and obey immunocap He is the one who has this famous story. Yeah, when his wife jameelah wanted to have her learn from him. All women know this story. Yeah. By all women, whenever they call, they want to live there immediately say this story of Tabitha Coronavirus. And his wife she asked him for hola and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said do it by luck. Ha. Yeah.

00:58:50--> 00:58:57

So anyway, this is tablets have no case law they allow data and who who is Ravi Allah tala and who.

00:58:58--> 00:59:14

He used to have a very loud voice. And one time the Prophet sallallahu Sallam missed him. So he commanded some of the companions to go on to check one of the companions. Ahmed said, Yasuo, Allah, he's my neighbor. So he went to him.

00:59:15--> 00:59:21

And he saw him he said, tabet What have you been the Prophet sallallahu Sallam miss you

00:59:23--> 00:59:36

guys said, I have a very loud voice. I have a very loud voice. And whenever I speak, my voice goes above the voice of the prophet SAW Salem and Allah Allah, Allah says, and

00:59:38--> 01:00:00

Luca montem Leticia wrote that why don't today's your voices otherwise Don't raise your voices about the voice of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam otherwise what will happen? Yeah, your dates will be void or null will be nullified while you don't know or you know not. So

01:00:00--> 01:00:12

He said for sure my deeds have been nullified. Then I'm at one to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he told him the story. So, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said call him then he said to him, yeah.

01:00:14--> 01:00:27

Don't you want to live as Hamid? Yes. Yeah, Annie Blessed are full of blessings, and tomato shahida Allahu Akbar,

01:00:28--> 01:00:30

and you will die as a martyr.

01:00:32--> 01:01:20

He said, of course, your rasulillah I will never speak to you, except with a very gentle and quiet voice. Sadly took notice that all the alota anhu and the Battle of idea mama against Mussolini and Emma, Val, when many of the Arabs are poor stated, he stood up between the two owners and said bit Somalia Buddha Buddha, Okay, what about what what? What an evil what they worship, and this Mr. Santa how Allah What about what they have done? The Muslims. And then he said, let me go and then he fought and he killed and he was killed as a Shaheed the companions, but are they allowed to honor and home said when the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Yeah

01:01:21--> 01:01:33

Don't you want to be to live as a Hamid and to live as a Shaheed they said we're lucky we knew that he is a martyr that who is walking on the ground

01:01:35--> 01:01:36

or the alarm data and

01:01:38--> 01:01:42

so this is another reason for revelation.

01:01:44--> 01:01:54

Whether this or that the meaning is clear. The meaning might encompass both yeah you alladhina amanu la sua tokunbo Casa de

01:01:56--> 01:02:05

donde today's your voices above the voice of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam without a doubt. Yes, there is another sorry, when I tell you how to build

01:02:06--> 01:02:08

the company Da Vinci when

01:02:09--> 01:02:15

don't speak to him or don't address him as you address each other.

01:02:17--> 01:02:19

Why be careful

01:02:20--> 01:02:28

otherwise your deeds will be void will be nullified and

01:02:29--> 01:02:31

one you know not.

01:02:32--> 01:02:55

They mentioned that there is another reason for revealing this pot, which is what a group of Arabs Yeah, Bedouins from Benny Tamim. Benny Tamim is a very well known tribe living in in now in Saudi Arabia. Yeah, in the middle of the Saudi Arabia. This Benito meme is a very noble type.

01:02:57--> 01:03:03

The prophet SAW Selim said, I shall do Almighty Allah the job. There are the hardest again, is that the job?

01:03:04--> 01:03:16

Yeah, Mohammed Abdel Wahab is from benoot me. Yeah, the Majid did of the 11th century who died to 1000 2006 Hydra.

01:03:18--> 01:03:23

And one time the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah sell them, so a woman captive.

01:03:24--> 01:04:05

Then he commanded the person who took her release her 300 because she is from the new Tamim. Anyway, I've been with me among them is Elektra, you know habits. So when they came to the prophet SAW Selim, they were big bedroom. Yeah, they were not that civilized people and they don't know much of knowledge. So they want to address the Prophet sallallahu Sallam the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he was in the hotel out this small rooms that were built for him next to his Masjid sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam small rooms

01:04:06--> 01:04:12

time otherwise we can speak about them anyway. We need to conclude this.

01:04:13--> 01:04:17

So they said yeah, Mohammed, yeah, Mohammed.

01:04:19--> 01:04:21

This is totally impolite

01:04:23--> 01:04:39

to raise your voice like this to others, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam even the person Yeah, and I should get any I should not be any. I want to just to reflect what they have said. Otherwise I should not have mentioned it like this. Yeah.

01:04:41--> 01:04:59

So this caller said, there. This includes still weird to way to address the prophets. I send them without saying the prophets Allah Silla, your Mohammed, Mohammed or Mohammed. Like some academics, Muslim academics, say Prophet Mohammed

01:05:01--> 01:05:04

Without saying some of it, because it is embarrassing

01:05:05--> 01:05:06

to say salario

01:05:08--> 01:05:18

Yeah, so hon Allah Allah, Allah gender, Allah says in the Quran that A Da Da Da are virtually ballyknocken cada a ba, ba, ba, ba,

01:05:19--> 01:05:22

da don't call the Prophet as you call each other.

01:05:23--> 01:05:44

Don't say to him Mohammed, so for Allah, He is the Prophet, Allah, Allah, Allah. Allah, Allah, Allah honored him. So you cannot address him as you address any other human beings. This is the way to address him. And also your voice should not be loud.

01:05:45--> 01:05:51

Okay, so from two angles, the quantity and the quality. Yeah.

01:05:52--> 01:05:54

So, while I talked

01:05:55--> 01:06:04

about this, everybody calmly better than otherwise what will happen, your deeds will be nullified and you don't feel

01:06:05--> 01:06:08

so that's why Tabby took no case when he heard this.

01:06:10--> 01:06:16

He said, Oh, this ayah is revealed about to me.

01:06:18--> 01:06:26

And he was so scared. In one narration, he commanded his wife to bring like, what is it?

01:06:28--> 01:06:50

chuangke What is it? shakin, yeah. And he said, Put the shackle either in his hand or in his feet. And he put a metal and he closed it locked it up. And he said, I will never leave this place until I die or the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam forgives me

01:06:51--> 01:06:56

Subhana Allah Allah did. This is how sensitive they were.

01:06:57--> 01:07:03

In terms of what in terms of respecting the prophets, Allah Allahu Allahu Allah, he was so happy he was in.

01:07:04--> 01:07:11

And he said, although he did not intend it, but because Allah Allah, Allah says and

01:07:12--> 01:07:30

lucuma Anton Latisha rude, your deeds might be nullified, and you know not. So he was very, very afraid of this. So then the rest of the story, the prophecy I sent him sent to him and then as we have told you,

01:07:31--> 01:07:42

same thing happened with Mr. hottub. Mr. Tata immediately started to address the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in a very gentle and soft way. This caller said that

01:07:44--> 01:07:46

this is applied

01:07:47--> 01:08:42

regarding the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam when he is alive, the companions should apply this and when he is dead, salallahu alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam. So in the presence of his grave salatu salam we should speak in a very gentle way. We should not fight we should not scream we should not behave in a proper he actually in his presence. Okay in here in front of his grave Salalah alayhi wa aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallam with full humbleness. We should pass saying a Sarah more at aka Rasool Allah and then a Sarah Malik al halifa Tadashi de la Santa Monica honey fatale Fattah rasulillah and then move this girl has also said that this can be extended to include the

01:08:42--> 01:08:52

Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam. So when you mentioned the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam you should have a proper etiquette

01:08:54--> 01:09:04

not you'd say oh The Prophet said and you just say the Hadith as if you are talking or mentioning a statement by anyone know,

01:09:05--> 01:09:10

Mr. Mallika, the Allah tala and who you know, that he used to

01:09:12--> 01:09:13


01:09:14--> 01:09:23

He used to make Udo and he used to apply perfume and he used to dress properly when he goes to give

01:09:25--> 01:09:29

when he used to give her the some of the Asbury scholars.

01:09:31--> 01:09:50

They said that he never narrated the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam, if he is wearing shoes, and he thinks that out of respect for the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he should take off his shoes aside.

01:09:52--> 01:09:59

Anyway, there are examples of this. The whole point is that in the presence of the Prophet sallallahu

01:10:00--> 01:10:29

selam the Sahaba were commanded to speak gently, softly, in appropriate manner, after the death of the Prophet salallahu alayhi salam, whenever we go in the presence of his grave, then we have to speak very gently, politely. In fact in the Romano hapa once heard two people screaming, shouting, and the message of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he came to them.

01:10:30--> 01:10:42

And he said, What are you doing? You don't know that this is the masjid of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, why are you raising your voices? Where are you from?

01:10:44--> 01:10:50

They said we are from five. He said, Well, ah he if you were to from Medina, I would have beaten you

01:10:51--> 01:11:34

probably allowed Thailand. Why? Because he doesn't want anyone to break this ayah. To break this etiquette to learn the etiquette. He wants people to learn the etiquette of respecting the Prophet sallallahu wasallam whether he is alive, or whether he is dead, sallalahu ideas ideas and because they are from Thai, if not from Medina, so may they may be dumb to know or unaware of their etiquette. That's why he executes them. We should apply this My dear respected brothers and sisters, the one who narrates the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam should have a proper etiquette, a proper etiquette,

01:11:35--> 01:11:37

he should sit properly,

01:11:38--> 01:12:28

he should speak properly, he should not. Some scholar said don't. Whenever you mention anything other than the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim don't today's your voice above your voice when you narrate the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Out of respect for what, for the statements of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sahbihi wa sallam. And they also said that you need to read it properly, without mistakes without grammar mistakes. Time and some scholars went maybe a little bit far by saying if you narrate the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam wrongly, as if you have lied, because the prophet SAW Selim did not make this mistake. And you said that the prophet SAW

01:12:28--> 01:13:03

Selim said this. Yeah, maybe this is Yanni bit harsh. Okay. But we should respect we should observe certain etiquette, when we narrate the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu allegory was obvious. And not only this, my brothers and sisters, we should also respect when we hear the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam respect the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim when we hear it and that's why maybe you have heard a number of times I say to brothers

01:13:04--> 01:13:06

and sisters, that in

01:13:07--> 01:13:15

a gathering of knowledge, especially when we are making Tafseer of the Quran, if Mathurin you have something,

01:13:17--> 01:14:15

a joke you something you consider it a joke. Don't laugh with voice, with sound, maybe smile? Yes, this is what to respect. The Koran, the column of who, of Allah de la vida, Don't raise your voice above the voice of Allah, surely the voice that resides the column of Allah. Similarly, when the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, is recited, Don't raise your voice be above the voice that resides the Hadith the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam observe certain etiquette, yeah, and even if you have to laugh or something, and you cannot control it, leave the gathering, because this is this respect to the column of Allah or to the column of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa t he was

01:14:15--> 01:14:21

the he was send them. Also scholar said that the books of Hadith should be respected.

01:14:23--> 01:14:42

The books of Hadith should be respected, because they include what the statements of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam they include what Yes, they include the word sallallahu alayhi wasallam do similar. Yeah, out of this out of respect, you should not do it.

01:14:44--> 01:15:00

And of course, yeah, unfortunately, I just mentioned it. I have seen a number of times where law he one time I saw somebody that's having done must have with the translation. Yeah. And they will

01:15:00--> 01:15:05

wanted to put a projector. So they brought the must have and they put the projector on it.

01:15:07--> 01:15:08


01:15:10--> 01:15:11

This is a gene

01:15:12--> 01:15:19

even I have seen there were books of massage and the person want to pick up the

01:15:20--> 01:15:33

book. Sorry, there were a box of massage boxes of massage. And someone wants to pick up the other box and he put his feet above those boxes.

01:15:34--> 01:16:13

Yeah, this is disrespect. They even said that whenever you arrange your library, yeah, your books you need to put the books of Hadith, the books of Tafseer and the books of Hadith on the above shelves and below them you put the other books out of what out of honoring the books of the Quran and Sunnah. Yes. And they said that they should be printed properly, they should be looked after properly. This is what this is an etiquette that has been taken from what

01:16:14--> 01:16:38

what are the Gerona? Who will catch your head about the bow and arrow? Come on to mulata Sharon? Okay, maybe we need to stop here. I was planning to speak about nullifying the deeds. Okay, anyway, let me be patient and let me just conclude this nullifying the deeds. Allah Allah Allah said

01:16:40--> 01:16:52

EIU Allah and Allah know, that of our swatter, confocal Sultana, bialetti todo de la comunidad and da da da lucam otherwise your deeds will be nullified. So

01:16:53--> 01:16:56

here there is a question Can deeds be nullified?

01:16:58--> 01:17:05

Can deeds be nullified? What does that mean? It means that you do a number of Senate

01:17:07--> 01:17:22

you do number of hazard and then you do certain bad deeds, evil deeds since those sins will eat the hazard that you have done will nullify the hazard that you have done.

01:17:24--> 01:17:26

Is it a clear? Yeah.

01:17:30--> 01:17:46

Example of this the prophet SAW Selim said mantella karasawa bad habit amaroo the one who lives his deeds will be nullified the story of Asia and they when they he dealt with certain transaction, she said tell him that what

01:17:48--> 01:17:56

his Jihad was the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has been nullified when he was when he dealt in this way. And they say transaction.

01:17:58--> 01:18:03

Allah Allah Allah says, Yeah, just a minute please Allah Allah Allah says

01:18:04--> 01:18:18

I adore Hello cumin takuna Allah who didn't really wanna lofi hammington Lita Murat, wa sallahu kibou Ria tomasa for Saba SRM fee. Now one factor.

01:18:19--> 01:18:27

This is an example of a person who had good deeds whenever he wanted those good deeds and Assad, Assad is

01:18:28--> 01:18:31

blazing wind came and

01:18:32--> 01:18:56

burned the fruits and the crops of this farm while you are in need of it. So panela a very powerful example, that when you need your deed as the Day of Resurrection, you don't find them because of an aerosol blazing wind, that what that burns, the crops burns, your hands are not

01:18:59--> 01:19:09

adequate to be part of the load either on home Andy or Mr. Malhotra de la tada and not one of them. He said this is an example of a person who

01:19:11--> 01:19:24

did sell many hats and had made so many good deeds and then he made so many say art that overweight the good deeds that he has done. So they burned them.

01:19:26--> 01:19:32

Now, this must Allah Okay, this must Allah just to conclude because of time.

01:19:33--> 01:19:44

First of all, there is no single sin that nullifies all the good deeds of the Muslim except one sin which is what surely

01:19:46--> 01:19:58

they are in Ashoka. They are not and they will come. If you come and check. Then your these will be what nullified void and not all of them.

01:20:00--> 01:20:18

Yes, and this has given me a lot to Allah said this is the principles of this is the principle of 100 sinner that there is no sin indeed, that wipes out all your debts except check other deeds do not do this. Yeah, other sins do not do this.

01:20:19--> 01:20:37

On the other side, those vs mantella colossal have a bad habit Emmylou and the story of Isla de la landhotel say that he nullified his deed he nullified his Jihad the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and, and Tabitha Maluku and to Malachi Sharon, and so on those

01:20:38--> 01:20:48

that and verses that include nullifying the deeds, they say that they nullify certain good deeds.

01:20:49--> 01:20:54

They don't nullify all deeds, but they nullify certain good deeds,

01:20:55--> 01:21:07

which is very dangerous. I've been method and you can say, I was fasting fasting, fasting, Ramadan, 30 days, long days, I commit certain since

01:21:08--> 01:21:11

all this fasting has been nullified.

01:21:13--> 01:21:16

Subhana Allah, wa salam, that's why they said,

01:21:17--> 01:21:20

we have to look after our deeds

01:21:22--> 01:21:23

after we do them,

01:21:24--> 01:21:29

because the real struggle is not to commit anything that nullifies them.

01:21:31--> 01:21:51

Yeah. And that's why some scholars said that this is included in what are meant to be law, he must stop and say I believed in Allah, then remain firm on this. be steadfast on this because you don't want to nullify your deeds.

01:21:53--> 01:22:09

So they said now, but we don't know exactly. A small d may nullify huge good deeds, a small sin sorry, in your eyes may nullify what huge has an ad.

01:22:10--> 01:22:14

Allah knows. We have to be careful.

01:22:16--> 01:22:24

There is a statement of Han Allah. May Allah forgive us. Mr. Muhammad said, I feel that

01:22:25--> 01:22:28

another Oh, lol hold on you, man.

01:22:30--> 01:22:33

I hear that looking at how ROM

01:22:34--> 01:22:36

nullifies your deeds.

01:22:38--> 01:22:42

Yeah, and some scholars have listed some of those

01:22:44--> 01:23:35

sins and evil deeds that might nullify certain good deeds. The matter is serious. We have to be careful. And that's why the person always need to ask Allah, Allah Allah to accept it from him. Yeah. And don't say this question that I always receive. Share. How do I know that my head was accepted? You will never know this. Even if it was accepted. You might do something. Yes. That nullifies it. Yeah, like for example, showing off men some SM Allah Hubby, woman La La hoagie. Some scholars confirm that if you show off. Yeah, you said that I have done this and that this was nullified the deed.

01:23:36--> 01:23:47

Some scholars said that. So that's why when you do a good deed, just hide it and ask Allah Allah Allah to accept it and try to conceal it.

01:23:49--> 01:24:35

This might as we said, it might nullify your date, your good deed. Anyway, let us stop at the Tafseer of this ayah I think inshallah that was comprehensive. We ask Allah, Allah, Allah to accept it from us. And we ask Allah Allah Allah to make us among those who listen to the Quran to benefit from the Quran, and the Quran to make the Quran as the coolness of our eyes and to make it upon as the spring of our heart. ask Allah Allah Allah to purify our hearts, from all evil deeds, from sharika. From Maria, from other sins, we ask Allah, Allah, Allah to make us among those people who love him, those people who would like to meet him and those people who see it is still for all of

01:24:35--> 01:24:42

the time. We ask Allah, Allah Allah to bestow His Rama upon our own mouth, Mohammed Salah, lo and you Adios, adios lm

01:24:43--> 01:24:46

and see you in sha Allah next week saramonic

01:25:09--> 01:25:09

Oh yeah.

01:25:19--> 01:25:22

She said this is the place to seek knowledge.

01:25:25--> 01:25:28

What is it to cancel surfaces?