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Light Upon Light 7 Winter Conference in ExCel London wth
Sheikh Said Rageah as he speaks about another of the 10 companions promised Paradise – Jannah, “Umar bin Khattab is in Paradise”

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No matter who want to stay you know for one

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reason or another we let him issue the unforeseen fusina woman's a marina

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Maria de la who for whom Alma de Romani, Oberlin parentage Allahu wa de and Moshe

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a shadow on La la la sharika

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wash Edwin Mohammed Abu rasuluh

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Johan de la porta potty he was a mutant ninja one two Muslim on

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yohanna sutopo Baku lady holla hakomi nefs in wahida

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wahala Caminha zoologia

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webadmin humare Jalan kathira one is

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what Taka la la de Luna v one or ham in aloha kana de como Eva

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yeah you're Latina mucho por la coup. De De De la cama de como la ku

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hawara sudra Papa de facto fosun alima

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I'm about about the law.

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there and then kurama kurama la vida de Mohammed. Ronnie you are sending them

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to Hakuna Matata

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condo bada that infinity

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I'm talking about a man or the last one

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that was so important to Islam,

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that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam raised his hand.

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And he asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to guide him particularly.

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And we're talking about a man

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that Allah subhanho wa Taala wieviel on agreeing with him in multiple occasions.

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I'm talking about a man

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that also law, the law he was seldom said when she sees you, he avoids you.

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I'm talking about a man

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that the Messenger of Allah said about him some of the law while he was selling them if there was a moon, there was someone inspired after me someone who will receive a religion after me. It would be that man

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I'm talking about a man

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but the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about him

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that in my dream, I saw my oma

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and pass in front of me one after another.

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Wearing almost wearing wearing outward garments.

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Some of the garments some of the thugs were sure others were long.

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And then this man comes in front of me on the lawn and is so is dragging.

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So the Sahaba Surya rasulillah what is the interpretation of that? The garment that this man was dragging.

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He said this is Dean this man is Dean is so perfect that he covered everything about him.

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I'm talking about a man

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that the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said about him, I was giving a container of milk and I drunk until I saw the trace of that milk coming through my mouth. And then the left over of that I gave it to him. And then the Sahaba Serra de la Juan, what is the interpretation of that dream? The messenger over loss, that is the end, I gave the rest of the end to this man.

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I'll be talking about a man that the messenger of the last set about him he has a perfect, Deena perfect, and this is

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the last one.

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And then no one like him ever existed in the history of Islam.

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A man that I'm one of you some of the law while he was sending them. The day that he accepted Islam, the Sahaba and Rasulullah were able to go out and pray in public one man, challenge the whole nation. And say today, I will be praying with missing your overlord in answer

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Harmon mucky Let me see who can stop me

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is a man who was so powerful, so confident about himself that the day that he accepted Islam, he looked around Come on Carla, as his son said, Abdullah, he'd be normal. And then he said to the people, who is the person who will narrate everything that he hears, like CNN and Fox News and BBC, they talk about, you know, things that they don't know. He said, I want someone like that.

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That's the only man who will not ask you, your

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mom. So my father got up and he walked towards Jimmy

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and I walked behind him. And then he said, you want to Jimmy? Jimmy?

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Haslam to whatever to Mohammed, don't say no, I became a Muslim and I follow Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam god no matter what law he by a large a mule did not say when and why and who made your Muslim but he went straight to the Haram and the Indians and then the rich the people of rice with meaning on the corners of the Kaaba and Jamil murmur came and is walking behind and jamika yamashiro. American him to a neuroma. Don't you know Marvin hobby became a Muslim, and he loved the religion of his forefathers.

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He pushed him aside

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because he called him in ama.

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He said he's a liar.

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I became a believer in Allah and His message.

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Rama was a little kid. And then the crazy ones They all stood up and they approach

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the long run. And remember, he tied his fist and he stopped fighting them one after another, knocking this one down, knocking this one down.

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until it was time Zenith and he stayed on his feet not every issue comes forward. And then he went on his knees because he could no longer lift his arms for odd if

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you wherever you want to do you want to beat me up? You want to kill me do it. For our law, hello Kunta by Allah if we were 300 men in the city of Makkah, lateral to Helena altara halochem. He will be one of two things either you will leave the city of Mecca for us and we will kick you out of the city or would have left it for you do whatever you want to do.

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That's the law. One single man challenging all arrays and then they start beating him up and then a while when asked him from the angle of attack to una una una de la de man choose his faith.

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I'm talking about immediate meaning in our house.

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de la one. There's no man

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Mark my words.

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There is no man can stand right here and tell you in one day in one week in one month in one year. I can tell you about.

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I can tell you a little bit about him.

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He had a flower rose from every garden. Let me tell you four things about him are the

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was the barrier between the aroma of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and fitness.

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Fitness of hating one another fitness of fighting one another fitna of sex in groups

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was the barrier

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your whole roof is held was a hell Buhari

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was sitting for Harlan I mean come Yeah. And

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he said Which one of you knows the fitness for today for Anya Amira mini in power in Nicola Jerry. He said I said to him, I know the fitness Amira mini he said Really? You are so bold. He's so strong.

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I say tell me all of fitness.

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Well, what are the word jare tocopheryl Salatu was sada was so when Amara

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maruf whenever you need monka he said the fitna of a man in his wealth and his wife when his children in his name with his neighbor, he said he will make speed by performing Salah during sadaqa fasting and being an order and good and forbidding evil, Rama. He said no man had a look I'm not asking about this

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as a Luca analytic Mooji Mooji, Bihar Subhana Allah, he said, I'm asking you the fitna that will come to the oma like the waves of the ocean. See the waves. See if he uses words because he new waves number one, they not systematic. They're not one after another like this, this wave would hit you from this angle, and then another wave will hit you from that angle. And as you are, even if you are a massive rock, a mountain and these waves are slapping your left and right, left and right. One day they will bring you down.

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He said I'm asking about that. fitna.

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Cada Marika Amira, I mean, why would you be bothered by that fitna? For in vena cava Bina Habad, he said between you and that fitna, there's a massive gate. You won't see it. You won't witness it.

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Connor Amaro is Maria de la.

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He said this beautiful this gate, just massive gate that's between Alma of Mohammed and the fitness parlor. I used to

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say, tell me about the fitna, tell me about that gate with that gate the open and allow the fitna to come in, or the gate would be destroyed and shattered.

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Honorable you.

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The gate will be broke.

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So hommerson eden in this case, that gate will never be closed. That gate of fitness will never be closed. And today we're still dealing with that fitna because the gate is broken. Some of the Sahaba they fear to us.

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And they send masroor they say Mr. Go ask who is the gate?

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And they say who is the gate? Yeah, Eva, Paula Marvin hapa.

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Call autonomy. Unknown gay, does he know that he is the gate? Allah Yes, he knows is the gate, as he knows that the sun will rise from the east mall.

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the law

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was a gate between the owner of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi, wasallam. And the fitting.

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But the day that he died, that's the day that the pfitzner started.

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That's the fitness started.

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The second roles I will give you from the life of Oman,

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his his adolescence justice,

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His justice,

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or the law.

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He was so add in that every time that he brings legends illustration or new rules, he will come to the merchant his family, and he used to say, this is what I order people to do, do not

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disobey me for law. If you do this, you will be the first to be punished.

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First to be punished. And and

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it wasn't about I like you or I don't like you. If I like you, I'll give you everything. If I don't like you, you're not getting any of your rights because of the long run. When zaven hakab his own brother was killed by our marine in the den on the day of MMR and the killer of his own Muslim brother. After ameerul momineen became a need he came to collect. To collect Elena in the hot tub he saw him

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listen to how just the Allahu anhu was. And then he saw the man who killed his own brother.

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And he went to him for a year Hannah law had talked to him on the dinner. He said I will never love you never love you kill my brother's eight. I will never love you until Earth loves blood.

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And the man he looked at Omar Sahaja our man a daddy.

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He said we will stop that hate that I hate you have in your heart. What is stopped you from giving me my Pinilla.

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He said I don't care whether you love me or not, is at that time you say women cry for love. I don't cry for love you hate me. Tough luck, Amy. Who cares and Homer walked away

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Imagine one of the rulers, nowaday hates you. Especially Masha Allah, our Muslim rulers Assad hain Mashallah tabarrok Allah, imagine if you're one of those hates your dislikes you would Allah He will not only throw you in a place that nobody ever thought would find you, but you, your family, everyone that you know will never see the light of the sun.

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