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Light Upon Light 7 Winter Conference in ExCel London wth
Sheikh Said Rageah as he speaks about another of the 10 companions promised Paradise – Jannah, “Umar bin Khattab is in Paradise”

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Why would one lie you will not only throw you in a place that nobody ever fought would find you, but you your family, everyone that you know will never seen the light of the sun.

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Never. Omar was added

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a man comes to him from Egypt, all the way from Egypt for Kalia Mira meanie, I asked you for help. And Rama said what happened. He saved me and the famous story, me and the son of me of Egypt. We raised on horse. Me, I'm the son of the year. We raised on horses and I want and then the son of the Amir came and he took a stick and he whipped me for

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a crummy. He says hey, I say how do you defeat me and I am the most honorable here. So on one my happier ameerul momineen where's the boy who hates you?

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And he Where are you in Medina.

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So he writes to the need

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of the of Egypt and now was Amro been asked, and he says, Bring come and bring me your son. Bringing your sons

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bring me your son. And he brought his son and this farmer this symbol man. I'm gonna take that stick with the boy in front of me.

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And the boy start whipping. That the son of the

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small one and in his eyes, he will rip his buck. He will whip your corner some of the Sahaba and we won the war to keep whipping him. We like that because the boy Brandon's spoil until we said I wish if the boy stops and the boy stop.

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And Amira meaning he said I'm going to take your turban and he took the turban down and he was a bald man he has big beard big bowl and the say said to the boy hit his boldness beat his father to four Kalia Amira meaning it was only his son who beat me that I mean did not touch me. And then I'm gonna I'm

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gonna ask for kanayama

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metastable tunez wakad were added to Omaha to who?

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He said When did you enslave people when they were born free. their mothers gave them birth while while they were free. How could you enslave people does from the other a lot of Amara De La Romana bill hopper no one can ever say he was not added.

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The second point there's a lot because I cannot cover all the other that there was a lot. But the second roles I will give you from the life of Omar. Omar was so merciful was the man of

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a man of mercy. Subhana Allah your own s&m his servant or might have been a pub one night or look, one night. He saw from distance fire and he said to him, it is dark and it's cold. And there's a reason why those people outside of the city of Medina there's a reason why they came there. Let us go. So he said for her one we run did not walk we run and we went for either be in LA and we found a lady sitting next to the fire cooking something in a park when at Fallujah taba home and children crying, rolling around the floor crying for Rama and Rama. He said when your permission kind of come closer.

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And the lady said if you bringing me here to come on by myself.

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So when he went

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and he said, What are you? She said, I'm a traveler. We traveling together. And we couldn't continue because of the darkness and the cold of the weather. So we decided to stay here tonight before we entered the city. And he said on why your children are crying, but the lower unconcerned about everyone why the children are crying. She said they are starving. He said What are you cooking for them? She said nothing. I'm just boiling water to fool them. So they cry themselves to sleep.

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And then for them to get up. color for her one noun we want to debate and man and then I'm going to Javi brought this sack and he put you know, oil in a flower and brought food and then from

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Let me

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say, put on my back pocket. I said, No, no, no, I made a minute. I'll carry for you. I'll carry. He said, No, do it. He said for the third time, he grabbed me and he said to

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me, I was a Yamaha pm. He says, some hannema, your mother may lose you. Are you gonna carry my sins on the day of your mom? Am I putting on me?

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So he said, I had to load on I needed more money

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for her one, and we run back, not working, because it's an urgent issue. Like our brothers and sisters in Bama has an urgent issue. So he said we run an honorable hop upset to the lady. I've put up the fire, you know, you mix this and then they start making food on fire codesnip I have seen him blowing into the fire. And he's thick beer smoke coming through, putting his cheek on the floor or the headlamp on on the ground.

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And then he fed the children and he fed the children and the lady she was shocking. She didn't know where he was. She said one lie you most suitable for a meal than a marble hopper or a dry one. You more suitable for this than Omar. And he said holy Hydra Say hi say you know and then he cooked he cooked for the children and he fed them and she said May Allah May Allah bless you. He said tomorrow come and see the immediate meaning you will find me there inshallah. So he turned

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on when he turned and he could not see he came around for color. Her Julissa Aslam, he said that

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he was on his chest like a lion, looking at the kids from distance for ameerul momineen Lana Shahada. Yeah, I mean, we have things are more important than watching these kids play. You know, they had food, they playing they giggling they rolling around them, you know, the dirty kids? And he said, and he's not responding to me. Finally, those kids come down. And they slept. And he turned to me and he said, Yeah, when I found them, they were rolling on the ground, crying out of hunger for about an hour to see what you saw. I wanted to see him laughing, having fun enjoying themselves, man of a mercy or might have been the last one. Let me say some one more thing because my time is short.

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I'm going to be the last one had one thing as well. One thing I can't finish everything about among we all know that. Mr. Bill hottub was proud of his Deen and this is for the younger generation. I know young people everywhere you see, you don't see the ring of hell and hope. You don't see home from distance. You don't see the lies through the thin end of the tunnel.

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But this Dean is the ultimate Dean.

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His honor, dignity is for this Dean. And that's why I

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always used to say this gene nocona

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snam firma

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lady other than Allah He said we are nation whom Allah honored us because I've been Islam. The day that we seek honor three any other methods any other venue? Allah will displace us.

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Now look nowadays

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Palestine has been destroyed and the messy the upside been taking over. And what do we do we run to other nations.

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Our system and the sisters and brothers in Burma.

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They put them in flames

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not dead they don't put them in flames. They don't cook them or while they're dead, but they put them in flames while they're alive.

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And then the Muslim nation

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ladies sell in our room Judah we have not a single person who can see we should stop this other than out of the hand of Allah.

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Because we look for is an earner in every other door through every other door except the door of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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A normal is saying, No. We are nation as an alarm.

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Bill is

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from mammoth arena, the day that we seek honor through United Nations, through United States of America through any other nation. That is the day that Allah will displace us.

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So Omar is teaching us

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that don't worry about nations. Don't worry about other things. Worry about your deen

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in order for honorable hottub call the governor of McKinney say I want to talk to you Come and see me.

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And the governor came and then he said to him,

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Who did you appoint the city of Mecca to be the engineer in your absence? On a motor Benny Fernanda serve and the slave who used to be owned by so on. So call away hacker wallet to you did you leave or Aish to be ruled by a servant? Now why is you have our sylviane hacking exam, you have meaning but they are Yanni they are the cheese of the chorus and ramen is saying you left a slave man who used to be a molar to rule them. The man said yeah, ameerul momineen in Fabiana Nikita Villa, this man that I left him behind, he mama has the most Koran.

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Salahi he was selling them and he knows the son of Navy Salalah he was selling them better than anyone else. And then

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and the tears were rolling from his eyes. He said

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he said

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in the law layer for beheading the kitabi a woman way over here.

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He said Indeed, Allah will disgrace this nation's disgrace through this book nations and Allah will do will honor certain nations through this book. We have two different times you know, have my own time

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as called Kahala, halala cheering

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our say My dear brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Seriously, if you want the honor of Islam to come back to us, forget about any other nation.

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Come back to the book of Allah. Come back to the son of Nabi sallallahu wasallam Do you know why the murmur said no Omen We are a nation that Allah honors because with the deen You know why? Because he said he has Buhari um, Robin asked comes to him, and before he received the keys of mercy did axon and then and saw the nesara the Christian is just a very well and honorable hopper with the tablet has 17 different packs, wants to receive the keys from them. And I've been asked he said,

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Are you you, you disgracing? ESEA ameerul momineen. you embrace embarrassing us because of your outfit? And then you say no, no, no, we are not honored because of our outfits. When an honor because of the color of our skins when an honor because the language that we speak when an honor because our lineage I'm out of them Somalia and Pakistan and Indian and Bengali. He said you know, we are honored because of Islam.

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No outfits, no outlooks, because they never use of the law he was setting them. He said in the law younger either as

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a law does not care about your looks, the way you look or the way you know, you say it looks into your heart and into actions. So what have we learned from him? What are the law on him that we ask Allah subhana wa Taala to make us among those who people alladhina yesterday on an honor for your time, your honor center, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam. Anybody who comes here today, like myself, and tells you about the Sahaba it was not for entertainment is not for you to be amused. It's not for you just to listen to someone to deliver a lecture but for you to reflect on the story that you heard and learn lessons derive lessons from the life of that so heavy that was given to

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you. What is our common law in Santa Monica? warahmatullahi wabarakatuh