The Deceptive Garment

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Episode 6 of Al-Adab Al-Mufrad

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I want to come and welcome to Episode Six of selected narrations from mmm and Buhari is a double major fraud. In today's episode we're going to be talking about if and how to thank someone.

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In narration number 215 from an audible. Jabir bin Abdullah narrates that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said min Sunni r la he Maru fell huge. Who whoever has a favor done for them than they should repay the person who did that favor but in lemmya did ma u zu l youth near LA and if they cannot find anything to repay that favor than they should praise them, but no either ethna checkout off what in cat demo pod cafaro for certainly if they were to praise them, then they would be thanking them and if they were to remain silent, then they would be ungrateful to them woman to Allah be Madam europop Okay, and Mr. Levy, Seth obey Zoo and the one who adorns themselves with

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something that they have not been given than it is as if they have worn a false or deceptive garment. Okay, so one of the main things that we learned from this hadith is the importance of showing appreciation and gratitude. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam tells us that if someone does a favor for us something good for us, we should repay the favor that they have done. So how do you repay a favor? First of all, do something good for the one who did something good for you? There are a million examples for this. But let's just say someone helped you move, maybe send them a gift, maybe send them a thank you card, maybe take them out to dinner. Second, the Prophet sallallahu

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Sallam said that if you can't find something to repay them with, then at least praise them say something good about them say something good to them. Thank them, we learn in this hadith that praising them is a way of thanking them. That is why the profits that I send them said that if you have praised them, then you have thanked them. And we actually know the sun No way. The best way to thank someone in the idea that Osama bin Zayed mentioned in a Timothy the Prophet sallallahu Sallam send them said, Whoever has a favor done for them, and they say to that person, Jazakallah Hydra, may Allah reward you in goodness, then they have done the best type of praise. And so as Muslims,

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yes, we want to say thank you to that person. But we also want to add a dude I offer them a lot taught to us by the prophets, I send them saying Jazakallah Hydra also this hadith serves as a warning against being ungrateful and indifferent to those who do for us and to be little or disregard what they have done. The prophets I send them said what in cut them a whole podcast on that to remain silent is to be ungrateful towards them silent, you didn't say anything. And that means not recognizing what they have done, not appreciating what they have done, not thanking them for what they have done, and therefore being ungrateful towards them. And then the president gave us

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an analogy for remaining silent when someone does something good for us. He says subtle I send them that the one who adorns themselves with something that they have not been given, then it is as if they're wearing a false or deceptive garment. Now let me explain this analogy to you with an example. And let's go with the same example that we use before someone helped us move if we don't thank that person, if we don't make it known that this person is the one who helped us move. The impression that we're giving is that we moved by ourselves. So it is like this garment that we have not been given we are portraying ourselves. we're projecting this information about us that isn't

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true. And so other parts that have said this is a deceptive garment. This garment is a lie. You know, some people have this notion that if you think someone then that means that they didn't do it for the sake of a lot. They did it for your sake. So you'll hear them say things like Oh, don't expect thanks for me expect thanks from Allah, you should do it for a lot not for me. And as we have seen in today's Hadith, that notion is completely rejected by the prophets that I send them because he is telling us to thank people and even more explicit is the narration number 218. In another realm of fraud in which the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam said lawyers go to law Monday Yash

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Khurana is the one who doesn't think that people is in fact not thinking of law and so people who have that type of attitude we shouldn't remind them that is from Allah, the guidance of the Prophet subtle I send them that has told us to thank people and allows penalty Allah knows best inshallah I will see you in the next episode of set on water equal 100 the Lucha barakato