Stop wearing pajamas to the Masjid

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Please stop wearing pajamas when coming to the masjid. It seems like there are a lot of people who come to the masjid wearing, just whatever they may be lounging around in, you know, ALLAH says who Luzina Takoma in the Quran the masjid take your adornment at every Masjid meaning beautify yourself when you come to the masjid. So it's important for us to look nice when we come to the mission, especially on the day of Friday. Friday is a very special day for us. And for many it's the only day during the week in which they actually come to the masjid and so the prophets Allah send them instructed us to wear nice clothes to take a bath to smell nice because the way we dress for an

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event is actually an indication of how important that event is to us and dressing nice beautifying ourselves externally, actually puts us in the right state of mind to worship Allah in a beautiful way, as well.