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The importance of planning ahead for the coming year is emphasized, along with the need to practice activities and set goals. The speaker emphasizes the importance of learning and practicing learning for personal and professional growth. The importance of creating a plan for one's mental health and working on one's own mental health is also emphasized. The need for healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle is emphasized, along with the importance of creating a plan for helping people in developing countries. The importance of writing down and summarizing plans for the future is emphasized.

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fundamentally Amanda

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Allah subhana wa tada says in the Quran a surah, which we are all familiar with

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the smaller

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one la serie

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la la Vina Manoir mu Swanee, if you want a while so how do you want our phone will swallow

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by the pressing time truly the human is in a state of loss, except those who have believed, done good deeds good and good works and have exerted and encouraged one another in truth, and have exerted and encourage one another in endurance and patience.

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And the loss of Hannah without us swearing by Alaska, is to remind us of the importance of this whole concept as if not bad. So the Alliance reminds us also that the loss of his time

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and the amount of shaffir IMO loss and if people were to truly acknowledge this chapter and to understand it, then it would be enough for them.

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And then another verse, Allah subhana wa tada reminds us all you will believe, Fear Allah and let every soul look what he has prepared or what he has presented for the morrow and fear Allah because Allah is all informants, of what do you do?

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So I was in Hanoi to Allah commanded us to prepare

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for tomorrow, for the future, whether it's near or distance. He also reminded us that in between that he sandwiched if you like, this command, with the commands of fearing a law, federal law, prepare for the moral and fear of law. So it is very important for us when we understand the importance of time and recognize and also the pressing time are we recognize the command from Allah subhanho wa Taala that we should prepare for the morrow. It is therefore important for us to acknowledge

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the duty and the role that we have in this regards.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala has made for us time

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and has put them under our

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control in one way he has subdued them for us what Saqqara Allah comb. a sham several camara de urbaine aloha has

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subdued the sun and the moon for you, they continually function if you like, every day we wake up the sun is there

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throughout the year the moon is there going through different phases that a continuous was a hora de como la la and he also says also under your command under your control under your usage is allayed and under half a night and day, what are the nail and the hammer for is for us to make use of those important tools in achieving what we are here for.

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And while we are here at the end of 2019, starting a new year,

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it is also important for us to maybe make use of such an occasion

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to plan ahead for the coming year.

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And there's nothing wrong with utilizing the calendars whether they are lunar or solar. Because Allah subhanaw taala does not make a distinction between them. Because he said, we made the night for the night and the day, their signs and their references and we erase the sine of the ninth meaning took away its light. And we made the sign of the day illuminated. Why litella moi did a scene when he said that you may know the number of years and you will know the calculation. So both the moon and the sun are there to be used

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and to be utilized for our purpose and for our achievements.

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And our

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While we're talking about this, I think is very important for us. And something that I've mentioned many times before, is that we have to use these opportunities for us to attain as much as we can, because this is why we're here end of the day. This is why we're here in this life, to make use of these different opportunities, and to plan ahead and to put for ourselves programs where we are developing continuously because every day

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has to be different, it has to be better than the day before it. And every month we have should be progressed further than the month before it and every year, we should have been closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala, with our EMA and with our good deeds.

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So, I think there are some important aspects that we have to consider. And I've summarized these things into seven categories which I believe that they are essential for us to review ourselves.

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Firstly, in terms of

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explicit acts

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of obedience to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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which we need to be thinking about when we thinking inshallah about the next year, we need to think about these things

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in terms of our Salah, in terms of our song,

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in terms of our citation of the Quran, in terms of our Vicar and so on

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terms of our Salah, we need to ask ourselves only to plan ahead what kind of, you know the ideal scenario the prophet SAW, Selim set for us an ideal scenario for our Salah.

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Not even talking about the obligatory prayers, because that's something we should be doing. But also we have the recommended acts of Salah, the recommended prayers, the the sunon,

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the 12 sunon, which we should be playing praying on a daily basis.

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We have the width of prayer,

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we have the piano Leyland, the tahajjud

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and all those things, if you like our ideas that we should be working to selected as well.

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Now, it is not

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it might not be easy for everybody to be practicing all of those. And so therefore it is important to put it in your schedule to see how can I try to achieve this in the next year.

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And as I will mention later on insha Allah some important tips into achieving this. When we look at fasting.

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We also have almost like an ideals in terms of where we can achieve in terms of RCM. As the prophet SAW, Selim taught us one of the best or the Best Types of fasting of the lucianne crmo nebby law he does. The best of Sam was that of the Dalai Lama prophet of Allah, He used to fast one day, and he used to break fast the other day. So his days were between fasting and breaking fast keeping that moderation if you like.

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But if you can't achieve that, then you have the fasting of the Monday and the Thursday for example, if you can't achieve that, then you have the fasting of at least three days every month, and so on. So these are like targets that a person should try to keep up with

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when it comes to the citation of the Quran.

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The ideal would be to recite the Quran

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once a week, and this is indeed one of the practices of the Sahaba they used to always recite the Quran at least once a week and they even divided operand accordingly. But if you cannot achieve once a week, then you should try to at least do it once a month. And that's why you have the you know the plan divided into 30 usual

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which is ideally for you know months which have 30 or 29 days.

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But even if you cannot do that, then at least a year should not pass without you having recited the Quran at least once. So, again it should be an aim in your coming year that I need to put this in my schedule, but I must be achieving this

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and so on. Secondly, within aspects of knowledge, how is our coming here going to be in terms of our knowledge and by knowledge is about being aware about learning, there are essential aspects of knowledge everyone has to know.

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And this is a point of reflection for you while you are here today because if you do not know these aspects of the noise, then this is something that you should be planning that I have to

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Learn these, like the aspects of the heart of the, of the heart of the purification, the fear of salah and how to perform Salah, and what are the obligations in the Sudan, what makes us Allah sound, what breaks the Salah, and so on.

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And all the different aspects that come with that.

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For those who are married, they need to know the outcome of marriage and the outcome of

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sustenance and the outcome of divorce even because

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a lot of people fall into practices of divorce, which is heroin, and is the bit of a type of divorce because they haven't studied divorce. They don't know what is what constitutes halal and haram don't even know how to do a divorce properly.

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If you're married, you might say, Well, I'm never thinking of divorcing my wife. Yes, and hamdulillah. That's good, and well done. But you should still know it because you shouldn't, might fall into these kind of errors. And how many times have I heard people come to me and say, Okay, I divorced my wife, because I was just angry.

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And somebody commented, said, Well, nobody divorce their wife while they're sipping a cup of tea and you know, having a biscuit or something. Usually it is out of anger, you know, it's heated, but you have to learn these things. If you're buying and selling in the market, you need to know what's halal and haram in terms of buying and trade, so that you do not fall into Riba and the like. So these are essential aspects of knowledge issues you need to know.

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So make the next year, a target for you that I need to be going on a progressive learning journey to make sure that I have ticked those boxes and I know what I'm doing.

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And then when we're talking about learning, we're not just talking about these things, but also about the Muslim encouraging and increasing the scope of knowledge and understanding as well.

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Reading the stories and starting with the biography of the Prophet, salallahu, Alayhi, wasallam, the Sierra and indeed many of the LMR, used to consider that as important and as obligatory as learning the Quran, to learn the seal of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

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and reading the stories and therefore and the lessons from the prophets of the past as well.

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Which is the reason why Allah Subhana Allah put them in the Quran,

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learning the Quran itself, how many of us have actually gone through the Quran and read the Quran and the meaning of the Quran

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in any language that you understand, you know, so you know, what you are reading,

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you know, the, the message from Allah subhanho wa Taala, which you have received, you understand it, you comprehend it at a very basic level, even just to know the meaning of the words.

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But you should be striving to reach an even more higher level, which is to reflect on the verses of the Quran, who plan to understand and to think, well, what's the applications of this verse? How do they work for us, etc, etc.

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And then learning that Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and reading them as well.

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There was a nice project done by one of the, the the scholars forgot his name now, but he did a nice project where he went through the major books of Hadith. And he compiled the Hadith and removing all the repetitions and everything listed and he put all that Hadees in, I think it's three volume three volume book, and in those in that book is about 3000 ahaadeeth and if you read these 3000 100 you would have read approximately 90 more than 90% of the Hadith of the Prophet sizer. So just reading those because today you know, the books of Hadith are dispersed we have you know, so I hate even saying Buhari for example, is what 7000 narrations, but out of those 7000 3000 of them are repeated,

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because he repeats them with different wordings and different chains and so on. So things like that even having a book like that, or even a basic more basic book like Ricardo sila hain and the like. Were you just going over and making sure that you have you are enlightened with the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, you know what he has said in in generally.

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And that you're not also what you're not also dealing or unraveling in knowledge which might not be authentic. A lot of us today also do not check and do not clarify a hadith and knowledge and things when we share it

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might just share anything that comes to us today. And it might be wrong. It might be false. It might be even contradictory to Islamic principles. And then also widen your horizon with other aspects of knowledge, the world around you. What do you know about the history and the geography and you

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Ethnology and the etymology of people around you today, you know, how things are happening about history and about how the world dynamics is working. And this is something that you need to be educated on.

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And that's why it's important as well, for us to have a book that will also make make a name for you, as well, to have a book that you are trying to read, you know, trying to finish a book at least once a month or something like that, to increase your knowledge to increase your awareness. And, and, and some handler today in the world that we are, we're living in a modern world with so much facilities at our fingertips that we don't utilize them.

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We all know the function of audiobooks today, you know, all you have to do is just download the book and you can just be listening to it if you're busy, or you're commuting or whatever. Today, most of our cars have these USB plugs where you just have to download an audio file and put it in the car and you can play on your speakers. Instead of wasting your time listening to the radio, or maybe not even listening to anything you can make use of these opportunities.

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30 when we're thinking about planning for the next year, where are we with our selves, you know, our, our selves in terms of our hearts, our bodies and our minds. We should also be putting in self a program where we are coming we are purifying our hearts,

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our acts of purification which we can work on. Yes, salah and Quran and ecopark there are extra things that we have to work on as well. And that also needs learning and practicing.

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Our bodies have a right to oversee as well.

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Our bodies have arrived and they are Amanda they are trust the other vehicle that gets us to Allah subhanaw taala so are we looking after our bodies,

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a lot of people make their new year resolutions to lose you know, 1010 kilograms of weight or whatever it is almost like a common thing. But you know, it's something that you have to put in as well. You know, being more healthy, eating healthy, not just eating halaal some of us eat so much heroin, but not just eating halal but halal and,

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and in in the right amounts, like 234 kulula, tshabalala, don't eat excess, don't be extravagant. So that's also something that has to be in your plan as well.

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And your minds and how you increase your minds and your understanding and, you know, again, lots of programs out there which help you to increase your ability to think and to, to understand in your lateral thinking and, and so on.

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Thirdly, there has to be a plan for those who are around us, our parents, our children, our brothers, our sisters, our neighbors, it has to be something as well in your life. And you should be planning for that.

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If you are a child you have to think about how do I help my parents at home

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and how whether I'm a boy or a girl sometimes some people think that is the girl's job just to help their mother or father know his boys or girls they have to help tidy up help with the cleaning, help with you know with not causing too much stress for your parents. And similarly as a parent, how do I help my child to develop and how do I give them the time and the necessary because that's one of the main problems that face children today is that their parents do not give time. And we know with a mobile today unfortunately, less and less time is given people are sit in the same room but they are disconnected you know everybody is somewhere else. So again, something that we have to work on. You

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can have the impact of your plan that you know we need to spend one you know one hour a day together all the family

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I know some people they practice this every time there's a Salah everybody the father countless all pray together, sit down after the Salah we have a few minutes of reflection we might read the Quran, you might read a verse from I read the story. And think of all the children, the Mother, the Father, everybody together, not like what happens in some houses today when the time of Salah everybody goes and prays by themselves. And the father is not even concerned about bringing people to come together and to pray together and so on. That can be also part of your plan. part of your plan is to ask about those around you. You know if you have elderly parents or you have elderly uncles or are you

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asking about them, are you communicating with them? Are you visiting with them, your neighbors asking about and so on?

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Physically, our communal work? What are we doing in our community?

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And somehow today there is so much to be done. The massage like this and institution like Felton here are always are looking for people to help to achieve things.

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Your Masjid needs you your community around you outside the masjid needs you. What are you doing? How are you helping make that a plan? Make that part of your you know, I want to do something once a month or I'm going to do something once a week where you're helping people you're asking about people there's people who are homeless

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There are people that are food banks out there where you can help with you can help to bring awareness about certain things, you can help in clearing up litter, lots of communal again, that shouldn't be part of your plan. And when we read the seal of the prophets, Allah lai selama, the sila Han, they were very much involved in their community, they were people who were ready to help others, they were ready to help others and they had focused their time to doing that as well.

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Number six,

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we have to also think about people who are outside our community as well. Unfortunately, today, there's so much poverty, there's so much destruction in the world today, and we Alhamdulillah Well, we're living in here in this country, Allah has given us so much we have wealth, we have health, we have the health service, we have this, you know, we have all these things that are around us, which serve us.

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So part of the sugar and the gratitude of the Nirvana is to extend that to others. So have a project for you for this next year. 2020 2020 make a project that you're going to focus on, maybe it might be

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as a family, let's work together and we're gonna raise enough money to dig a well, in, you know, either in Gambia, or in Bangladesh, or wherever, you know, we're going to take a while or we're going to build a school here or, you know, sometimes some massage it in the world today, some communities, they don't have massage, yet many people who contact me from different parts of the world. And they say we have schools, you know, we're teaching children, we just need, we just need massage, we just need more, and we don't have friends, you know, just send us some more and things like that. Sometimes even a message just it just cost less than 2000 pounds to build the masjid in

00:21:47--> 00:22:10

some of the third world countries today. And I don't like using the word third world. But in those countries, which are developing countries, you know, doesn't cost much, it could be a project that you have to help those, and so on. So what I'm saying is, let's make this next year, a year where we can change ourselves develop ourselves, and we can plan in Charlotte to make a difference for ourselves and those around

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Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While he was so heavy on water,

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no doubt, every moment of our life is precious. And we have to do as much as we can to please our last panel, every moment, every hour, every day is all precious. And the reality of things is that thing that as we live our lives, and some of us might say, Okay, we'll do this later on, or maybe some other time or whatever the reality is that you don't know when obstructions will come in front of your way, there will be obstacles will come in front of your day, in front of you Sorry. And those obstructions will prevent you from doing things. So that's why it's important to have that plan. And if you have a plan with the intention, and it's sincere that you get the rewards from a

00:23:14--> 00:23:38

lot of hamdallah, even though these obstacles might prevent you from achieving that. So very important to think about these things, I don't want to talk about the obstacles because time is short. But these obstacles can be things which will distract us from achieving, whether they could be illnesses or whether they could be poverty, or they could be old age or whether it could be even fit in the profit sciences and even trials and tribulation may affect you, which you don't know how to deal with.

00:23:40--> 00:24:21

So we have to be aware of this. Secondly, when we think about planning and changing our lives, the profit center is a very important concept, which is a habit Amaya law at Omaha wind con, the most beloved of actions to Allah is that which is continuous, even if it is small. So as you plan for next year, and plan to change yourself, just do it small bits, you know, small pieces, but continuously, don't try and jump in as Erica hamdallah first of January, I'm gonna be doing this, there's all this planning. And then halfway down the month you find yourself not doing most of them. Do small things. Maybe instead of Salah you want to try to increase your Salah everyday a little bit

00:24:21--> 00:24:42

or maybe over a month, you're going to start with fasting a little bit here, you're going to start by reading Quran, maybe you're not reading any Quran at all to start by reading one page, and so on and you build gradually. And that's important. Thirdly, it's important to write things down. There's no good of having a plan in your head. Because your head is full of so many things.

00:24:43--> 00:24:59

I don't know how many neurons there are in your head, but there's so many neurons that it's going to get it's a messenger. So best thing just write it down and write it down somewhere in a nicely needed way which you can see it every day. This is my plan is what I'm going to be doing where am I where am I here and that is

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You can focus and visualize. So get things down written plan them first, write them down

00:25:06--> 00:25:33

and share them with those who are loved your loved ones around you those who are close to share your aims and objectives and plans so that inshallah they can also help you and maybe also encourage you to do those things. in Charlotte Allah, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us in writing down our plans into planning and preparing for the future. As Allah subhanho wa Taala has ordered us to do a llama fill in our ham now if you know