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So people ask me, who is asleep?

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You know, I think it's very convenient to just put people into boxes and say you're this and that person's gotten that person's dot. And I get the convenience of that. But the reality is that we're all more than how we're just perceived by people. And I know I'm perceived as a public speaker, or a diary, or some people would say, scholar, even though I don't call myself a scholar, a motivational speaker to some people. But there's more to me than that. And in all honesty, I try to live my life in a way that I can inspire people, and especially young people, especially young Muslims, inspire them, show them that you know what, there's, there's more to Islam than just the rules of Islam, to

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show people that Islam doesn't mean that you have to be boring for a lot of people, hello, or permissible equals boring. And I don't think that to be the case. Islam is not just about restrictions. I think Islam can be about expression to express yourself. The reality is, we all have the need to express ourselves. I do, and I think many young Muslims do as well. So the idea here is for me to present something to put something out there that young Muslims can use, especially men, I think, men usually they're kind of overlooked in this whole category, but especially young Muslim men, they have this out there that they can turn to, to

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to see something where they can say they can be inspired, number one, number two, they have a Hello alternative. So the point being handed does not have to equal boring. This is what this is, this is what the collection is about. It's about clothes, and it's going to be about more than that. And inshallah the plan is that once this gets out there, I I want to inspire other people as well. I want people to see that. This is what Islam has to offer. It's a complete way of life and beyond that.

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It doesn't restrict you. It's a way to express yourself.