What Do You Do If You Missed Fajr

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Hashtag with Saad Tasleem – Season 2 Episode 5

On this episode: It’s happened to all of us, one of those days when we weren’t able to pray Fajr. Here are 3 things to do on that very day.

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What do you do when you miss fetcher? You're watching hashtag sad asleep.

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We've all been in that situation where it's just one of those days where maybe we slept late. Maybe we were tired, something happened we wake up in the morning and even though we set our alarm inshallah Tada, we wake up in the morning, and we realized that the sun has already come up and we missed it. Now, at this time, many people tend to just give up, either go back to sleep, or just let their day continue in that fashion. But I'm going to give you something different today. Three things that you can do inshallah, to on the day that you miss Vegeta first and foremost, pray vigil, as soon as you wake up, the son of the process seldom is the president even told us that we should

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pray for Azure as soon as we wake up, even if it is late. Even if the sun has risen. We still pray fudger as soon as we get up, secondly, increase in your son NFL prayers. So let that be a drive for you to increase in your other acts of obedience. And especially the most important amongst them are the prayers. A good example of that is the Aloha prayer or what some people call the shahrokh prayer. And that is what is that is the sooner prayer that we pray when the sun has come up. So if you didn't pray, if you miss measure, at least get up and pray the cause of the sunrise or the hot prayer. Number three, don't let missing fetcher be the reason for missing other prayers as well.

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What happens is that the shavon will usually whisper to you at that point. And say you miss Fisher, what's the point of prank the whole? What's the point of prank Asada and so on and so forth. Missing fetcher should be the reason why you actually work harder to pray the rest of your prayers on time and a Lost Planet Allah knows best until next time in sha Allah Giada. A Samurai they come with Allah He or barakato