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Sit on what a comb what happened to lie about a cat to welcome to Episode Four of preparing for Ramadan. In the previous episode, we talked about those people who don't fast during the month of Ramadan or those who are excused from fasting. In this episode, we're going to talk about making up those myths fast. Now as a general rule, a person who has fast makeup, those fast must be made up before the start of the next or the following animal bond. So a person has 12 months to make up those fasts. Now what happens if the next animal bond has arrived, the person has not made up their Miss fast. In this case, we would say either someone didn't make up their Miss fast and they had a

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valid excuse, or they didn't have a valid excuse. When we say about excuse, we're talking about things like travel and illness. So the travel took up that year, and they were unable to fast or their illness or sickness lasted a year, it took up that year, and they were unable to fast. We're talking about things like pregnancy and breastfeeding those types of valid excuses. In this case, the person is not blameworthy in the least they simply make up their Miss fast as soon as they're able to do so as for the person who didn't have a valid excuse. So it was out of negligence. They got lazy or whatever, this person must also make up their Miss fast as soon as possible. But on top

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of that are added to that they should also feed a poor person for every facet that was missed and wasn't made up as well. Now this is the opinion of the majority of them at that time. And this seems to be the safest opinion in this matter. And a lot of data knows best second issue, what if someone dies and they had fast to be made up and they never made them up? Once again, we would say either they weren't made up and a person had a valid excuse or they didn't have a valid excuse. Now as for a person who was unable to make up their Miss fast with a valid excuse, then there's nothing that needs to be done for this person. And that's not but the person who didn't have a valid excuse then

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their family members can feed a poor person on their behalf for every day that was missed. Also what is recommended is that the Wali or the guardian of the deceased make up that Miss fest on their behalf This is based off the Hadith of the Prophet satellite send them mentioned Sahih al Bukhari and Sahih Muslim in which the prophets of Allah who I knew he was sending them said minmatar why Allah He cm sama and who were the you that the person who dies and there was a fast upon them meaning the fast that they had to make up then their guardian on their behalf once again, this is the safer opinion analyst panel Tiana knows best. Alright, I'll see you in the next episode

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inshallah Tada. Take care we'll set on ya come to light about a cat two