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AI: Summary © The host of a discussion on Islam explains to callie that their belief in Islam is based on their faith and acceptance of Islam, rather than a requirement. They advise callie to visit a local mosque and attend events to show their acceptance of Islam. The importance of acceptance is emphasized, including physical acts and practice with their feats. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of learning the truth of Islam and testing their testimony.
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Welcome to the dean. So I'm your host, Jessica. Callie, we have a question from questioner who basically says that he's been researching the various religions, that he's read quite a lot about Islam. And it's really appealing to him. And he's asking how Then should I go about accept accepting Islam? What are the necessary steps that I have to do in order to become a Muslim? Well, we'd like to start off by saying that Alhamdulillah Indeed, Allah guides those whom He wills and those whom he is pleased with. And we as Muslims believe that each and every human being who is sincere, and who is curious and who wants to learn the truth, we believe that that person will eventually be guided

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to the truth. In other words, because Allah subhana wa tada because God is so loving and caring, because Allah is so just and merciful. Any human being who wants to receive guidance will receive it, any human being who wants to accept the truth will find the truth. And so this is one indication that we find from this brother that he's been reading about the religions and he's come across Islam, he's read about it. Now he wants to accept it. So how does one go about accepting Islam? The response is that we are not a superstitious religion. There is no ceremonial acceptance. There is no ritualistic mumbo jumbo that people don't understand. No, the actual acceptance of Islam is an act

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between you and the one who created you. It's an act that is between you and Allah subhana wa Tada. Now, of course, if you were to publicize this in a mosque in a gathering, that's very good, but it is not a necessary condition. It is not something that is essentially required. Rather, it is just a simple act of common sense that when you have embraced a faith, you wish to join that community, you wish to announce your your Islam in that community. But the actual act of conversion is simply the utterance of the testimony of faith and the testimony of faith in Arabic as you are, I'm sure very well aware because you've researched Islam, the testimony of faith is Allah, Allah Illallah, WA

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shadow and Mohammed de Rasulullah, which translates as I testify, I am fully convinced, I have no doubt I am absolutely certain that there is no deity that is worthy of my veneration and worship, other than Allah subhana wa Tada. And I testify I bear witness that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is the Messenger of Allah. This is the testimony by which you accept Islam. Now, if you want to perfect this testimony, voted, do the best things possible. You should purify yourself, take a bath, you know, wear good clothes, go to the mosque, go to your local community and Muslims, tell them you want to embrace Islam and and do a public testimony of faith. But all of these are

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embellishments that are nice to have, but they are not requirements, you may embrace Islam in the privacy of your home, you may do it in a room where nobody else can hear you except for the one who created you. So this is the requirement and if you want to perfect it. And as we said, you should take a ritual bath to symbolize your purification to symbolize that you have now entered a new facet, a new phase of your life, where you will be a pure person obeying the commandments of Allah, obeying the commandments of God. Now, after you have accepted the testimony of faith, you should try to find your local mosque, your local community so that you're aware of the events going on. Try to

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attend various gatherings. Obviously, you should attend the mosque on Fridays, you need to start praying regularly, the five times prayer, you need to fast the month of Ramadan, you need to pay the charity to the poor. All of these pillars of Islam you are very well aware of because you have researched Islam. But the point is that with that conviction with that testimony, the entire religion of Islam becomes obligatory upon you to act upon. Therefore, make sure that you are ready and prepared to accept this religion. Make sure your intellectual Yes, I know this is the truth. And I want to go ahead and accept it. If you are still unsure if you're still doubtful research, ask

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around, pray, pray to the God who created you don't even give him a name. say oh you who created me, guide me to the truth. And if you are sincere that we as Muslims believe that you will indeed be guided to the truth that will brief explanation of what this testimony is. The first part of the testimony

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is the conviction that there is no deity that is worthy of worship except for the one who created you. The one who created you is the one who is all knowledgeable, all powerful. He hears you wherever you are. No being loves you as much as the one who creates you not even your mother and father. No being cares about you know being has the power to help you benefit you to prevent harm from you, other than Allah subhanho wa Taala when you know these facts, how then can you turn to others in worship, we do not turn to any

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other beings, even the prophets of God, even the angels, even the saints, we believe in saints, we believe in holy men, we call them holy people, we believe in them. And only God knows who they are, but they are there. They of course, they're there. But even if they're holy, that doesn't mean they're gods, even if they're pious doesn't mean that they control the creation. So we don't turn to them, we turn to the one whom they turn to, if they're truly holy and pious, then they also turn to God. Therefore, if they turn to God, they become an example for us we to turn to God. So the first part of the testimony is that I bear witness and I testify that there is no deity worthy of my

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worship, other than Allah, all of my love and hope, all of my fear all of my expect expectations will be singled out to this one God. And the second part of the testimony, Mohammed Rasulullah, means that I bear witness and testify that this particular human being the Prophet Muhammad, sallAllahu, alayhi wa sallam, the Arabian Prophet, I testify that this human being was sent by God, to be an example for me, not to be taken as worship, not to be ascribed divinity, but to become a role model for us. He is a human like we are, he was born a normal birth, he ate and drank, like we eat and drink, he married, he had children, and then eventually he passed away. He was not a God,

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but he was the Messenger of God, he came to teach us the message, he came to show us the way he came to set an example. And that example is a human example, that we have to emulate, we have to copy we have to take as a role model. So by saying, I bear witness and testify that Mohammed for Islam is the Messenger of Allah, what you're saying is that no human being is a better example. For me, no human being is a better role model for me, as a father, as a leader, as a spiritual advisor, as a worshipper of God, as a husband, as a role model citizen, no human being is a better example, than this human being. That is what you're saying, You are not making him into a God, you are making him

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into the best worship of God, the best servant of God. And so what this testimony simplus symbolizes is that you need to study the messenger, you need to study His Life and Times need to study his actions and teachings. And when you study them, you then put them into practice in your daily life. These are the two fundamental testimonies of faith. Only God is to be worshipped only Allah is to be worshipped, and he is worshipped based upon the methodology and the customs of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. This was the answer to your very beautiful question. I pray that Allah subhana wa tada guides you and me and all of us to the truth. I pray that he forgives us in this world and the

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next and I pray that he showers us with His blessings and his mercy in this world and the one to come. I will see you next time and until then, I sit on why they come to Allah He will but I get through

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