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Some thoughts on fat shaming.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome to another ra vlog. If you haven't seen this before, I've done quite a few in the past. Go check out my other ones. Basically, this is unscripted, no fancy editing, no beatboxing, none of that kind of stuff, just share some thoughts with the Angelica Adam. So today I want to talk about the issue of fat shaming. Now, if you don't know what fat shaming is, basically, this is making fun of people or shaming people who are overweight or who may be obese. Now, there's two extremes to this issue. And I think we as Muslims, we need to be aware of that. And we need to kind of call out both extremes and say both extremes, or

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both ends of this argument are not okay, or not acceptable as Islamic behavior. So first of all, fat shaming, making fun of people who are overweight, that's not okay. islamically it's not okay to make fun of people. It's not okay to make hurtful jokes about people. The purpose of joking in Islam and joking is actually a good thing. It's not the purpose of joking is to make the person that you're joking would actually feel good. So if you're joking with someone, and it makes them feel bad, we've defeated the purpose of that joke. So it's not okay to be condescending towards people who are overweight, or to say, things like, you know, they're just lazy, and they just, they don't want to

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work out, and blah, blah, and all this kind of stuff in this kind of this type of and I considered, you know, it seems like people who are in shape, or people who do work out, they kind of view themselves above those who are, don't work out or may not watch what they eat, or whatever. The other end, or the other side of this is. And this is, I think, when people take that issue to an extreme, and that is saying that there's nothing wrong with being overweight and obese. And obviously, first of all, islamically, anything that is bad for your health, anything that is unhealthy is considered not good. So that's straight off, off the bat. Second of all, in Islam, we

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find it encouragement, to be in shape, to take care of our bodies, to watch what we eat, especially the issue of moderation. And when we eat, we know the idea of the person send them in which he said that a person when they eat a few bites of food is enough for them, like you know, as human beings, we don't need to eat a lot. And then he said, If you feel the need to eat more than you should fill a third of your stomach with food, a third of it with water or some type of drink and leave a third empty, meaning we shouldn't be stuffing our faces basically, that's the meaning of this. a headache, we shouldn't always eat till were full. And many other had Ethan so this is this is a well known

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thing. In Islam, we have the Hadith, or the incident, sentimental, the love that I'm this companion tells the other companion without a doubt, he said, he said in that enough secret alayka that you have a right upon yourself and the self, our bodies is included within ourselves. So we know that our bodies are a gift from the last time we should take care of them. That being said, it's very important for us to understand that not everyone is equal in this matter. Meaning, it's it's obvious that for some people, it's a lot easier to be in shape. And actually, before I get to that a lot, being skinny, by the way doesn't necessarily mean that you're healthy. Some people will eat junk,

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and you know, they'll do all types of other stuff. They may like smoke cigarettes and do, like do all this stuff is horrible for the body. And they're slim, right. And just because someone is slim doesn't mean they are healthy. Our goal is to be healthy, not necessarily to be slim. Yeah, if being slim, or having less fat on our bodies part of that, then yes, we would say that is part of being healthy as well. But not everyone is the same as I was saying, when it comes to losing weight. For example, some people have a faster metabolism, it's a lot easier for them to lose weight, or they don't put on weight, that quickly they can work out a little bit, you know, watch their diet a

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little bit, and they'll shed the pounds, and they'll shed the weight for some people. It's a struggle and it is very, very, very, very difficult for them to lose weight. They may have been overweight or obese since childhood.

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They may have it may be a genetic thing. It may be something that's passed down their family. So we need to be aware of that. And we need to be conscious of that when we're talking to people about being in shape and being healthy. So, as I said, our point of view, fat shaming, making fun of people because they're overweight and their fat is not okay. But at the same time we need to encourage people to eat healthy to work out. And that's part of being a Muslim. And last point, I think it's very important as well. A lot of times we when a person gets into that mode of working out and eating, eating healthy and all that kind of stuff, they begin to get obsessed with perfect

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perfection, as if had perfection. You know, honestly, there's no such thing as perfection, you can have the best body in the world and you still find something wrong with you. The most important part is being, you know, working hard to be healthy work, as I said. But in the end, if we're doing all that we're doing, I'm doing all that we can, then it's important to be happy with our lifestyle, even if we're not in the best shape possible, even if like we got a six pack, for example, even if we don't look like all those people do CrossFit and stuff like that. Still, if we're making the effort at hamdulillah

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summary, we need to encourage people to be better instead of shaming them. And usually when you make fun of someone, if that's more of a deterrent than something like being encouraging, and we asked last time to add to make us balanced in these matters. We asked the last high data to help us get in shape to eat healthy, to work out all that kind of stuff, and Allah knows best. I will see you later tell us out I'm going to try and do more of these rah rah vlogs as best as I can, until next time, and I want to add a sit down with a co worker with the law he or what can I do