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Qabeelat Hosna’s Challenge

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2007 64 2765 Hey, Jim, I'd like a villa in Seattle. What about Seattle? So apparently they claimed to have been our honorable for deception. What numbers? Did they get something small. They was like 2011 volunteer something like that. 2011

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That's unbelievable. Did you know how much for me that wasn't I had no money. Well, our scores for our honor roll of scoring 90% plus in deception. We had 27 people on our on our honor roll and out of them. 13 were volunteers. I mean, it could be that Roma. Did you really think you could beat us? I mean, really copy that car? Did you really think that you could beat us? Really? COVID workman Did you really think that you could beat us?

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Did you really seriously think that you could beat us?

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This is an open challenge. For deception for the honor roll to New Jersey, Calgary, Dallas and Chicago if you can beat our scores of scoring 90% Plus, I'm beating our numbers of 27 people on the honor roll 13 volunteers so now melodical Wow, those sound like some fighting words to me. I beat a Tesla is riding pretty high right now. I actually want to extend this challenge to all the other debaters that are going to get the deception seminar. Let's see if you can beat a bit of testing as numbers may have lost parity out to help you