5 Tips for an Amazing Quarantined EID!

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Alright, let's talk about being quarantined this year for eight.

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So I know a lot of us may be feeling like this to AIDS is just not going to be the same, it's going to be different. But being different doesn't mean that this can be an amazing aid. So I have five tips for you to make this one of your best reads ever. Number one treat this age like you would treat any other age to start off with fulfill all of these sunna's the regular practices that you would do in any previous age. So some Sooners have read taking a bath in the morning, putting on nice clothes smelling nice just because you're not leaving the house, it doesn't mean that you shouldn't dress up and look nice for eat. We all know that putting on nice clothes and being clean

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automatically makes us feel better and can make us feel happy as well. And this is the day to do that. Likewise eating something in the morning we know the parsee sanlam as it's been mentioned inside body that he wouldn't leave his house on the date of eighth until he has eaten something so even though we're not leaving our houses we should begin our day with eating something to remind ourselves that this day is not a day of Ramadan, it is the day of celebration, it is the date of the day after Ramadan. Number two is the council. The council fittler is the charity that is given at the end of the month of Ramadan. What is the purpose of this account and fit that? Well, first of

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all, it purifies our deeds and makes up for any shortcomings that we had during the month of Ramadan. And also equally important it is to help those people who may not have the means to celebrate the day a very so those people who are less fortunate it is to provide a meal for them. And that is why actually there's a Captain fitler that meal that we give as charity has to be given before the prayer on the day of their aid. And that is why they are sending them said as it's been mentioned in widowed men. A couple of follow up a here's a cartoon mock Bula woman at the Salafi a son of cartoon, Minnesota caught whoever gives it before the prayer meeting their eighth prayer

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here, then this is counted as a charity is counted as these accounts and fitflop. And whoever gives it after the prayer than it is just a charity like any other charity, meaning it doesn't count as these accounts are faithful. So in this manner, this is no different to any previous part of our he is looking out for those who are less fortunate making sure that they have the means to celebrate it as well. And at the very least they have a nice meal to eat on the day of aid. So just because we're at home, it doesn't mean that we can't be charitable towards others, and have that charitable spirit on the day of aid. And that leads me to my next tip number three, reach out to others, especially

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those who are in need those who may be by themselves on the day of aid. There are those who are by themselves simply because of the circumstance that we find ourselves in. Simply because we're quarantine there are people who have been separated from their families. So it is important that we reach out to those people to make sure they don't feel alone. Even if it's just a phone call. There are those who don't have families, there are those who are, for example, new to Islam, and they don't have anyone to celebrate with it is our responsibility as their brothers and their sisters to reach out to them and help them feel connected and happy on this day. Likewise, those people who may

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be going through a rough time, maybe Previously, we didn't have time to reach out to them. But this day, the day is the day where we make a special effort to reach out even if it's just a phone call something we can do to let them know to remind them that we are here for them and that they're not alone, even if they're physically alone in this moment. Number four, pray the prayer at home. Yes, this year, we're not going to the mesh didn't bring your aid with the whole congregation. But we can still pray the prayer it has been narrated by an assembly a low on that for the one who misses their eighth prayer they can pray the eighth prayer at home with those people who are in their houses. And

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this definitely applies now that we are quarantine so whoever you have in your house, get together and pray the eighth prayer as the eighth prayer is normally prayed except there is no sermon there is no hook but for this a prayer. And so this eighth prayer is not about quantity. You don't have to collect your neighbors and your family members and bring them over have them break their quarantine, just pray with whoever you have in your house. And yes, that will be a different experience in previous years. But that different experience can also make it a special experience. Maybe this year our hearts will be more connected to the prayer because we're praying them with a few of our loved

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ones number five in previous years we would congratulate people in person we know the companions would congratulate one another so for example they would say the cup but a low minimum income they would say May Allah accept from us and accept from you even though we're not physically with people it doesn't mean we cannot get in touch with them and congratulate them. And since we're home since we have a lot more time this year, reach out to people as many people as you can give them a call, get them on zoom get them online and congratulate them and help them feel good about this day have a day of celebration upon the completion of the month of April.

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above. So the key idea in all of these tips is not only to do what we would do in previous aids, but it's actually to do more make even more of an effort to make this aid special as we're quarantined at home. So it is our responsibility to help one another make this eight extra special so that is what I have for you. But I would also love to hear your tips as well. leave them in the comments below and I would love to read them and if I don't get to speak to you on aid, or even robotic to all of you, may you have a blessing to eighth and May Allah accept my good deeds and all of your good deeds as well until next time, Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh