Haifaa Younis – Why is the day of Ashura important for Muslims?

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the 10th day of Ashura, which is the day when the sun is set on. The speaker explains that fasting is a special day for everyone, and that the 10th of Ashura is a sign of a win for everyone. He also talks about the importance of fasting for achieving good deeds and mentions a video about a woman who wants to buy things in a sale.
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Santa Monica la Mata la hora car to your sister. Hey for Eunice from gender Institute is with you. Today's Friday the ninth of the hinder the ninth day of the first month or in the lunar month and tomorrow is Ashura the 10th day and people are you probably are hearing about it, you need to fast it's the 10th day. So I want to share with you, what is this special thing? What's the virtue? Why Ashura? Why not 13 or 14? Simply the following why not a Swati Sato said I'm entered Medina. He found that the Jews fasting and he asked why they are fasting. And he was answered Rasul Allah He sought to sit on, the Jews are celebrating the day that Allah pantalla saved, saved no Moosa from

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the irony of say, of fear around Saraswati salt. wassalam responded right away, we should celebrate even more, and I will be fasting. So that's number one in another hurry. I was sweating salt to ourselves, even our beloved abass have narrated that he said, there is no day more virtuous to fast than these days and the 10th of Ashura. This Hadith was narrated during Ramadan Saraswati thought was that I was teaching his companions that fasting Ramadan is very virtuous, which we all know but he wanted to make a point, that fasting that time, which is tomorrow, Saturday, is as virtuous as fasting Ramadan. Now one thing we have to know is not an obligation, it is not an obligation,

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because in another narration, he said Adi Salatu, was Salam. This is the 10th of Ashura the meaning of the 10th of Ashura. Virtue was the whomsoever wants to fast, let them let him or her fast and who does not want to fast it's up to them. However, the reason I am reminding everyone myself number one, the virtue of the 10th of our shoulder number one is we are following the sun now for us while he saw it was set up, and he said it before home so other resuscitate my son, his son, knotty, Salatu was set out, he will be with me in Ghana, number one, number two, and this is the virtue about it, the person who first Ashura tomorrow, inshallah will have his or her sense of the whole

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last year removed, you can

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remove that, as if he or she did not do it. Who doesn't want to do that? Somebody will come and says, Well, you said this about our offer. If we fasted the day of our offer and the virtue of the day of our offer, or remove the sins of the year before and the year to come? The answer is, the answer is from our fertile now, how many we did, how sincere we were in our

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fasting, data loss pantalla accepted we don't know Allah is generous, but the point I'm trying to make let us be hunters have good deeds. It's just similar like when we have a sale and everybody goes on buy things in sale. Why do you want to buy it not in sales. Same thing virtuous, you as a man or a woman, a mother, a sister fast. Ask that your household, your children, your mother, your father, whoever can let them do it to you will get the reward and may or must pantalla accept from us

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