Riyadul Haqq – The Purpose of Life

Riyadul Haqq
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of death and how everything is measured in time, using death as an analogy for existence and the analogy of a light bulb to demonstrate the existence of time. They also discuss the concept of gravity and how it relates to the universe, citing a clock as a template for counting and discussing the concept of a universe as a clock and eventually moving in reverse.
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100 Isla de mi salatu salam ala cirino has been

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hammered in Wada. He was a heavy

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burden for all the biller Amina, she's one of regime Spindler, Rahim in the law Hello Amanda Kotaku, you so long island. You

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Allahumma sanada Medina, Mohammed

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Ibrahim in the

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tada Ibrahim

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Ibrahim in the community, he

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respects our listeners.

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The title of today's talk is the purpose of life.

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I'm sure

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we all know

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what the purpose of our life is and should be.

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And the purpose of today's discussion

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is not to be condescending, and educate people on what the purpose of life is.

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Rather, it's more remind

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less we don't forget.

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And sometimes we may not forget in mind, but we do forget in practice.

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season A versus

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Lavina Medina

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dunya Phil, Yeoman and ser Gamasutra yummy mhada Omar can be it now you chattel law says those who took their religion

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as a thing of jest and play

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and the worldly life to see deceive them.

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For Yeomans himself, Command A solar power yummy him.

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So this day alone will say this, on the day of reckoning. So this day, we shall forget them, just as they forgot the meeting of this day.

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So we will not forget in mind, what the purpose of our life is. But in practice, it's very easy

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to become forgetful and neglectful of our very purpose of existence,

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our reason for existence,

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the very objective of our creation.

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So what is it?

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The question is, why are we here?

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Why do we exist?

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Rather than not exist?

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Why is there something rather than nothing?

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Why isn't there emptiness?

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And why is there a universe? And why is the universe filled with so many different things?

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And in the midst of all of this, here we are, we find ourselves as intelligence be

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asking ourselves the question, why are we here? Why do we exist?

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What brought us here?

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And it's a fascinating question.

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last panel, who

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gives us a reply

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and many different verses of the or arm this has been answered in different ways.

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In one verse, last panel with the other essays

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symptome Anima Hola, como,

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la nada to jarin. In fact, just as we asked the question, Who are we? Where did we come from? Why are we here? Why do we actually exist?

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What is our future? Where are we heading? What's our destiny? Where to where is our journey? Just as we are

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So this question the last panel data asks us a question

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and that question is a symptom Anima Hakuna

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chameleon and

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in fact, rather than although the question is valid for the world, this verse is actually part of an exchange that will take place on the Day of Judgment

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last panel with their honor will ask

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his sir

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Come on let them fill out the the add to the sinning coming to visit them fill out the added listening.

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I want to be snare Yeoman Obama Yeoman facility la de

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la vista la colina lo and

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septum Anima Hakuna Matata, one the chameleon arato Jain law says as part of this conversation on the on the Day of Judgment alone, we'll say

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How long did you stay? How long did you reside on earth? How many years?

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So people will say in reply,

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we actually only stayed on earth for one day or part of the day.

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That's how that's how long life will seem them. We stayed on earth one day or part of the day.

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Before but we don't know for cellular ardene so Ola asked those who were counting who were recording ie the angels.

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So Allah will say in reply, in fact, you did not stay on earth except very little.

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If only but she mean

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and then last panel with the Anna will say for her symptom Anima. Hakuna komaba one the chameleon era two gentlemen.

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Now what did you think

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that we created you in vain?

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And that you would not be returned to us?

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For the love and

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the love shall carry. So Exalted be Allah.

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That just came,

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there is no God, but he The Lord of the noble throne. So Allah will say this, that Exalted is Allah because in answer to this presumption that Allah has created as ingest in clay, in vain, without purpose without destiny without wisdom.

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And that we won't be returned to the last panel with Anna. Of course we will. That is the very purpose of our creation.

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So what is the purpose of our creation? Last season my original insight.

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I have not created men and jinn except that they serve me not just worship me.

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But serve.

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In another verse of mankind, oh people, be wary of that Lord of yours. Who has created you and those who came before you? Why? look him

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in the hope that you may adopt.

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And what stopwatch taqwa is not just the fear of Allah, just as a bother is not only the worship of Allah, these are restricted meanings that we have given to these words.

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We often translate taqwa as a fear of Allah, which is correct, but it's only a partial translation.

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The fear of Allah is only part of dakhla we translate Riba as worship, but worship is only a part of Eva.

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So Allah has the original says, I have not created man and Jen, except that they will do that they serve me not just worship, but they do mighty about. So what exactly is Eva?

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And Alonso says that Lord fit Be wary of that Lord, who has created you and those who came before you learn look into the hole in the hope that you may adopt Aqua. So

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I'm delighted Mr. Oh, there'll be a lot more in the famous companion of a sort of laughs and the love it was certainly

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he gave a very beautiful explanation of the word.

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And this was in the commentary of the of the verse of the order, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala Anna says, Yeah, you're Latina, Armand de la haka. toccata. What are the modern age

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Lower Muslim

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Be wary of Allah.

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adopted in respect of Allah

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as the taqwa of Allah should be rightfully observed. So all believers Be wary of Allah as he should be.

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As people should be wary of him, and do not die except as Muslims. So Abdullah hematomas rule that of the alarm, the scholar of the poor and the companion of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said, in commentary of this verse, that what exactly is a taqwa of Allah? He said the taqwa of Allah is well, he simply said, in commentary of this verse, that

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last panel who what the answer should be obeyed and not disobeyed.

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law should people should pay gratitude to Allah and not being grateful of him. And then,

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well, you've got off, are you part of duck law is that a law should be remembered and never forgot.

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So taqwa is the constant awareness of a law search, the constant remembrance of a law

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and never for a moment forgetting the last panel with that. And that's actually very similar to Alibaba. When Allah says, I have not created man and Jin, except that they worship Me, sorry, except that they serve me. The bother isn't just the ritual prayer five times a day, or hedge funds or currency and fasting and charity, on different occasions,

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whereby we separate our dunya and our Deen.

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So it's almost like we live a normal life during the day. And then every now and then, that normal, dreary daily life is punctuated by moments of connection with Allah, a Salah, an act of charity, a good deed.

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But that's not the way it's supposed to be. As a Muslim, as a believer, we shouldn't draw this distinction between Deen and dunya in the sense that we live a normal life of the dunya. And that normal life of the dunya is only occasionally punctured and punctuated by

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the remembrance of Allah.

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That's not a bad, rather a bad is

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that person a person serves a loss.

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A person becomes an ad of a law, a slave of a law, a servant.

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In fact, when we hear the word slave, it causes us to shrink slightly in distaste.

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That does not mean that we become a slave to Allah.

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It does.

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But should we flee from the word slave of a law? Should we fear the word slave of Allah?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala

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loves the word and the title and

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it heaters.

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For his chosen service, he describes them with the words abdon a bird.

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Whatever the Rahmani Lavine, I'm sure. The homeowner at the heart of Nepal Salah. Allah mentioned a number of verses and she describes the qualities and the characteristics of his chosen servants. And how does he describe them? What about aura

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and the slaves of

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the slaves of the gracious one.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he gave him so much. He bestowed so much upon him.

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He gave him such a lofty rank.

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But in some of the key moments

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of describing him in the Quran, Allah uses no other title. Allah confers upon him the title,

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even when he called on that miraculous journey of Israel and marital

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from Makkah to administer the Luxor, from the Luxor to the heavens and back on that amazing and miraculous journey.

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last panel with honor describes him it was a it was a unique occasion, a very unique occasion and even

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On that great on that moment of glory when he traveled from Africa to admission to the Luxor and there he led all of the MBR and Russell all of the messengers and prophets of Allah had him so that was an amateur marine.

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Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam led all of them inside.

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And he was given

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such honors, such accolades, such titles, and such a position on that one occasion that no prophets of luck, no one in the rest of creation has ever been given.

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And on that occasion, how does the law describe him? law doesn't give him any other title law simply describes him with the words sapan under the Asahi

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laina Minh and must have the heroine

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Glorified be that Allah Hallowed be the name of that Allah

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who carried his servants by night his slave by now.

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So ad slave.

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That was the chosen title that Allah gave him on the occasion of Islamic marriage, that the hallowed be the name of Allah who carried his slave his ad, by nights from Alicia did her arms and mustard blocks. And that was a Noble Messenger some of the law it was, in fact, even the Prophet Isa even a medium it was Salah.

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of all of the prophets of Allah.

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Eastern ammonium

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is viewed in a manner in which even the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is not viewed, which is

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that piece of Anna Maria Maria himself is hailed

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as a god

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not just as a savior, but as a God

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as the Son of God and has God Himself and He is worshiped.

00:17:08 --> 00:17:12

He replicated to and prayed to and besieged

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people besieged.

00:17:15 --> 00:17:27

People employ him directly with their prayers. He is regarded not just as a messenger or a prophet or a savior, or a Messiah, he is viewed as

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a God as the God

00:17:32 --> 00:17:33

as God Himself,

00:17:34 --> 00:17:40

not just the Son of God, but God Himself. And even that Isa de Salatu was Salam.

00:17:42 --> 00:17:49

Allah subhanho wa Taala say says of him lanius than developer see how he akuna Abdullah he wouldn't matter.

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But not even the Messiah

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will distain

00:17:58 --> 00:18:39

will frown upon will look down upon will turn up his nose, not even the Messiah will sustain being a slave of Allah, and neither the closest angels. So the message here is, if not even the prophets of Allah Almighty, or any other messenger, or any of the angels, the closest angels. In fact, if not even that person who is hailed as a God himself as the God, he saw the son of mediamatic masam. If not even he will distain from being an ad, a slave of Allah. Who is anyone else in the rest of creation?

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Why should we flee or fear? free from fear the term slave, Allah Subhana, Allah wishes us to be his.

00:18:51 --> 00:18:53

He wishes every one of us to be his ad,

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ie to be his slave. And the reason I say, why should we fear being a slave of Allah, because the reality is, we are all slaves. For every moment of our existence, we are reliant on dependent on enslaved to something or something.

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And at any given moment of our existence, we are a slave. We are and

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we're either slaves to assist them. We're either slaves to an idea, we're either slaves to someone else, or even if we are so independent, and so self sufficient that we are free from being a slave to anyone or anything else. Ultimately, we are enslaved to our lower self and our knifes and our desires,

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so we will be a slave. And that's why last panel with their ad essays if I eat them, and it definitely Allahu Allah, have you seen one who has taken his However, his passion

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His desire

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is knifes as his law

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so we will always be slaves.

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And that's why your mom and hakima Timmy the Rahim Allah, famous scholar, not the mom of the of the son of the book of heaven, but another one. Timothy Rahim, Hola. He said something very beautiful. He said, Those who are the slaves of Allah, they are the truly free one.

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Only they are free. Those who are slaves to Allah, they are the ones who are free. So

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everyone else

00:20:42 --> 00:20:49

they are slaves, but they are slave to someone else or something else, not the slaves of Allah.

00:20:50 --> 00:20:59

So they have a last panel with their other is that we become his dad, we become his slaves. And

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that is the meaning of a barber, not just the occasional prayers on our act of charity, but rather ibadah. And what's the meaning of that in that famous Hadith later by Mahatma Muslims, Muslim from all of them, the alarm and other Sahaba of the alarm when a man came who was unrecognized by the companions, and eventually they learned that that was God ready his Salaam? And he asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a number of questions.

00:21:31 --> 00:21:34

We have ethers famously known as the hadith of God.

00:21:35 --> 00:21:41

One of the three questions after all the third question after Islam and after he man was.

00:21:43 --> 00:22:01

So God ready he said, I'm asked the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Hassan, what's up? So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, and that was a lock and nicotero for him to have in the sun is that you worship law as though you see him.

00:22:03 --> 00:22:05

And if not, then that he sees you.

00:22:07 --> 00:22:11

If you do not see him, then know that he sees you. That is Eva.

00:22:13 --> 00:23:07

That's why Allah Subhana Allah has created us that we reach that rank, whereby we become so connected with Allah, and we observe such a bad hovel, and we serve a lot in such a way, as though not only are we constantly in connection with him, but that we are mindful of him, and that we see a law, not physically but with every being of our existence. with every fiber of our existence, every fiber of our being, we see a loss of data, that is the purpose of our creation. And the dunya is only a conduit, it's a corridor, it's a passage vineya exists to carriers, ultimately to our golden destination, which is the earth, which is the hereafter.

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And that's why we should see this as a carriage man.

00:23:16 --> 00:23:25

Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was once seated was once with the Sahaba of the alarm and the alarm and we began a discussion about the dunya. And

00:23:28 --> 00:23:34

what is the dunya? What is the alpha? So some of the Sahaba of the alarm who said that the dunya

00:23:35 --> 00:23:46

is a Bella. It's a conduit, it's a carriage to the art. So it gives us an opportunity in the world to pray to do good.

00:23:48 --> 00:23:50

whereby we can reach that.

00:23:52 --> 00:23:53

and gentlemen,

00:23:54 --> 00:23:57

so the other side of the alarm whom they said no,

00:23:58 --> 00:24:03

they spoke only of the, the discussion was about the good of the dunya.

00:24:06 --> 00:24:08

About the good of the world.

00:24:09 --> 00:24:38

So some of the so how about the librarian who said the dunya is a beloved it's a conduit, it's a passage, it's a means of reaching Gemma and Allah and the ARCA. So in a way they were praising the dunya, but only in religious terms, and the other Sahaba of the alarm, spoke only of the ARCA not of the dunya. So when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam heard them the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, shall I tell you

00:24:39 --> 00:24:42

the position of the dunya in relation to the

00:24:44 --> 00:24:59

the position of the dunya of the world in relation to the life thereafter, in relation to the second life is as if one of you the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, if one of you was to walk to the mosque to go to the ocean and dip in

00:25:00 --> 00:25:12

His finger and remove it, the amount of water that is reduced from the ocean, that is the relevance of the dunya in comparison to the ocean of the earth.

00:25:14 --> 00:25:55

And that was in the context of good, not in the context of the world and the love of the world. But in the context of this whole battle, the alarm, discussing the world being a good opportunity and a conduit and a carriage to reach in and granting us an opportunity to do good in the world. Even about that, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the world is equivalent to the amount of water that is reduced when one extracts one's finger from the ocean, in contrast to the ocean itself.

00:25:57 --> 00:26:12

So our purpose is not the world it is the earth. And that's why last season that question, which ultimately is for the Hereafter, it will be a question raised in the earth, but it's relevant for us here now, of a symptom and number

00:26:13 --> 00:26:26

one, what an Akuma Leonardo Jain, what do you think that you have been created in vain and that you will not be returned to us? Everything is about us returning to Allah subhanho wa.

00:26:27 --> 00:26:34

We may not understand everything, we have limited intelligence, we are unable to grasp

00:26:35 --> 00:26:39

many things and we will never know the truth of many things.

00:26:41 --> 00:26:53

But last panel with Allah tells us and clear categorical and ambiguous terms that you have not been created, in play. ingest, in vain.

00:26:54 --> 00:27:00

aimlessly purpose, without purpose without direction. Without wisdom.

00:27:01 --> 00:27:08

You have been created for assemblies and that reason is taqwa, Eva.

00:27:10 --> 00:27:15

And if Taylor the third one which I haven't mentioned yet is

00:27:18 --> 00:27:25

about can lady be the Merkava hula hula de la de la Mota will hire Talia below.

00:27:29 --> 00:27:44

In a suit which we are encouraged to recite on a daily basis. Sort of the milk the word the sort of begins with the words with a daily nightly remind the borrower can really be they can look. ohana, Kula Shane,

00:27:46 --> 00:27:47

Blessed is he

00:27:49 --> 00:27:50

in whose hand

00:27:51 --> 00:27:53

is the dominion is the King.

00:27:56 --> 00:27:58

And he is all powerful over all thin

00:28:00 --> 00:28:08

and lovey, he who created holopainen moto one higher, he created a death and life.

00:28:13 --> 00:28:15

Anything of note law doesn't say

00:28:17 --> 00:28:18


00:28:20 --> 00:28:30

Who created life and death? He says Allah the Hennepin moto will hire who created death and life. Why live lower?

00:28:32 --> 00:28:44

so that he may test you to see who of you is the best in deeds. So the third purpose of our creation is better. In fact, it's all one but it's taqwa whether it's whether it's Bella Bella.

00:28:45 --> 00:28:48

It's all the same, a lot of tests to see who is the best.

00:28:51 --> 00:28:55

And it is he Allah Who made you deputies on earth.

00:28:57 --> 00:29:02

And he elevated and raised some of you over others in ranks. We aren't equal.

00:29:03 --> 00:29:15

We're very different. We have different potential we have different abilities. We have different gifts, different talents. Of course we are apparently an equal.

00:29:16 --> 00:29:19

Some are apparently more intelligent than others. Some are more

00:29:21 --> 00:29:32

appealing in appearance than others. Some are more prepossessing than others more handsome, more beautiful, more attractive than others. Some are wealthier than others. Allah has given us different things in different ways.

00:29:33 --> 00:29:41

And often one a lack in something is compensated for by a gift in something else.

00:29:44 --> 00:29:46

Why all these differences?

00:29:47 --> 00:29:54

Why this apparent discrepancy? Why these differences in ranks and abilities

00:29:55 --> 00:30:00

it's simply because they have local FEMA. So that all

00:30:00 --> 00:30:02

lamay test you in what he has given.

00:30:04 --> 00:30:15

So the world is a place of test. We are being tested and we will always be tested. What an evolution the comerciais in mental health IT WILL DO or it will not submit an award will

00:30:16 --> 00:30:25

overshadow slavery. alladhina Salva Tomasi bottomed out in 99, in a garage, would I call him salatu wa.

00:30:27 --> 00:30:32

Allah says, and we will most assuredly test you the same Bella.

00:30:33 --> 00:30:37

We will most assuredly test you with some

00:30:39 --> 00:30:40

with a little bit of fear

00:30:44 --> 00:30:44

and hunger

00:30:46 --> 00:30:48

and loss of life and wealth

00:30:52 --> 00:30:53

of projects and fruits.

00:30:55 --> 00:31:14

So in all of these tests and mountains of loss, or the shittest slobbering give glad tidings to those who are patience and perseverance. Those Lavine that Saba masiva those who when an affliction strikes them, when a misfortune befalls them,

00:31:15 --> 00:31:37

what do they say? I will imagine that he were in a garage. Indeed, we belong to a law firm to him, we shall return without him sort of out in the rock. upon these people, there are salutations and prayers from their Lord and mercy. And these are the ones who are guided. Interesting thing here.

00:31:38 --> 00:31:52

last panel with Allah says, Who are the patient and persevere ones are Siberian, who deserve glad tidings, even in them as fortunes and calamities. They are the ones who say in that in law who are in charge.

00:31:53 --> 00:32:02

So why is it that just by saying in not in law, who were in it later Algerian law says, they should be given glad tidings.

00:32:04 --> 00:32:24

A law praises them for being patient and perseverance. Allah says of them, that upon them descend mercy from their Lord, and prayers, and that these are the ones who are rightly guided, how can a person achieve so much just by saying in that in law, who ignited rajgira

00:32:27 --> 00:32:30

someone suffers a great misfortune

00:32:31 --> 00:33:06

or even a small calamity. And they say in 1998, Rajiv, and just for saying in 1990, rogering, Allah says, Give them glad tidings, they are this RBD upon them are Salawat prayers from that all upon them as mercy from their Lord. And they are the ones who are truly guided. How come all of this just for saying in in there who were innately Harardhere in, or the truth is, it's not just for saying in 1990 ha Joon it's for saying in, in LA who were in 90 days,

00:33:07 --> 00:33:14

believing in De La, La La Jerome, and living by in la de la.

00:33:16 --> 00:33:35

And so what is believing in and living back in 1990? Roger, it's but it's, why is that so rewarding is because it puts everything into perspective. No matter what calamity a person suffers. When a person says, indeed we belong to Allah. And

00:33:37 --> 00:33:38

to him, we shall return

00:33:40 --> 00:33:46

the same two things, that we are the slaves of a last panel, we belong to a

00:33:47 --> 00:33:48

wall and to

00:33:51 --> 00:33:53

the world is not our abode.

00:33:54 --> 00:33:57

Our abode is an ARCA in which we shall return.

00:33:59 --> 00:34:12

So by saying in that, in that who were in a rogering, by believing it, and by living by it, a person gains all of these rewards because that is the purpose and destiny of our life.

00:34:14 --> 00:34:17

Live local, so that alarming test you.

00:34:19 --> 00:34:38

In fact, today was Jim Mora. And again, just like nicely we are requested to where we are encouraged to pray sort of to remove the Baraka which begins with the words the Baraka dB, the hill milk, which I just commented on.

00:34:39 --> 00:34:49

He'll create a death and life so that he may test you, who of you is the best indeed, today was jamara. on a weekly basis, we have been encouraged to recite sort of thing.

00:34:50 --> 00:34:56

And part of sort of telegraph is in JAMA either of the zenith aloha Linda blue,

00:35:00 --> 00:35:04

Indeed, we have made all that is upon the earth,

00:35:06 --> 00:35:10

a beauty for it and ornamentation for it and all in it.

00:35:12 --> 00:35:21

The world and all that it contains. Allah says we have made all that is on earth and ornaments for the word

00:35:22 --> 00:35:29

Why then the blower so that we may test them a human acid or amateur, who of them is the best.

00:35:31 --> 00:35:36

Time and time again, last panel with the other season different verses of

00:35:37 --> 00:35:52

some times as soon as a weekly reminder as part of psalter milk as a daily reminder that law has created the world and its beauty so that he may test you last created death and life so that he may test

00:35:54 --> 00:36:09

the world is attached we have come here we've been brought here we've been created for a higher purpose and that higher purposes, but the bar the last panel data that Allah has not made the world ingest in vain.

00:36:11 --> 00:36:18

In one verse will mark it up in a similar way they will not have of the Medina Humala in masala, Houma Illa Allah

00:36:20 --> 00:36:31

law says we have not created the heavens and the earth largely been playfully, Allah uses that word playfully. We have not created the heavens and the earth playfully.

00:36:32 --> 00:36:40

maharatna Houma Illa, we have only created both of them for nothing but the truth, we have not created them except with

00:36:41 --> 00:36:44

what our cannot lie on the moon. But most of them.

00:36:48 --> 00:36:49

If we think

00:36:51 --> 00:36:59

that the universe has been created, the world has been created. without purpose without direction,

00:37:00 --> 00:37:07

without motive, without wisdom. It's all one big accident.

00:37:09 --> 00:37:11

And life is a series of accidents.

00:37:14 --> 00:37:15

It's all chance.

00:37:17 --> 00:37:20

There's no origin, there's no destiny, there's no purpose,

00:37:22 --> 00:37:27

then, we will treat life as a game.

00:37:31 --> 00:37:34

We will treat life as low Larry and Meredith.

00:37:36 --> 00:37:40

We will see life as futility as vanity

00:37:41 --> 00:37:46

as something which lacks meaning, which lacks purpose, and we will live our lives are called.

00:37:52 --> 00:38:00

And when we ask ourselves a question, why are we here? How did we get here? Where are we going? What's our purpose? Why do we exist?

00:38:01 --> 00:38:05

Well, one response is that sheer luck,

00:38:07 --> 00:38:08

pure accident

00:38:10 --> 00:38:12

purely by chance.

00:38:14 --> 00:38:16

If we think along those lines,

00:38:18 --> 00:38:23

then what's stopping us? If we think we are just animals?

00:38:24 --> 00:38:25


00:38:26 --> 00:38:28

the rest of the millions of species on earth?

00:38:30 --> 00:38:31

What do they do?

00:38:33 --> 00:38:35

They live a bestie life.

00:38:38 --> 00:38:47

All these animals do all these organisms and species do is survive, survive by any means possible.

00:38:50 --> 00:38:54

By murder by deceit by bloodlust.

00:38:56 --> 00:39:02

There's no compassion, there's no regrets. There's no conscience.

00:39:03 --> 00:39:05

It's merely a game of survival.

00:39:08 --> 00:39:33

So if we are then just like all the other species and organisms in this world, that we simply exist, and continue to exist, we simply survive and we should continue to survive by any means possible. And we are only advanced standards. If that's our philosophy, if that's our concept of life, that we are only advanced animals, then what prevents us from living like and behaving like has

00:39:36 --> 00:39:38

no scruples, no control.

00:39:42 --> 00:39:44

no conscience,

00:39:45 --> 00:39:47

no regulation,

00:39:48 --> 00:39:56

no control. In fact, that's what one of the verse of the verse of the Quran says, Allah says, as a neutral casada

00:39:59 --> 00:39:59

does men think

00:40:00 --> 00:40:03

But he will be left without control.

00:40:04 --> 00:40:14

So that means aimless random does men think does insaan think that he will be left without control?

00:40:18 --> 00:40:22

No last panel with data has not created as round

00:40:24 --> 00:40:31

and we will not be left randomly. But last panel data has given us a path a guide

00:40:32 --> 00:40:37

why Dana Medina and we have guided man to both paths

00:40:39 --> 00:41:00

for Alabama for Judo hahahahaha speaking about the knifes and life and the sole law says having created it a lot inspired the soul to both it's good and it's evil, meaning it recognizes both now it's up to the soul of the individual to choose one of these two options, one of these two paths

00:41:03 --> 00:41:11

so if we think that we are just advanced, highly evolved animals, yes a bit different to all the other animals.

00:41:13 --> 00:41:16

Then what prevents us from living and behaving and thinking just like we have

00:41:18 --> 00:41:33

no conscience no scruples, no laws, no control whatsoever so that as Allah says in a absolute insanity you drink a soda that does insam think does man think that he'll be left soda without control without laws.

00:41:35 --> 00:41:36

So what is that prevented us

00:41:38 --> 00:41:40

and we can we can sink to that level.

00:41:41 --> 00:41:46

last panel with the other says in the Quran longkou live community

00:41:48 --> 00:41:51

of some people love Herbalife Kahuna they have

00:41:53 --> 00:41:56

one of them is Marina de la

00:41:58 --> 00:42:02

la lune they have hearts

00:42:04 --> 00:42:07

with which they do not perceive or understand.

00:42:10 --> 00:42:12

They have eyes which they do not see.

00:42:14 --> 00:42:16

They have ears with which they do not hear.

00:42:19 --> 00:42:24

These people are like the cattle they are like animals

00:42:25 --> 00:42:25

mean but

00:42:27 --> 00:42:29

rather they are even more misguided.

00:42:30 --> 00:42:32

They are even more lost.

00:42:33 --> 00:42:36

Like a homeless coffee room. These are the heedless one.

00:42:40 --> 00:42:47

So Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us that if we are neglectful and heedless of our purpose of our destiny,

00:42:48 --> 00:43:03

then we can through our misdeeds and our sins, we can actually sink to such a low level that Allah describes us as being even more lost than the animals.

00:43:05 --> 00:43:20

We can rise or we can sink and when we sink a lot, our Creator tells us we can actually be worse than the animals. So if we think we're just highly evolved intelligent animals, than what is there preventing us from behaving like.

00:43:22 --> 00:43:42

This is why Allah azza wa jal has given us guidelines Allah has given us laws, Allah has given us a path, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and that and Brd himself was around before he came to guide the people to remind us of our purpose. And I keep on saying that our purpose is that our fill the hole

00:43:43 --> 00:43:47

points to that. Do you know what was the last verse of the war and

00:43:48 --> 00:43:50

the last verse

00:43:52 --> 00:43:59

according some narrations, this was just a few days before the prophets Allah love it, who send them left the well. The last verse to be revealed.

00:44:01 --> 00:44:02

of the entire but

00:44:05 --> 00:44:14

it wasn't at this day I have completed my blessing and favor to and I am content with Islam as a dean and a religion for me.

00:44:15 --> 00:44:26

It wasn't that the last verse of the Quran to be revealed was, what Taku Yeoman to join us he hit a law from a dwarf cauldron of sin, Marcus.

00:44:28 --> 00:44:32

And be wary of a day in which you shall all be returned.

00:44:35 --> 00:44:44

Then each soul shall be repaid in full, whatever it has earned, will allow you them and they will not suffer any injustice.

00:44:45 --> 00:44:47

So think the entire poor

00:44:49 --> 00:44:52

with its stories of the prophets of the past,

00:44:54 --> 00:44:59

with its stories of the pious, the entire program with all its laws about marriage

00:45:00 --> 00:45:07

about divorce, about trading, about transactions, about children about living

00:45:11 --> 00:45:14

with all its teachings, about worship about life,

00:45:15 --> 00:45:26

at the end of it all, the final verse of the Quran to be revealed was that after all of this after everything in the Quran

00:45:27 --> 00:45:36

your final message is what the Yeoman told Jerry in a fee, no fee Illa Be wary of the day in which you shall all be returned to.

00:45:38 --> 00:45:42

That is that is the final verse of the Quran. That is the final message of

00:45:44 --> 00:45:52

this is what all of these verses point at your purpose and your destiny is that a bother have a last pan of water honor, one.

00:45:56 --> 00:46:07

Once you're in the world, the taqwa of Allah on the body of Allah, whilst you are in the world, remember that the world is not your paradise.

00:46:09 --> 00:46:11

And you can't make it * or paradise.

00:46:12 --> 00:46:21

But it's a world it's an abode of, if the law of being tested, that's the reality of the world.

00:46:22 --> 00:46:32

We will be living in a fool's paradise if we think we can make the world a paradise for last panel who would rather want to make the world

00:46:34 --> 00:46:40

agenda for anyone, he would have made it for his most beloved Prophet solomani

00:46:41 --> 00:46:41

your man

00:46:43 --> 00:46:45

and they relate Ethan's Muslim

00:46:47 --> 00:46:50

algebra his Salam came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam,

00:46:55 --> 00:47:02

and said to him, O Messenger of Allah, here is an angel, there was another range. Here is an angel.

00:47:03 --> 00:47:13

He has descended from the heavens today. And he is an angel who has never come down before and after meeting you, He will never come again.

00:47:14 --> 00:47:16

And he has come with a message from your Lord.

00:47:18 --> 00:47:19

So heavy for the Muslim.

00:47:23 --> 00:47:30

So the angel the second angel came to the Prophet sallallahu it was Solomon set him on messenger of Allah. I come with a message from your law.

00:47:32 --> 00:47:34

Do you wish to be

00:47:35 --> 00:47:37

a Millikan? nebbia? Or

00:47:39 --> 00:47:52

do you wish to be a prophet and a king? Just like that. Although the names they wouldn't send him out mentioned that's my explanation that just like the Prophet, Warden, Solomon and use of Halle, Masada

00:47:54 --> 00:48:02

that do you wish to be a king and a prophet? Or Abdullah soul or a slave of Allah and a messenger?

00:48:05 --> 00:48:07

So gibreel alayhis salaam,

00:48:08 --> 00:48:17

looked at the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and actually said to him, the word Arabic that all prophets of Allah, be humble before you all

00:48:19 --> 00:48:33

the while during the Arabic Be humble before your Lord. So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, but Adam Rasulullah May I prefer to be a slave and a message, not a king and the prophets

00:48:34 --> 00:48:35

and that's exactly the life.

00:48:38 --> 00:48:51

He suffered pangs of hunger. He suffered first. He suffered illness, he suffered bereavement. If Allah would have made the dunya agenda for anyone, he would have made it for the Prophet.

00:48:55 --> 00:48:56

Yes, he never.

00:48:58 --> 00:49:12

If he wasn't in paradise for this sort of loss and the law, it was on them. How can it be paradise for anyone else? And if someone says, Well, what about all these other people? They enjoy everything? Surely it's paradise for them.

00:49:15 --> 00:49:23

The world of the pious is completely different. Ibrahim Lucha de was a famous saint.

00:49:24 --> 00:49:25


00:49:26 --> 00:49:47

he used to sit alone, meditating in retreat. And people will say I would say to him, that, don't you feel lonely when you are alone in the wilderness, because he used to sometimes retreat in the wilderness? Don't you feel alone?

00:49:48 --> 00:49:59

And don't you feel that you are lonely in the wilderness? And his reply used to? He used to reply to them with the words how can I be lonely when I have a low

00:50:02 --> 00:50:07

And you say to them, I am not in the wilderness you are in

00:50:08 --> 00:50:11

the world of the pies is completely different.

00:50:12 --> 00:50:14

For them, their joy,

00:50:15 --> 00:50:17

their happiness

00:50:18 --> 00:50:23

is in their hearts. And it's not even happiness. It's their content.

00:50:24 --> 00:50:25

There's a difference.

00:50:27 --> 00:50:39

It's their contentment. That's what Bomani means. When people say, Allah says in the Quran and Arabic law, he taught my inner guru, know that in the remembrance of Allah.

00:50:42 --> 00:50:46

hearts to find, I'm not going to use the word peace.

00:50:49 --> 00:50:52

Because by doing so, we actually misunderstand the verse.

00:50:54 --> 00:50:56

Allah, Allah He taught me Roku.

00:50:58 --> 00:51:04

Lo and behold, in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find Bomani.

00:51:05 --> 00:51:05

It may

00:51:09 --> 00:51:11

document in comes from the word it Nan.

00:51:13 --> 00:51:22

Which means what does it meant now? And then the synonym of it meant known as dama? Nina? What does it mean noun and DOMA Nina mean in Arabic?

00:51:24 --> 00:51:35

know that in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find it? Now? It's a word used in other languages as well Asian languages which simply say it may not. It may.

00:51:36 --> 00:51:39

What does it mean? It may mean domani

00:51:43 --> 00:51:46

domani know what it means to be settled.

00:51:47 --> 00:51:51

Not to be turbulent, not to be disturbed.

00:51:52 --> 00:51:59

To be tranquil. It doesn't necessarily mean peace as we think it does. It means to be settled.

00:52:02 --> 00:52:08

So that means that even this is why people say I do Vicar all the time, but my heart is in fine peace.

00:52:10 --> 00:52:15

Allah has promised that in the remembrance of Allah, hearts find it.

00:52:18 --> 00:52:25

And yet we sometimes so when I do the vicar of Allah, I worship Allah I pray, and yet I don't find peace.

00:52:26 --> 00:52:31

So what what is the last promise in this verse? And what exactly are we looking for?

00:52:34 --> 00:52:41

The meaning of hearts finding it meant national peace, if we were to say, it's not that we find joy and happiness.

00:52:43 --> 00:52:52

How can a person find joy and happiness in a life, which is full of Abdullah, as Allah himself has said,

00:52:57 --> 00:52:58

Our parents are older than us.

00:53:01 --> 00:53:09

Sometimes double our age, as we age and grow old, it's only to be expected that we will lose our parents.

00:53:12 --> 00:53:17

So some of us may have experienced bereavement, as far as

00:53:19 --> 00:53:22

our past parents are concerned, one or both.

00:53:24 --> 00:53:29

But how many of us have suffered bereavement of sibling bereavement because of siblings,

00:53:31 --> 00:53:32

or even more

00:53:34 --> 00:53:40

testing how many of us have suffered bereavement because of our church?

00:53:44 --> 00:53:45

And look at the prophets in the light.

00:53:48 --> 00:53:52

Even before he came into this world, his father had passed away.

00:53:53 --> 00:53:55

At the age of six, his mother passed away.

00:53:57 --> 00:54:10

He went into the care of his grandfather. He only stayed with him for two more years at the age of eight, his grandfather passed. And in all of these years, he had no brother or sister.

00:54:12 --> 00:54:13

Now simply,

00:54:14 --> 00:54:16

when he grow old and he married,

00:54:17 --> 00:54:18

he had children.

00:54:21 --> 00:54:22

sons and daughters.

00:54:24 --> 00:54:27

Awesome. His first son, died in infancy.

00:54:30 --> 00:54:33

The second son Abdullah, died in infancy

00:54:35 --> 00:54:39

his daughter has lived to grow Xena, what a year

00:54:41 --> 00:54:42

and Fatima rhodiola.

00:54:44 --> 00:54:59

And of all of these, in his own lifetime, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam saw and witnessed the death and burial of his daughter, Xena, and his daughter Rocky and his daughter on Wilkinson

00:55:01 --> 00:55:09

No parents, no siblings, no brothers, no sisters, no surviving children, except

00:55:10 --> 00:55:18

one son finally born from mariappa to the Allahu Ibrahim al de la one, whom he dearly loved.

00:55:20 --> 00:55:27

And yet, barely two years later, after his birth, in the final year of the profits of the law, it was his life.

00:55:28 --> 00:55:34

He held Ibrahim de la Juan, his son, whilst he was dying in his arms.

00:55:36 --> 00:55:39

And he witnessed his death and burial.

00:55:40 --> 00:55:49

No one survived, have his children only follow the model, the law has one daughter, and even with Fatima out of the alarm,

00:55:50 --> 00:55:52

he was the first one to tell her

00:55:54 --> 00:56:01

as a shadow, the alarm la Juan Jose, I was watching and he was whispering something to his daughter, Fatima.

00:56:03 --> 00:56:06

So I saw her began that she began to weep.

00:56:07 --> 00:56:12

And then later, he whispered to her again, and she was happy and smiling.

00:56:15 --> 00:56:57

So I asked her, but she wouldn't reveal the secret of the profits of the love it was to me she said to me, I will not reveal the secrets of the Messenger of Allah. But after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passed away. Now that he had gone, when she asked her when she persisted out at Chateau de la Arnhem, she asked her again, then she revealed it. And she said, the third, now that he has gone, I will tell you, the first time he spoke to me, was because he said to me, that my time has come, I'm about to me. So I began to weep. And later he whispered to me again, and told me, But out of all of my family members, you shall be the first to meet me and join.

00:56:59 --> 00:57:09

And indeed, Father modeled the law on her, died six months after the profits of the line, only six months later. So he lost all of his children,

00:57:11 --> 00:57:26

suffered bereavement, after bereavement. And then for his one surviving beloved daughter, even with her, he was the one who in his own lifetime told her that after I die, you will be the first to join me not too long.

00:57:29 --> 00:57:42

So if I wanted to make paradise for anyone on Earth, gentlemen, for anyone on Earth, you would have made it for the profits in the lottery or something. And as I was saying, so what exactly is domani? And what exactly is it?

00:57:43 --> 00:58:10

Does it mean peace or joy and happiness? How can a person find joy and happiness in bereavement, it doesn't mean joy or happiness as we think of it. It means being settled. It means being tranquil. It means not being disturbed. It means not being perturbed, and that's the meaning of demonic means being settled. No disturbance, no turbulence.

00:58:12 --> 00:58:22

And that's exactly what the prophet sallallahu wasallam experienced in the highest form. Even in bereavement, his heart was not

00:58:24 --> 00:58:27

even in suffering, his heart was locked in.

00:58:29 --> 00:59:11

And that's what the verse means. That in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find DOMA Nina know exactly peace, but settled, content, being content with the decree of a last panel. That is the reality of the world. So our purpose of existence is that our hero, our purpose of existence, is that a bother and the taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala. never forgetting him, always being mindful and observant of him, and realizing that the world and all that it contains is only an abode of test, and that we will be tested repeat. We cannot make this world a gem.

00:59:12 --> 00:59:16

Wealth doesn't mean anything. Power doesn't mean anything. We can see it now.

00:59:19 --> 00:59:19

If we think

00:59:20 --> 00:59:27

the Prophet sallallahu Sallam didn't have gentlemen on Earth, but others did have others have got gem now what do they have?

00:59:28 --> 00:59:29


00:59:31 --> 00:59:32

Peace people all

00:59:34 --> 00:59:35

people have billions.

00:59:38 --> 00:59:44

And yet they remain perturbed and disturbed their hearts turbulent.

00:59:47 --> 00:59:50

Because it's human nature if we are ungrateful.

00:59:52 --> 00:59:55

If someone comes back from Hajj

00:59:57 --> 00:59:59

last panel with Allah has blessed them with wealth.

01:00:02 --> 01:00:13

They were able to go to Hajj. They enjoyed the journey. They were spiritually uplifted. They came back, they have so much to be grateful for. When they come back

01:00:17 --> 01:00:18

99 people come to visit

01:00:24 --> 01:00:36

and they shower gifts on them, the shower praises on them. They welcome them that make them feel at home. It's human nature. We ignore all of this. We ignore the 99 that came.

01:00:38 --> 01:00:43

And whilst the people are sitting in front of us, we are still disturbed that why didn't Abdullah come?

01:00:47 --> 01:00:52

We have so much to be grateful for we bothered about why Abdullah never came.

01:00:53 --> 01:00:54

One person.

01:00:57 --> 01:00:58

People have billion.

01:00:59 --> 01:01:02

They have all the wealth in the world.

01:01:03 --> 01:01:06

But they are not content or satisfied.

01:01:08 --> 01:01:09

And they remain disturbed.

01:01:11 --> 01:01:13

staying awake all night long.

01:01:18 --> 01:01:20

Simply because they never got everything that they want.

01:01:21 --> 01:01:23

So that's not Jen.

01:01:25 --> 01:01:28

Allah has not made the dunya agenda for anyone and he will not make it.

01:01:30 --> 01:01:44

Not even for a single lesson. The law it never made it for because a prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam chose himself well, Adam sooner rather, I'd rather be a slave and a messenger. I was speaking about Ibrahim.

01:01:47 --> 01:02:07

But he was he's just someone who used to say that he used to spend time in the wilderness all alone and he used to say, How can I be alone when I have a love with me. And I'm not in the wilderness, Shiva, Ibrahim even other environmental law he and he was famous scholar and saint who died in 162. He

01:02:09 --> 01:02:10


01:02:12 --> 01:02:26

he initially he wasn't he's well known. He's He's a highly regarded scholar and saint. In fact, he was the same age, if not younger, than the famous Imam of Hagia Sophia most

01:02:27 --> 01:02:32

famous Imam of Hagia Sophia masotti of Kufa in Iraq.

01:02:33 --> 01:02:37

So he almost thought he was this great Imam of Hades

01:02:38 --> 01:02:53

revered, and yet Ibrahim, Allah He was so pious, that when soufiane fody sat in his company, even though they were the same age, and possibly Savannah Foley may have been older, because he died a year before.

01:02:56 --> 01:03:02

So Fiona thought he was rude would remain silent, and he would not speak in the presence of a human being.

01:03:04 --> 01:03:07

Simply out of respect and reverence.

01:03:08 --> 01:03:12

Ibrahimovic not to lie, he was such a famous scholar and sayings,

01:03:13 --> 01:03:17

that once a man humbled to learn he was ill.

01:03:18 --> 01:03:27

And even though he was ill, he was leaning against the wall. He was ill and leaning against the wall, because you're feeling weak.

01:03:31 --> 01:03:34

So someone mentioned the name of Ibrahim

01:03:36 --> 01:03:39

Suleiman humble sat up

01:03:40 --> 01:03:50

and said, it is not befitting us that the names of the pious are mentioned before us, and we recline in this man

01:03:51 --> 01:03:52

and that was a man

01:03:54 --> 01:03:55

and it was about the same Ebrahimi.

01:03:57 --> 01:04:08

So who was this Ibrahim Ibrahim Adam actually came from the royal family. He was he wasn't he wasn't an Arab. He was from the Persian. Lanza had been conquered.

01:04:11 --> 01:04:21

And he came from royal blood. As a result of which his family were fabulously wealthy, fabulous. They had land upon land.

01:04:22 --> 01:04:26

And he brought him in as him grew up as a prince.

01:04:31 --> 01:04:32

One day he went out hunting.

01:04:35 --> 01:04:46

Whilst when he went out hunting, it was just pastime and sport. He had such a huge entourage with him, that they had animals, hunting dogs.

01:04:48 --> 01:04:57

His servants and those who were with him actually carried banners and standards and flags. That's how large his hunting party was.

01:04:58 --> 01:04:59

And while he was in growth,

01:05:00 --> 01:05:28

In hunting and chasing prey, all of a sudden he heard a voice call out to him saying, reciting the verse for hasim Anima hallak nakoma Bertha wasn't the chameleon out of that same verse which are recited at the very beginning. What do you think that we have created you in vain? And that you should not be returned to as this one, the hearing of this one verse.

01:05:30 --> 01:05:37

On one occasion, shook him to his core, he dismounted from his horse. And he renounced that life.

01:05:39 --> 01:05:41

And from that moment onwards, he completely changed.

01:05:42 --> 01:05:59

Because he now realized the purpose of course, he knew, but it never really stuck in never really he never he, he never really thought about it seriously. It was only when he began, when he was shocked that he thought about it seriously and said, Yes, indeed,

01:06:00 --> 01:06:10

I should make my life fit my purpose. And he changed completely. Anyway, that was a bit of humor. But other than that, he and he, just one example.

01:06:11 --> 01:06:36

Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has advised us. last panel horadada has told us in the what is the very purpose of our existence, we are not just highly evolved, and highly intelligent animals who have just appeared out of nowhere by accident. Life isn't just a series of accidents. The strange thing is, people do turn to Allah. And people have different reasons for turning.

01:06:37 --> 01:06:46

And sometimes, it's often calamities and crises, and accidents that cause a person to turn to a loss.

01:06:48 --> 01:06:57

So we live our lives as though it's all by chance, it's just a series of accidents. And when we do suffer real accidents, we then turn to

01:06:58 --> 01:06:59

so ironical.

01:07:00 --> 01:07:11

So, if we believe that we are just nothing but highly evolved animals, then unfortunately, we will live our lives without purpose without meaning without direction.

01:07:13 --> 01:07:20

But if we accept a last word, the last round of more data has created you why.

01:07:22 --> 01:07:30

Perhaps you may adopt Aqua, Liam lucam. A you can ask anomala so they may test you Who of you is the best indeed.

01:07:31 --> 01:07:38

Dr. Jenner will insert the Abu Rita minimalist, Mr. Moon in Allahu Rosa

01:07:39 --> 01:07:55

COVID-19 I have not created managin except that they serve me, I do not seek any assistance or provision from them, nor do I seek that they feed me. Rather it is Allah, Who is the man who is a great sustain, and

01:07:57 --> 01:08:02

the one of mighty strength, Allah subhanho that Allah is the one who sustains.

01:08:04 --> 01:08:06

Allah has created us for his service.

01:08:07 --> 01:08:25

These are just some of the verses of the Quran that tell us about the very purpose of our existence, the taqwa and Oba of Allah, and to realize that this world and this abode is a test. And that our real destiny is that our hero, and I will return to the last panel.

01:08:29 --> 01:08:30

That is our true

01:08:33 --> 01:08:37

ln, but just by saying that, yes, there may be many questions.

01:08:38 --> 01:08:55

But this doesn't explain how we came to be here. Yes, Allah creators. The amazing thing is look at where we are, who we are, and how we find ourselves. In this huge universe, was expanse, we can't even begin to match

01:08:58 --> 01:09:00

in just our universe,

01:09:01 --> 01:09:05

in the hundreds of billions of galaxies,

01:09:07 --> 01:09:08


01:09:09 --> 01:09:13

in these hundreds of billions of galaxies in just our galaxy,

01:09:15 --> 01:09:30

in hundreds of billions of styles. We have one star around which we have the planetary system, our one solar system, which itself is spread across hundreds of millions of minds. And in the in the here.

01:09:31 --> 01:09:53

Part of this is one piece of rock known as Earth. And on that rock, there are millions of species and living organisms. And out of all of those millions of species and living organisms, there is only one being which to our knowledge, has the ability in the entire universe, of higher intelligence.

01:09:54 --> 01:09:59

And of actually asking the question, why are we here? Who are we

01:10:00 --> 01:10:06

Why do we exist? Now there are two answers to that question of man standing on Earth,

01:10:07 --> 01:10:09

knowing no other intelligent life,

01:10:10 --> 01:10:13

two answers, the one answer is

01:10:14 --> 01:10:26

it's all a big game of numbers. It's one big accident, and a series of accidents and chance occurrences. And you're just an animal

01:10:30 --> 01:10:32

and you're going to live and die

01:10:33 --> 01:10:34

and nothing else.

01:10:36 --> 01:10:36

That's one answer.

01:10:38 --> 01:10:39

And the other answer is

01:10:41 --> 01:10:43

you are unique.

01:10:44 --> 01:10:46

Because Allah create

01:10:48 --> 01:10:56

and allow ology. This is why amongst all of these millions of species, you are the only one with higher intelligence.

01:10:58 --> 01:11:02

Because Allah has elevated you and Ahmed you work with karma bunny.

01:11:04 --> 01:11:08

And truly, we have honored the sons of art and the children.

01:11:12 --> 01:11:38

And it's not that is the ends that that is a divine so the human answer is you're just an animal, this is life, this is death, we will live we will die and nothing thereafter. And the divine answer is you are unique. You are noble, you are honored because Allah has created you and ology and you have been created with a wisdom with a purpose with a direction and you're you are on a journey to the asset or to the hero.

01:11:40 --> 01:11:53

There is a purpose to all of this. That is the answer the last panel and it's up to us which of the two we take speaking of we live in, we die a lot of quotes, the aeration, the Koran, the Arabs, a lot of quotes from the

01:11:54 --> 01:11:56

last panel with Anna says

01:11:57 --> 01:12:08

that they say the Arabs in here in La Jolla Ottoman dunya Animoto wanna hear oh man seen that it is nothing but the worldly life. We die and we live

01:12:10 --> 01:12:12

and we are not ones to be ever resurrect.

01:12:14 --> 01:12:15

And in another verse,

01:12:16 --> 01:12:20

the Arabs weren't stupid. Their view of life.

01:12:24 --> 01:12:30

Lost crown hold on data, quotes meaning of the verse by saying, what Alma here in the heart on a

01:12:32 --> 01:12:33


01:12:34 --> 01:12:35


01:12:36 --> 01:12:36


01:12:38 --> 01:12:43

of law says, and they have said, that it is not it is nothing

01:12:44 --> 01:12:46

except our worldly life.

01:12:48 --> 01:12:53

We die and we live without your liquids in the dark.

01:12:54 --> 01:12:58

And nothing destroys us, except time.

01:13:00 --> 01:13:11

That's why I said we're very intelligent. They weren't stupid. What does that mean? Nothing destroys us except time. It's that same believe that the world, the universe, that

01:13:12 --> 01:13:25

means time mean the universe. The universe is responsible for our life and death. We all just simply part of time and the aging process of the universe.

01:13:26 --> 01:13:34

We live and we die. We were nothing before we came here, we will be nothing after we die. We will never be resurrect.

01:13:35 --> 01:14:01

And we simply are born we grow. We decline with decay with tea rate. And finally, we die as the natural process of aging of time of death of the universe. So all our quotes, but love quotes and disapproving and this is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came to them. Because panela

01:14:02 --> 01:14:06

virtually all of the laws of Islam, virtually all

01:14:07 --> 01:14:08

were revealed

01:14:10 --> 01:14:13

after the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam to the age of

01:14:14 --> 01:14:16

13 years after the revelation of the Quran.

01:14:18 --> 01:14:20

So in Mecca for 13 years.

01:14:22 --> 01:14:24

If there were hardly any laws, there were a few.

01:14:25 --> 01:14:29

What did the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam focus on?

01:14:34 --> 01:14:36

The Arabs went atheists.

01:14:38 --> 01:14:47

So they believed in and accepted a last panel with their honor as being the Lord and the Creator. And the law says to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

01:14:49 --> 01:14:50

sumati will play

01:14:52 --> 01:14:59

that if you ask them who created the heavens and the earth, they will surely say Allah, so the Arabs never denied law. They never

01:15:00 --> 01:15:16

deny the existence of a law, they never even denied that lies the supreme law. They never even claimed that their idols and their stones and their graven images that they worshipped, were responsible for creation, for sustenance for provision, never.

01:15:17 --> 01:15:23

They accepted a law as being the Creator, the greatest,

01:15:24 --> 01:15:30

the greatest law, the greatest God, even they accepted Allahu Akbar

01:15:31 --> 01:15:32

accepted all of that.

01:15:34 --> 01:16:09

They were guilty of two things. One, they were guilty of associating partners with a loved one. And the other thing that they were guilty of, was denying life after death. That's something they never believed. So for 13 years, the prophet similar lohani, who was sending them with the verses of the Koran, all of the most famous suits of the Quran, which come towards the end, which many of us know about our hearts. Most of the Muslim students fall towards the end of the Quran, and the Middle East toilets fall at the foot in the first part of the course.

01:16:11 --> 01:16:13

Most of the secrets of Mk.

01:16:15 --> 01:16:18

If they contain no laws, what do they focus on?

01:16:20 --> 01:16:22

This is it, they focus on two things.

01:16:25 --> 01:16:30

the oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And number two, life after

01:16:32 --> 01:16:34

reminding people of life after death,

01:16:36 --> 01:16:37

of resurrection.

01:16:38 --> 01:16:48

That is your destiny. And that's your purpose. So imagine for 13 years, this is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam, worked 13 years.

01:16:50 --> 01:17:01

He worked on the belief of his own companions, as well as the lives of accepting that though he'd have a law and life after death, resurrection.

01:17:03 --> 01:17:38

Because that is the goal and the purpose of our very existence. So even the Arabs would say the same we live and we die, there's no there's nothing else after even though they accepted Allah. And this is the belief that Allah corrected. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam corrected, that it's not just a question of living and dying, and no resurrection. Now, you have to live your life, as though there is another life. You have to live your life, knowing that there will be resurrection, you have to live your life, believing in accountability after death. And that's the way Muslims

01:17:40 --> 01:17:45

believe in accountability, believe in the resurrection, but even returning to the last panel.

01:17:46 --> 01:17:57

That is the purpose of our existence. I pray that last panel with Allah enables us to stand may have lawmakers amongst those who realize this.

01:17:59 --> 01:18:02

And we should realize before it's too late,

01:18:03 --> 01:18:13

last panel data set one of the other things that alone will say to us on the Day of Judgment. One of the things is this verse of AI has served them in the Mahabharata now,

01:18:14 --> 01:18:31

the chameleon era to join, what do you think that we created in vain, and that you will not be returned to us? We will be told that on the Day of Judgment. And the other thing, which we will be told is our non medical, my that graphy him into that curvature, a community

01:18:32 --> 01:18:36

that did not give you enough age.

01:18:37 --> 01:18:43

That is in that age with that age, anyone who should have taken heed would have taken heed.

01:18:45 --> 01:18:47

Meaning law has given us enough time,

01:18:48 --> 01:18:55

enough of an age to realize, to come to our senses, to take heed

01:18:57 --> 01:19:01

to recognize the purpose of our existence, and the return to Allah.

01:19:03 --> 01:19:10

And Allah says, Allah will say, Did we not give you enough age that anyone who should have taken heed would have taken heed

01:19:11 --> 01:19:19

in that age was akuna. De and the Warner came to you, according to some scholars, that Warner

01:19:21 --> 01:19:36

can mean either the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam, or because it's to do with age, that does not give you enough age, which are a common NaVi. And the Warner came to the Warner means she white hair.

01:19:37 --> 01:19:44

white hair is a warner from a law that your time is approaching for you to read

01:19:45 --> 01:19:59

about your returns or law. And the younger one shouldn't think Oh, we've got a long time to go yet. We're not all there are no white hairs. The great grandson of a sort of laughs a lot of them

01:20:00 --> 01:20:03

Imam Ali you're saying

01:20:04 --> 01:20:05

if nearly

01:20:08 --> 01:20:24

the great Imam Ali, the son of Hussein little the alarm, the son of the alarm. So the Prophet sallallahu wasallam, Graham's grandson, Hussein's son, Imam Ali, whose title and label was Xena, the Abbe de,

01:20:25 --> 01:20:28

famous scholar and Imam revered,

01:20:30 --> 01:20:33

absolutely revered, and loved by the people.

01:20:36 --> 01:20:40

In fact, the rule of the time when he arrived for Hajj

01:20:42 --> 01:20:42

in the huddle,

01:20:46 --> 01:20:49

he found that he couldn't make his way to the garba

01:20:51 --> 01:21:38

because there was such a throng of people, even though he was the ruler of the time, and he had his guards with him. People never made way for him. And he couldn't make his way to the gamma. So he accepted. And then before his eyes, all of a sudden, the entire crowd in the mythos around the gamma part, and made away not for him, but for someone else. And when he saw that person coming, he knew who he was. But feigning ignorance because of his hurt, even though he was a ruler at the time. He said, Who is this that the people part ways for and who was that it was none other than it was in Aberdeen. And he was saying, it'll do more harm, the great grandson of sort of laughs and alarm, it

01:21:38 --> 01:21:47

was sort of absolutely revered and loved the entire congregation of them of the harem parted ways and made a way for him directly to the gardener.

01:21:49 --> 01:21:58

Sometimes something which they did not do, even for the ruler and the king of the time who was present on the same occasion. So that your mom Eileen, Zainab, Dean

01:21:59 --> 01:22:09

of the law firm. He says, The age referred to in this verse of the Quran, by which a person should take heed

01:22:11 --> 01:22:15

that age, do you know what he gave? He wasn't 40

01:22:17 --> 01:22:48

I just saw some people whispering 40 No, he didn't just say why tears. He didn't just say 60 or retirement 6570 or 50 or 40, or even 30, even 20. He says, The age being referred to in this verse of the arm by which a person should take heed and should realize and by which Allah has given him enough of an age in a way he gave 17

01:22:50 --> 01:23:01

so the great grandson of Rasulullah sallallahu. It was done in the lambs in Aberdeen and even the same of the Allahu anhu says, By 17 Allah has given

01:23:02 --> 01:23:04

a person the last chance

01:23:07 --> 01:23:12

by the age of 17, they should realize what is their purpose?

01:23:14 --> 01:23:20

I pray well last round, they enabled us to understand me lawmakers. One of his

01:23:21 --> 01:23:23

his servants or some of the law has

01:23:25 --> 01:23:25

to be in

01:23:30 --> 01:23:30

a shadow

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