Riyadul Haqq – The Ordeal Of Sincere Repentance Part 3

Upon the arrival of the Messenger Muhammad SAW from the battle of Tabuk the scenes that unfolded and the state that took over Kab ibn Malik are elaborated on. Along with this, many other interesting important aspects are covered within this lesson

The remedy for eliminating grief, anxiety & sorrow
The state that took over Kab ibn Malik when he came to know of the Prophets return to Madinah
The sunnah of performing two rakats nafl upon returning from a journey
Rasulullah love for Kab ibn Malik
The different forms of Bayah in Islam & the Bayatul Aqabah
The evil and colossal effects of lying and the reward of truthfulness
The many traits of hypocrisy
The story of Hatib ibn abi Balta
Following in the footsteps of the pious righteous servants of Allah.