Four People Appreciate Four Things

Riyadul Haqq


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We have limited time.

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And we won't be able to appreciate this now.

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And in light of the Hadith, some of the ruler Matt phrased it beautifully. They said that

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only four people

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appreciates in value.

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Or only four people appreciate the value of four things.

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Only the old can appreciate the value of youth.

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Only the poor

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can appreciate the value of wealth.

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Only the sick

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and the one suffering a calamity

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can appreciate the value of good health.

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And the fourth one is rather surprising.

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The older man used to say that only the dead can appreciate life.

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And I say it's surprising because we may well ask that

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how can the dead appreciate life?

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Well, the Quran tells us

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but after death

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at the approach of death,

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people will plead with Allah to return them to life.

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Either the human motorcar Rob dirigir, the only animal slightly hidden female direct cannula in her Kalimantan who are called Aloha O'Meara. Ada young new bathroom, Allah says, Until when death comes to one of them. He says, Oh my lord, return me I used to life.

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The only atma Lasallian female,

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maybe perhaps I may be able to, I may be able to do some good in the life that I've left behind. Allah says Never.

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This is just a word that he will utter.

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But he won't be returned back to the beginning of his life or backwards in any way. Rather,

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this is just a word that he will utter. And beyond that, there is the life of bursa between his death, and between the day that there shall be that they shall be resurrected.

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There are other verses as well and not just at the time of death, but in the earth.

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In a number of verses, Allah has told us that various people will plead with Allah subhanho wa Taala or with the angels to return them to life. So that they can make amends, they can change, they can do things differently.

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But Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah

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will not allow that for anyone. So this is why the old Mr. Say only the dead, appreciate life. And that can only be understood in the context of these verses of the Quran.