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In the handle Rila Monastery you don't want to stop

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or know the bIllahi min. Surely unfussy now Mr. Medina Maya de la Hofer la medulla. Why are you playing further Haryana? Why shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa de julio Shadi color ma shadow anna Muhammad Abdul Hora su

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you have on top of Mahato party here on the 11th to Muslim. Yeah you have nurse on top of that but Kamala The holidays are coming up siwash Amin has

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over 13 Homare Jana cathedra when he's with Tacoma Honda data set an interview of him in hola canalicular peba you have Latina multiple one our code opponent said either your spatula con amor hola como el filicudi Anuga

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one myotubular Ha ha sola who are deaf as I was on Aviva some bad

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Hi yah Camilla. How are you?

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Hey Akula who I work with Baba Kamata with some What are women shall come? What about what terminal Jannetty man Xena was of Allah to Allah let you Shama Hanafi handle makan ennovata Canada party

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and the edge Mahayana COVID The answer he Oh my god

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MUSAWAH Kebede what demo you're seeing we're in an unedited map we're in the Albula we're in Alamo saw become

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lemme zone on Amazon on Amazon or what one mana pool in my brother

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in law he were in a in a garage

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Allahumma comanda. Archana be Yuka North Kane upon

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Allah Houma in the mouth and Obon Santosa for Khazanah code one national Mr. Allahumma Enam Avenue airborne Why is one on a field visit our philosophy in motherlove on

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why one on a sham Magno goon well why no Nephi levy about no goon

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why if one who knows he follows thing was a sharp one era one and a V Kashmir wife one enough is seen ya know, goon Allahumma femtocell now atio V one Monzo well aware had been for well Omata Angel

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foundation and

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whether or

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not as an AST Allah will be careful that Carlo than Mr. Murrow the day one enough he Idlib Wolfie Surya feel hollow on lynda.com for Azure boom

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Allahu Mola one demo that the blood is disappearing, and the massacre is still happening. And there is seems like no end to this genocide. And yes, we have condominium genocide. And, and for him, we're gonna call it genocide because it is what it is. We're gonna call things with their names. If my own my own brother, if he's a hypocrite, I'll tell him you hypocrite was shot and you're gonna get there and we're gonna call people as they are, and who they are, especially those who have deceived us. We'd be living into this dream land.

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This dream land since the declaration of Belfour in November 2 1917.

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Why I've been for when they came with that agreement, the peace treaty, the peace treaty, we've been living in this dream called Peace.

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We gave them roses and flowers. And instead what they gave us in returns, they gave us bombs and rockets, and they are killing the US, our babies. So much so that the schools had to close down had to shut down. Why? Because what kids are they going to come to school for what kids in fact, not even what schools but what kids

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let alone the hospitals that have been bombarded and they kept on getting bombarded. We're talking about more than 4000 civilians and the number is growing.

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And it's becoming alarming. And some of our kids here and some of us here are wondering what crime these babies have committed. Yes, I am. I understand we all do our hearts are crying. Those babies with their heads been chopped off what crimes have been committed.

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What Allah him

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Hello brothers and sisters, they are in a better place.

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They are in a better place. What do they need to do in this world filled with hypocrites? What do they need to do in this world filled with of pressures with tolerance with volume Wallahi they are in a better place. And all I know that right down flying all of us, handy alone,

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honey alone, good news and glad tidings to them. The problem is us. We become so powerless we can even help to get some food and we can even get help to get some some humanitarian aid, even. Even some grids were so powerless,

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so many hypocrites, helpless, Allah who lost

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a loved one was down. But there's some great news of course, because Allah azza wa jal, I don't think Allah he's oblivious with seven navajas volume on La La La La La La.

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La. Allah is not oblivious as to what the other persons are doing. In fact, this is a sign that masala Hikari

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I mentioned a dream last hotbar about this sister from a sham who had this dream after the hospital in her Sagat bombs. And that night she was crying and weeping. And making dua to Allah Isaiah was when she went to sleep that night. And then she saw this amazing, beautiful vision. In that vision. She saw a man

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she saw a man sitting in the pots Plaza in unbaked and muck this. So she went to him. A lot of people were there complaining to this man, telling him about what's happening in Gaza, telling them about what's happening in Turia telling him about what's happening in Iraq, in the Yemen, in Kashmir, in a sane and that man is smiling and nodding his head. And then after they finished, he says, blood tied into you up, chill up Shirou feathered hormonal janitors Humala, he says, You shall enter Inshallah, in groups, you shall enter Shana in groups. And then they started telling him more about their problems. So this man started telling them this Muslims hear his fellow telling them

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about what happened in America. When the Muslims were persecuted. He was trying to comfort them. He was trying to tell them what happened in this battle. And that battle in and hunger in battle in Ohio. He is trying to tell them about the blood that's been spilled. And then all of a sudden came this huge army. She said this woman who sold his dream, a huge army, huge army, and this people were assembled. Who know he says the body she says that bodies are huge, and their faces are so bright, like radiant, like the reading of the full moon. And then the man the man said, You shall give victory or you shall get victory to this group. And that man told the group go and attack the

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wrongdoers. And they did and Allah subhanaw taala gave the new slot to the believers. So the woman went to that man and she says until I saw Lulu, she says I'm thought so Lola. Cada Rasulullah Tala it will appear. Allah He said yes, by my God, I am assuming Allah give the club tidy into the Muslims. The victory is coming at the victories of you. They are killing Yes. Look at this beautiful use. Have you ever seen somebody die? And smiling like this? Have you ever seen that somebody died and raising his hands like this? Look at the hands, look at those. Look at the finger.

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Even after they went and they robbed this person, his hand came out his finger came out like this saying

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Allah La ilaha illa Allah, another person as the beginning of the rebels, the beautiful smell, the beautiful smell of all must went all of it has the bodies of the shorter than

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the bodies of the martyrs, the bodies of the martyrs and it is the glutton of Allah and this was who served

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on the faculty edition Matt

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we have been on what he said no whom national fewer than no power.

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But as my Oh see that

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mean quickly fetching motor campaigning on with a jack Pilla

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Hello Lisa Walla mula.

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Kata Lucilla. Kata Lucy Rhonda will have the among color como

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como era as a nurturer.

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What is the unit with my father? My father Shaban was Alpha Kappa, my father Shaban. Kappa Allahu Akbar

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learn to move forward and

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learn to move.

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Well her goal was snapped at what Hubble was sent her I believe he said he unvetted fear Peruvian meaning

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from Allah Humala come from Allahu Mola.

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Conclusion The Islamic Iliyan must Allah Tala to tomorrow Welcome to shopping Hamelin cut to shop in Armenian masala to feed Hannover Messe Allah

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to Allah Who belongs to Him we shall return

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we have Allah and whoever has Allah has everything. Yes, not only that, not only the our bomb bay that bombarding civilians, schools and hospitals, cutting off electricity, we say thank you so much. We say thank you so much for even carried up the electricity because you are teaching us in us enough contacting with the world and connect with Allah.

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Connect with Allah, the Quran, Allah, Allah, they are cutting of the electricity because they don't want you to connect with the world and to show the world the truth, to show the world the truth. Thank you so much. We have Allah willing to connect with Allah and whoever has Allah has everything.

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And here is Salah 15 and you will be who's been asked, Why aren't you laughing?

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Why aren't you smiling? Why are you crying? And then Salahuddin I up said, I will share this with you after just that the state of Apollo probably had the most

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reliable, dependable salatu salam ala Rasulillah. So they asked Salahuddin a yogi or aren't you smiling, laughing? He says how can I smile? How can I laugh? Well, clouds is under the Crusaders

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confab Huck was via the Saudi bee. How can I be happy?

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How can I be happy? How can you and I be happy? Salahuddin said how can I? How can I smile? How can I be happy? And then of course is under the hand of the Crusaders. And then the news came to Salahuddin that the leader of the Crusaders in the court lens or not, his name was he broke the treaty.

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And the Muslims were crossing to go for Hajj. And then he killed a man and the women and the elders. And he said that saying this man. I'm like you said porn on evil Hammadi COMM And you're

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a smart porn on him.

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This is what they say today. Call on a Muhammad he can say to your Muhammad to come to her to rescue whether or not he's telling them at the time tell you will

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tell you the Mohammed to come to your rescue. And this is what they're saying today. Tell you Allah telling you and God telling me that Muhammad to come to your rescue. Salah hurting hurting us. He went crying that night. And he may Allah Ya Allah, give me the permission. Give me the permission, and Oba and Nebby come Mohammed, then and over another you can Mohammed or Allah give me the permission to on behalf of the Prophet on behalf of the prophet is not here. Well, he's not here yet Mohammed is not here. He admitted permission to on behalf of us Allah to attack and revenge those who have been killed. And he spoke to the

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announce only to his army. I am going on behalf of sort of life whoever wants to come with me that one does not want to come stay.

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And they came and Allah subhanaw taala give them victory. And he brought that guy that man who said oh to hammer the content. Are you the one who says we're having medical?

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Go back to history. Read the history. The whole word today is calling what will happen

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was calling out now. Mohamed

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Islam. What are the Muslims today the least that we've been asked to do? And some of us are not doing it unfortunately, that Doha

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Doha, what is that?

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What is your invoking Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and crying because crying in tears is not enough today, crying blood is what we need. crying blood is what we need, crying and asking Allah because we have no one. Even like I said, those who we trusted. Those who voted for deceived us, those we prayed for, and, and voted for and supported, slapped us in our faces. So we have no one other than Allah. We have Allah.

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Allah so Allah,

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Allah and the muscle is from Allah Subhana Allah to Allah mercon Allah Julio, Misa Muhammad Ali had Thai Amis and

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there is a woman, Monica.

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Allah, he's going to leave the Muslims, the believers as to what they are going to do today. Why and Allah will distinguish those who are true believers from those who are hypocrites.

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If it was not for the visit today, do you think we're going to know who's with us and consequences? If it is not for what's happened in Syria today? Because a lot of people around the world we don't know what's happening with solar today. We all know what's happening in the USA. Yes. But this has I think it's not new. The first thing it's been there for years and years and years and years that Kenyans did every day that in the first several years.

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It looked, go do your research about China as well, and what's happening and this gun was bombarded killing civilians everyday. So that they are digging this this trenches and and bringing this this very simple human beings Muslims, covering the eyes, asking them to denounce Islam or they will be killed.

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They are asking them to denounce that Allah or to be shocked. And these people who chose to say La ilaha illallah, like as one who said love Allah, they threw them into these trenches, and they started shooting them just like they're killing animals, animalistic terror have been Subhanallah to the Muslim words. And people are wondering what it is a lot Boson sisters knows of Allah is the victory of Allah is coming. Don't despair, that they are so midwifing that that they assume Allahu Allah in the hood. So

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don't despair from the rest of Allah. Allah has made a promise and Allah will give His promise inshAllah butanna kulula, Allah subhana wa Tada. Yet your

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spirit will be to what

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is to be true, be patient, persevere and be on guard Be on guard that

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Bucha is not because Allah Allah is Allah His true, his message is true. The words are true, the Quran is true, and what Allah has done has made a promise and Allah will keep his promise Subhanallah I have no doubt

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that I'm Colleen, don't be deceived by the enjoyment and by what they go into the Quran. This is what Allah is saying, matter and honey, a very brief enjoyment, and then what's going to happen and Allah has to take care of them if the back of Allah Subhana Allah has with the partners, brothers and sisters, what should we do in the minutes in sha Allah, Allah other than the heart to the people of Casa de and I because some of you may say, we've been making lots of Yes, I think I can do what money cannot do, do I can do what banks cannot do. Do I can do what no one can do. Because Doha you are invoking Allah subhanho wa Taala when was the last time you stood up at night, in the middle of

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the night crying before Allah. This is the best time this is the best time to do so.

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Every prayer every Sunday

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alone, making the heart and shout Allahu Tada from our brothers and sisters in philosophy and what else can we do? Tell them? Tell them? Yes, yes. If we don't come back to Allah subhanaw taala now, when are we going to come back to him? Subhana Allah wants us to come back to him. Allah wants us to repent. This is the best time to make Toba. Look what's happening all over the world is investing us maybe what's happening there because of what I'm doing here. So brothers and sisters, this is the time to feel the message. This is the time to come back to the message. This is the time to come together.

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And enough about accusing this accusing that this is the time to come together as one hand and shut up with a company that was tough

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on Allah, Allah Who knows that I am not

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have us here there's nothing we can do other than talk and he I am talking younger.

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You will know that there is not so much that we can do other than talking and here we are talking y'all just say the truth you are even saying the truth has become difficult upon all of us today, as we have been terrorized not to speak the truth. We've picked our eyes not to speak the truth. We've been derived not to put this thing the scarf on our shoulders. We've been terrorized not to say hola.

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You know, you have to have signal in

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your opinion to pass if you haven't been able to pass the beginner state you haven't been able to have that be the mayor at Farley would have called was to use you when he said if you follow state. Yeah. I mean, you're from a human. Yeah, I mean, there's not so much we can do other than Call upon your hammerlock mean Allahumma Kamala, I mean, oh, monster co founder McCanna Hola. Hola.

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Hola. Hola. Can you find it if you fall asleep? Hola. Hola. Hola.

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Hola. Hola. Maya was saying so your other another co worker

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is working for no through Allah who wants to live what and if you call him again. Your other pencil fishin Allah muscles. Allah muscles will catch below frequently McCann, your business one and they ask him about me. You're not selling so Allah who may Allah solution Allah who may Allah be the cup and Madame Shuhada Allah Muhammad, Allah Muhammad devil, Allah who must remember Allah who must remember Him whom Allah was from Allah, Allah Allah. Allah subhanaw Mina, Allah

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this will help

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yah yah. Yah. Yah.

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yah, yah, yah, someone's reality them even with a new will, Allah. Wa. Salam, Allah may Allah brothers was Allah may Allah bless ya

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Allah Allah says in other means that Yeah, it's really him. Allah have mercy. You know, ultimate Tatiana's. Really, Allah who was selfless I lay him gonna be murdered. She

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yah, yah, yah Academy, Allah, Allah Allah.

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Allah Allah Allah.

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Allah see him in a fee him and the fame what the colors are polluted a little bit. I mean, yeah, I mean, yeah, I mean, fitness centers. Well, it's, Allahu

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Allahu Allah.

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Allah may Allah

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Mundo Honda, they'll call your call. We have justice from Madonna. Yasha fishermans. Allah here to work to Allah.

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Allah Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah. Allah He said, for

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one factor one good one by

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one call