Haifaa Younis – What are the Signs of Strong Faith (Iman)

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of obeying loss and not feeling satisfied with actions. They emphasize the need to be careful in behavior and avoid over expressing oneself. The success of learning Arabic language and practicing it is key to achieving better email and health. The importance of avoiding the "monster" culture and staying true to good deeds is also emphasized. The speakers provide examples of people speaking out against certain culture and emphasize the need to manage one's life to achieve good deeds.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. smilla 100 Allah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. While early he was Sufi woman Hala la maloom, NEMA and founder will be Maha lantana in the casimiro Mooji with da llaman. Yo to become naming lionpaw or calvia Sha one I've seen letters ma Why do I use ma or Bonilla to sock lubaina bad is had eaten I will have been emulated on karahan inika Intel hub rubbish strategy sondrio is silly. Only one letter melissani of Coca Cola Santa Monica Moroccan for liking over a cattle is up market for joining us right handed later on galantamine another Tuesday, another Tuesday night program, I asked her last Pantone and sha Allah, may Allah accept from all of

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us, those of us who are behind the scenes, those of us who are in front of the scenes, and all of you who are joining us at hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen today is part three

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of a series that we started

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probably about six weeks ago and we had some breaks for other programs, what we are discussing, and today is part two, three, and to me is the most important what I need. We all complain or we all notice, or we all see a live

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f phenomena where we are all of us on a different levels. Sometimes we are so close to a loss pantalla sometimes Islam believe obeying a loss so easy as vanilla Delilah who we are the same human being, we are the same circumstances and for some reason and the other, we are absolutely on the other side. were weak. We don't have we're not motivated, we find obeying Allah is very difficult. We find

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staying away from the disobedience of Allah is very difficult. So basically, in man, faith, belief is a phenomena. And we have agreed that and we said this in part one, and again, if you have missed it, you can go back to what and it's on our YouTube channel, gender Institute, YouTube channel.

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YouTube channel, Eman faith goes up and down. This is no this is actually one of the core beliefs of Muslims that their Eman is up and down usually. And even Rasul Allah has sought to sit on the meaning of he said, when we feel the emotion is weak, let's hold on to the obligations. And when we feel the emotion is a strong, I have more energy, I'm more motivated than he advised us all to do more meaning do more than just the obligations. So that's number one. We all I'm reminding everybody, myself, number one, that emotion changes, that's absolutely normal, goes up and goes down. That's number one. Number two things. Where does it reside? Where does email live? What is the

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address? The address is called the heart, the spiritual heart and the spiritual heart itself changes yet the uleb it goes up and down. And our Swati salatu salam also

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made the famous dua supplication, which we all need to learn if we don't know and if we know it, we really need to keep reciting it and he used to recite it in his sujood when he is closest to our last pantalla Yamaha volleyball club sub it's called ballerina all you who turns the heart keep my heart steadfast on your Islam on your deen so the heart that contains the email also changes and when the heart change the email change when the heart changes the email also changes and we went in our part one if you all remember inshallah who all and again if you don't already did not, watch it. Go back to the first part one, what are the signs that my email is weak and I am going to give you

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1234 just for refreshment, just for for to refresh our memory. Number one, number one sign, that's my heart. That's my email is weak, or this obey Allah easy. This obedience to Allah becomes very easy. It's very easy. It's not because it's there. I feel it's very hard for me to resist. So disobeying Allah is easy. And number two, obeying Allah is difficult.

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I feel my heart is hard, is hard. I don't cry. When I read the Quran. I don't cry when I disobey Allah or when I see the disobedience of Allah

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Nothing change in my heart. My heart is hard for I obey your law or I do the act of obedience of Allah. Quickly. No perfection. Do I own take my time, let alone I don't enjoy it. I do it as a duty.

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Did you pray? Yes, I prayed Alhamdulillah I prayed. I don't feel it. My Eman is low.

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Personally, I don't I don't feel I'm unhappy. There's always something missing. I have everything. But I'm not happy. They call the sub tight. My heart my justice tight, something is not right. Even worse, we can go to even lower and lower anxieties and depression and all these particular general I don't feel I am happy. Usually my demand is low. It's one of the signs not all the signs. One of the signs my email is low. When I read the Quran, when I listen to the Koran when I'm studying the Quran, nothing changes duty it's a duty not only I don't enjoy it, not only I'm not motivated to go and read it but I don't feel it even if I understand the Arabic or I read that the translation I

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don't sign my email is law

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another sign I don't remember Allah very, very

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my Decker my remembrance my morning as car my evening as car, I may or may not do it. When was the last time I did this? I don't even remember conduct with Decker they say you will remember Allah very little. Not when I need him. I'm talking about when things are the same.

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And then I What do I do in my heart when I left? Do I even lift my hand? Do I even ask Allah, my email is low.

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Another sign I'm too busy, too busy, not not busy, but too busy. Most of my time, is thinking about this life. And thinking about my family, thinking about my wealth. All my time is about this life.

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All my time, all my thinking, all my focus about this life, my email is low.

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And other one and we covered this in details and we share tie deeds and verses of just bringing you all to where we're going to go today. And another one we talked about is when I like to show off, I like I like not Allah put me in that I like I love to be recognized show off on the best. When I'm sitting with gathering. Everybody wants to talk to me, I end up like a center of attention. That sign my email is weak. Then in part two, we went also in detail, why does my email becomes weak? What is the prop? Why? Why does it go up? And why does it go? No. And we again covered it and I'll share it with you again. Number one.

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I am in an environment, atmosphere, full of disobedience of Allah.

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My environment is filled with this obedience of Allah. I don't want you to think of people. When I am alone, when I am alone, with my phone.

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Nobody is there, it's my choice. I can turn it off, and I can turn it on.

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What I am doing, what I am looking at what I am listening to.

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So when I spend my time, in circumstances that is full of this obedience to Allah pantalla absolutely, my mind will go low. So that's number one. That's why we really have to be careful. Who's our friends? Who do we spend time with? What do I read? What do I watch? It affects me. And it's affect slowly, slowly, slowly, slowly, and it will show up in my relationship with Allah. So number one, number two, who are the people another reason why am I eat mangoes though? Who are the people that I look up to? Who are my role model? May Allah protect us? And I'm not talking about the youth only I'm talking about us adults who are or who is my role model who I look at she or he and I

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say I want to be like them. Who are they

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is what do they do, how much money they have what's in their bank account. Where do they go for vacation? What do they dress, what ports they carry all this or

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How much they stand up in the night or being on last pantalla? How much they already have memorized from the Quran, how much they hold themselves from the disobedience of Allah. So look at the role model, the role model, who do we spend time with? And who do we look up to. So that's number two. Number three, and it's extremely important. And if you have been following us, and May Allah reward you all, especially on the Tuesday program, we have been focusing again and again and again and especially for the sisters, from my beautiful sisters is knowledge. Islamic knowledge, beneficial knowledge, staying away from Islamic knowledge, will weaken my Eman will make my email very weak.

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When was the last time that I listened, I really listened and focused to listened and focus focus to a class that teaches me about Allah about his book about or sorry Satoshi about my faith. So upon Abuja, him the his seeking knowledge, Islamic beneficial knowledge, if I am not, the last time I attended the class was and I don't remember, my emang will get weak, the opposite is true. Again, this is all refreshing, refreshing the memory number four or five, too much same sign is a reason spending too much about dounia. And I'm not saying we should not work, we should not earn our livelihood, we should not spend some time with our children, with our family with friends. No,

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that's not what Islam tells me. Islam tells me and teaches me balance, balance. But the balance is these days for us is imbalance, imbalance, too much, too much of everything, too much food, too much interaction, too much spending time at work too much. I'm not saying the minimum or the average too much.

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And then if I look at it, how much of this time, it's only 24 hours. And if you move six or seven or eight hours for sleep 16 1718 how much of this 1718 whatever is the average we have, I am using for myself for my relationship with Allah, which will

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lead to strengthening my email. So there's reasons for my email to be weak, too much disobedience of Allah, Who is my role model, I do not spend time in seeking knowledge. I live in an atmosphere full of disobedience of Allah, I bring it I buy it, and too much too much.

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Spending time or busy with life details, and thinking and believing I will live forever

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thinking and believing I will live forever. This is what we covered the last two weeks. Now let's come to it today. So what is the solution?

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And what is the sign, my email is as strong. And as I am going to take you through these signs. These are also the treatment. Amazing the beauty of this thing, what I do and tell me my email is a strong, this actually the treatment, the pill, the injection, that I need to strengthen my email. And it's very simple aligned at the level, it is not hard. I just need to learn them. Learn them and put my energy in them. Struggle little bit more than a lot. We make it easy. A lot. We make it easy. Let's start with the first one. And I'm going to give you examples also, of course from our Swati salatu salam and from the companions, number one number one

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sign that my email is a strong most important a recipe medication treatment for my email to increase nothing but my relationship with his book.

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And, and

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and in the Quran and we have done also series I think last year or the year before about why don't I understand the Quran. Please go back to it. Here what I want to share with you today is not only understanding the Quran because now especially these days, we have obstacles Janet hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen I was born and I know how to speak Arabic And there's people Allah who made it

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easy for them to learn the Arabic and to understand but this majority of the Muslims actually don't. Don't read or understand the Arabic language. So how would I understand the aura?

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hamdulillah this translation Yes, translation is not exactly the words of a lot, but it does give you the meaning. So number one, number one, and I'm going to beg everyone who's listening to me.

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ask Allah

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ask him and beg him and cry for him

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to facilitate for you 1015 minutes a day, and May Allah forgive me I'm giving the minimum

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and in this one more is better to spend it, spend this 1510 1520 minutes minimum with his words, sit down,

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pick up the book of Allah. Nobody

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anything. The short ones that you know very well Kuru Allahu Ahad or the any surah that you know, or any verse. But as we are reading, what we really need

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is this 1520 minutes is not how many pages?

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So how much left left from the surah? How many hundreds how many times I finished the Quran? No. Pick up one or two verses, read them and live with them. For example, I'll share with you all who Allahu Ahad say Allah is one hamdulillah majority of the Muslims knows this one called who Allah had say, Allah so Allah so Allah is telling Allah so Allah Sartre, sir, to teach us say a wise one, just take a breath, take a break, sit and say, What is a law one means and the let your, let your thinking goes with it. The one and we'll get the names of Allah, which is number two, I'll come to it in details in a second and bring the names of Allah and think of it.

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Just Just sit down, sit down, and just think of it. Now imagine if you do this every single day with one line of the Quran, Al hamdu, lillahi Rabbil aalameen. All Praise to the Lord of anatomy and genuine ins, human beings and the genes, what is praise? Who is he? Or unbold anime? What is the halloumi? What is this earth? What is this what is surrounding, and you go on and start thinking better if you have a little bit of a book, it depends how much you know how much you studied, put next to it, a small book of commentary of the Quran every single day, these things doesn't happen by a night or two.

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To to build my relationship with the book of Allah, to strength in my email, to become part of my life, to become the joy of my life, to become the coolness of my eyes, this will need Time.

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This will need time and I always bring this example some of you will have is Jani Nomi. And listen to me and I learned it from my teachers is like losing weight, losing weight, you need persistence, you need struggle, and you need good well, will

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and perseverance. And then suddenly you find it becomes a habit to double core. And I'll give you just some of the examples, legendary examples about how they felt the origin.

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And then see where are we and tell me and let me tell you where it is my email, how strong is it? Say the Ayesha now ready to this and she said one night. It was my night. And I was sleeping with our Swati Sato center. And he gets up. And I looked at him, I'm just giving you the meaning of it. That meaning I want you to stay with me. He looked at her and says, leave me with my Lord terkini there have been

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amazing way of relationship with a las panatela. He said the Remi at Abu Dhabi Leave me, let me worship My Lord. And she responded in a very nice, amazing way. And she said well Lai Allah so Allah, I love to be with you. But she left him. And then she said, she watched him. And she said he stood up. And then he started crying till his beard became what? And he is like the beard. You certainly can see the tears is coming through them. Then he went for record. He's crying. He went for sudo he's crying. That's what the night then the dawn of the fudge of the morning, coming morning prayer. As it said nobody called for the prayer. And he heard roswaal risotto said I'm

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crying. Now remember the verse. What is thought

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Assam house was the masjid. So he heard him crying. And he looked at him and says, Yasser Allah, you are crying, and all your sins were forgiven? And the answer which most of us knows, and very well known answer, don't I want to be a grateful servant. But where is the reflections on the Quran? And he says, he was explaining to him why he was crying. Galaga salatu salam, he said, tonight, verse

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was revealed to me.

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Whoa, whoa, whoa, to who? whomever whoever read it, and did not reflect on it.

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And what is this idea? It's the last verses of surah, Allah emeraude chapter three. And Allah said the following. If you hold this, somehow it will own wordly in the creation of the heavens and the earth, what it actually laid you on the hall, and the changing of the night. And the day

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it will a BB is a sign Signs for those who can reflect, and those who can comprehend. And he said these verses was revealed to me. And then he continued, those who have called aloha to Morocco than those who remember a lot when they are lying down. And then when they are standing, what allowed you to be him on their side, and they suffer coal, if you help me somehow it will all end there you reflect and think about the creation of a loss.

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What is this teaches me a new one verse. Open Source earlier, Enron, chapter three, the last two pages it starts in the last page before the end in if you're healthy, somehow it will, the verse is 190.

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And what is what was he reading? golly, he sought out or said that he made him cry. And why don't when I read this verse, nothing happened to me.

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Because I don't spend time thinking of the verse itself, worldly, and the creation of the heavens and the earth. This is around me. So let me just look from the window. And look up when it's a clear sky. And let me look at the moon, who created it? What is this beauty? What is the stars? How far is the stars? How is Samoa, let's look at the earth around us. around us. Any place you are living, what time of the year for us here in St. Louis, it's fall, all the leaves are on the on the ground now. And it's cold, but it's not very cold, and the trees starts to take off all the green in dry. Do I reflect on that? How my life changes the same way? And how a month ago it was all beautiful and

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green. And now it is almost dead. In another month or two becomes completely dead. No life looks lifeless. And then April Subhan, Allah alive back again, becomes a green and beautiful. We live this every month, every year.

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yachting the above it is sighs to those who reflect comprehend, literally, if I want to use a contemporary term for only about a smart people.

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Are we this verse made of a soiree salatu salam, I cry all night

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when he was reading it in his record, in his pseudocode in his prayer,

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where am I? How strong is my email? The more I forced myself to do this by the 15 or 20 minutes I do every day and read one verse and reflect on it and then read it in my solar and try to think and learn and learn in a year, in a year, I learned the 365 verses This is solid and households Alia Emraan. With contemplation How is my Eman will be how strong it will be. So number one, number one is read the Quran. read the Quran with the heart say now Omar Subhan Allah give you an example. Say now oma was heard he was the Imam. He was the Imam and he was heard from the last straws that he's not only crying but they can hear his his sound of crying coming out of his chest. What was he

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reading? What was he reading? He was reading the verse of Satan iacob in Surah, two so when he said in Kumasi, Hosni it Allah, I always I complain, my

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Pain and my sorrow finally to Allah.

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See they are cool when they took the two sons. He starts crying till he became blind and then he said this is his son's like while you're still crying, you're going to get blood. You're going to get blind. He said in the mash kobus to Hosni in Allah, I complain, my deep sorrow and my pain only to Allah say no matter how many times we have read Swati also. He was reading this verse. And he heard the people praying behind him heard him from for

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the sound of him crying. And so you know ceman summarize the why, why we are here. Not like say no more in the relationship with the Quran. He said, la hora, Kuru buena, Masha beatin cunnamulla if our hearts were pure, purified, we will never have enough from the words of Allah. If my heart is pure, purified, I worked on cleaning it. And we have not talked many times about teskey purification, you remove the disobedience. ask Allah Subhana Allah for forgiveness, I always turn to Allah when I need something. And when I don't need something, I do a lot of good deeds as much as I can continuously and gradually My heart will be keen and my relationship with Allah pantalla will be

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closer and my relationship with the Quran. Lower porque una if our hearts were pure, we will never have enough from the word of Allah, strong Eman. My relationship with the book of Allah, how strong, how much I love I was like, finally, I had this 1015 minutes, I'm going to sit with the book of Allah. Like, you know, May Allah forgive us. Most of us, at the end of the day, when we sit down on the couch, maybe drinking our tea, and we said this is my downtime. I just don't want to do anything. Some of us pick up the phone, look at the social media, some starts watching TV, something, imagine if my relationship with Allah is so strong, I'm going to pick up his book.

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And I'm going to say Hamdulillah, this 1520 minutes, I'm going to just read the book of Allah, and He will give me the energy to understand. That's what we need.

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relationship with the book of Allah and one of the righteous people. He said, A Lost Planet. Allah said that when we read the Quran and there is the sense like that we read the verse that we need to prostrate to Allah, Allah and Allah said, and surah to the surah. And he said, the verse at the end of social Israel, he said, the way you're finding your way is either it's a verse what Allah said, they prostrate to Allah, out of humbleness and feeling and they start crying when they listen to the verses of the Quran. And one of the righteous people he said, he said, I prostrated to Allah. But where is the crying?

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So when we listen, when we read the Quran, we said there is something we need to prostrate so we go and prostrate. So he did. But he said, Well, it is the crime that Allah is talking about it.

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So I need what I'm trying to share with everyone is we need again to put goals These are my goals. I am not there yet. But can I be there? Yeah. Why not? Why not? Why I can do many difficult things in this life. A lot of people look at some of us and says, no way I can do that. Our non Muslim friends or co workers and colleagues, when we fast in Ramadan, they look at us and they say, we can never do that we'll die. This is this is impossible, but that 100 Now we can. So don't let ourselves and our lower selves lose us and say you cannot do that you are not a roswaal as AutoSum you're not the Sahaba you're not going to cry. When you read the Quran. You say you know what, say this to

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yourself. Now maybe I cannot but I will work on it. And I will ask a loss pantalla and he is going to help me because he knows I want to be I'm just weak. So number one, number one,

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read the Quran. As a daily dose, daily dose like daily, some of us daily they drink their coffee, sometimes more than once tea, water, something we do daily, daily and we say we can't live without it. Let's ask Allah Subhana Allah to give us that he will make us He will make the Quran to us. This is actually one of the supplications that we are moving the spring of our heart.

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Number one, my him

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Under strong the relationship with the Quran number two, what will improve my email, increase it and actually this one works instantly, instantly. And please try it when you start thinking about Allah.

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So number two, sign my email is a strong, and a factor that absolutely will improve will strengthen my email when I think about Allah and when I'm talking about thinking about Allah, just pick up the names of Allah

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and just give it time to think of it.

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Take a look at

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the all knowing

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I just picked up this one. Right? And I'll share with you a verse from the Quran. It's so awful and the cattles and scholars will teach you that this verse tells you the knowledge of Allah. And I want to all of you feel it with me and see who is Allah, who's his knowledge and see how your heart will change and your Eman be ignited by Allah grace will get stronger.

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When the Houma Fatiha

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and he Allah owes the keys of the unseen, not the unseen, the keys of unseen this verse is verse 59. And salt will announce when the Houma fatty Halim, he owns the keys of the unseen Mariela mohyla who, no one knows it, but in the unseen, what I am going to eat tomorrow, what I am going to do tomorrow, where I will be in the end of 2022, how my child will grow up, where will I die? Where will I be buried?

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How long I'm gonna live thing the home of Happy Holidays unknown, he owns the keys of the unseen life. No one knows him, but him.

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Now let's come to his knowledge, what matters

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very well. And he knows everything

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that is on the land, and in the sea. Everything, everything. So think of the See, if you watch National Geographic, anything you watch, go and watch the bottom of the seas, and see the kind of the fishes that you see there. And the kind of the plants you see they're all this, everything in there. He knows them. What this fish will do, when this fish will how long it will live, what it will eat, how it will die every see why Matthew burry will and he knows what is on the land. And once what's in the sea.

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As if this is not enough to give you the all. Listen to the next still in this verse 59 and the cattle especially these days, one Arthur Scoble memoir, aka SAP HANA, not a single leaf, single leaf falls

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no matter what it is,

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but he knows about it. Me leaf. Again, if you live in St. Louis, where now this is the fall. If you look at all the odds, it's full of leaves, full of leaves, you don't see gray, you see just brown light abroad because it's all for every one of the allaahu like today when I was going to get the meal, when I was just looking on the side and I it just overwhelmed me. every leaf your law that fell. Imagine the Amazons eema imagine Africa. Imagine everywhere.

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every leaf that fall, Allah knows about it. All matters hopefully will rocketing Li allama this is not done yet. While I have Burton p rheumatic, not a not a single habit seed in the darkness is of the earth. When I have been feeling nothing, one out of nothing is solid or dry. While I have nothing that is more than just my saliva, my tears, the fluid in my body, the fluid we drink the fluid that is inside the fruits without altering while I are the same Laffy kitabi moving, but is all in a clear book.

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What do I need to know?

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Aladdin all knowing

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Imagine if you and me spent five times a day

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Like, five minutes a day, five minutes a day, reflecting on one of our last characters, one,

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what will happen to my email?

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What will happen to my email? What do I know? And take the names of a law one by one? And are we

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strong, and just bow, the subdue.

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One every day, once a week, on a Friday, pick a name. Pick a name you can google with easily these days. When you Google everything, Google it

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and say this name in the Quran, you will get one verse, pay attention and that will combine number one and number two, you are reflecting on and you're learning about the book of Allah and you are learning about him subhanho wa Taala a war and karoui and Allah I'm just going to share with you one Hadeeth Allah subhanaw taala says in the Swati salatu salam says of Hadith and and Buhari, he said,

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Jakub biomol can Allah on the Day of Judgment, he is gonna gather and collect and take all this earth

00:36:14 --> 00:36:25

and he will fall the heavens way up with summer What? How long all this guy's in his hands Subhana beaming his right hand. And then he will say,

00:36:26 --> 00:36:37

Please pay attention to this one. And then he will see. And then Malik, amen, Luke, I am tapana the king, where is the kings of this earth?

00:36:39 --> 00:36:42

That's who's Allah, He is the king.

00:36:44 --> 00:36:53

He is the King, Allah Allahu Allah will have all the monitors in his hand, all the creations he did. What his people

00:36:54 --> 00:37:15

if I reflect on the last panel, what I do every day, 510 minutes after my slap, as I am driving, as I take a break in any time, if I want to make the time, we will make the time how much time we spend for this and that

00:37:16 --> 00:37:21

510 minutes I spend it for reflecting on one name of Allah.

00:37:23 --> 00:37:53

And the more I learned, the more my email will get strong, the more my email is strong, I will learn more, I'll see more, I'll see things very different. And so the number two is str amatola. You need to look at at at who is a lot and I think this is one of the things that we are really, really, really missing these days. We take and I'm talking about us Muslims take it so casual

00:37:54 --> 00:37:59

call. For example. Allah said this has autism. Oh wha hoo ha your calculation.

00:38:00 --> 00:38:02

Allah created everything.

00:38:03 --> 00:38:24

Allah created everything. Look around you wherever you are now, wherever you are sitting now, right to the wall to the camera, I'm talking to you to the mic that you are hearing me. So the book I am reading from so the pen in front of me. So my hand my tongue, you go on and on and on and on Harley colletion

00:38:25 --> 00:38:53

created everything Who is he? Who are we? What do we have? What can we do? The more I think of Allah and I glorify Allah. The more I put myself in the right place. The more my Eman And what is in my in my relationship with Allah. The more I glorify Him, the more I love him, the more I am afraid of him, the more if I have all of him.

00:38:55 --> 00:39:29

So I need to reflect them on last pantalla another is a lot your aliwal Lila want to have in nephew Delica able to tell the audience about for a lot on the day in the night we live with every single day, day and night he turns it and Allah said this turning. This is for to note in the light, this turning of the day and the night is a sign you only ever saw those who see the received. The day is shorter, the day is longer. The day is hot, the day is called we see all these changes. He made it Subhana

00:39:30 --> 00:39:41

The more I do this and I'm sure all of you now listening to me already your email starts to improve just by listening to this not because I'm saying because that's what Allah has seen.

00:39:43 --> 00:39:59

Connect with Allah subhanaw taala or reflect on his name's who will overwhelm her of war he rolled out but Allah said this was sort of heavy the island he's the first he's the last he's the seed is the obvious and he's the hidden What is that?

00:40:01 --> 00:40:06

Allah Allah Hoshi place. Allah Hoshi is the first nothing before Allah.

00:40:07 --> 00:40:20

And Allah, Allah is Allah is nothing after Allah. Think of that. Think of that. People came and go years, but he was the first and people will go is the last, who is he

00:40:21 --> 00:41:15

subpoena. So the more I spend time with this, the more my email will get strong. Another thing that will another thing that will strengthen my email which I said it in the beginning, is spend some time daily preferrably seeking knowledge, read something about him about his book about this Islam. Listen, get involved in a classes register, get daily, as as we always work taught daily, daily diet of knowledge, I'll give you an example. We as physicians, living in the United States, and those of you physicians listening to me, you know, something called continuous education. CMA, we call it continuous medical education, meaning every year, every year to continue practice medicine, I have

00:41:15 --> 00:41:34

to do certain hours of continuous medical education, meaning I have to study I have to review I have to keep myself updated. Otherwise, they will not give me my license. And it depends where do you live? It depends how many hours they need requirement, we all do it. Do we like it? No, but we have to do it.

00:41:35 --> 00:41:41

That's for life. That's for dunya Where is my continuous medical education with a ma

00:41:43 --> 00:42:04

I need that I need my continuous medical education, whatever I know to review, and a lot, I don't know, I need to know. So number three, the more you are learning, the more you want to learn, the stronger is your email, that's the sign and the more you learn that the stronger your email will be.

00:42:05 --> 00:42:11

I'm going to spend the last 15 minutes about something is very important, which is good deeds,

00:42:12 --> 00:42:13

good deeds.

00:42:15 --> 00:42:48

The stronger my emotion, I'm, I'm going to go and do more good deeds. And I don't want you to think of good deeds, just a few that you're going to think of Sala and you're going to think of Siam praying or fasting, we're going to talk about every good deed in general. But the more the stronger my Eman is the more I am willing and want to do good deeds. And interestingly, the more I do good deeds. Even if I don't think I am very strong, my email will be stronger.

00:42:49 --> 00:43:02

And when you look at the good deeds, I want you to think of the following points in the good deeds. So look at this, number one, number one in the good deeds is constant,

00:43:03 --> 00:43:20

constant and the one they say do it constantly and constantly mean is not only in Ramadan, I finished which we all do, it needs to be constant. And that's why it was what he thought was Sam said something

00:43:21 --> 00:43:34

the meaning of family the law a Duomo in the most beloved de to Allah subhanho wa Taala a deed a good deed that you do constantly, even if it was little.

00:43:35 --> 00:44:00

Listen to this constantly, even if it was little. So go back to what I said in the beginning 10 minutes, 10 minutes, that's little 10 minutes from 24 hours of reading Quran is a good deed. 10 minutes continuously daily, will strengthen my email, get my relationship ship close to Allah and he loves that, that I do it constantly.

00:44:02 --> 00:44:10

So good deed, I do constant constant. Number two, also in a good deed

00:44:12 --> 00:44:58

do different ones because we get bored by nature and this is actually one of the beautiful things a scholar teaches us. Why did Allah make that many options, many options of good deeds. If you're looking at acts of worship, you can have Salah even Salah you have many kinds, we have obligations you have recommended you have morning your evening you have options subclassing the same thing. Then you have good deeds, pleasing your parents obeying your parents, taking care of your neighbor smiling in the face of your brother removing the harm from the path or from the road, spending money helping someone taking care of an orphan reading Quran understanding Quran teaching or memorizing

00:44:58 --> 00:44:59

you have so many things

00:45:01 --> 00:45:05

And you know why? Because we human beings by nature, we get bored.

00:45:07 --> 00:45:53

Have you seen a child, two or three years old, you get them something, they get very interested in it. After five minutes or 10 minutes, they throw it away. They get bored. And we all go through this. We're so excited about something we're going to buy. When you buy it, we're looking for it. After a day or two a week, a month a year becomes natural. So good deeds, good deeds. Constant, change them, move away. It changed move from one to the other, so you don't get bored. And I'll share with you a beautiful hadith of roswaal A salatu salam. And he said, Jenna, Jenna has many doors.

00:45:56 --> 00:46:30

Each door has a name, and the most famous door to shot lock. All of us know is the door of fasting and it has a name or a yen. But the Hadith and I'm gonna read it to you are Swati salatu salam said men and for men and for us, oh, Jamie Sabina, Whosoever spend two things. And he didn't specify two things. For the sake of Allah for the sake of Allah. The angels of the gender will invite him to come from any door he want a

00:46:32 --> 00:46:35

pair of a good deed, pair of a good deed.

00:46:36 --> 00:46:50

Example you're going to bed, good to good deeds, simple on equal vote before I go to bed. And as I go to bed, I sleep on my right side to good deeds. And I did it for the sake of Allah.

00:46:52 --> 00:47:00

The angels constantly. He saw little constantly, angels would call me invite me to come enter Jannah

00:47:02 --> 00:47:10

there's a door for Salah door for fasting door for charity. Change it, change it.

00:47:11 --> 00:47:36

Like you know Subhanallah we, when we eat, we don't eat the same food every single day because we'll get bored. Right? So somebody will say well, okay, do you want to cook fresh while we ate fish yesterday? So we change it. And Allah know He created us so he knows us. So change it and the VA Swati sought to center one day. In the morning, he said, and this had he he said Who?

00:47:39 --> 00:47:42

Who woke up this morning fasting Satan, Abubakar said I am.

00:47:44 --> 00:47:45

And he said who this morning followed?

00:47:48 --> 00:47:57

I janazah I did a hard for that person. He said I did. And he said who spent for the sake of Allah today, Satan, Abu Bakar. He said I did.

00:47:59 --> 00:48:04

who visited a sick visited a sick person say never because I did.

00:48:06 --> 00:48:39

Why did he ask this question? Because, because changing will give me options. And sometimes I can do this, but I can do that. And it will remove the boredom from me. Open the opportunities and I will be keep constantly doing a good deed. So for good deeds, minimum, but constant, that doesn't mean only minimum. But if there are little, don't belittle them, even if they are little, do them daily, daily, enter your car every day and say stuff

00:48:40 --> 00:49:20

every day. Constant, open the door. As you are entering your home say Bismillah, clitoral, the daily to change continuously move from one to the other. Number three, make up what you miss, not from the obligations, but even from the extras. Normally, I say Bismillah when I entered the house, I forgot so when I get to my room, I say this window and I'll slowly start to slam practice that actually. So he was seen praying after us to God. And he was asked why you are so Allah after also to God and this actually

00:49:21 --> 00:49:30

the daughter of vinto obioma which is hemd. She asked him see the hint she asked he prayed to cat after also.

00:49:31 --> 00:49:59

And he said you're so long you're praying to God after also there is no god after all. So he said I had guests and they I was busy with them. So I didn't do that too after I'm making them up is not an obligation. It's extras, it's extras, but again, we're looking at increasing my email and increasing my email you you normally wake up after fudger especially these days before and you do

00:50:00 --> 00:50:24

Roca or Toro cat. And that day you overslept, and you woke up and it is already fragile, make it up. And there's also habitat for soiree salatu salam where he said, Men father who came late. Actually, here, he said, also ever missed family because of sleeping or because he was sick, right? Actually, he had a Salatu was Salam.

00:50:26 --> 00:50:34

If he missed the night's honor, because he was sick, or because he slept, he will make it up by doing 12 ricotta during the day.

00:50:36 --> 00:51:27

So what I'm trying to say today, number three, to keep my Eman strong, good deeds, good deeds. Be a hunter, this is what I say to myself, be a hunter of good deeds, any opportunity around you to do a good deed Do it. Do it. Don't belittle it. Don't say what is the big deal with the in front of Allah? It is a big deal. And hasn't it? I'm telling you, every good deed is 10 times. So number one, do it constantly change in case you get bored, do differently. Number three, do it quickly. Immediately. Don't wait. Don't wait. And Allah said Saudi Oh, era Murphy rotting the rug become a rush to a forgiveness of Allah saburo and another verse, run to it.

00:51:28 --> 00:51:46

Don't say I'll do it tomorrow. Do it today this moment because shaitan will come and will make us forget. So good deeds, do it constantly, even if it's little change them to don't get watered. And that will keep my Eman strong. And number three, and number three.

00:51:48 --> 00:52:11

Do it immediately. Don't delay it. Don't delay it. For what is one of the main problems we have is we get lazy. I don't feel motivated. We need maybe for a week, maybe 10 days, maybe even less or more. You know what we need to do struggle. force yourself.

00:52:12 --> 00:52:12


00:52:13 --> 00:52:45

look at your children. Right? Does your child wants to study? No. Does your child wants always to play? Yes. So when you're when you when child, your son daughter has tomorrow an exam and they are playing What do you tell them you need to get up he will say I don't like it your say it doesn't matter. You need to do it. You have an exam tomorrow. say this to yourself. To me, I say this to myself. There's a big exam tomorrow. And the big exam is the private

00:52:46 --> 00:52:55

interview with the last one Todd, where I am going to stand in I'm going to stand in front of him. I know I better have the answers ready.

00:52:56 --> 00:53:50

I need to remind myself of this struggle to do the good deed. struggle. I'll fail, but get up and do it. And the more you struggle for Allah, Allah will make it easy. Subhana Allah said this at the end of sort of Angkor Wat the spider when levena Jaya hadoo Hina the Nigerian home sabudana what in the law Hello man mazzini those who struggle for our sake. So when I want to fast tomorrow, something in me says come on. It's very short days. motto is 10 minutes to five. As if you missed your lunch at work. But then in May another voice will say but it is not obligation. I love my morning breakfast. I need to struggle to quiet this part of me. What will help me remember when levena jaha Davina

00:53:50 --> 00:54:23

those who struggle for our sake, so I'm struggling why for Allah what will happen then Deanna who sabula we will make their path easy toward us. We will guide them to our path. He will make it easy. He will make the fasting easy. He will make me wake up before fudger for 30 minutes and I will have enough time to eat my breakfast. He will make me not hungry. He will make me something that's like also Panama it's my job. What happened he made it

00:54:24 --> 00:54:25

so struggle.

00:54:26 --> 00:54:31

Work. Little bit, little by little and ask a lot to make it easy.

00:54:32 --> 00:54:59

Ask last pantalla to make it easy. Good deeds. Last point that we really need. That helps me in increasing my Eman, getting closer to Allah and this needs to be also constant. Remember, just remember that our Swati salatu salam said it. axial men Vickery had the middle at that.

00:55:01 --> 00:55:06

Remember, the destroyer of joy?

00:55:07 --> 00:55:39

In abundant way? Remember the destroyer of the joy abundantly? And I'll give you an example. Why that is the destroyer of the joy? Have you ever attended a funeral? Or maybe have you ever washed a body of a dead person? When you leave the funeral, or you follow the the dead person, and you watch them, digging the grave and putting the dead person in the grave, and putting the dirt on over him or her, when you leave the graveyard?

00:55:40 --> 00:56:08

What is the feeding? Are you interested in this? Or that? Will you get upset because you didn't get this? Or that? Usually the answer is no. So that's what he was saying. axio. Remember, plenty, remembers abundantly, remember, the death, because it will take me away from what is taking me away from a law.

00:56:09 --> 00:56:43

That's when I remembered this, I remember I'm going to be alone in the grave. And he will ask me, that means this is not permanent. This life that I'm so busy and running around is not permanent. This will make me less attached, and less busy with this. And that spending my time on social media. She does that too. She has an invitation and he bought this car and that house, but don't I remember this immediately in me will say I'm not taking any of this with me. Let's work on the what I will take with me.

00:56:44 --> 00:56:53

And I will end up with this beautiful saying to a righteous person. He said allow the wise person.

00:56:55 --> 00:57:08

Metallica, dunya, cobbler and tetra aka the wise person is the person who left life who left dunya who left this life before life leaves him

00:57:10 --> 00:57:26

while I'm Maracaibo, cobbler and *. hula flourished and furnished his or her grave before she or he enters it. And look at the third one while Obama public

00:57:27 --> 00:57:32

and he pleased his Lord or her Lord, before she or he meets

00:57:34 --> 00:57:42

the wise person. The person who leaves life before lives leaves him Let's spend less time

00:57:44 --> 00:57:50

collecting working hard for this life less time I'm not saying don't less time.

00:57:51 --> 00:58:43

Let's furnish our grave that we are going to be living in it's much longer that here much longer here on a camera with TOEFL or a bit harder destiny Sydney cannula with Nyoman Alba biome, Casa de la de Allah said this assorted minion, ask them how long you lived on this earth and they will respond that's there we live the day or do or to ask those who are counting. Let's not spend so much on something we're leaving leave it before it leaves you furnish the grave that's my abode. Allah no not abode but a long time and it's and please the Lord our Lord and mine Robbie and Rob baucom before we meet, you ought to be I mean I asked last pantalla for all of us, all of us that you're

00:58:43 --> 00:59:25

listening all of us all the Muslims, all the Muslims your biyani increase our Eman and all the non Muslims your Allah guide them like you guided us your law. Keep us on your straight path your bi Mineola, forgive our shortcomings. You're allowed to make a strong your love show us truth as truth and help us to follow with and shows us falsehood as false and keep us away from your love make us of those who listen to the word of admonition and listen and follow the best and I see curfew journalist pantalla that I remind you of something that I don't do your ob amin Joseph Allah Subhana kalong more behind the shadow.

00:59:26 --> 00:59:34

Stuff hirokawa to boot a solo NSA now Mohammed was early he was Harvey testament cathedra Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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