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Riad Ouarzazi
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a chef reciting a swords and cattle swords video, as well as reciting a woman reciting it in a restaurant. Jesus claims to have the ability to create a machine that makes people feel better and healthier, and the video touches on the idea of individuals being the ones who can solve problems and create change. The transcript describes a video about Islam and its impact on empowering individuals to do more health and well being.
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Smolov 100 in Los Altos, California

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so that's why they come off my plate I know well

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so the chef today has started reciting swords and the cattle

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it's called the Catholic because in all the swords This is the surah whereby the Catholic is mentioned the most. And I'm is mentioned most council meetings, you know, cows and camels and goats and sheeps. So it's called salted and and it is sold out number six in the Quran. It has 160 af inclusions. It was number seven and eight. This solar although it's considered to be from a summer they went to several long ones. And like in the SAT when Matt either were

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that were revealed in in Medina, the solar is made Kisara. You the solar was revealed in Makkah, except there's a difference or discrepancy between him with regard to only one area Some said that this particular area, John palapa is it is Madani area, but the middle but the solar in its entirety is a Makey Makey solar in terms of its revelation, it's number 54 Number 54 In the newsroom, and it has been seven or eight reasons as to why the Salah was revealed mostly pertinent to

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the the people of the book is pertinent to Alia who is written into Mercedes Malka, that is also taking into the empowerment of the believers. So the theme of the surah the theme of the surah is about to he is about showing the power of Allah subhanho wa Taala starting from that say I have verses number 59 I never 59 from solids what's what are we talking about so far?

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I'm just making sure that you're following by the way when the the our dear brother acid mentioned that the Erie Erie have seen I'll give you I'll give you one area and I said you say that will change your life in shallow data. So at the end of the night of the 27th I will give there will be a price there will be a prize and being quiz two quizzes one for the sisters and one for the brothers we will have a special quiz not at the end inshallah very good price. So try to remember these, these particular as I mentioned and I'm sharing with you verse number 59.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says this is maybe for me one of the most powerful ideas in the Quran. When the whole method the whole of it Billa Alam whoo hoo

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hoo, wah. Feeling that we want one I just put on me putting in

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what I had but it feels automatic the other day Bada bing bada Yeah, this in elaphiti kita. The movie, disable doesn't see Sisters is about you can run but you cannot hide.

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Wearing the home affair differently, learn it. Teach it to your children, teach it to your spouse's teach it to your friends. Allah subhanho wa Taala has the key

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to all answering Subhanallah we're in the homothetic from

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the kitchen. See, nobody knows them except Allah.

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When the Houma federal rumalaya Allah Maha Illa who we are in a muffin everyone but he knows that which is in the air he knows that which is in the sea, nothing escapes us of Hana with

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the name of Allah has Semia the name of Allah Allah see the name of Allah, Allah p one of the most beautiful names of Allah subhanho wa Taala the watchful

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Yes, you can follow me, but you cannot fool Allah Gija to your children, when you come home and you tell betta? Did you do your saga? Do you do an AMA as he says Yes, Baba, they may lie to you. You can lie to me but you cannot lie to Allah Allah knows whether you need yourself or not. Allah knows when you didn't write teach that to your children teacher, tell them that I might not be here I couldn't be true. But you could tell me so I can hug you or continue some money but you cannot hide from Allah because Allah knows I know what they

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believe it as

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Everything that happens in this universe, Allah knows of it's a panda with data, every tree every leaf unless passes also by the leaf in the tree, this leaf in the tree my brothers and sisters, Allah knows that particular leaf that fell that say somewhere in some country somewhere and how many turns of flips and flips in the air before it dropped on the ground and where in the garden drop? Allah subhanaw taala knows it all.

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So remember this my brothers and sisters, this solar is about the hadith is about the empowerment. No

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that Allah azza wa jal is the controller of this universe. Allah subhanho wa Taala also says

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that to do cool, observe what you do observe, nobody can see him but he sees you all.

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You can hide

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to come in a sin.

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Late at night when your parents are asleep, or your spouse is asleep, and then you're watching something that you think nobody's watching a man knows what you're doing. So Hannah with a semi Albacete and Allah subhanho wa Taala also exists and follow up on him as well.

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Bill hasn't it for level 130

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This particular idea is so beautiful, because it gives it empowers you to do more health to do more good. If you were to do one Cesana Allah subhanaw taala will give you an estimate. For every dollar that you do, Allah will give you 10 But for every car, you would only be once a year if we're going to once a year. But what what has done its equivalent to 10 but in Ramadan is multiplied in many fold. Meaning if you were to donate $1, let's say to the Ramadan is it going to be $10 that is going to be multiplied in many forms much much more than what you have given because Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to do good, more good and Ramadan. Allah subhanho wa Taala also says in this

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particular sort of source and

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I think I would end with this because it's already six minutes and 30 seconds. I will tell you or share with you the song that will change your life.

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Remember so that I will change and if I'm sorry, I that will change your life.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says So what an adverse number 17

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What em says Gulla who will don't wait for that guy she found out who is who

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Why am sicker since I am says cabbie hiding from what Anna Konishi Gotti.

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What does it sisters, they get a first off. Sometimes we may be afflicted by some harm, disease, the loss of a job or loss of a good one or a loved one.

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Allah hazard says if you were to be afflicted by some heart harm, nobody can alleviate that harm except Allah.

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Allah is a Sharpie. Allah is serving Subhana Allah Allah, Allah is the One who provides the cure. Sometimes you may do certain things which is haram, just so that we can meet the needs somehow. But let yourself know that the only one who can alleviate your harm your stress and your distress and whatnot is Allah.

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In this pandemic lot of us may have lost jobs lovers may have lost loved ones may a lot of us may have gone through so many hardships, but the only one who can intervene those hardship is I want to hear you is Allah and this what am I seeing in this area? Verse number 70. Em says Kola widow fella Kashi fella who ilaha IL, Allah says in surah namun he says well Shem and my ug when

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we achieved was so why should I look?

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At that one My Allah Allah says, Who is the one who answers the call of the needy? Who is doing what is he ah your pain, your stress, your distress, who is the one who makes the inheritance and then Allah is that anyone other than Allah, nobody other than Allah who can do what? He is the one who can give me Shiva. He is one who can protect me he is one who can protect my children. He's also going to protect my parents. He is the one who can bring him to the Give me this health and despise and whatnot. It is only Allah and I'm only here because of him. So

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don't think that you're here because you're smart.

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Don't think you're here because you're beautiful or handsome than people who are more handsome than you. They didn't make it here. Don't think that you're here because you're fortunate or wealthy, that people are healthier than you. You couldn't make it here today. We're here because of

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St. Henry. is lack of alignment. Allah bless you. We love you What is against

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