Mirza Yawar Baig – Lessons from the Anbiya #94

Mirza Yawar Baig
AI: Summary © The Musella and their brother's lessons include a mix of past and future lessons, including a history of a woman who lost her faith in Islam and a woman who recites a serahist song. The importance of praying for the Holy Spirit is emphasized, as well as the need for forgiveness and reliving the memory of family members. The serahist and serranents use a combination of recitation and poetry to explain the importance of praying for the Holy Spirit, and a video of a recitation describes a woman who talks about her son's health and desire to pray. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized, and forgiveness for past mistakes is emphasized.
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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala shuffelin view Mussolini Muhammad Rasul Allah He is another highly you can only you will save yourself to sleep and cathedra and cathedra.

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From above our brothers and sisters we in the story of usually Salaam and so many lessons Alhamdulillah which one can learn and want to learn and as I keep reminding myself I knew Allah subhanaw taala tells us these stories, not for their story value, but for us to learn lessons from them to apply in our lives. And that's why we are doing this whole series of classes on lessons from the lives of the MBA Musella.

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So now we are at this point where is well it's rams brother has been

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implicated in this theft of this golden gold bowl, which belongs to the king and so thou he is going to be

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within court enslaved and he will remain behind in Egypt and he will not go back with his brothers

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to Sham where they came from.

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So as I mentioned, we will have an issue upon the regime. Paulo they said all we are you all as he is in Allahu Abbas shaken Kabira for whole I had an makhana who in an era chemical merci Nene call Amal de la and for the Mon wedges. Mata Anna in the who in either love or the moon.

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For alum musty su mean who Hall also nije Ian color coffee room LM didymo and called other Aliko multicam Minella Wamena COVID Luma for Rotom V use of finance Abraha Fallon Abra robot had learner li IB oh yeah Roma lovely. Well okay role hierarchy mean

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is zero Isla Abbey calm for Olo Abba in Kanaka Sasakawa Shahidullah Il be ma kalimna Mama cannoli la baby Harvey lien was a little Claudia tell let equal, we have a royalty fee in ROSS audio code. They said oh ruler of the land.

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Yeah, he's talking to you. They're talking to us when he Salam and they don't know who he is. So at the thing, He is the ruler, and the Aziz. So there's no rule of the RAND verily He has an old father who will be for him. So take one of us in his place. Indeed, we think that you are

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a kind person one of the Mercy No, you are somebody who will do HERSA you are somebody who is who is so kind and generous.

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I usually has no intention of doing that. So he says, Allah forbid, while Allah that we should take anyone but him with whom we found our property. Indeed, if we did that, we should be valuable we should be wrongdoers. So when they despaired of him, they said, they realize that this is not going to work. So they had a conference in private and the eldest among them said, No, you will not that our Father did take an oath from you in Allah's name.

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And before this, you did fill in your duty with you. So therefore, I will not leave this land until my father permits me or Allah decides my case, by releasing bieniemy And he is the best of judges.

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And then he said return to your father and say, Oh, our father, very your son Binyamin has stolen and we testify not except according to what we know, and we will not know the answer.

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And as the people of the town where we have been, and the caravan in which we return and deed, we are telling the truth. So they said well,

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what can we do?

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This is what happened. And if you want you can check with the people who are with us that this indeed happened and Binyamin

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stole it, therefore he is now a prisoner in Egypt. The brothers return leaving the elder one in Egypt. Their father did not believe them. These are as the people of the town if you like and ask the camera, but the father still did not believe them because they had lost confidence. Because I mean, the father said well, this is what you did with in the first case we use what he said have you also had some so called Proof evidence and you have done this also the second time, even though you took an oath in front of Allah subhanaw taala now the the interesting thing is that this time they were not lying. They were

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They're speaking the truth. But that's why lying and telling lies is not about that moment alone. But the effect of that behavior on credibility. So it takes a lifetime to build credibility to build trust, but one lie can destroy it. It's not about whether the lie is big or small. It's about what it does to your trustworthiness and reliability and that damage is always big. Like losing credibility is like losing your life can't get it back.

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And he sent me Allah's raw data bring use of an his brother back to me now this is the quality of the MBR was allowed to deliver lose hope in Allah subhanaw taala and yeah for what they Salam also did not lose hope in Allah subhanaw taala and he said he would have suffered and he will ask Allah

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but this

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refreshed his

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bone at the loss of use of a saliva and he wept so much that in his grief he lost his sight.

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Carla balsa wallet law calm and fossil calm Ameren for sovereign Jamil assala who is dnab him Jimmy in who who will Isley mill Hakeem

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what the one on whom Bacala ya allah use of what we have got Aina who middle Hosni for work Azim ollut Allah he, after all done the guru use of a hat, taco and a hot oven otaku and I mean I'll highly he all in high school but see how's the you know Allah, wa Allah Allah Moomin Allah He may Allah Tala Moon

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he holy Salam said Nate but your own selves have beguiled you into something he said you people you are, you have

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committed the sin and you are

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you are telling lies. He didn't believe them. And he said you have you are you are going against your oath. So patience is most fitting for me because what can you do? He's an old man he couldn't do anything against them. May Allah Maybe Allah will bring them back all to me meaning usable, it's been having his brother truly he jelly gelato only He is all knowing always.

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And he turned away from them. And he said Alas my grief for use of and he lost his sight because of the sorrow that he was suppressing. They said by Allah you will never cease remember the use of until you become weak with all days or until you die. He said I only complain of my grief and sorrow to Allah. And I know from Allah that which you know not. Now this is the again as an AVI,

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Allah subhanaw taala had comforted him so he knew that it would all end well. But as a father as a human being, he was suffering from

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the pain of the emotion. So obviously he had to

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hear to say whatever you have to say. And so he

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this is what he said he said I will have to intervene and I will cry and my tears are only before also heard that one one times an hour Katara dillon who was leading Salah

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in Thornton Fraser and he read this is when you were deciding this if he decided over and over again and he wept so much that people heard him in the rows even at the back.

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This is the beauty of

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this is the beauty of

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reading the Quran with understanding and with connection to Allah subhanaw taala not reading it mechanically.

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You know not like we do with our May Allah forgive us in our 30s If the carry is residing, connected to Allah subhanaw taala reciting beautifully and you can see and you can feel the connection of the carry that recited with Allah subhanaw taala he is residing with understanding. We have people who will complain about that. He's not resetting fast enough, is that always taking too long? In the reliable what I want you fear Allah subhanaw taala fear the day when Allah subhanaw taala will ask you what is it that you are in such a big hurry about that you couldn't stand to? And you couldn't sit and patiently listen to my car.

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I always tell people if you are in a hurry, leave and go with Ravi is is nothing but don't do this injury to yourself.

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Don't do this lack of other don't show this lack of respect for the Golan velocity

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that you object because the curry is reciting beautifully. Your objection look at your objection. How shameful is that object

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Right, your objection is what you're not objecting because the guy is doing something wrong. You're not objecting because he is reciting in a in a bad way you will say you're objecting because he reciting beautifully. You're objecting because he's deciding connected to Allah subhanaw taala. How evil is that? Just give it some thought how evil is that?

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And what is the need for it? If you are in a hurry, leave? No bra, no, this is not a sin to pray less than 20 raka

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unless there is regatta whatever I got to pray for

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you if you if you leave, if you if you want your tired standing, then sit down if you're if you're if you if you don't want to sit down, then you if you need to leave leave.

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Now people give this. This excuse, which is early shows that they don't have knowledge of the Syrah. For example, people say well, you know, Russell was

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when he used to recite Quran when he was reading salah. And if you heard any children crying in the back, then he will shorten his recitation, so that it is not difficult for the mothers.

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This shows your lack of understanding of the sera, sera, sera Salam did that in the FAFSA,

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the FAFSA, because the first Sarah, you can shorten you can because there's no specific amount of recitation that you need to do so that you can shorten these two shorter. And the women in the back were in the first service. He didn't want them to not come or something. So he used to shorten but what was his thigh we like what was his clever lead? He didn't maybe he didn't pray what we call therapy but he break AMOLED which is which is what Thoreau is. What was his grammar like? The Sahaba said he would pray so long that we were afraid the sun would come out. Which meant what which meant he prayed the whole night.

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In one

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story, the syrup's, I'm delivering muscled from there. And also it was madera vellano. Two of the beautiful, beautiful Sahaba was beautiful Quran the Quran, they decided one day to pray behind him. When he stood for care. They came and distributed.

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Then Abdullah says

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after so the Fatiha

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started with a Bacara. And the recitation officer said that he would recite very slowly, when he came to an ayat of Bashara, he would make dua, asking Allah subhanaw taala for his blessings. If he came to her, if you're worried, as of warning of where Allah is,

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anger is mentioned. He will make dua asking Allah subhanaw taala for protection from his anger. And this is how he would. So Abdullah also said, Avila know that he started with a Bukhara, and he recited and when he came to 100, I thought he will finish and go do a coup, but he continued that I thought maybe in 200 If he will do that, he continued until he finished the Bukhara now that is how much there is two and a half Jews. And then he said was when I arrived here, and he started Social algebra.

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This said What have I got?

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Say Monica? He started with a lightning rod. And Abdullah says that when he started with a lightning rod, and now we thought maybe half the surah maybe 100 100 If he completers also algebra, then he said this will Armada Ray and he's our star citizen, he says.

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So I'm still having muscles and also before that, they said, we change our Nia and we we went into school we prayed one external card and made made it to rock out and then we left and next day they asked me because I loved they came and they apologize to him and they they said yeah, so Allah we wanted to pray behind you, but you know, we simply could not sustain we were standing there and you read the sutras and so on which was violated Who told you to prevent

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this as your I should have shortened my my resignation? Did he say I should have resided fast? He's a horrible debris man.

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Please understand, do not disrespect the Quran.

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Do not fall into this trap.

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So here

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are the hotel the alarm is reciting. And he's so connected that he's weeping and people can hear him at the back.

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There's another story about this which I heard when he said that

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he heard a voice saying three of us have lost our life already. Ameerul Momineen

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please move ahead.

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And this was on the Jin Hua praying Viet is a three of CEOs. They actually lost their lives. They were so connected with Allah subhanaw taala when this is being recited and say the number of the fatawa guys crying, they were crying and three of them write

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me a letter I'm gonna give us the love for it's gonna mail us we're gonna give us this connection with this color.

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This is our connection with Allah. In this slide you're going to see a lot of

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the kalam of Allah is the civet of Allah it is the it is not a creative thing. It is an attribute it's a quality it's a it's a it's it is the clauses that we can get to Allah Jalla De La Rue by reading his column by listening to his gonna let us treat that with the with the value and with the love and the respect that he deserves.

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And then Allah right then those last words that I mentioned the other eyes in this surah where the Holy Spirit said Yeah, but he has abou for the hassle me use of our key when they assume your Rohilla he in the hula in the whole la se la de so we're Rohilla in Lancome will cafiero by the Mother Hello Isley called Where are you? Hello as you must Santa Ana guru or Gina we BB da tiene Moosejaw tin for Ophelia and Al kala Batasan doc Alena in La Ilaha Yejin zill motors on the pin, Carla hull aalim Marfa alto the use of AFI is Antonia Hello.

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He said oh my son's go you and inquire about use of and his brother and never give up hope I was mercy. He said go find them.

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Certainly no one despairs of Allah's Mercy except the people who disbelieve to despair the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala Schofer and therefore that we must never make sure but we must make sure that we never do that. Then when they enter unto Him then they give us money salaam they said oh ruler of the land, a hard times hit us and our family and we have brought but for capital, we don't have money, we have bought us a little bit. So pay us full measure and be charitable to us. So now they are in the state of almost begging. They said we have no money the food is gone and we have come to you and how to literally begging and say please give us some money. Please give us a food even

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though we have we don't have enough money to pay for it. And truly Allah rewards the charity for this disease. He said Do you know what you did with you? So when his brother when you were ignorant, and you were you were JLo they suddenly realized that this disease is actually useful because only use of would have known these details on a server. So

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when he asked him this question, now the nice thing was oh my god, this is this is the worst. So this is a condo in Kerala and the use of color and I use of

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Codman Allah Hi Lena in my 30 were spiritual in Allah Allah you will do Marcin Carlota la de la Serda love or Alina are in Kannada hottie Carla three Valley como yo, yo Villa Lagoon Bahama Rahi they said are you in DDoS? And he said, Yes, I have used

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and this is my brother Binyamin. Allah subhanaw taala has indeed been gracious to us very Lee he who fears Allah subhanaw taala and is obedient who has Dakwah to him and his patient has summer and surely Allah subhanaw taala does not make the reward of the vaccine need to be lost.

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So Taqwa plus seven

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equals victory, but it can take time there is no victory we all suffer, there is no victory without sustenance. Today, we are very passionate, but we have no summer. No strategy, no plan, no investment, we are reactionary like soda, all fizz and no bad if you want to make change, you have to be and you must be prepared for the long haul is no

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no such thing as instant coffee in terms of life. And so they said by Allah Indeed, Allah has referred you hours and we certainly have been center. So now they accepted that what they had done was wrong. And then they had committed describe, they tried to kill us for its alarm, they did all that they did.

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Later on even Binyamin was,

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was falsely implicated with this golf ball.

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Even there, they blamed us voluntarily. So he used to steal which was a computer store to slander which was something which was totally totally false. But see the reaction of unresponsive is what he said and this is why I say they usually Salam was not simply beautiful as a physically beautiful but also internally. And he said no reproach on you this de la three Valley Julio, may Allah forgive you and He is the most possible of those who show mercy. Now, this is reflected also in the sera sera min

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So Scylla vented backup.

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And he conquered the horizon, he called on backup, then he came to the kava, and he cleaned the cover of all the idols and so on. And then he called the river Amarka. So when he called it up, we'll knock on all the all came, and his whole army was there.

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In the,

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in the ways of the time, these people who have been conquered the people of a bunker city, are automatically the slaves of the bunker. And he can do whatever he wants with them. And the usual thing that people used to do with slaves was that they were

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all the all the competence, all the soldiers, they will kill, and the others would be taken into slavery, the children will be sold into slavery, the men will be put to work somewhere and so on so forth. So they will become slaves. But in the case, there is a seller, he called them and he said, he asked him, he said, What do you want? What should I do with you?

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So they said under Kareem,

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Abdul Karim, they said, You are honored brother and Duffy very, even I feel very, they said, You are our honor brother, and you are the son of our honored brother.

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Now, think about this. These are the same people. He was a same honored brother, but they did not treat him honorably, when he was weak, and when he was trying to preach his his message in Makkah, they did not treat you honor me, they treated him very dishonorably. They violated all their own

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customs of hospitality. And our hospitality is famous. But these people, they violated those customs. They did not allow him to come and make obrah Even after he had migrated even after he had left. They drove out from there as a refugee. They put a price on his head on his blessed head, alive or dead. Right. They did everything they confiscated. His property they

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his daughter was, was a he was killed by them. Some of his closest companions, who he loves more than we can ever imagine, loving even our own sibling or even our parents and children.

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As well as his love for his Sahaba and it's the love of the Sahaba for us was the son of Allah subhanaw taala mentioned that in the Quran, it was so it was so beautiful and so powerful. Yet they killed those people, how much of emotional and physical pain and loss and suffering they caused him. So he had every reason to treat them and to to extract revenge and to at least minimum to extract compensation. But he did not do any of that. He actually resigned in the same eye.

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He said the three valleys Julio, the hola hola. He said, There's no blame on you today. And may Allah forgive you. That's why the people of Makkah after the conquest of Makkah, were there. They're called tilaka. They're called the freed slaves of Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam for this reason, because he forgive them he could have he could have enslaved the body. Again forgive them.

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So they were very afraid that he will take revenge but he did not. She was one of Joseph was revealed to also sell them in the armor husband in Makkah. The year of sadness, as it is called, when his uncle Abu Talib and his wife Khadija cottages and Cora valon had passed away. He was in a very difficult situation at that time. And he was overcome with sorrow because of these two great bereaved. But it was not just a death, it was the death of the two most beloved people that he had his uncle who supported him throughout his life, and who stood up for him against his own family against his own tribe, including going off into

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management and, and suffering the boycott, and his wife of 25 years,

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who literally impoverished herself

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in supporting him, and she was a very wealthy woman, but she spent all her money in the support of a Surah Surah Salam mission and message and in helping people in this time have been the courage boycotted them. And she also wants to be so these two of his greatest support they will go on in the same year and so salon was very, very sad. That is when it was revealed the surah to strengthen his resolve by showing him what happened with us where it's around and how Allah subhanaw taala helped him and how in the end usable is and what so the visuals, Allah saying to him that don't don't lose hope. This is what others wanted us.

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Do not turn the tables on the oppressors, the rewards the truthful, and magnanimity in victory is

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a mark of the honor of the of the person not allowing his brothers to be in the position of beggars Sabha and not losing hope in the Mercy of Allah, even when the signs appear to be negative. So even his brothers came as begging for food is annoying. You have my brothers and he he honored them he had them

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so he's in Cebu be a community had for Allahu Allah YG IV yeah T Masirah. Tony we are here come as Mary balama Fossati the hero Abu in the law God house of Lola and often the rune

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ollut Allah in NACA la vie de la Ecole Kadeem. So he said go with the short turbine and then put it over the face of my Father, he will become clear sighted and bring to me all your family. So this is one of the modules that of use of a Salah, which Allah subhanaw taala shows his squadron, and Allah wanted to give his his never jacobellis Around back his eyesight was run into low graces, but this is it by involving us in that process. And when the caravan departed from Egypt, the father said, I do indeed feel the smell of use of if only you think that I am not

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a person who has lost his mind because the old days and they said by Allah, you are in your old error to this family is telling you Oh, this is your old thing you will keep on carrying what you have. And you know, you don't give up this whole thing. And so again, now you're saying you're smelling the smell of use of and the aroma of the perfume and how is it possible? This is where the the issue of, of your cane on Allah subhanaw taala is tested when the external conditions when the circumstances seem to be against that. Everything seems to be arranged in a way which is

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negative, to continue to have hope in Allah subhanaw taala as promised, to continue to believe in Allah subhanaw taala as promised, this is the meaning of taco, if everything is going your way that where is the test? The test is when things things all seem to be falling apart, but we say no unless one of

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them is successful, the one was good for the successful the one who is compassionate is successful, the one who is pious and therefore I do not lose hope in Allah subhanaw taala is promise for Allah and Jah fala and Al Bashir Rue Alka who Allah was he for the Masirah

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a call la come in the La La he may Allah Tala

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Abba Anna Stouffville Lana guru banana in Pune hottie on a sofa, stop federal local rugby in who who are for overheat. Then when they

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when the bed of the glad tidings arrived, he cast the shirt over his face and it became clear sighted and he said Did I not say to you did not tell you that I know from Allah that we should not talk. There's no our Father, we are sinners. Ask forgiveness from Allah for our sins, indeed we have been sinners. So now they have to apologize because they, you know, they deceived the Father as well. So they apologizing to him. And he said, I will ask why Rob for forgiveness for you, when really, he only is the oft forgiving, Most Merciful. So now this is

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both useful Islam and your will is prayed for their forgiveness and they forgive them. So the magnanimity of the MBL mo salah, and that is how they all relocated. They all moved to Egypt, they all relocated to Egypt, on the invitation of the ruler, who was Yusuf Ali Salam himself, for Allah Medaka Allah USofA. We

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he lay away he called Hello Mr. Insha Allah who I mean.

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So they entered Egypt.

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And then they they entered into Yusuf Ali Salam, he took his parents for himself and he said, enter Egypt, if Allah wills, insecurity, and he raised his parents to the throat, and they fell down before him prostrate, and he said, Oh, my father, this is the interpretation of my dream. Aforetime which is the dream we saw, which we when we saw in the beginning of the surah

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Myra has made it come true. He was indeed good to me and he took me out to the prison and brought you all here out of the Bedouin life after shatta and had sown enmity between me and my brothers. Certainly my Rob is the most courteous, unkind and to whom He will

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It truly he only he is the All Knowing the all wise. And then he said oh Mayra, you have indeed Bester on me of the sovereignty and taught me the interpretation of dreams, the only the Creator of the heavens and the earth, you are my wali in this world and in the hereafter and cause me to die as a muslim and join me with the righteous. This is of the news of the wave and seeing which we reveal by inspiration to you, oh, Mohamed, Salah, Salah, you will not present with them when they arrange their plan together and also while they were plotting. Now, we use the word itself, this is the final fulfillment of the dream that he saw as a child, and lots of lessons that we have here. One is

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the shocker of

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the difference between dunya and akhira, the lesson of shocker, that we must be thankful to Allah subhanaw taala

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for what he gives us, and

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also to understand the shaitan.

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saws, enmity between brothers and sisters. And therefore anytime you have this and this such a sad thing in our families, may Allah protect us. Small things we are so it's so shameful that even small kindness you don't want to do for your brothers and sisters or how bad is that? Like, so, beware of that don't do not do not have this enmity, the this this life is going to end these relationships will end with Allah subhanaw taala what remains is forgiveness. So do not allow

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these things to come in the way of the greater

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benefit of the forgiveness of Allah. subhanaw taala Hamdulillah this is the end of the story of useable is Allah We ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to,

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to study the Sierra, the lives of the ambiente was salam and to benefit from this and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to help us to

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to live our lives in a way which pleases Him because that is the only thing which will help us when we meet him. And that meeting is sure it is sure to happen. And it can happen at any time at all. And the sooner we prepare for it, the better for us, or some or another week Karim Allah Allah He was going to have to go

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to leg workout.

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