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Right, yeah.

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Nate, Nate's claiming self defense. And I'm going to connect this to Islam. And I kind of I can kind of see his argument there. You know, when you when you see, Jake shields is the one that I know that that

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Jake shields a friend of mine. So he kind of came out in defensive of naked down. Yeah, I can kind of see why I mean, just because we're professional fighters, he's still a human. And he knows, if a guy lands a punch on you, especially when you don't expect it, he can knock you out right then and there. So you have to be able to defend yourself. I mean, one of the first things about martial arts, it kind of teaches you is you got to respect that man, even if you don't know him, even if his name isn't as big even if he he's never even fought before. I think Nate showed him the proper respect. And if that was, say, if that was Kamara Guzman, or if it was Leon Edwards, or somebody who

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poses a real threat to him coming up to him in the same way, I think he would handle it the same way. So I was because you have to stay out of you have your zone, you have your space. And in self defense, you know, you can't let somebody come into your area because you're gonna get sucker punch, you're gonna get hit. So he was putting his hands up. Blocking. Yeah, making sure and then what happened from there, the camera kind of shifted, you couldn't see but you can see he started off with his hands. Right? He's blocked. He's you know, it's funny, because, you know, one of my first kind of things that put me on the map was was hidden Michael Kia. So when when he ran across the

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stage at me, and I had to explain it to Dana like, why why would you do that? Because there's a certain zone between me and you. And we know that as men once you crossed that, that that line, and sometimes the barriers are

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invisible. Yeah. You know, so for me and him it was the halfway point of the stage. Yeah. So once he crosses that halfway point, you know, you're my, my son. I have the right to defend myself. Which in Nate's case, yeah, he had the right to defend himself. If he's putting his arms up and the guy came within arm's reach. And not be friendly about it. Yeah. Then yeah, you're gonna get hit. And he helped him out. He put them down gently. Take a little nap.

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But, yes, I can see him getting away with it a little bit. Yeah. I think he should you he should be able to defend himself. Yeah, for sure. And it's so many people. There's so much stuff going on. What are you going to do? And then the guy probably maybe trying to make a name for him. So he's an iPhone. Exactly. But that was one of my famous things before I mean, famous but yeah, well famous. That's what I like to do back in my day on the street. As soon as somebody comes to me and he's in my face. The first thing had been Hey, but yeah, this is the streets this is true. This isn't an MMA fight, you know. So even even the letting them down gently. I think he did right by dropping them

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because you he has to stay on his feet. You know, this is a 200 pound man and we're talking about in dead weight. If he goes down to the ground and let them down gently you don't know if the guy next to you is coming up and going to soccer soccer kick you in the head or something you know, you got to you got to defend yourself was that were they it was at like a party going on or something is like I had no idea. I think it was Mardi Gras so people just kind of party in the street. But but in then it's it's a lot going on it's yeah, it's slum protects you from all this.

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Islam safeguards you, helps you to be home at a decent hour. Explain it to me explain it to because you know, Allah in the Quran says Don't come near Zina, right. So now anything that can lead you in to a situation that now for instance, there's a nightclub Muslim really standing in front of a nightclub there's alcohol even sitting at a table where there's alcohol, these are the things that now Allah wants to protect you. So now you don't fall into right is not just like when I just quoted this is this is Don't come near Xena, Xena is fornication, adultery, and that so that's why it's forbidden to be with the opposite gender man to be alone with a woman. There's a saying a wise man

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said leave a man alone honest men alone with

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a suitcase Money, money be saved. Leave him alone with a good looking woman you'll know what can happen you know. So that's why the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him and said when a man is alone with a woman shaytaan is the third shaytaan is the third you get into that was a third because now things can end up happening right? So you don't even want to be alone with someone who's not your wife or whatnot because things can transpire things can happen you sublet the whole me to movement right the boss alone with the lady and then all these charts you're even as a Muslim you're trying to keep a distance you know keep yourself keep it respectful, keep it Now same thing when it

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comes to other things in the domain because you can fall in temptation kit you know, now you end up in the wine club. Now you know, now you end up taking a drink. Now you're off you know

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I mean can I ask you a question? If if so, is it wrong for you to sit in that nightclub then within not partake? Wouldn't that be kind of a test against your your your your your faith in a test against your your discipline? Say it again to be able to sit there in the nightclub have everybody else around you drink and you not take a drink? Let me let me give you example yeah so we have different stages people have different stages of discipline right? But Islam when it comes is general rules for all you know what I mean? Like some people will say because alcohol is prohibited Correct? That's something that's well known someone says but I can handle it you know, to mean maybe

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the other person his level is different, but it just takes that one time that you end up drinking too much and now you end up causing an accident you killed the other person drunk and drive and whatnot. No, I mean, I mean for you not to take a drink Yeah. So now we go to that now for example this I'll give you example let's say you have someone gifted you a or you bought you worked so hard to buy

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I didn't even know this car before until I interviewed. agitate the Bugatti Oh, I didn't know what I was talking to him. I was like, what kind of car is the Bugatti? So let's say Bugatti. Because that's like I think a $500,000 car like it's like a million over a million. Yep. So So I asked people I said look, you got a Bugatti would you live in in a bad neighborhood with the keys open and the windows down? Would you know you would do that? Right? So our eemaan is more precious. Our faith is more precious, maybe one time, second time. Third time, you know you're in a club or you're somewhere in your display. But then that just takes that right honey or whatever you want to call

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it, it comes and that's it, you lose now you lose yourself you know and things spiral out of control. So prevention is better than chasing the cure, you know what I'm saying? So we know what happens in these places the angels aren't in these places was the best to avoid you want to be this a different feeling when you're in the masjid when you're around people reminding you of and you won't find people like Habib or other people discipline this area. But, you know, I know you know, I come from that lifestyle I know and it took me a while to go ahead and to distance myself but it was different even just being in this atmosphere without being drunk. Yeah, that's true. Yes. Like

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you're talking a different language. Yes, definitely true. Yeah.

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