When a Person is Hungry!

Abdulfattah Adeyemi


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People can see my face, but they cannot feel my pain. When I'm hungry and I'm in need and I lack anything can happen. When a person is hungry.

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He doesn't have discretion anymore.

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When a person is hungry, his prayers will be reduced to only one. Oh Allah give me food. When a person is hungry, you will not have sense of taste anymore. You eat anything you see, when the press is hungry, it doesn't know that the plate is dirty anymore. When you need or you lack something, and you are so desperate about it, this world, people present all sorts of rubbish towards you. When a woman is hungry for your husband or sort of men that are not even worthy of saying Salaam Alaikum Taha do common be telling her that they want to marry her. If she's not ready to marry them, then she can go to hell.

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Because you need your husband also two people will be talking to you anyhow.

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That is hunger. Because you need the wife also two people will be hovering around you thinking that you can be the man why you saved a comedy.

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When a person's hungry, you don't know a nice dress from a dress that's not nice. When a person is hungry, you don't have any discretion that lemon sleepy lemon or sleepy. When a person is hungry You don't know which friend to move to. To move to. When a person is hungry You don't even know the responsible people can move to from irresponsible people, useless individuals because you need help from them and you are hungry or you need something you have to go towards them. When a person is hungry, you grant beg for food from somebody who talk about him all around when it best is honda grom borrow money from somebody that will insult you with it tomorrow. When the press is hungry. You

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go and tell lies because we're to borrow money from a place of questionable character. When a person is hungry, there's no insult do not accept there so ensure that no hold on you. When a person is hungry. There's no boss you know work on that because you don't have you know that you must eat you will survive and somebody will just insult you for no reason. When a woman is hungry people will tell her all of the job you are wearing Can you see yourself people will rubbish you may Allah setosa remove us from this hunger when a person is hungry, to be can be converted to glucose and other people will think you're pressing them. The money you have is not enough to take care of you

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and your family, your extended family things you have plenty of money and that you are trying to oppress them by not giving to them after all you are living in Abuja after all you are living in a mansion, they don't know what you are going through to even pay school fees. They don't know when to pay house and they don't know that went through to maintain that guy that you have and they think do i milania

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milania you have your problems.

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Maybe you have staff you have to pay their salaries, many many people are eating from under you.

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But when it is not enough other people who look down on you and you think you are stingy with useless malossi was from provisions that are not sufficient. We pray Allah to sit us and provide for us may not remove our hunger, hunger and desperation for whatever thing in life may Allah remove it from us. May Allah sustain us, us and suffice us. Mila. Give us what is sufficient for us. We pray for Allah as quick response and as rapid response to our requests that unless you provide them

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to sustain us